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7 Dates That Aren’t Dinner & a Movie


Mustering up the courage to ask someone out on a date can be hard, but what can be even harder is deciding what to do on the date! The clichéd “dinner-and-a-movie” combo was once cute, but sitting in silence while staring at a glowing screen for two hours isn’t always the most appealing option. However, if you bring up any of these exciting plans, your date is sure to say “yes”! Here are some suggestions for exciting dates that are anything but boring.

1. Rock out at a local concert

Holding hours of conversation with a new guy can be nerve-wracking, but if you go to a concert, the responsibility is lifted off your shoulders. Depending on the type of concert, you can either grab a big blanket and relax on a field or join the crowd and sing along to the music. Either way, it’s a laid-back setting to get to know each other—specifically, your date’s musical interests!

2. Be adventurous and go indoor rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an inexpensive and active way to spend time with your significant other. The best part is you can do this date in any weather since it’s an indoor activity! You can help each other get to the top of the wall by directing which rocks to reach for.

3. Show off your sporty side and cheer at a game

Kaitlyn Elgart, a freshman at the University of Alabama, says a sporting event is perfect for an entertaining but casual date.  “I had a lot of fun because it's not a situation where you can't talk at all, like a movie, but it doesn't force awkward conversation for the entirety of the date, like a dinner,” she says. “It's always fun to see when guys get really into their sports, and I'm a sports fan also, so I think [my date] was impressed with a girl that wasn't bored at a sports event.”

4. Play a round of mini golf

One way to get close to your date is to play a round of mini golf. If you’re a rookie, have your date help you putt the ball and aim to get a hole in one! Julie Konners, a freshman at Indiana University, says when she went mini-golfing with her boyfriend, “it was a fun way to bring out both of our competitive sides, but it was still really personable since we played just the two of us. I wasn’t too good at it, but I still had fun.”  Let’s just hope your date doesn’t act like Tiger Woods!

5. Be your own chef and make dinner together

Making your own dinner is a less expensive dining option, and it allows you to show off your culinary skills! Check out these recipes for two and get cooking!

6. Get flirty playing pool

Channel your inner Serena van der Woodsen by finding yourself a Dan Humphrey to teach you how to play pool. Nothing says “cute first date” like letting him show you the ropes of the game. Pool is also a great way to add a little friendly and flirtatious competition!

7.  Show off your driving skills with go-karting

Continuing with the theme of competition, nothing gets your heart racing like some good, old-fashioned go-karting! Buckle your seatbelt and bust the stereotype that women can’t drive. See which one of you can get around the track faster—the one who’s slower has to buy dinner!


What’s the most unique date you’ve ever been on? Let us know in the comments below!

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