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16 Things Only Natural Blondes Understand


If you're like me and have natural blonde hair, you know there are countless stereotypes associated with this hair color, including dumb, ditzy and vain, spawning a multitude of jokes at our expense. However, it's not all negative. My personal favorite is the idea that "blondes have more fun." (Who said this wasn't true anyways?) There are both struggles and benefits to being a fair-haired girl.

1. The amount of times you've been referred to as "goldie locks" or "blondie" is unreal

If my hair color is the most interesting thing about me, then we've got a serious problem on our hands. 

2. You are often accused of being a bottle blonde because your eyebrows don't match your hair color

There's nothing wrong with having dyed hair, but just because you have darker eyebrows doesn't mean you're not a natural blonde 

3. You have long been accustomed to Barbie-esque comments while sporting her signature color

Heaven forbid you wear pink and have long, blonde hair. 

4. You never keep a lint roller too far away since you shed hair like a Golden Retriever

Dark colored shirts and blonde hair just do not mix. Unless you're going for that 'chic,' dog look.

5. Your hair grows in a different, darker after you've gotten highlights 

This may or may not look natural depending on the shade of highlights and your natural color. If it's the latter, it does not look too pretty. 

6. That being said, just because a girl chooses to highlight her hair, doesn't mean she's not a natural blonde

Maybe she just wanted to go blonder. Life is full of choices.

7. As a child, your hair was practically platinum blonde

As you get older, not so much. 

8. You watched Tangled and obsessed over Rapunzel's long, shimmery, golden locks

In real life, your hair takes forever to grow out, and getting it that light and shiny? Yeah right. If you were more enthralled by the princess's hair than you were by her love interest Flynn Rider, you know you have a 'blonde problem.'

9. Constantly getting asked, "I wonder how you'd look as a brunette?"

Um, not so great. 

10. Constantly comparing yourself to other, fellow blondes

Is there hair lighter than mine? Is that shade prettier? Is it natural or do they dye it? So many questions, so little answers.

11. When you do or say something dumb, it's brushed off as you "having a blonde moment"

Is it really necessary to have a "dumb blonde moment?" Who even came up with that silly line? Blondes certainly don't need a line to justify making mistakes. We ALL have our moments regardless of our hair color. Besides, you dont hear anyone saying "she's having a ginger moment."

12. When you threaten to dye your hair a different color to get rid of the jokes, you're reminded you can't change that you'll still a natural blonde underneath it

The madness never ends. 

13. If you DO decide to dye your hair, the process will be easier 

Unlike your darker-haired counterparts, you can totally skip the bleaching your hair step. 

14. It's assumed that if the hair on your head is naturally blonde, it must be blonde everywhere else on your body too

I wish. That is true for some people, but definitely not for all of us.

15. You have a lot of doppelgänger options when it comes to Disney princesses

Cinderella, Elsa, Aurora, Rapunzel, the list goes on and on.  

16. Two words: Blonde hair and red lipstick

Is there anything more strong or commanding than that? I think not. But to be fair, both bottle and natural blondes can relate to this one.

The "we have more fun" hair color is definitely not without its pitfalls and annoying stereotypes, but it's nice to be reminded of the pros of naturally having the color people spend hundreds of dollars trying to attain. So ignore the haters and remember that you were born this way. So be fabulous and own what your genes gave ya. 

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