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15 Things Only College Students Who Do Nothing to Prepare for Finals Understand


Finals are quickly approaching, and while some take the stressful week very seriously, many of us like to just think of it as our one-week vacation. From all-nighters to prioritizing, we have no idea what you're talking about. Here are 15 things only those who don't do crap to prepare for finals understand. 

1. You think making notecards is a waste of time

2. And that studying is just, well…

3. Everyone else is stressed out about finals, but all you want to do is hang

4. You have no idea what an all-nighter is 

5. You know how to stay positive all week

6. Risking failure is what you're best at 

7. Being personally victimized by everything except studying 

8. Not being in a serious relationship with your work  

9. Having no self-control 

10. You justify studying by having your books and all your notes laid out on your bed while you browse Pinterest 

11. You've survived finals without studying before 

12. Making a Quizlet so you feel good about yourself but not actually using it

13. Getting annoyed when you didn't get the grade you wanted

14. Finals is basically your one-week vacation 

15. Feeling a little too confident when you have no reason to feel that way

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