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9 Things to Do When it’s Too Hot to Go Outside


Summer is a great time to hit the beach with friends, have a picnic with your beau and work on your tan. Unfortunately, there are some days where it’s simply too hot to do anything outside. And naturally, when it’s too hot, we resort to napping, Netflix bingeing and planning our dream wedding on Pinterest. But if you want to keep your summer days fun and productive, we have some tips for you! Here are nine activities for those sweltering summer days to keep your boredom (and sweating) at bay.

1. Hit the gym

It’s that time of year again: bikini season! What better time to work on those abs than when you’ll be showing them off at the beach?

“On days when it’s too hot to run outside, I force myself to go to the gym,” says Alexis Watson, a sophomore at Simmons College. “That way, I’m still being productive instead of sitting inside and watching TV.”

Now’s the time to try out a yoga class or get back on the elliptical machine. Take advantage of the sweltering days and escape to your local air-conditioned gym – no excuses!

2. Head to the library

Air conditioning and romance novels – what could be better? When it’s too hot to do much else, consider taking a trip to your local library. “If I'm really dying when it's too hot out, I like to find a quiet spot in the library and read whatever catches my interest for several hours,” says Angie Lorden, a student at the Defense Information School in Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. “I find the library to be more peaceful in the summer anyway because more people are out and about doing summer things.”

So instead of sweating it out, rent some DVDs, check out magazines and stock up on juicy beach reads!

3. Pick up a hobby

You may not have much free time in the fall, so take advantage of your free days and teach yourself something new! Always wanted to learn the guitar? Try out music lessons.Planning to study abroad in Italy? Invest in Rosetta Stone. Since you have a good chunk of free time, summer is perfect for learning a new language or picking up a hobby. So if you’re bored and overheating, consider taking up that interest that you haven’t had time for throughout the school year. There are tons of different ways to pick up a new hobby, so start researching!

4. Try some new recipes

It’s about time you stopped pinning recipes on Pinterest and actually started cooking them! Hot days are the perfect time to make those delicious smoothiesand homemade popsicles you’ve been dreaming of all spring.

“I love to cook, but I hate the heat, so when it comes to trying something new in the summer, I try to steer clear of the oven,” says Hannah Davis, a junior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. “I love mixing fresh fruits into smoothies and making homemade sorbets as well. It's both entertaining and refreshing!”

Need somewhere to start? Take a look at our favorite smoothie recipes!

5. Get ahead on work

Okay, okay—we know that summer is supposed to be reserved for relaxing, but it never hurts to get a head start! If you’re feeling productive (and sweaty), head inside and start working on your to-do list for the fall. Look up the books you have to buy for class, start searching for an internship for the fall or update your resume. You may be hesitant now, but you’ll thank yourself in a few months.

6. See a summer blockbuster

With all the big-action blockbusters and cheesy rom-coms coming out, summer is arguably the best time for movies. If it’s too hot outside to do anything, move your party to the movie theater and have a relaxing afternoon!

“You get to live in a different place for a while and get away from work and the mundane parts of summer,” says Ivy Stafford, a junior at Keene State College. “Not to mention that the A/C is a major plus!”

7. Have a girls’ night (or day)

Summer is the best time to catch up with your high school friends, and those hot days are the best for manis, s’mores and chick flicks. “I love getting together with my girlfriends in the summer,” Alexis says. “Since we’re all home for the break, it’s a great time to catch up and do fun summer-y activities that you can’t do while we’re at school.”

So rent some movies, stock up on junk food, break out the face masks and have a good, old-fashioned girls’ night! Alternatively, you can stir up some ice-cold lemonade, fill some water balloons and have a girls’ day to beat the heat.

8. Take a class

We know you’re probably not in the mood for school, but taking a class can be a super-enriching summer experience! Not to mention it can get you ahead on your credits for school. Even if you’re not interested in anything academic, there are tons of fun and creative classes out there.

“Last summer I joined my mom at a ceramics studio she went to,” Alexis says. “It was really fun and relaxed, and it was cool to see our progress throughout the summer.”

Even if you’re not so keen on spending your summer in a classroom, do some research and find a fun art class or something else that piques your interest!

9. Play tourist for a day


Though you’re probably not a big fan of those summer tourists who invade your town every weekend, you might take a hint from them and enjoy the sights. “Last summer, when my friends and I got bored, we drove down to the nearest city and acted like tourists for the day,” says Christina Moore, a senior at the University of New Hampshire. “We went out to lunch, took a boat tour and visited the aquarium. Normally I hate doing touristy things, but it’s fun to do every once in a while!”

Spend the day acting as a tourist with your friends and visit whatever indoor attractions your town has to offer, like museums or aquariums. And if you don’t think your hometown (or anywhere nearby) has anything too special, hit the road and play tourist elsewhere! A nice, long road trip accompanied by friends and air conditioning is never a bad idea.

We may long to spend our sunny days outside, but sometimes it’s good to relax and recuperate inside, especially when the weather’s super hot. And while being stuck indoors on a sunny summer day may not seem ideal, it still has potential for fun! Instead of spending your summer inside watching TV and laying around, try a few of these fun and productive activities.

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