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15 Things Collegiettes Tell Themselves to Feel Better


Sometimes college is hard. Between exams, roommate squabbles and finding enough caffeine to function on three hours of sleep, we’re familiar with riding the struggle bus pretty much daily. With our crazy lives, we all need some pick-me-ups, right? Good thing we’re pros at making ourselves feel better.

1. “Pizza covers almost all the food groups, so it’s basically healthy.”

2. “I’ll never be able to wear sweatpants to a real job, so might as well do it now!”

3. “I went to the gym earlier this month so I can skip today and watch Netflix instead.”

4. “1 hour of studying = 2 Starbucks visits.”

5. “As a growing young adult, sleeping is more important than my 8 a.m. class.”

6. “The meatloaf in the dining hall is concerning… better go to Chipotle, just to be safe.”

7. “When else can I get $3 cocktails on a Tuesday night without being judged? #yolo.”

8. “Eating a salad for lunch balances out my late-night French fries.”

9. “It is way too nice out to be stuck in class. Staying inside on this beautiful day would be a sin.”

10. “I actually took notes today, so do I really need to read the textbook?”

11. “Taking advantage of sales at the mall really just makes me economically savvy.”

12. “After graduation, I’ll probably never see my friends again. Better hang out with them 24/7 while I can!”

13. “Why bother doing laundry now when I’m going home in three weeks? Thanks, Mom!”

14. “I went to two of my classes today, so I deserve a three-hour nap.”

15. “Responsible decision-making is for the real world. Not college.”

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