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17 Major Reveals From 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'


Warning: If you have not seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in its entirety, STOP READING NOW. The below is filled with spoilers.

With all of the hype leading up to the Gilmore Girls revival, it is no surprise that we were on the edge of our seats the entire time we were watching waiting for every major reveal. And boy, they did not disappoint. Here are the 17 biggest reveals from A Year in the Life

1. Stars Hollow is literally the same as it was in 2003

With town meetings, Miss Patty and Kirk, not much has changed around Stars Hollow. Frankly, it seems like time has not even passed. 

2. Richard Gilmore passed away from a major heart attack 

The most heartbreaking part of the revival was the flashbacks to Richard's funeral. Seeing Emily raw and vulnerable is rare, and tbh, we prefer her when she is yelling at people. 

3. Paris and Doyle got married and have kids 

And then promptly got divorced because Doyle is in the film industry now and is too "cool" for Paris. 

4. Paris owns a fertility empire

We knew that Paris was going to be some form of HBIC, one way or another. Did we expect her to own a company that helps women find surrogates to carry their babies? Nope. But either way, we are impressed. 

5. Michel has a partner named Frederic 

Throughout the series, there never was any real insight into Michel's personal life. But in the revival, we learn that not only is he in a happy relationship with a man named Frederic, but kids might also be in the near future. Oh boy. 

6. Rory wrote a big story for The New Yorker 

A big chunk of the revival is focused on Rory's job. We suspected that it would be something with writing, so we weren't surprised to find out she had a hit story in The New Yorker. But we were surprised to find out that she doesn't really have a steady job. 

7. April went to MIT 

Is anyone even surprised? 

8. Stars Hollow has a secret bar

First off, we didn't even notice that Stars Hollow didn't have a bar until it was brought up in a town meeting. But it turns out they do actually have one, which they hide from Taylor. 

9. Lane and Zack are still musicians 

And they have extremely beautiful children who are probably absolutely terrified of Mama Kim. 

10. Richard Gilmore left Luke lots of money in his will 

But the catch is that Luke has to franchise Luke's Diner with that money. Although Lorelai later makes a deal with Emily to use the funds to expand the Dragonfly.

11. Dean has a wife and kids and lives in Scranton

Married life didn't work out so well for him the first time, but this seems to be going…better.

12. Sookie left the Dragonfly

She's growing food or studying food or something like that.

13. Rory and Logan had an affair 

After years of trying to guess who Rory ends up with, we were extremely surprised to see Logan and Rory were already together in the first episode of the revival. But it's not all good. Logan is actually engaged to a French woman, and Rory has a boyfriend named Paul who no one can remember. It's not as magical as we thought, and their dalliance ends by the time "Fall" rolls around. 

14. Rory is writing a book about her and her mom

Working title: Gilmore Girls

15. Emily moved to Nantucket and quit the DAR

Totally out of character but we did love her "bullshit"-peppered meltdown.

16. Luke and Lorelai finally got married

In the gazebo, natch.

17. Rory is pregnant 

Those final four words threw us for quite a loop.

Even with all those reveals and surprises, we are still not emotionally prepared for Gilmore Girls to be over for good. 

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