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10 Exercise Routines You Can Do In 10 Minutes or Less


Working out is hard, especially with a packed schedule and virtually no free time. While running around from classes to work, extracurriculars and more should count as working out, it doesn’t. Fitting in even a quick gym session isn’t always possible, and it’s hard enough to wake up early for classes. Don’t worry, though – we’ve found the perfect workouts to squeeze in any time! All of these can be done from your apartment or dorm room, involve little to no equipment and max out at ten minutes. No more excuses!

1. Victoria's Secret Model Workout

Ten minutes to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model? We can definitely make time for that. This routine is fast and easy and works out your entire body. Plus you don’t need any equipment and can do it in small spaces. The workout consists of eight easy exercises that Heidi Klum's personal trainer walks you through. She gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do each move, as well as counts down your reps, so there's no guessing involved. Grab your roommate and try it out!

2. 10 Minute HIIT Workout

HIIT (a.k.a high-intensity interval training) workouts are ideal for anyone with a busy a schedule because they burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Who doesn’t want that? Like the name suggests, this workout is pretty intense, so it's probably not for beginners. It also involves a lot of jumping around, so if you have any injuries or bad knees, it's probably best to avoid this one. But if you're up for a challenge, there's no equipment necessary for this one, so there’s nothing stopping you from hitting play and sweating it up! 

3. Butt Lift Challenge

In just ten minutes, your butt is going to look amazing in all of your jeans! We’re big fans of Cassey from Blogilates because all of her workouts are designed with the busy girl in mind. There are six easy moves that anyone of just about any fitness level can do. Cassey also gives you tips on how to make each more easier or more difficult depending on how much you want to challenge yourself. Plus you don’t need any equipment and do all of the moves on the floor of a dorm room!

4. Sexy Arms Workout

Another fitness gem from Blogilates is this arm workout! If you’ve got the time, combine it with the butt lift challenge or another body part that’s giving you trouble. All you need is a yoga mat or towel, rug or blanket (if you need to get creative). Like most of Blogilates's videos, this one consists only just a few moves and a lot of repetition. Again, Cassey gives you tips on how to make each move easier or more challenging depending on your fitness level.

5. "Call Me Maybe" Squat Challenge

We all love to hate (or hate to love?) this song by Carly Rae Jepsen. However, it turns out that it’s a great tune to squat to. Your legs will be screaming by the end, and the song will totally be stuck in your head, but it’s only five minutes. You can do it!

6. Movie Night Total Body Workout

If you love to multitask, this one is for you. Grab a friend, bowl of (low-cal!) popcorn and give this quick workout a try before your movie starts. This is also an awesome routine to do during commercial breaks of your favorite show. (Just when you thought episodes of Scandal couldn’t get anymore intense!) The workout consists of a sequence of pilates-inspired moves that target your whole body. All of the moves are easy for beginners yet challenging enough that you'll still feel it in the morning.

7. Sleek and Slender Abs Routine

If anyone knows how to get fit fast, it’s definitely the Tone It Up girls! Karena and Katrina show you how to get the abs of a beach goddess in just under seven minutes. Even if you don’t have access to an Instagram-worthy California beach like they do, give their workouts a shot. The moves are all relatively easy, but some do require a pair of weights. No weights? No problem! Grab something around your room of equal weight, like a pair of soup cans or textbooks!

8. 10 Minute Cardio Dance Routine

When it comes to this video, you can definitely put us down for cardio. This routine works up a sweat fast! Thankfully you don’t have to log hours on the elliptical machine to get in a good cardio workout anymore. Plus, this routine is full of fun dance moves, so you won’t even notice you’re working out. All of the moves are pretty easy, but don't feel bad if you can't quite get the hang of it right away. The point is to always keep moving, so even if you're not nailing every move perfectly, just getting your heart rate up is what matters the most.

9. Slim Legs Workout

We’re moving away from shorts season, but that doesn’t mean you can skip leg day. If squatting isn’t really your style, try this quick Pilates routine. It’s only three minutes, so there are really no excuses with this one. You can even make it a circuit, and do it three times to get closer to your ten minutes. This workout is extra perfect because it consists of only one move! Cassey shows you how to do it and does it with you the whole time, so there's no guessing if you're doing it right or not.

10. Bikini Body Workout

We’re always down for a full body workout that’s only eight minutes long. Even if you’re not going to be wearing a bikini anytime soon, it’s still a quick and easy routine that will tone you up from head to toe. The workout involves about five moves that designed to tone multiple areas of your body at once. The moves aren't hard, but you'll definitely be sore in the morning. No equipment is required, so just press play!

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? The truth is, we always have time for a quick workout. You just have to learn how to prioritize!. Save a few of these under a YouTube playlist, and your body will thank you later.

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