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15 Memes That Are So You As a Dog Mom


Whether you have a Toy Poodle or a Great Dane, chances are you’re obsessed with your fur baby. That’s okay because we are too! We know that no one can top your K9 companion. After all, a dog is a girl’s best friend.

1. When you look at pictures of your dog as a puppy vs. now

2. Whenever someone asks you about your dog

3. And then has to sit through a half hour of pictures and ranting about how amazing your dog is

4. Maybe even a video or two

5. Basically you when you’re without your dog all day

6. Or you leave for vacation

7. When you do ~finally~ come home to your dog

8. When someone says they don’t like dogs

9. Or swears their pet is better than yours

10. That magical moment when someone loves dogs as much as you

11. When your dog does something bad

12. And you have to yell at them

13. But your dog never stays mad for long (or really even mad at all)

14. Because there’s no one they’d rather spend their time with than their humans

15. And there’s no one you’d rather take a walk with than them!

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