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19 Things Only Girls Who Are Not Basic AT ALL Understand


If you're slightly more introverted, independent and a bit of an old soul, you'll know all about this life. Being basic is so not your thing. 

1. You refuse to give in to hype

2. You have a tendency to do your own thing 

3. You usually stay away from viral internet trends 

4. You're not a huge fan of taking selfies 

5. You refuse to watch the TV shows that everyone raves about (Grey's, Friends, etc) because why bother

6. You are aware that Target is great. But is it THAT great?

7. You have come to grips with the fact that pumpkin spice anything is just a marketing ploy

8. You never jumped on that juicing bandwagon either 

9. You love drama like anyone else, but you don't invest too much time in it 

10. You couldn't care less about designer or name brands 

11. You have never felt compelled to buy a velour track suit 

12. In grade school you would not have been caught dead in a Hollister

13. You can only assume that Uggs are mad comfy because why else would everyone else have them 

14. You'd rather watch just about any movie other than The Notebook 

15. You're of the minority that believes Taylor Swift is too often overhyped

16. It's also a "no" to Coachella

17. The Kardashians may be entertaining, but you've never really considered them role models

18. While you're super self-aware about what you like and don't like, you try* not to be judgy about other people's interests 

19. *Try

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