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17 Things Only Girls Who Are Always Overprepared Understand


It's the only life you've ever known: you're always prepared. In fact, you're always overprepared. You're ready for anything, always two steps ahead of everyone else and on top of everything in your life. Anytime someone asks you who your spirit animal, soulmate or favorite character is, you obviously answer Leslie Knope. Here are 17 signs you're an overpreparer, as demonstrated by Leslie Knope. 

1. You set multiple alarms even though you’ve never snoozed in your life.

2. You choose your outfit the night before.

3. And you pack your lunch the night before.

4. And your backpack.

5. Your calendar is full, color-coded and filled with cross-outs of things that you penciled in months ago but didn’t end up happening.

6. Your backpack has two pencil pouches: one for pens and pencils and one for pads, tampons, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen and band-aids.

7. You’re always at least 10 minutes early to everything.

8. Your Notes app on your phone is full of lists: shopping lists, to-do lists and any other type of list you might possibly need.

9. You try to make plans with your friends months, weeks and days in advance, even if your friends don’t like to make plans until the last minute.

10. Your to-do list never ends.

11. You usually finish assignments more than a day in advance.

12. You double and triple check that you turned your assignments in online.

13. If a hard copy is required, you print at least two copies.

14. Group projects are your worst nightmare. How are you supposed to trust other people to pull their weight?

15. You don’t know what it’s like not to be stressed out.

16. Between classes you can be found working on other work.

17. You know you’ll never not be prepared.

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