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6 Times Carly & Evan From 'Bachelor in Paradise' Were Absolute Goals


After witnessing three proposals on the Bachelor in Paradise finale, it's safe to say we are a bit emotionally drained from all the love. Especially the love between Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, our absolute favorite BIP couple. With the weird jokes, dates and just overall attitudes, those two are the definition of goals. Since their engagement went public, the dream team has been all over social media making us envious of their L.O.V.E. Here are six times Cevan was just too perfect to handle.

1. This announcement Insta


I love him. He is my person. He is my lobster. He is my everything. @theebass #bachelorinparadise

A photo posted by Carly Waddell (@carlywad) on

2. Evan pulling an Ashley I.

3. Carly revealing she tricked us all

4. That time Evan stole a lizard??


I FREAKING LOVE THIS GIRL. (Also, snuck the lizard hanging from my shirt out of #afterparadise)

A photo posted by Evan Bass (@theebass) on

5. Carly being stepmom goals

6. Evan shouting from the rooftops about his love for Carly

Cevan televised wedding, anyone? Anyone? 

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