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15 Things Only Girls Who Couldn’t Try Less Understand


Many of you know what we mean when we say: sometimes, you just can’t even. But there is a special breed of us ladies that find themselves saying this 24/7. We all wish we could be so carefree that we walk into class 15 minutes late with a latte in hand, and this is tribute to the girls who are. These are 15 things only girls who couldn’t try less understand.

1. Taking five minutes to get ready and then sitting around and waiting for everyone else to be

2. Having an extensive amount of gym clothes

3. Never using your gym clothes to actually visit a gym

4. Understanding the importance of sleeping in far past what is socially acceptable

5. Constantly being woken up by texts from your early-bird friends

6. Realizing midway through the day that you forgot to put on deodorant

7. Or a bra

8. Or shave

9. And then deciding that you don’t actually care

10. Coming up with weird rationales for why you don’t do normal things

11. Being extremely unprepared for any semi-formal occasion

12. And being scolded for underdressing on countless occasions

13. Feeling absolutely no need to look nice when you hang out with boys

14. Procrastinating like it's your job

15. Being genuinely confused when other people feel stressed about anything

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