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16 Signs You're Going to Be POTUS One Day


It's no surprise that being the "leader of the free world" is a highly demanding, time-consuming position. It's a cutthroat world out there, and the competition is fierce. Given the recent presidential election, it's safe to say this country is more divided than ever. The president has influence over the direction of the country, and more importantly, they have the power to spark change, good or bad. Becoming the President of the United States takes a lot of hard work, dedication and drive. Only a special kind of person posesses the qualities and work ethic needed to run the country.

1. You hold multiple leadership positions in school

You've been the president of as many clubs as you could juggle. You've been doing it since middle school, and there's no way you plan on stopping any time soon. 

2. Your knowledge of the American government is unparalleled

You know more than the textbook explains. In fact, you've considered writing your own. 

3. You understand the importance of compromise

There will always be opposition in your life. Learning as well as knowing how to be fair to two opposing sides is key to smart, fair decision-making.

4. You conduct yourself like a boss

Whether it's a task at work or a group project in your class, you're always the one to take initiative to get things done. 

5. Assertive is your middle name

You know what you want and you're not afraid to ask for it.

6. You take "dress for success" very literally

You could easily show up to class, work and after-school activities in your super casual, comfy clothes. But you choose to dress for the job you want. Besides, the president would never address a crowd in sweatpants and Uggs, so why would you?

7. You crave control, but maintaining order is your number one priority

Maintaining the peace is everything. Collaboration and communication are key. 

8. You're beyond used to juggling 10 different tasks at once

You multitask like nobody's business. And you do it in style, always. 

9. Confidence is everything to you

Fake it 'til you make it is your motto. And it's been working just fine. 

10. You have the uncanny ability to work any room 

You can get along with just about any type of person. It's a gift, really.

11. You've been negotiating deals since you could talk

Although the exchanges have changed, the art of deal-making extends way beyond childhood spats with parents.

12. People often turn to you for advice and direction

From careers to relationships and eveything in between, you are the go-to person for guidance. People value your input because of the outside perspective that you bring to the table.  

13. The last word someone would use to describe you is "follower"

You don't care what everyone else is doing because you're too busy doing you. 

14. You're always prepared with a backup plan if things go wrong

You don't give up and cry about it. Instead, you dust yourself off and focus on problem-solving. Leaders don't fail and sulk. They fail and make their rebound. 

15. "Sorry" is not a word often used in your vocabulary

Society tells girls being nice is the most important trait we can have, which often includes over-apologizing for fear of offending just about anyone. However, you don't throw this word around like confetti. It's not that you aim to hurt others or that you have a problem owning up to a mistake, but "sorry" is not a word you use unless the situation actually warrants an apology. 

16. You wholeheartedly believe that if you have faith in yourself, others will too

If you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Even on those days where you aren't feeling your best, your appearance, actions and words continually say otherwise. Your preparedness and people skills are out of this world, and you can negotiate deals with the best of them. You act like a leader and believe you have the answer to change that people have been waiting for. You were born to lead, and you won't stop until you reach success.

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