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19 Things All Small Town Girls Know to be True


Small town life--vastly different from that of the city. Here are 20 things all small town peeps know as #truth.

1. Everyone knows each other

2. Nothing is ever too far away, unless it's in the city

3. Most of the time there is literally nothing to do

4. But when there is, everyone in town goes ~to town~


5. Which basically means the whole town shows up to all the high school football games

6. Crime rates are especially underwhelming

7. But when there is a scandal of some sort, the whole town knows about it immediately

8. Same goes for general gossip

9. You're on a first name basis with the mailman

10. Sometimes your neighbors do nice things for no reason, like mow your lawn or rescue your cat from your mutually shared tree

11. Most of your dining options around town are super cheap and affordable

12. And the food is usually locally grown and homemade

13. You've probably spent majority of your youth counting down the days til you graduate high school and can finally leave

14. Night life is, like, not a thing

15. Traffic? Also not a thing

16. There are certain areas of town that you know to smell like literal cow sh*t

17. Even when people move away, they somehow always seem to come back 

18. Small town drama in itself is pretty heightened and ridiculous 

19. But that doesn't mean you don't low key love it 

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