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What To Wear When You Netflix & Chill


Now that summer is here, you'll definitely be looking to do a lot of Netflix and chilling. And by Netflix and chilling, we actually mean Netflix and chilling—what could be better? Although you might be inclined to throw on an old pair of sweats and a t-shirt, you can still look cute while being super comfy! Here are some clothes you'll be able to Netflix and chill in—and even leave the house if you please.

1. Chill Sweatpants ($42, L9 Gear)

These sweatpants are quite literally the definition of "chill." They're fitted but super soft—you won't want to get out of them!

2. Netflix and Chill Sweatshirt ($19.99, Etsy)

This sweatshirt takes literal to a whole new definition. Who wouldn't want to wear this while Netflix and chilling, or just chilling?

3. Lightweight Fleece Short ($24.95, Aerie)

For super soft and stretchy shorts you'll love, look no further! Aerie has tons of comfy clothes perfect for lounging on the couch in front of your TV.

4. Lazy Sundays Raglan Tee ($28, L9 Gear)

This shirt is great for—you guessed it—lazy Sundays. Plus, it's cute enough to leave the house in!

5. Earth Woolen Fair Isle Youth Slippers ($28.50, TOMS)

Nothing tops off a Netflix and chill outfit quite like some fuzzy slippers do. The best part? A child in need will get a pair of shoes too.

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