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23 Signs You're a Kid at Heart


Of all the things we don’t want to do today, “grow up” is number one.  Being an adult is probably the worst thing ever, especially when it involves going to work, waking up early, paying bills and having a hard time staying awake without coffee.  No, thanks - we'd rather stay at home and watch cartoons for a few (dozen) hours.  Luckily, growing up doesn’t have to mean acting like a kid is impossible.  We’re definitely still kids at heart.

1. You find a way to sneak chocolate into your diet whenever possible.

2. Shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel are still really entertaining, in your opinion.

3. The most-played songs on your iPod will forever and always be those by Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

4.  Your bad days are instantly made better by the sight of a puppy. Multiple puppies send you into fluffy, problem-free heaven.

5. You’re still not quite sure how to put on makeup properly.

6. This counts as a balanced dinner, right?

7.  You still refer to the future with the phrase, “when I grow up,” even if you’re graduating college this year.

8. Drinking coffee is still kinda nasty, and you only do it in dire situations.

9. Sometimes (always) you eat all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms box.

10. Sleepovers with the girls always beat going out to bars or clubs.

11. The way you decide whether a guy likes you or not is to pluck petals off of a flower.

12. You still sleep with your blanket from elementary school (no shame!).

13. You’ve made it absolutely clear to your parents that you still expect presents from Santa on Christmas morning.

14. At McDonald’s, you still order a Happy Meal so you can get a toy.

15. The thought of wearing a thong is still weird to you. Permanent wedgie? No thanks!

16. The book you’ve read most recently is The Hunger Games. And it was awesome.

17. You would major in Arts and Crafts if that were an option.

18. You freaking love birthday parties.

19. And cotton candy.

20. Your best friends and closest allies are, well, animated. 

21. Lunchables aren’t that gross… in fact, you kind of like them.

22. Jokes about bodily functions still make you laugh. Like, really hard.

23. Your grocery cart is usually full of Gushers, Fruit by the Foot and Swedish Fish.

We're all about the Peter Pan "never-grow-up" lifestyle. Adulthood, take your time showing up. We're pretty content with the way things are right now. 

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