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15 Things You'll Miss About Your Sorority Over Summer


There is no greater seperation anxiety than parting ways with your sisters after a semester that felt nothing short of amazing.  Even though we anticipate summer all year long, there is always a part of us that longs for school to start again so we can reunite and keep the memories going.  When you are a part of something so great, it's hard to be away from it for any period of time. Here are 15 things we all miss about our sororities over summer. 

1. Having all of your friends within walking distance from you

2. Lazy nights at the house

3. Having 40 + closets to choose from

4. Your house mom providing you with all of the little things you find yourself needing throughout the school year

5. Free access to all frats

6. Having multiple designated drivers to choose from every night

7. The overflow of Greeks coming together for philanthropy events

8. Because of there being so many girls, there was ALWAYS someone who was up for the same thing as you whether it be going out, adventuring, or staying in watching movies

9. The constant support system surrounding you

10. Being fed by the house chef instead of having to prepare your own food

11. Late nights crafting for your littles

12. The excitement leading up to formal


13. Getting ready with all of your sisters before a night out

14. Always being able to confide in the house as your “home away from home”

15. Always having  people to motivate you and keep you focused

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