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The 25 Best Pop Culture References Ever on 'Gilmore Girls'


Gilmore Girls is our favorite show of all time. One of the things that makes it the best are the pop culture references and quick, witty banter. In every episode, you could guarantee that there would be references that you probably wouldn't understand (I was five when the show first started airing in 2000—there are references that even now I don't understand), but you could still appreciate the way that the characters—Lorelai and Rory, in particular—understood each other so perfectly. These are the best pop culture references from our fave 2000s show. Catch up in time for the revival on November 25!

1. When Emily was being just a little dramatic

Lorelai never put up with Emily's drama. 

2. When Rory was the geek

"What do you want a fake ID for?""So I can vote!" 

3. When Lorelai found out that someone had a crush on Sookie for 10 years

Also, ignore Lorelai's derpy face in this screengrab. 

4. When Luke tried to bring the drama

But Stars Hollow is basically Fairfield, so we get it. 

5. When the Gilmore women remembered the important things in life

They're def not into yoga. 

6. When Paris was too accurate about Rory

Pretty sure the only person she upset was Lucy and that wasn't even her fault. 

7. When Lorelai was on the nose about Paris's relationship

But without the whole Nazi invasion of France. 

8. When Lorelai met Rory's 15-year-old college roommate

TBT to NPH as a 16-year-old doctor.

9. When Lorelai made a promising suggestion

Johnny Bravo was a good show. Where is the VH1 Where Are They Now episode of Johnny Bravo

10. When Rory broke her arm

Very sure George Clooney in E.R. was more attractive than Rory's E.R. doctor.

11. When Michel complained about people's impressions of him

Talking about Posh and Becks isn't a bad thing at all. 

12. When Emily and Richard just didn't get the joke

The kids these days, they're cranking Metallica and smoking Korn! 

13. When Reese Witherspoon had Harvard connections

What, like it's hard? 

14.When Lorelai spoke horse

Also remember how freaked out everyone was when she got Paul Anka and everyone reminded her of the animals she had killed in the past? 

15. Paul Anka

Paul Anka the dog, not Paul Anka the person.

16. When Rory got into Chilton

Oops, Rory was an overacheiver again. 

17. When Richard and Emily got a little excited about Cher

Playing "Guess Who" with Richard and Emily is basically the best. 

18. When Sookie swore on Destiny's Child

Michel: "Pick another group." SAME. 

19. When Luke confessed his lil crush

Alright, alright, alright

20. When Lorelai pointed out that the cold makes people do crazy things

That's some Bell Jar ish. 

21. When Sookie was a pro at keeping secrets

Can you hear them? Talk about us, telling lies, well that's no surprise

22. When Richard discovered Moby

This is a Richard and Emily appreciation post, sorry everyone.

23. When Rory summed Chicago up pretty well

"Windy" and "Oprah" are all you need to describe Chicago. 

24. When Anna considered a hatred of Macaulay Culkin "unnatural"

Def not unnatural, gf. 

25. When Sookie appreciated God's greatest gift: garlic

"You come to me on this, the day of my daughter's wedding…" smelling like garlic. 

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