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The 29 Funniest Moments From 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'


Warning: If you have not seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in its entirety, STOP READING NOW. The below is filled with spoilers.

It's been nine long years since the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired on television, and consequently, nine long years since television has seen a script that could measure up to the notoriously fast-paced wit of Gilmore Girls. While there's a myriad of gags, quips and giggles to choose from, here are 29 of the best jokes from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

1. When Lorelai delivered an apt description of the giant Richard Gilmore portrait

2. When Paris knew she could totally get away with murder

3. When Michel had nothing but contempt for all those B-level actors

4. And when he really just wanted to meet Jennifer Lawrence

5. When Kirk screened his second short film

6. And when Lorelai unknowingly made a cameo

7. Also when the film looked like this

8. When Emily and Luke sat down to discuss his imminent mortality

9. When Rory and Paris reunited with Headmaster Charleston and Paris had no patience for small talk

10. When Emily proved to be up on the lingo

11. When Paris gave some Chilton students harrowing insight into their futures

12. When Paris made a bunch of teenagers cry and still wondered what was up

13. When Paris admitted that being a mother was tough

14. When Paris had a funny way of showing her gratitude

15. Literally just any scene with Paris

16. When Lorelai couldn't look at anything without making a food analogy

17. When Rory was relatable, but with a twist

18. When April was so shamelessly April

19. And so recklessly 22

20. But mostly just shamelessly April

21. When Michel voiced his opinions about parenthood

22. When the town put together a production of Stars Hollow: The Musical

23. When it was months after the fact and Rory was still fresh out of undies

24. When there was some raunchy mishandling of a piping bag

25. When Sookie and Michel had a heartfelt reunion

26. When Jess thought Luke looked hot

27. When Luke knew his girls too well

28. When Lorelai was equal parts supportive and threatening

29. And last but not least, the biggest joke of them all

Because HA!

I trusted you, Palladino. I trusted you.

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