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15 Things Only Girls Who Are Experts at Canceling Plans Understand


We’ve all been there: You’re running into Starbucks between classes, and you see someone you haven’t talked to in a while. “I’m late for class,” you say, “but we’ll definitely have to grab lunch soon!” If you’re an expert at canceling plans, of course, you have no intention of following up on your promise. Chances are, you can relate to the rest of this list as well. Shout out to all of the notoriously flaky girls—this one is for you.

1. Once you put on your comfy clothes, there’s no going back.

2. Sleep > socializing.

3. There is no better feeling than clearing your calendar of all social commitments.

4. You’re often referred to as the “flaky” one in your friend group…

5. But you prefer the term “spontaneous.”

6. The “Sorry, I just saw this!” text is your best friend.

7. You know you can always blame your absence on PMS.

8. And that sometimes the best way to cancel is to just not respond.

9. People tend to get irritated when you cancel at the last minute…

10. But that doesn’t stop you from telling it like it is.

11. Your idea of a perfect Friday night involves Netflix, takeout, and being by yourself.

12. You’re definitely not anti-social—you just don’t like to commit.

13. You cherish the rare occasions when the other person cancels on you.

14. When you actually follow through on plans, your friends are genuinely surprised.

15. Even though you can be unreliable, you’re always there when a friend really needs you.

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