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10 Life Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know


We are no strangers to laziness—we're writers, after all. Most of our work is done while curled up on the couch, binge-watching Gossip Girl. So when we need to be functioning humans, we make sure that things are easy peasy. Whether you need to clean (ugh) or get all dolled up, we've got you covered with these lazy girl hacks! 

1. Clean windows, mirrors and televisions with coffee filters

There won't be any streaks, fingerprints or towel-y fibers left behind, and you don't even need to use glass cleaner. 

2. Clean your microwave without elbow grease

Fill a measuring cup with water, and squeeze a whole lemon in it. Microwave on high for three minutes; then, all you have to do is wipe down the inside of your microwave with a paper towel. For intense cleaning (and if you don't mind the smell), microwave a cup of vinegar on high. Either way, just be careful when you open the microwave. 

3. Put a bag of vinegar on your shower head

Yes, this sounds weird. But hard water can cause buildup on your shower head, which can decrease shower pressure and ruin your shower head. Skip the scrubbing—tie a bag of vinegar around your shower head, leave overnight, and the buildup will be gone.

4. Hang your necklaces on hooks

This clears up space in your drawers, provides you with some fun wall decor, and helps you accessorize. How can you know which necklace will match your new top if all your hardware is buried in a drawer? 

5. Use the space under your bed

Don't just shove stuff under there. If you don't have that much space in your room, buy under-the-bed sliding drawers and get rid of your dresser. You'll have so much more space, your room will look way more organized, and that at-one-time wasted space will be put to good use. Just don't forget to pull the drawers out once in a while to vacuum underneath them. 

6. No more scrubbing toilets

First of all, don't flush the Magic Eraser—otherwise you could be dealing with a much bigger mess. If you've ever picked up dog poo, you know what to do after leaving the Magic Eraser in your toilet all night. Put a plastic bag over your hand, grab the Eraser, pull the bag over it, and toss it in the trash. Trust us, it is that easy.

7. Put on eyeliner while you curl your eyelashes

We can all agree that putting on eyeliner is the worst. So yes, we are ~this~ lazy. 

8. Keep makeup remover next to your bed

This trick has saved our skin more than once! Keep your chapstick, birth control and makeup remover in your bedside table so you can't forget your nighttime essentials—no matter how late it is. 

9. Make your perfume last all day

Apply perfume to your pulse points to make sure it lasts all day. Now there will be no more reapplying the second you feel a little smelly. 

10. Make sure your lipstick doesn't smudge

Use a tissue and some setting powder over your lipstick to avoid smudging. Because lipstick on your teeth is gross. 

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