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19 Things That Will Make All Type A Students Go 'OMG'


If you love to organize, strive for perfection and are constantly being told to “chill,” chances are you neatly fall into the category of a Type A personality. You’re extremely driven, and most of the time, you’re just wishing the rest of the world (and your fellow collegiettes) would keep up. If you’re one of these people, here are 19 things that are guaranteed to drive you absolutely crazy.

1. When none of your friends are ready for the event you planned 

What do you mean you just woke up from a nap?!

2. When you go into a friend’s bedroom and can’t see the floor

How do you live like this?

3. When the professor gives an extension on an assignment and you had it done a week ago

Sure, encourage the procrastinators. 

4. When your friends want to watch Netflix all day and you can't sit still for more than two hours

So antsy. 

5. When there are dirty dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours

I don't care if they're not mine, I can't look at them anymore.

6. When you have to rely on someone else to take class notes

I'm sorry, there's just no way your note-taking skills will match my abilities. 

7. When your friends won’t do anything with you unless it’s after noon

You're wasting half the day in bed!

8. When it’s 8 p.m. on a Friday and no one has attempted to make plans yet

Someone please suggest something.

9. When you’re surrounded by slow walkers

Literally do not have time for this.

10. When a meeting goes over by 15 minutes and it throws off your entire schedule

Great, now I'm late to the next one and have no time to grab the coffee I desperately need.

11. When your roommates borrow your things and don’t put them back exactly where they belong

Am I really asking for that much?

12. When you wake up late for an exam and are forced to leave without making your bed

Total day-ruiner.

13. When seeing a frat house the morning after gives you actual anxiety

Is that pizza sauce or blood?

14. When bae says he’ll be over “later”

I'm going to a need a more specific time estimate.

15. When you host a pregame and all you can think about are all the stains that are about to decorate your apartment

Jungle juice will be the death of this apartment.

16. When you see people turning in their exams and you’re on question three

What happened to reviewing your work?!

17. When you’re out of quarters on laundry day

The world will end if I don't do my whites on Sunday. 

18. When your professor takes a week to answer your email

You had one job.

19. When nothing goes according to your plan

Why can't everything just go perfectly all the time?

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