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15 Signs You Just Need to Make it Through This Week


Some weeks (or every single fucking week of the semester), life is just not so chill. Whether you've got five tests coming up, haven't had a good night's sleep in a long time, have been drowning out your stresses with way too much comfort food, or have just flat-out lost your damn mind, don't fret. The weekend is only days away! Read below for 15 signs you just need to make it through this week. 

1. "I just need to make it through this week…"

You tell yourself. Every week.

2. Your health is in shambles

We're talking mentally, physically and emotionally.

3. Your motivation is at an all-time low

Even your scariest professors don't scare you anymore.

4. You've ordered takeout far more times than you'd like to admit

Pizza here, pizza there, pizza everywhere!

5. You barely find the time to shower

"I'm sorry for my appearance today…and yesterday…and the day before."

6. Let alone do your laundry

Alas! Just when you thought hope was lost, one last pair of socks was found in the bottom of your drawer. 

7. The assignments are piling up

And you have nowhere to run.

8. You haven't had groceries in a long-ass time

So you're forced to get creative with the bare minimum.

9. You have a dollar in your bank account

And payday isn't until next Monday.

10. Dropping out is getting more appealing by the day

Is there a college degree for failure?

11. Not even coffee is lifting your spirits up

"That'll be cup number 17."

12. You're not sure what today's date is

Or what month it is. Wait, when's Thanksgiving?

13. You honestly feel like an old woman

If how we've been feeling lately is any indication of our overall appearance, we all definitely peaked in high school.

14. You just honestly don't care


15. It's all about optimism, right?

There's always next week. 

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