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17 Signs You're the Man Repellent of Your Friend Group


Can we get a round of applause for all the powerful AF women out there who just can’t help but be the man repellent of their friend group? Girl, own it! You’d rather spend time preaching empowerment and loving yourself than slumming it with a frat star, and it’s infectious in your friend group. Your friends complain about being single and lowkey know you have something to do with it, but who cares. If your behavior is the reason why guys are scared to approach you and your squad at bars, this is probably why.

1. First off, you’ve got pink pepper spray hanging from your keychain as literal repellent

2. Your life only revolves around you and your lady friends

3. The words “strong” and “independent” define you, which apparently makes you off-putting to potential baes

4. You’re the furthest thing from a damsel in distress

5. And go off on female empowerment tangents like it’s your job, because womansplaining

6. You don’t believe in hiding your intellect, and the fuckbois can’t deal

7. Because you’d rather be single than pretend to be someone you’re not

8. You love to dance alone

9. Pretty much nothing about your personal aesthetic is intended to be attractive

10. Because fashion is for you and no one else

11. Makeup is never used to make yourself look pretty, but rather as a statement piece

12. You order three plates of food at dinner

13. Netflix and chill means watching Miss Representation and Lemonade ~only~

14. You believe boys are for friends, not for flirting

15. You’d rather read Cosmo and look at your phone than talk to a guy, obviously

16. You surround yourself with as many women in your squad as possible to make yourselves more intimidating

17. And give any man a death glare that tries to approach your friends

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