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15 Tiny Wins That You Consider Major Accomplishments


If there is one thing that rings true to all college students, it's that being limited in basically every aspect of life and taking failure on a daily basis teach you to appreciate the little things.Things that the average person would normally take for granted are seen as huge accomplishments to students who are just barely getting by in life. In college, every day is basically a countdown to the next time you get to sleep. Somehow amidst the constant struggle, we manage to find a beam of light. Here are 15 tiny wins that you consider major accomplishments. 

1. Putting on pants

2. Getting a buy one, get one free at Chipotle

3. Putting $10 worth of gas in your tank

4. Successfully rapping a verse from the latest party hit

5. Learning the "JuJu on that Beat" dance 

6. Completing an assignment before the due date with time to spare

7. Finding time to take a nap

8. Waking up after your first alarm goes off

9. Making it to all of your classes 

10. Not blinking during the mannequin challenge

11. Not doing well but not doing terrible on your exam

12. Watching an entire season of Shameless in one day

13. Doing the load of laundry you've been procrastinating on

14. Eating real food

15. Finding out you actually have more than 78 cents on your debit card

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