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The 10 Stages of Having a Crush, As Told by Chuck Bass


Chuck Bass may be Gossip Girl's bad boy, but that doesn't mean he can't get crushes (cough, cough…Blair) like the rest of us. Here are the 10 stages of having a crush, as told by Chuck Bass.

1. Meeting your crush but not knowing you have a crush on that person yet

2. Feelings develop 

All of a sudden you're like, "DAMN..."

3. Going out of your way to run into that person 

100 percent worth it.

4. Getting nervous for no reason 

"Be cool, be cool, be cool..."

5. Working up the courage to introduce yourself 

What do I know besides my name?

6. Convincing your crush they want you too

You know you want this.

7. Pouring on the compliments

Flattery gets you everywhere!

8. Making all the moves

You better work!

9. Reveling in all your hard work 

Yeah, buddy.

10. All there's left to do is hope your crush returns the affection

Fingers crossed, right? Best of luck out there!

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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