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15 Texts You'll Send to Your College Friends This Summer Because You Need Love


So, you've been looking forward to summer all year long, but suddenly, summer is here and you're bored out of your mind with nothing to do. No one in your hometown gets your jokes anymore, the coffee doesn't taste the same, and most of all, your college best friends aren't there to keep you company. Sound like you? Well, here are 15 texts that you'll probably (if you haven't already) send to your college friends this summer.

1. The “everyone in this town sucks” text.

2. The “remember when…?” text.

3. The first day of school plan text.

4. The “why can’t you just be here?” text.

5. The elaborate first night out planning text.

6. The “guess what just happened?” text.

7. The “FACETIME ME” text.

8. The “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” text.

9. The “check your Instagram” text. 


10. The “is it August yet?” text.

11. The “I miss you” text.

12. The “wanna watch *insert name of TV show here * together?” text.

13. The “text me your schedule!” text.

14. The “catch me up on all the drama!” text.

15. The “I hate summer.” text.

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