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16 Things Only Girls Who Don't Know Why They're Single Understand


We've all been here at one point or another. How do you go about dating when you don't even know why you're single in the first place? Get ready for a lot of overthinking, confusion and the best, THIRD WHEELING! It'll be quite a journey, but someday you'll master the science of relationships. Here are 16 things only people who don't know why they're single understand. 

1. Constantly wondering if you're single because you're too picky

2. Or because guys actually don't like you

3. Telling people you're too busy to be in a relationship even though everybody knows that's not true

4. You've had steady Valentine's Day plans for years now

5. You haven't mastered the art of talking to guys yet 

6. You wonder why you don't get asked out on actual dates more because you make an amazing third wheel

7. You don't even consider yourself single because you live vicariously through your friends' relationships

8. You've run out of things to watch on Netflix because all you do is sit alone in your room and watch it

9. Constantly wondering if you're just looking in all the wrong places

10. Anticipating all of the pity you'll receive from your relatives at the next family gathering

11. Constantly questioning whether you even have enough energy to deal with a relationship

12. Growing to accept the concept that you might actually be forever alone

13. You've become a pro at being a sad, depressing soul 

14. Stuck somewhere between being a try-hard and just being emotionless towards relationships

15. You learn to appreciate the people (and food) that will stick by your side no matter what

16. But you're still always curious about what guys think of you

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