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5 Halloween Accessories You Can Wear All Year Long


This Halloween, rather than exiling the pieces of your costume to the very back of your closet, choose accessories that you can wear all year long! Check out some of our favorite finds that don't have to be limited to just one night of wear once a year:

1. Furrrocious cat headband

Kat Headband $155

Let's face it—the majority of us choose the easy route and dress up as cats for Halloween every year. This accessory doubles as the purfect touch to your cat costume and an ear warmer for when the temperatures drop later in the year. 

2. Feline footwear

Gold Feline Flat $99.99

Keeping in line with the ever-popular cat costume yet again, put your best foot forward in these killer gold shoes. Even dog-lovers will be fawning over this fabulous footwear. 

3. Sweet socks

Gummy Bear Socks $6

Show off your sweet tooth with these delicious gummy bear socks, perfect to wear with boots long after October.

4. Adjustable ring

Hand Rings $18.50

This ring grabs your finger AND your attention. Add a unique, edgy touch to your accessory game.

5. Wicked earrings

Etsy Bat Earrings $12.80

Just because they're bats doesn't mean these earrings have to be confined to just Halloween. Plus, these bats look cuter than they are spooky! Make these your go-to simple statement earrings no matter what time of year it is. 

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