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16 Reasons Why Being Single in the Summer is the Best


Summer is by far one of the best seasons to be single. It seems like everyone is concerned with having a Nicholas Sparks-worthy romance to compliment their summer adventures. But, there are so many reasons why being single in the summer is the absolute best. After all, you are single and ready to mingle!

1. You can flirt with that cute guy or girl at the bar.

This summer, you are going to perfect that pick-up line.

2. You don’t have anyone that you need to shave your legs for. 

You can let your hair be as free and flowing as you want. You have no one to tell you otherwise.

3. You don’t have to argue about which movie to watch.

In other words, you can watch as many episodes of Sex and the City as you want.

4. You have more time to spend with friends. 

You probably don’t even realize how much time a significant other takes up. This summer, you can focus on creating lasting memories with your besties. 

5. You have more money to spend on you. 

There’s no need to budget for fancy dinners or over-the-top date nights. This summer, treat yo' self! 

6. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s scheduling conflicts. 

You can come and go as you please.

7. You don’t need to explain yourself to a jealous lover.

There is no need for a play-by-play of what went down at that beach party last night.

8. You can have a summer fling or two. 

You can hook up with as many people as you want, no strings attached.   

9. …Or you can reignite your love affair with Netflix. 

Jack Dawson was your first love and you can re-watch Titanic as much as you want to this summer.  

10. You can meet new people.

You can go to the beach with that new group of friends without worrying how awkward it may be if your significant other comes along.

11. You won’t have to deal with anything long distance.

If you’re doing any traveling this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping the flame alive when you’re 3,000 miles away.

12. You can dance with anyone you want.

Everyone could be a potential dance partner at that beach party. You have a whole sea of options.

13. You have MUCH less drama to deal with.

You won’t have to deal with decoding cryptic text messages, arguing about where to eat or wondering who that girl is that keeps showing up on your lover’s Snapchat.

14. You can download dating apps and laugh at all the terrible profiles.

You won’t need to explain to anyone why you have Tinder. So, go ahead and count how many matches ask if it hurt when you fell from heaven.

15. You don’t need to worry about sharing a bed with someone in 86 degree weather.

Why can’t people understand you just don’t want to spoon when it's that warm?

16. You can focus on becoming the best version of you.

You have all the time to focus on figuring out what makes you happy and growing as an independent individual. Embrace it!

Being single during the summer means you have the freedom to do (practically) whatever you want. Don’t let a relationship status (or lack of one) bum you out. Get out there and start creating the memories you want to have. This summer is going to be all about you! 

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