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Where You Should Study Abroad, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


While studying abroad anywhere will probably be a magical experience, the plethora of options available can make the decision rather overwhelming. As amazing as it would be to just go everywhere, most people only get one semester abroad. You want to make sure you end up somewhere that suits your style. If you’re truly stumped, it never hurts to let the stars decide for you—or at least see what they have to say.  


As an intelligent humanitarian, an Aquarius needs to go somewhere she can get involved. But as a person who lives outside of the box, a unique cultural experience is also a must. You won’t be satisfied with sightseeing in Western Europe.

Places in need of your care and ideas will be the most beneficial for you and those you help. Ghana’s modernized city life in Accra will give you interesting cultural immersion, while the problems of poverty, corruption, illiteracy and hunger facing the region will welcome your innovative help.


As a romantic, a Pisces craves a study abroad destination that looks like it came straight out of a chick flick. You thrive around the water, obvi, but also need an outlet for your creativity and compassion.

Surrounded by water and overflowing with culture, Greece would serve as the ideal host for a Pisces girl. The vibrant colors and crystal blue ocean suit the Pisces lifestyle, as does the warm nature of the locals. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find a cute fisherman to keep you company, too.


The confident and energetic Aries needs to go somewhere adventurous. You take charge and aren’t afraid of a little risk and danger.

The nature of New Zealand creates a perfect playground for an Aries. From hiking the Fox Glacier to exploring the volcanic Tongariro National Park, you’ll stay amused—or die trying.


A bit Type-A in nature, a Taurus probably wants to study abroad somewhere not terribly far outside her comfort zone—a place where she can make a plan and be her true, tourist-y Taurus self.

London would be the perfect place for a Taurus to experience a slightly different culture without being overwhelmed by a language barrier. From there you could perfectly schedule all of the tours and weekend trips you want, in order to make the most of your time abroad.


Gemini need constant stimulation for all of the facets of their personality. The hustle and bustle of an urban city would satisfy your curiosity and give you plenty of people to talk to.

Tokyo’s fast-paced environment and large population would be enough to keep even the most impatient of Gemini busy while they study abroad. The uber-modernized city is the perfect environment to keep a Gemini from complaining of boredom, and even the language barrier won’t stop you from chatting with a stranger.


Cancers are stereotypically considered homebodies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a fantastic time abroad too. A site near water without too much culture shock would be ideal for you.  

As the only English-speaking country in South America, Belize shouldn’t give a Cancer too much anxiety. The underrated tropical paradise’s beaches will make for a lovely (temporary) home away from home.

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Always in the mood for a dramatic adventure, the confident Leo must travel somewhere where she can have a good time and show off her exuberant personality.

What could be better than Barcelona, Spain, for a firecracker like you? The warm streets of Barcelona are the perfect place for you to strut your stuff, just like the Cheetah Girls. Plus, the energetic nightlife will let you continue to live it up into the wee hours of the morning.  


Tender and nurturing, Virgos thrive when they are caring for others. Humble and down-to-earth, your time studying abroad would best be served helping others.

A Virgo would feel right at home surrounded by the nature of Thailand. Plus, helping the underdeveloped areas of the country will make your time abroad even more fulfilling.


Libras cannot tolerate injustice but are also non-confrontational. They enjoy peace and harmony and would enjoy studying somewhere low-stress where they can relax with friends.

Consistently considered one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark—with its picturesque scenery and quaint cities—is sure to be a stress-free study abroad locale for you.


Never one to take the easy road, Scorpios love exciting places where they can experience new things and come out as improved versions of themselves.

A Semester at Sea would be the perfect adventure for a Scorpio, who is definitely up to the challenge of living on a boat. With common stops including places like Peru and Brazil, you’d be sure to encounter your fair share of adventure.


Typical study abroad locations like Paris and Rome just won’t cut it for a Sagittarius. Your curiosity won’t be satisfied with any tourist traps (no offense, Taurus), and you will naturally wander far, far off of the beaten path.

Jordan cuts it close to the Middle East without putting you in the midst of serious danger. A Sagittarius would love to experience a culture so different from her own and be somewhere others often shy away from.


Characterized as serious and traditional, a Capricorn’s ideal study abroad location would have to be one with a rich history and culture.

Somewhere with art and beauty like Rome would be perfect for a Capricorn. You could geek out over all of the history of the Roman Empire and the various historical sites in the area. No shame.

If you get to spend a semester studying abroad, you should thank your lucky stars. Might as well let those same lucky stars help you pick where to go, right?  

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