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18 Things You Forgot You Hated About School


Pit it against your awkward middle school days or juvenile high school experiences, and college comes out the ultimate victor every time. You say goodbye to homework and homerooms and hello to your own little fantasy world filled with books, boys and plenty of beer.

With limitless freedom and endless opportunities, it’s easy to see why we come rushing back to campus at the end of every summer. Even so, after being cared for each day by our loving parents and making major bank at that summer job, the first few weeks back can serve as a bit of a wakeup call for most collegiettes. Despite our infinite appreciation for higher education, there are a few things we could do without.

1. Bye-bye spacious bedroom, hello cramped living quarters.

2. Six girls and one bathroom is just not right.

3. How do I feed myself again?

4. These bar lines are not okay.

5. This whole walking everywhere deal is going to take some getting used to.

6. So. Out. Of. Shape.

7. My reunion with late-night pizza might have something to do with this…

8. Maybe I should hit the gym.

9. Just kidding, way too crowded.

10. Isn’t there someone out there who’s sober enough to pick me up?

11. Holy crap, I forgot what a hangover was like.

12. How did I do this last year?

13. More importantly, how did I afford it?

14. It’s Sunday, yay! Oh wait, I have a pile of work I’ve put off for three days…

15. And an empty fridge…

16. And a mound of laundry the size of Everest.

17. Wait, I have an exam tomorrow?!

18. Welcome back to college!

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