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17 Things Only Girls Who Are Always Cold Understand


For some of us, our bodies have two temperatures—sweaty hot or freezing cold. And in the course of one day, our bodies may switch between these temperatures 100 times. There are some things only sweaty girls understand, and there are other things that only girls who are always cold understand. If you're always freezing, no matter the season, then you'll definitely get these 17 things!

1. Using your pets as body warmers

The bigger your pet, the more body warmth. 

2. Stealing all your friends' sweaters

Every time we go to someone's house: "Do you have a sweater I can borrow?"

3. Uggs are your favorite type of shoes


4. Going outside in winter is not an option

And once the snow starts, you can catch us under a comforter 24/7.

5. And the Snuggie was probably the best invention ever

You can make fun of us all you want, but we're warm. 

6. And your heating bill is like $3 million

7. Big sweaters aren't sexy but they're your saving grace

8. People don't understand that there's a type of cold that you can feel in your bones

Solution: whiskey and wine. 

9. You don't like going to the club during winter

For some reason, freezing your nips off shivering isn't a very club-friendly look. Who knew? 

10. And getting naked for anything is completely out of the question

11. Winter means you're on the soup diet


12. Socks are required all the time

We sleep in our socks. We don't even want to take 'em off to shower. 

13. Any cold food is completely out of the question

Hot chocolate pls.

14. When your nose runs cause you're cold and you think you have boogers everywhere

15. Your bed is like a mountain of blankets

16. You're always cold at work and school 

Turn OFF the AC. Same goes for movie theaters and all restaurants. 

17. You always have a cold—cause you're always cold

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