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17 Things We Tell Ourselves to Stay Motivated During a Menial Summer Job


Ahh, if only our only summer woes were finding the perfect sunnies and a smoking bikini to match! Unfortunately we can’t always have our toes in the sand and our heads in the clouds. Sometimes we’re stuck behind a cash register or buried under trays of food. We all love the extra cash, but sometimes that babysitting gig or that job in retail makes it hard to stay motivated when we could be enjoying the summer sun. When the going gets tough, we’re constantly reminding ourselves of 17 things that make the summer job we loathe a little more bearable.

1. At least I’ll be able to afford my 5-to-9 lifestyle when I’m not working 9-to-5

2. Ooh la la, my hottie of a coworker is more than enough motivation to want to clock in

3. Folding clothes sure beats reading, exams, Powerpoints and anything else depressing about college

4. Even Beyoncé probs had a boring summer job at some point, right?

5. I guess I’m bonding with my coworkers through our shared hatred of this job

6. At least I’ll never have to pay full price for jeans again!

7. Thankfully all of these tips I make keep my gas tank full #ballin

8. Well, this is a break from sitting on my couch watching Boy Meets World reruns

9. I’m sure I can somehow embellish my resume with this job addition

10. This is my only chance to get free chicken parm daily so I must take full advantage!

11. May as well appreciate the job while I have one! Post graduation I'll be thrown to the wolves! 

12. At least my parents can’t say I’m being lazy. All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!

13. Whew, it makes the days go by faster. I’ll be back in my dorm sipping Pinot with the girls in no time!

14. Yeah, I have to be there at 9, but it beats an 8 a.m. lecture. All hail an extra hour of beauty sleep!

15. Knowing the differences between sherbet, sorbet and Italian ice has to come in handy at some point, right?

16. If I can learn to soothe an angry customer, roomie troubles have to be a piece of cake!

17. Okay, sometimes work gossip is juicer than a telenovela!

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