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26 Halloween Costumes for Every Sorority


Every sorority girl would agree –– Halloween is one of the most enjoyable nights of the year! Not much is better than dressing up and having some fun with your BFFs. Looking for that amazing costume for you and your sorority sisters to rock this year? Look no further, collegiettes, we've got you covered. Read below and check out the 26 costume themes we've created for every Panhellenic sorority that will help your Greek org steal the show this Halloween!

1. Alpha Chi Omega - Pretty Little Lyres

Play on your symbol, the lyre, for a fun and fitting theme that will definitely make some heads turn!

2. Alpha Delta Pi - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and doll up with diamonds, the gem of Alpha Delta Pi.

3. Alpha Epsilon Phi - Welcome to the Jungle

Rock a killer jungle outfit in honor of your symbol, the giraffe, and celebrate Halloween in a wild way!

4. Alpha Gamma Delta - Christmas in October

Red and green, the colors of Alpha Gamma Delta, can mean only one thing –– Christmas in October, anyone?

5. Alpha Omicron Pi - AOPirates

Create a play-on-words with your Greek letters, and channel your inner Jack Sparrow this Halloween! 

6. Alpha Phi - The Ivy League

 Transform your symbol of the ivy leaf into the theme of the Ivy League. Have each sister represent a different school and see who can get the most creative! Add a deadly touch for even more fun.

7. Alpha Sigma Alpha - Princesses in Paradise

Bring two symbols of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the crown and the palm tree, together for a festive, luau-themed Halloween.

8. Alpha Sigma Tau - Nautical but Nice

What's a better theme for a sorority whose symbol is the anchor? Sailors, of course!

9. Alpha Xi Delta - Feathered and Fabulous

The quill is the symbol of Alpha Xi Delta, so turn this into a feather-themed extravaganza and see what your sisters can come up with!

10. Chi Omega - Kiss Me Cupid

The Greek letters of Chi Omega look very similar to 'XO,' so have a cupid-filled Halloween!

11. Delta Delta Delta - Under the Sea

Both Poseidon and the dolphin are important symbols to Tri Delta, so an Under the Sea theme is only necessary.

12. Delta Gamma - Pirates and Sailors

Utilize your symbol of the anchor, and divide this theme in half. Half of your sisters can dress as sailors and the other half as pirates!

13. Delta Phi Epsilon - Unicorn Universe

Because when your sorority's symbol is as unique as the unicorn, it must be incorporated into a Halloween theme.

14. Delta Zeta - NinjΔ TurtleZ

This theme, inspired by the symbol of the turtle, is super fun for everyone. See who can create the best turtle costume!

15. Gamma Phi Beta - One Moon, Many Stars

When your symbol is the crescent moon, you have to have a party that is out of this world! Use outer space as the inspiration for your Halloween costumes.

16. Kappa Alpha Theta - KATs

We know this is a classic but... how could you resist? 

17. Kappa Delta - Luck of the Irish

With the Kappa Delta colors being emerald green and pearl white, an Irish theme seems only appropriate. 

18. Kappa Kappa Gamma - Red, White and Blue Times Two

This year, hold a patriotic-themed bash, where your sisters wear America's best! After all, both of your colors are dark and light blue.

19. Phi Mu - Coming Up Roses

Since carnations are the official flower of Phi Mu, let your creative side fly and make your own floral-inspired costume!

20. Phi Sigma Sigma - Egyptian Escape

Show the sphinx, the symbol of Phi Sigma Sigma, some appreciation and rock your best Ancient Egyptian attire this year. You can opt to dress up as Cleopatra and your BFF can be a sphinx!

21. Pi Beta Phi - Calling All Angels

Angels are very important to your sorority, so why not be one this Halloween? 

22. Sigma Delta Tau - StΔtues of LiberTy

Light things up this Halloween, just like your symbol of the torch, and let your inner liberty shine through!

23. Sigma Kappa - Dove at First Sight

Get inspired by elegance and romance this Halloween, and seek inspiration from your symbols of the dove and hearts.

24. Sigma Sigma Sigma - Tri Til We Die

Definitely the most relevant to Halloween, your symbols are the skull and crossbones, so there is no reason not to incorporate them this year! 

25. Theta Phi Alpha - All Around the World

The compass is the symbol of Theta Phi Alpha, and is a creative theme for this Halloween. See which sister can come up with the most creative costume from somewhere around the world!

26. Zeta Tau Alpha - The Best Crowns in Town

What's Halloween without princesses? Nonexistent, probably. Zeta Tau Alpha's symbol is the crown, so deck out your most royal apparel this year. 

No matter which sorority you are in, there are many creative ways to use yours to transform this Halloween into one that you will never forget –– Get creative, collegiettes!

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