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15 Things Only Hardcore Shippers Understand


There is no stronger bond than the one between a girl and her fictional couple obsession. A hardcore shipper is not only credible when relaying information regarding the couple, but she lives and breathes for the success of the relationship, sometimes even confusing it with her own (or lack thereof). Here are 15 things all hardcore shippers know to be true.

1. We've all been called hopeless romantics on multiple occasions

2. We are far too familiar with unrealistic relationship expectations

3. We would be honored to be their third wheel

4. We are rooting for that couple at all times

5. We talk about the couple as if we know them personally

6. We hold an extreme amount of envy for fictional characters

7. Our significant others hate them

8. We live vicariously through their relationship

9. The couple's drama is your drama

10. When the couple fights, it's impossible to choose a side

11. We hate anyone that tries to get in between the couple

12. We befriend people who have the same obsession

13. We always refer to them by their couple name


14. We're in a constant state of denial that the couple isn't together in real life

15. We can't imagine a world where they aren't together

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