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16 Things Only Girls Whose Birthdays Are Around the Holidays Understand


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's and oh yeah, your birthday. If you were born in November, December or January, you know the pain of celebrating your birthday close to the holidays. Maybe someone forgot to get you a present because it's so close to the holidays. Or maybe they just forgot your birthday completely because they have so much going on this time of year. We're here for you, collegiettes. Having a birthday around the holidays can be rough. Here are 16 things you'll only understand if your birthday is around the holiday season. 

1. You've received a birthday present wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper before

2. You know the pain of a "dual gift"

"Oh, I'll just give you a two-in-one present for Christmas and your birthday!"

3. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you've got some bigger, more expensive items on your wish list

4. Oh yeah, it's called a "wish list" because your Christmas list and birthday list are probably combined

5. When you were younger, you probably asked to have a half-birthday party so you didn't have to combine it with the holidays

6. Holiday decorations double as birthday decorations

Twinkling lights? Sure, they're beautiful! A Christmas tree? Okay, fine. Stockings and candy canes and Santa hats? Come on now…

7. You might not even get to be home for your birthday with all of the traveling for holidays

8. In elementary school, you might not have ever gotten to go to school on your birthday, bring treats and have your class sing to you

At my school, they read birthdays on the announcements, so missing that would be a super bummer.

9. On the other hand, having a birthday during break isn't a bad thing!

10. There's not much to look forward to during the rest of the year

Every kid looks forward to the holidays and their birthday, but when they come together, what else is there to look forward to that's on that level?

11. And when you're older, it's super hard to find a night to go out or have a party that doesn't interfere with holiday parties or traveling for the holidays with extended families

12. At least you're an awesome Scorpio

Brave and passionate.

13. Or Sagittarius

Generous and funny.

14. Or Capricorn

Responsible and traditional.

15. Or Aquarius

Independent and kind.

16. Look on the bright side! It really is the most wonderful time of the year

We'll always remember your birthday, collegiettes! Happy holidays—and happy birthday! 

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