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16 Things Only Quiet But Secretly Funny Girls Understand


When you walk around campus, everyone knows you as the timid, respectful girl with a sweet personality. Little do they know, there’s a hilarious, sarcastic monster living inside you. It’s not even like you try to hide it; you just can’t find a way to get past your quiet nature. Here are 16 things that you will find totally relatable.

1. You have a whole other personality most people don’t know about

2. You whisper a ton of hilarious comments under your breath

3. And only your best friends know how to catch them

4. Everybody labels you as the shy girl

5. And you wish you could tell them how much of a freak you actually are

6. You’re pretty much your family’s personal comedian

7. And when you bring new people home they’re shocked to hear you talk so much

8. You’ve been known to get out your wit by being “Internet funny”

9. Which means your Twitter humor is pure gold

10. You love watching your SO get to know the funny side of your personality

11. If people knew how sarcastic you actually are they’d probably treat you waaaay differently

12. You snort laugh when people say, “Aw, you’re so sweet and quiet!”

13. Even though you don’t say them, your brain is constantly firing off jokes

14. Quality time with your besties means hours on end of you roasting people

15. Sarcasm, wittiness, dry humor—you can do it all!

16. If only people knew…

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