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The 9 Best Co-ed Group Halloween Costumes for 2016


Halloween is just around the corner, collegiettes! For costume enthusiasts everywhere, the next few weeks are your prime time. If you're looking to coordinate costumes with your squad this year, look no further. We've compiled a list of the nine best co-ed group costume ideas for 2016. Check them out below and kill the costume game this Halloween.

1. Suicide Squad

After her debut in Suicide Squad, it became apparent that we were going to see a lot of Harley Quinns running around the streets this Halloween. Take this costume to the next level by including your whole squad! From the Joker, to El Diablo, to Killer Croc, to Deadshot, to Rick Flag, to Captain Boomerang, to Katana, there is sure to be a character for everyone. 

2. The cast of Hamilton

Only the boldest of fans will attempt this one. Your squad will definitely make a statement donning the finest garb from the hit musical!

3. Snapchat filters

The rainbow-puke Snapchat filter dominated the end of 2015—and ever since, Snap filters have taken over the world! Get your creative juices flowing by constructing a Halloween costume based around your favorite filter. From cute to creepy, the variety of filters makes this costume perfect for both your gal pals and guy BFFs.

4. Stranger Things gang

The Netflix show was majorly successful when it debuted this summer, so we can be sure to see many Will Byers, Barbara Hollands and Elevens running around. Why not see if you and your squad can get creative and pull off these costumes the best?

5. The presidential candidates

We couldn't resist including this one. From Donald Trump, to Hillary Clinton, to Bernie Sanders, to Ted Cruz, there is a candidate for every member of your crew this Halloween! 

6. Captain America: Civil War teams

This one is great because it comes with two options—are your friends Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Whichever you prefer, go all out as your favorite Marvel superheroes.

7. Pokémon

Shout out to the extremely popular game Pokémon GO for this one! With so many Pokémon to choose from, there is something for all the guys and girls in your friend group. Have fun with it—someone could even be Ash Ketchum. 

8. Game of Thrones cast

This one is obvious—the show is hugely successful, and there are so many characters to choose from! Get creative, though, because this one is guaranteed to be super popular. 

9. The Grease Live! gang

This one has been around forever, but thanks to Grease! Live, which premiered on TV last winter, it is so in again. Find the Danny to your Sandy, and have some fun this Halloween! *singing recommended but not required*

Get creative, collegiettes!

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