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5 Reasons Why Meredith & Riggs Should Just Date Already


We know what you all are thinking: nobody can replace Derek. Although we agree that Derek and Meredith are forever (#soulmates), we also think she shouldn't sit around and live life without Derek. As we saw her evolve into a single woman again throughout season 12, we also saw the internal emotional struggle she was facing since losing the love of her life. Our hearts broke at the death of Derek, but Meredith needs to learn how to live life on her own again and move on.

Since she is now a widow and a single mother, it's time she puts herself back out there, into the dating pool. Not only would Derek want that for her, but it will bring a little more happiness into her life. Throughout season 12, we noticed heavy sexual tension between her and Riggs. In her mind, she didn't want to feel those feelings again because she only had those kind of strong feelings for Derek. Nevertheless, she and Riggs would be really good together, and here are a few reasons why.

She's ready to date again

We've seen her hurting, and we've seen her happy. Let's see happy Meredith again soon, Shonda. 

They see each other all the time 

It's hard not to get feelings for somebody at work. It's also easier to date someone when you see them 24/7.

They have incredible chemistry 

We know, we know—it's not a Derek and Meredith kind of chemistry, but it's a start!

Derek would want her to live her life

Derek loved her so much. He wouldn't want her to be miserable and alone.

Riggs is sexy AF

Well, this one is a given. Who wouldn't want to date him?

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