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The 15 Stages of Suffering from Senioritis Before You're a Senior


We all have daily routines that we grow tired of—especially us college students. College gets exhausting REALLY quickly, and it's not hard to come down with a case of senioritis as a second-semester sophomore. Here is a list of the 15 stages of suffering from senioritis before you're an actual senior. If this sounds like you, please consult your physician immediately, or just go to your advisor and get into some interesting classes.

Stage 1: You hand out endless college life advice, even if nobody asks you for it

The best study spots, best food places, the best library chairs to take a quick nap in, you know ‘em all. And it would be cruel to withhold the knowledge from your less college-experienced peers. This may often be followed with the reminder that you are only one semester ahead of them.

Stage 2: You begin to have premature post-grad freakouts

We all go through a mid-college crisis. We take a class with a mean teacher, get a bad grade, and we change our major one…or two times. But people may start to get confused when you're worried about post-grad life years in advance.

Stage 3: You start to make less and less social appearances

You’ll know you’ve reached this stage when your friends try and come drag you out of your twin bed. Gossip Girl and popcorn sounded so much more appealing than that frat mixer, but good luck convincing them to leave you in peace.

Stage 4: Which turns into making less and less class appearances

This is when things start to get worrisome. It may be tempting to sleep through your Friday morning 8 a.m., but if you're skipping your Wednesday afternoon discussion group, you might wanna rethink your decisions.

Stage 5: You spend more time in your bed than you spend anywhere else

If anyone needs you, they know where to find you.

Stage 6: Almost every outfit you wear involves sweatpants

It’s like bringing a little piece of bed with you everywhere you go.

Stage 7: And don’t even mention putting on makeup before class

Fifteen minutes of extra sleep? Yes please.

Stage 8: You're finishing a record-setting number of Netflix shows

We recommend refraining from putting this on your job applications.

Stage 9: Your dorm room feels like a prison cell

Everybody grows out of the dorm room lifestyle, but you're especially fed up. Real adults need their own space.

Stage 10: You're losing touch with all of the orgs your involved in

Losing touch with the things you love is never good. As interesting as Game of Thrones is, attend a meeting every once in a while—you won’t regret reconnecting with your interests.

Stage 11: Your friends constantly try to remind you that you still have several semesters left

This will probably be met with some denial, but remember: it’s only because they miss their bestie!

Stage 12: You realize that you should wait to freak out until you're an actual senior

This will likely be the cure to your senioritis.

Stage 13: You start spending the time doing things you love and not just waiting to graduate

Once college is over, it’s over. Live it up while you can.

Stage 14: You dive back into your obligations

College slams everyone at one point or another, but studying and participating in things you love is much more fulfilling than binging on Netflix.

Stage 15: And then you live it up because you only college once

You're not done with the college life you have grown so accustomed to, and that’s a great thing. Live it up because it's all business casual and K-Cups once you're out of here.

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