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15 Things Only Girls Who Loved High School Understand


Ah, college. A chance to go to a new school where nobody remembers what you looked like with braces, your embarrassing act in the talent show freshman year or your repeated failed attempts at prom queen. However, the move to college leaves some girls sad, longing for the days of 8 a.m. homeroom and exhilarating midday drives to Starbucks. Ladies who loved high school, how many of these things apply to you?

1. You wear high school gear all the time

2. You look through your prom pictures at least once a month

3. You visit school whenever you go home

4. You still keep in contact with your teachers

5. You plan on keeping your yearbook for the rest of your life

6. You have the playlist you blasted in the car when you first learned to drive

...and you listen to it. All. The. Time.

7. You constantly hit up your group message of high school friends with crazy stories about your life

8. You still follow your high school’s anonymous social media accounts

9. You probably subscribe to your alumni newsletter

10. Okay, you also subscribe to your school newspapper

11. Your college know pretty much everything and everyone from your high school life...

12. ...mostly because you never stop talking about it.

13. When people talk about how over high school they are, you’re just like…

14. Your high school best friends are still your screensaver...

15. …and you know they’ll totally be the bridesmaids at your wedding

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