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6 All-Female Groups You Can Join if Sororities Aren't For You


College can be tough. As you're trying to balance school, work and a social life (all while being fueled on nothing more than dining hall food...), you’re bound to want to find a group of collegiettes who are going through the same struggles as you are. If rushing a sorority doesn’t seem like your thing, you may be at a loss for where to find your new female BFFs. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve found six all-girl group on campus you can join—that aren't a sorority.

1. Join a major-specific organization

Lots of colleges have organizations tailored specifically to women in certain programs or majors. Are you majoring in science, tech, engineering or math? Look for organizations geared towards women in STEM, which encourage the same scholastic standard and achievement for women as men. Who doesn’t love an organization that fights to prove equal intelligence among genders? Or, if you're in the humanities or social sciences, look for groups catered to your interests, like a foreign language club or an organization for writers. These groups encourage academic excellence while simultaneously allowing collegiettes to make connections and build friendships with those who share their passions. Some common major-specific organizations across college campuses include:

Collegiette Jane Johnson* explains the benefits of getting to know others who share your interests: “Find a club or group that interests you and you'll be sure to find people there who are similar to you! College is about trying new things, so even if the club isn't a great fit, you know you tried it out.”

2. Get involved in your campus’s chapter of Girl Up

There are so many ways to volunteer and make a difference for women! Girl Up—the United Nations Foundation’s campaign for adolescent and teenage girls—has many chapters on college campuses that work to encourage strong, independent and intelligent females to advocate for the education, health, safety and leadership of young women worldwide. If your campus doesn’t have a chapter, don't worry—you can start your own by registering to be a Girl Up Campus Leader. 

This organization provides a platform for women on college campuses to further foster a sense of community internationally. Plus, Michelle Obama endorses it, so joining this organization gets you one step closer to the White House… right?

3. Try out for a sports team

Many young women are eager to get involved with intercollegiate athletics, but are afraid to face the pressure of making the team (we can’t all bend it like Beckham!). Joining a sports team is a fantastic way to stay healthy and enjoy the sport you love while still making friends and having fun. Intercollegiate sports, club sports and even intramural teams are all fantastic options for athletic collegiettes at all skill levels. Check out your school’s athletics department for a list of all women’s sports teams and information about how to get involved. 

4. Join a professional society for women

You’re not bossy; you’re a boss. Joining a professional society for women is a fantastic way to make connections with experts, to get to know others who are just as driven as you are and to learn the true value of a pencil skirt. Your campus career center is full of resources, but sometimes, you might want to take a step further because you're looking for personal connections rather than a how-to guide on resume writing.

Check out your campus’s chapter of Sisters for Professional and Academic Achievement, the Professional Women’s Association, the American Association of University Women and the National Organization for Women. Some of these organizations are campus-specific, so check your college’s organization website to find these professional societies at your campus—or start your own!

5. Check out events held at the women’s center on campus

Chances are, your college campus has a women’s center. Typically, a women’s center hosts events tailored to women and gender equality each month. Examples include workshops, socials and guest speakers—and they're all are a wonderful way to make connections and get to know the other women at your school. Not only that, the campus women's center provides you with a safe space to share your experiences and thoughts. Check out your school’s website to find the location of your women’s center and a calendar of upcoming events!

6. Join your school's Her Campus chapter!

This is a given, but your college’s Her Campus chapter will provide you with a sense of community and a group of women who share your passions. If there isn’t a Her Campus chapter at your school, you can start your own! You are bound to find a group of smart and social collegiettes just like you.

These are just six of the many ways to find an outlet or safe space for women on your own campus. To find more organizations specific to your college campus, visit your college’s student life website and search “women.”

* Name has been changed.

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