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A Collegiette's Guide to Life
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    Wedding bells are ringing! Lady Gaga just confirmed her engagement to her boyfriend of almost two years, Christian Carino. E! News reports that the pop star gave a shoutout to Carino during an emotional and empowering speech at Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration on Monday, and referred to him as her fiancé.

    Rumors of an engagement began swirling after Lady Gaga was spotted with a giant pink gem on her left ring finger, which People reports she had been sporting for months.



    A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

    Mother Monster was previously engaged to Taylor Kinney, until their relationship ended in July 2016. Not long after, the singer was seen hanging around Carino. The two were first spotted getting cozy in early February 2017 at Super Bowl LI, and have been by each other’s side ever since. We haven’t seen much of Carino in the public eye, as he does work behind the scenes as a Hollywood agent. But the few times he has stepped out with our favorite starlet, the two always appear to be so in love. Perhaps keeping their relationship on the DL has been the key to success.

    " />

    It’s been an exhilarating past few months for Lady Gaga as she took the lead in A Star Is Born, opposite Bradley Cooper, and got to showcase her impressive acting chops. The soundtrack has garnered such success itself, that it became a number one album, according to The New York Times. She has also been in the spotlight as a supporter of the #MeToo movement and has been praised for speaking openly about her traumatic experience as a sexual assault survivor at Elle’s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood celebration. It’s amazing to see that after all she has been through, she now has true love to celebrate.

    We wish Lady Gaga and Christian Carino the best, and hope that maybe we can score an invite to the wedding!

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    Get your wallets ready. The price of beer may increase up to 34 percent in the U.S. because of climate change’s damaging effects on barley production - one of beer’s main ingredients. Research published by University of East Anglia found that if greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, climate change will threaten production of so-called luxury crops like barley and coffee.

    Director of the Brewer’s Association, Paul Gatza, told Bloomberg Environment, “As extreme weather circumstances grow on the planet, we may see barley growing regions shift, but they will be replaced by other growing areas.” Gatza said that the industry knows a big change is coming, so they are focusing on how to prepare for it. 

    Globally, this could mean a 16% drop in beer consumption, and it’s not like wine will be a cheap alternative. Grapes meant for wine production are another luxury good cited by Bloomberg that is likely to be affected by changes in prioritization of crop production.

    Other countries are likely to face a greater price hike that the U.S. in times of severe drought. Forbes reported that Ireland, a country perhaps most well-known for it’s beer consumption, could see a $20 price increase per six pack. If price hikes are put in action, beer will most likely no longer be an affordable drink of choice for millions of people around the world — including college students. 

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    Parveen Kaur, best known for her roles in Saving Hope and American Gods, is continuing the science fiction angle with her new NBC show, Manifest. A mix of drama, horror and crime, Manifest follows a plane full of passengers that appear, with no time lost to the passengers, five-and-a-half years after their flight took off. Kaur plays Saanvi Bahl, a medical researcher who has helped develop a new treatment for leukemia, a disease one of the other passengers is suffering from, and is helping everyone on the plane figure out what exactly happened to them.

    Passionate and sincere, Kaur spoke with Her Campus about Manifest, making us so ready for next week's episode. We discussed what we can expect in future episodes, how she got into acting, how diversity should be tackled in the entertainment industry and more.

    Her Campus: What made you interested in the role of Saanvi in Manifest?

    Parveen Kaur: It’s so funny; we as actors, and as unknown actors, it’s not like I had a plethora of choices. Josh Dallas or Melissa Roxburgh had options coming off of bigger shows. I was auditioning a lot during pilot season and you have a hard time saying no when you’re just starting out. You’re really just auditioning back to back and a lot comes your way. Manifest had the best script I read in all of pilot season so that, mixed with the fact that I was in a place in my career looking for the experience of being on set as working actor, a series actor. I don’t know I would say I had all these offers and this was the best, it was more a combination of well, I need to work and don’t want to be a starving actor.

    HC: How would you describe your character?

    PK: I’ve been saying from day one when I first auditioned that she is such a badass in the sense that she is very ferocious, fierce, dedicated and passionate. She is one of the main characters who is really handling this unfathomable, awful situation with a lot of strength—and she is really grounded in that as well. All the different characters are handling it in a different way, but Saanvi is really focusing on the work and figuring out what happened. She has a lot of attitude and you can see that throughout the season. She is just tough as nails. Like, when I try to put myself in that situation where you have to rebuild your life, I can’t imagine I would be as put together as Saanvi has been in the journey for her.

    HC: The last episode ended with the revelation that the passengers had an obvious genetic marker that pointed to them having almost died. Can you give us any insight into how your character is dealing with this revelation and her role in exposing it?

    PK: We’re going to see a lot of that in episode four, where she’ll be basically confirming what it is that she found. You’ll see her dealing with what that would be like, and without giving too much away, the marker that she does find is a very big find. It’s the first time we see Saanvi crack, maybe close to breaking down—but she pulls through, which I love that she does. You’ll also see how she breaks the news to her fellow plane-mates.

    HC: Is there anything you're really excited for in upcoming episodes?

    PK: Yes! We finally get to see Saanvi outside to the lab and hospital. I’m excited to see her in the outside world where she comes together with another passenger and they have a journey together. She also builds up her relationship with Michaela. They are two young women in a complicated, dramatic situation and both are really trying to figure it out in the best way they know how. I know Ben and Saanvi have been working so well together, and I’m excited to have the world see Michaela and Saanvi together.



    Ein Beitrag geteilt von Manifest (@nbcmanifest) am

    HC: How does it feel to play a role in the medical field again after Saving Hope?

    PK: I have mixed feelings. I would hope that after doing a show like Manifest, as a South Asian, future roles would break out of that stereotype. At the beginning of your career, you have to take a lot of these parts. You have to work and it’s all a learning experience, and best you can do is to try and bring as much humanity and conviction to the role and enjoy the character. I’m hoping these roles are only going to be a stepping stone that sees South Asian women and men play outside of the doctor, scientist and nerdy character. I’m going to push for that going forward. After SavingHope, I said I would never play a doctor again, but then Manifest came along and the way [Saanvi] was presented to me... she was ferocious and had a nice layer to her. So my feeling is mostly a positive one, but personally I would be ready to move on from that after we finish the show.

    HC: Do you have a favorite role?

    PK: All my roles that I’ve played! All the roles you take end up being personal to you one way or another. I did one short film, called The Worst Part, where I had pink, rainbow colored hair and was a graphic designer. That was really cool to me to play something completely different. I did White Night where I played an artist struggling to share her art during Nuit Blanche, an art festival in Toronto. That was a cool experience as well. All roles leave a mark in some way. It’s hard to choose one that’s been a favorite or better than others. I’m looking forward to seeing what will come in the future.



    Ein Beitrag geteilt von Parveen (@yoparveen) am

    HC: You were recently awarded the 2017 MISAFF Star for your work towards creating space for positive representations of diverse women in film and television. How do you try and build this diversity, and what led you to become passionate about this work?

    PK: I have a really interesting perspective on that question being asked. Every time you want to talk about diversity, and this was referenced on Trevor Noah, it’s a question asked only towards people of color. I don’t think it needs to be asked towards people of color, it needs to be asked towards the people making decisions, the heads of studios. These questions need to be catered to them as they are the ones who need an answer and need to know what true diversity is. All I can really do is try to play these characters I am offered, which is very limited. Being a South Asian woman, it’s not like I have a plethora of characters. I can take this experience of working on Manifest and make my own projects that are personal to me and show my upbringing that might be different from the writers’ room that may not always be accurate. I don’t know how much that question needs to be asked of people of color—it needs to be asked to a different community of people, who have power to change it.

    HC: What made you interested in acting?

    PK: I think it was just always an outlet for me in a way. I was not the easiest child growing up, as my parents would say. I didn’t really start acting until I was in my 20s, so I definitely was a late bloomer. I definitely wasn’t someone doing school theatre or plays, I didn’t get those opportunities. I didn’t think it was an option until I was older. I was living in Toronto, [and] I had a friend who just said "take an acting class, you have great energy," so I did. It came naturally so I just stuck with it, worked towards it and got an agent. It was just something that happened in a very organic way. For a long time, I was resentful, ‘What if I had started sooner,’ or ‘What if my parents had been more supportive towards work in the arts as compared to something else.’ But it happened at the time it was supposed to happen. It was a mixture of needing to be expressive and needing to survive. I moved to Toronto on my own and needed to pay rent, put food on my table, etc. I certainly didn’t have this budding support system people are lucky to have. I was on my own and needed to pay the bills.

    HC: What advice would you give young women today?

    PK: A really good work ethic is really, really important, and the core of everything that you do in life. Have some goals you need to work towards. I always say you need to put on your horse blinders and keep your eyes on the prize and not get distracted. I know for a couple of years I had to give up on a flourishing social life because I needed to be auditioning, and it paid off. If you have goals and you set them and you work hard to achieve them, you’ll succeed. You can have a ton of talent, and most people are talented in some way, but if you don’t have the drive, it won’t matter. Someone can have only a little talent, but a huge work ethic can get far. We see this a lot.

    Secondly, ask for what you want. I know that this is a really complicated thing to navigate through. The sooner we can learn to ask for things we want, the more fulfilling career and social life we will have. I’m just starting to learn that and I’m turning 30 this year. It feels really good. It’s always terrifying, but I’ve yet to have an experience where I asked and failed to feel good afterwards. I wish I had had that advice and people around me encouraging me to do that when I was younger, even when I was a teenager I wish I had had more encouragement. It’s not as easy as I know some people would like to think. Every time I’ve done it and gotten past the awkwardness, I’m always happy I’ve asked.

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    Idaho wildlife official, Blake Fischer resigned from his position on the state’s Fish and Game Commission on Monday, after photos of him posing with his catch from a hunting trip in Africa sparked widespread uproar. 

    Ironically, Fischer’s role as a Fish and Game Commissioner centered on regulating the state’s fishing, trapping, and hunting laws. The Fish and Game Commission’s website even says that all potential commission members must be “well informed and interested in wildlife conservation and restoration.” While unpaid, the position holds a degree of prestige since potential commissioners must be appointed by the Governor and approved by the Idaho State Senate.

    Some of the animals featured in the photos that Fischer initially e-mailed to his co-workers, included a leopard and a giraffe. However, it’s the photo Fischer took with a family (yes, a family) of baboons that he killed, babies and all, which sparked the most ire.

    In his resignation letter, BBC reported that Fischer acknowledged his wrongdoings, writing "I recently made some poor judgments that resulted in sharing photos of a hunt which did not display an appropriate level of sportsmanship and respect for the animals I harvested."

    He also claimed that these actions were not representative of his true character. However, in his previous emails, he expressed nothing but pride in his actions.

    "I shot a leopard. Super cool, super lucky." he wrote in one email.

    Despite the fact that Fisher’s trip was supposedly legal, everyone from Idaho’s Governor to fellow Fish and Game Commissioners expressed anger and disapproval over Fischer's lack of moral judgment.

    According to The Huffington Post, Gary Power, a former Fish and Game Commissioner, slammed Fischer’s photo with the baboon family, telling Reuters the photo “contradicts everything that game management is about.”

    Fischer served on the Fish and Game Commission since his appointment in 2014 and would have served on the Commission until 2022. The search for his replacement has reportedly already begun, and, honestly, good riddance!

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    Selena Gomez's recent admission to a mental health facility seems to be taking a toll on her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Even though he secretly tied the knot with model Hailey Baldwin less than a month ago, Justin reportedly still has love for Selena. 

    "He is not over Selena," a source told PEOPLE. "This was his first great love and while he was young and traveling around the world as a superstar, he learned a great deal from her."

    Since Selena's hospitalization, Justin has been spotted by paparazzi looking sad while leaving church and crying in Hailey's car. 

    "He was extremely upset over what has happened to Selena," PEOPLE's source said. "He feels like she is part of his life and he wants her to be happy and healthy."

    Another source told E! News that Justin feels "conflicted and confused" about Selena. "They have both had emotional struggles and bonded over that in the past," the source said, adding that Justin "feels guilty" and wants Selena "to be happy." 

    Selena not only entered dialectical behavior therapy after suffering a panic attack on October 10, but she was also recently hospitalized two separate times for a low white blood cell count. This is common for people who have received kidney transplants, like Selena did last summer amid her battle against lupus. She's also reportedly dealt with depression and anxiety. 

    According to PEOPLE, Justin's public relationship with Hailey may have also caused Selena stress. 

    "Yes, having Justin’s relationship everywhere isn’t easy, but she’s also been dealing with other stressful situations and being back in the hospital was really difficult and brought back tough memories," a second source said. "It’s not fair to say this caused it or that caused it because depression and anxiety is so layered. She knows it’s something she will be facing for the rest of her life, but she’s committed to tackling her issues head on."

    It's not exactly known how Hailey is dealing with the situation. A source told PEOPLE that Justin's complicated feelings "could be a problem down the road." 

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    Amid news that a federal judge dismissed Stormy Daniels' defamation case against President Trump, he lashed out at the adult-film star and her attorney on Twitter, calling them "Horseface" and a "third rate lawyer." He also vowed to "go after" the two in the tweet, which was sent Tuesday morning.

    Daniels first sued Trump after he suggested in a tweet that a claim of hers — in which a man threatened her to not come forward about her alleged 2006 affair with Trump — was a lie. The president has also denied the affair, calling Daniels "a total con job" back in April. 

    Michael Avenatti, Daniels' lawyer, quickly responded to Trump's tweet. He called him a "disgusting misogynist and an embarrassment to the United States."

    "Bring everything you have," Avenatti said. "because we are going to demonstrate to the world what a complete shyster and liar you are."

    Daniels also replied. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president," she wrote.

    "Game on Tiny," Daniels added, seemingly referring to the size of Trump's penis, which she compared to "the mushroom character in 'Mario Kart'" in her memoir, Full Disclosure

    Daniels' defamation claim was dismissed by US District Court Judge S. James Otero on Monday. Back in September, Otero said that Trump's tweet mocking Daniels' credibility, which sparked the case, "is the type of political discourse and commentary that takes place in elections all the time."

    Avenatti told Otero that this "was not political by any stretch of the imagination." However, Otero eventually ruled that Trump's tweet was free speech protected by the First Amendment. 

    Trump's insults came with a series of tweets that also insulted Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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    A new report from market research firm Morning Consult— which polled more than 6,500 US adults about their opinions of celebrities on the Forbes 100 list of the world's highest-paid entertainers — shows that Beyoncé Knowles, Sean Hannity, and LeBron James are among the most politically divisive celebrities in America. 

    "Vocal black celebrities, advocates for the LGBT community and white conservative pundits," were the most polarizing entertainers, wrote Morning Consult's Joanna Piacenza. People of color made up a large portion of the list, such as The Weeknd, Jay-Z, Nas, and Dave Chappelle. 

    Beyoncé ​ranks first with a 66 percent difference in net perception between Democrats and Republicans, with Dems generally more in favor of her compared to Republicans. She's followed by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who are more popular among Republicans.

    Overall, Democrats tended to have higher opinions of the celebrities on the Forbes 100 list than Republicans. "This could be tied to the fact that Americans perceive Hollywood as more liberal compared to the country as a whole," Piacenza wrote. 

    The most popular figures included Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Jackie Chan, who Piacenza pointed out are "all racial minorities who have largely refrained from using their platform to make political statements," whereas Beyoncé has done things like endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and James has called President Trump a "bum" and said he's dividing the country.

    Other celebrities who are well-loved included Paul McCartney, Adam Sandler, J.K. Rowling, and Robert Downey Jr. Morning Consult also revealed a list of the "most valuable celebrity endorsements," which shows Americans are most likely to use a product or service endorsed by not only the celebrities who topped the popularity list, but also stars like Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Lopez. 

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    Halloween is upon us, and for many college students, this will be the most raved about, Instagrammed and celebrated time of the year. You throw all your creativity into crafting the perfect, no-one-else-will-look-as-good-as-me costume, catch wind of the biggest parties, hope you'll accidentally run into your future bae and prepare for a long, droning week once your 7 a.m. starts the next day.

    The excitement is brewing, drinks are mixing—but let's not let it get too spooky. Halloween in a busy college town can also bring out real-life ghouls and horror stories if you don’t keep a watchful eye. Here are some safety tips to keep your spirits high this week.

    1. Plan ahead

    Allow for that big questionable party that you'll inevitably find when you're out roaming the scene, but be sure to communicate your openness in checking out something new with your girlfriends. It's best when your whole group knows you're down to switch it up and no one gets separated from the pack.   

    2. Don't go alone

    That's no fun anyway! Halloween can bring in hundreds of out-of-towners. When streets and apartments are literally crammed, they create an opportunity for incidents to slip through the cracks. Bring a friend and be each other's right-hand woman, and give each other the "maybe you've had too much" reality check you'll probably need at 2 a.m.

    3. Bring your ID

    It's always best to have some form of identification on you at all times. You could paper clip it to your bra, tape it on your body or keep it in your shoe. 

    4. Eat!

    Eat before you go out, during if you can and definitely after. Some friends may encourage otherwise—"You feel it so much faster if you skip dinner!"—but you will have plenty of hours in the night to get loose and enjoy yourself. Top your evening off with that greasy burrito you've been wanting all week.

    5. Grab your own drinks

    Halloweekend brings out colorful beverages and strange concoctions—basically easier ways to slip something foreign into your cup without you noticing. If someone offers you a drink, watch them pour it, and never accept something if they need to leave the room to get it. If it's a stranger's party with a community bowl full of jungle juice, skip it. If you're dying to try it, wait for the freshest batch to come out before dipping your red Solo in for a taste.

    6. Stay alert

    Halloween at many campuses is such a huge event that law enforcement from surrounding counties come in to help monitor the situation. Medical tents are set up on major corners of the city and flood lights may line the main drag. In more recent years, large costume accessories have been confiscated for safety reasons. Be diligent, keep your eyes open and notify an officer if something is off. We promise you, he will overlook your state of mind if you're taking responsibility for what's around you. 

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    Beto O'Rourke & Ted Cruz Face Off in Second Debate

    Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his Democratic challenger Rep. Beto O'Rourke debated on Tuesday for the last time before the Nov. 6 election. The two argued over issues ranging from abortion to climate change, and the sparring often got personal. For example, after Cruz tried to use O'Rourke's supposed support for higher taxes on oil against him, O'Rourke brought up something that President Trump used against Cruz in the 2016 presidential race. "Senator Cruz is not going to be honest with you," O’Rourke said. "He’s dishonest, and it’s why the president called him Lyin’ Ted, and it’s why the nickname stuck — because it’s true."

    Throughout the debate, Cruz argued that O'Rourke is too "radical" for Texas, a state typically controlled by Republicans. However, the race has been unexpectedly close. Though Cruz still has a narrow lead over O'Rourke in most polls, the Democrat far out-raised his opponent in the third quarter by reaching a record-breaking $38 million in donations. 

    According to Vox, the two candidates also discussed Medicare for All, the GOP tax cuts, and border security. The latter resulted in Cruz attacking O'Rourke for opposing what he considered to be basic security. "Congressman O’Rourke not only opposes a wall...he wants to tear down the ones we have," Cruz said, referring to the wall currently separating O'Rourke's hometown of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. "There’s a wall there, that wall is one of the tools you use to protect us." O'Rourke countered, explaining that he cares about the safety of Texans but also believes in immigration policies that include a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers. 

    Though the debate was likely be the candidates' last — they were initially scheduled to participate in three, but scheduling issues ensued — O'Rourke will appear in a live town-hall event on CNN on Thursday. Cruz was invited too, but his campaign reportedly asked CNN to change the format of the event so it would serve as the third debate. CNN said it would convert the event if the O'Rourke campaign agreed, but there's no word on if they have yet. 

    USA Gymnastics Interim President Resigns After Days on the Job

    Just five days after being appointed as interim president and CEO of USA Gymnastics, former congresswoman Mary Bono resigned on Tuesday. The news comes just after high-profile Olympic gymnasts like Aly Raisman and Simone Biles expressed their concerns about Bono. First, Biles called attention to a tweet of Bono's which served as her response to Nike's recent ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Bono had used a dark marker to cover up the Nike swoosh on a pair of her shoes. Biles quoted the now-deleted tweet, writing, "Don't worry, it's not like we needed a smarter usa gymnastics president or any sponsors or anything."

    Before Bono's appointment to USA Gymnastics, she worked at law firm Faegre Baker Daniels — the same firm that employed Scott Himsel, who "helped to craft excuses" for onetime team doctor and now convicted felon Larry Nassar. More than 250 women accused Nassar of sexual abuse, including Biles and Raisman. Prior to Bono's resignation, Raisman quote tweeted fellow gymnast Kaylee Lorincz — who also alleged that Nassar sexually assaulted her — asking if USA Gymnastics was "just going to sit back and not say or do anything again." Lorincz had initially tweeted Bono saying, "You owe me an explanation of why you and your firm allowed Larry to abuse me in 2016 after you were well aware that he was abusing little girls."

    Bono never responded to Raisman or Lorincz, but she did tweet her regrets about her Kaepernick post. On Tuesday, Bono released a statement about her resignation, which the USA Gymnastics board of directors later accepted. Read the board's full statement here

    Canada Plans to Pardon Those With Minor Marijuana Convictions

    According to numerous reports from Canadian news outlets, Canada's federal government will announce on Wednesday a plan to grant pardons to citizens who have past simple possession charges. Canada's previously announced new recreational legalization of marijuana just went into place at midnight on Tuesday. 

    The pardons — not record expungements or amnesty — won't be granted immediately; however, CTV News reported that the ministers involved are "expected to outline options that could be used to facilitate the pardon process, and potential ways to expedite the sometimes protracted endeavor."

    What to look for...

    Different ways to celebrate and embrace your body. It's "Love Your Body Day," an annual observance created by the National Organization for Women to combat dangerous beauty standards and encourage self-love.

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    I feel like I say this every week: You is a twisty and unsettling show that can make even the most hard-core psychological thriller fans (like me) wince and count down the minutes until we get to leave Joe’s world—and Sunday night’s episode was no exception. In only 45 minutes, there was a car wreck, a hook-up, multiple fights, some breaking and entering and, last but not least, the death of a major character. With all of this drama it was hard for me to come up with coherent sentences, so I turned to some ever-reliable GIFs to help me explain all of the good, the bad and the weird things that happened in You episode 6. 

    The Good: 

    If I’m being honest, there aren’t many good things about You. It’s a truly terrifying show, and each episode leaves me thinking about how a) it can be so hard to trust people nowadays and b) with all of the technology at our fingertips, you never know who’s watching you. Which leaves me looking a little like this: 

    But if I had to pick one good moment from last night’s episode (other than being one week closer to the finale), it would be that Joe’s neighbor, Paco, has managed to not face any consequences for attempting to poison his stepfather in last week’s episode. Paco may be the only pure character in this show, and I want only good things for him.

    The Bad: 

    If there wasn’t that much good in last night’s episode, then there was a whole lot of bad. 

    First up, Peach, whose friendship with Beck is quickly becoming obsessive, is home from the hospital and has planned a trip for her and Beck to Paris after they spend some time at the Salinger estate together. I mean, I know Paris is cool, Beck, but perhaps you should reconsider the trip abroad.

    Well, when Joe finds out about Peach’s travel plans, he spirals even more out of control (which I honestly didn’t think was possible). So after another huge fight with Beck, Joe does what any rational person would do: he looks up the Salinger estate online and heads up there—without telling Beck and Peach, of course. 

    As Joe’s still creeping around the house, Beck and Peach arrive, and do what anyone on a girl’s weekend will do—shop! After their shopping trip, Peach introduces Beck to Raj (who I have never seen before), and they begin to party, which leads to Peach kissing Beck. 

    Beck does not take this well, so Peach naturally rebounds with Raj, while Joe is lying underneath their bed. 

    In the morning, Beck finally makes a smart choice and heads back to the city. 

    But…this means Peach and Joe are left alone together at the Salinger estate (because I’m assuming Raj just left??????). 

    What follows is an intense fight, that ends with Joe shot and Peach dead. 

    But what makes this even worse, is the fact that Joe killed Peach and made it look like a suicide. Which means when Beck learns of the news of Peach’s death, she comes crying back to Joe. 

    The Weird:

    And if this show weren’t crazy enough, the whole time that Joe is sneaking around the Salinger estate, he is casually hallucinating and seeing his ex-girlfriend, Candace (ya know, the one who mysteriously disappeared). Maybe this is a result of the car accident he was involved in on his way to stalk Peach? Maybe it’s a result of the prescription drugs he was taking? Honestly, who knows. But, Candace is certainly the only person seeing clearly in this show when she tells Joe what’s what. 

    You tell him, girl! 

    You airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. 

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    Transitioning from seeing your best friend every day to seeing them every few months can take a huge toll on the bond that you thought would last a lifetime. You thought that your best friend, the go-to-gal for any juicy updates in your life, would be your pal for many more years. Surely, if your bond was strong enough to withstand boyfriend drama and going to different colleges, you’d be able to make it through a rough patch, right? Maybe.

    Just one all-too-familiar example of friendship woes is the high school to college transition. For many college students, the transition from high school to college also includes the distancing of friends you thought would be there for a lifetime. However, having friend troubles can be difficult at any age due to a variety of reasons. In fact, many girls, as you will soon read about, experience some variation of losing friends throughout their young adult life.  Maybe it’s right after high school, college graduation or during the busy school months. Here’s how to deal and understand why this might be happening.

    1. Understand that it's okay when people change

    Our society seems to treasure relationships that have withstood the test of time. Usually, we find that the longer people have been friends, the closer they are. And while time may sometimes be a good measure for the strength of a relationship, at other times, it’s completely arbitrary. Do you still talk to your “best friend” from middle school? If so, congratulations you're a rarity. If not, you are most definitely not alone.

    Relationships that begin when you’re relatively young must endure changes that you and your friend experience as you develop. Fortunately, you have a chance to grow out of your awkward stage and develop your core values. Maybe you were wild in high school and super excited to go to every social event, but you’ve buckled down to get a degree in college and your friend doesn’t seem to understand. These differences often become even more clear in college.

    Lindsey*, a senior from Siena College, realized that time apart between her and her friend had caused a shift in the dynamic they usually had. “I think the distance has happened because she had a lifestyle stabilized here while I'm still sorting out what my post-grad life will be. I've always had a clear idea of what career I'd like and she has been less confident in her future career. I think the distance has happened because, at the moment, I'm very independent and more focused on getting a full-time job I enjoy and less concerned about finding a boyfriend right now,” she says.

    Lindsey and her friend simply grew apart, and that’s perfectly okay. That doesn’t mean it was anyone’s fault—there’s no one to blame. Recognizing that you and your friend are no longer on the same path is mature.

    2. Celebrate your differences

    Perhaps you enjoy partying and your friend prefers having chill movie nights. Or maybe your friend seems to constantly jump from relationship to relationship while you enjoy being single. Possibly, while you’ve gone to art school, your friend is a chemistry major and doesn’t seem to “get it.”

    Opposites can make the best combinations, but the differences can also wedge a divide in your deep bond. Someone you once thought you knew and cherished can suddenly seem like a stranger. Over time, you’ve each developed into someone with normal differences. These differences can include introversion/extroversion, relationship preferences, optimism/pessimism, and other character traits. There’s nothing wrong with having different opinions than your friend, but it’s important to live your life on your own accord, not because you want to be agreeable 100 percent of the time.

    Amber*, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, experienced a difference in goals that impacted her friendship firsthand. “I think a lot of the time it has to do with the goals you have for yourself. The primary focus in my life is my schoolwork and grades, whereas my high school best friend would say that her biggest goal is marrying her current boyfriend—great for her, but I can't imagine having that mindset. We got along really well in high school, but since I got to college, it's been really hard to relate to her, especially now that I'm surrounded by people who have the same goals as me. I still enjoy spending time with her in a fun goofy way (occasional wine nights and stuff like that) but I don't feel like I can have a serious conversation anymore because we don't have the same goals and worldview.”

    Amber hit the nail right on the head as she explained why her friendship changed. Instead of blaming her friend for not having the same values as her, she recognizes their differences as both valid. She found friends whose values are more in line with hers and maintains contact with her friend who still means a lot to her, but can’t relate with anymore.

    3. Recognize toxic friends

    While the above examples are friends that recognized their difference in core values and adjusted their relationship accordingly, many times distance comes with conflict. There’s a high probability that someone’s feelings will get hurt when two people transition from being close friends to only acquaintances. Friends that evolve into entirely different people with opposing values can lose sight of why they were friends in the first place due to hostile confrontations.

    Maybe you’re jealous that new relationships are taking quality time with your BFF that used to be dedicated to you. Perhaps you can’t get over high school fights, rude comments or how someone can’t own up to their mistakes. It happens to more of us than you think. You’ll realize that too much damage has been done to salvage the bond that was once great. Pride gets in the way, and it seems easier to make new friends than to decontaminate a toxic relationship. You’re not selfish for thinking it, just be mature enough to admit your part in ending the friendship and apologize when necessary. Maturity is a huge component of this transition—without it, conflict can cause a lot of drawn-out hardship.

    Sarah*, a sophomore at Lehigh University, experienced a toxic friendship that resulted in her ceasing communication with her high school friends. “One day we were graduating together and the next, we were no longer speaking. As soon as we didn’t have an excuse to see each other every day (school), we stopped. There were a lot of conflicts that led up to that moment, some which were definitely my fault, and I hope my ex-best friends realize I take full responsibility. However, being entirely cut from the friend group without any warning made me wary of creating any new bonds and made me scared to trust anyone. I miss my friends and I hope they miss me back, but sometimes you just have to let go.”

    Sarah’s testimony of recognizing her own toxicity speaks volumes of her maturity now. She is also conscious that moving on sometimes means letting go, as painful as that can be.

    4. How to bridge the divide

    Perhaps you've read the information above and relate, but you know that this distance is only a blimp in the relationship. You guys have way too much history, and you're frankly not willing to let go anytime soon. It may be extremely scary to bring up the distance you've been feeling especially if you haven't had any obvious fights, but chances are that they're feeling that same distance as well. Someone just needs to bring it up first! A good way to do this is by asking to meet up or hang out perhaps in a cafe you both love. Be open-minded when asking how they've been feeling, and be sure to communicate your feelings without accusing them. It's okay to be direct and honest, but if someone feels as though they're being attacked, they will most likely retaliate. This conversation should not be about who is right or wrong, but a way for you to both see how the other person is feeling and how you should move forward with this newfound knowledge.

    Many scenarios and conflict types were introduced above, but we want everyone to understand that friendship troubles come in all shapes and sizes. It’s completely normal to want to distance yourself from someone you don’t relate to anymore. By the same token, we hope you’ll understand why distancing needs to occur at all. As painful friendship break-ups can be, we know you can get through it and use your wisdom to foster meaningful relationships in the future. Good luck!

    * Names have been changed

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    Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Marnie visited Halloweentown for the first time? We're still obsessed! The cast of the Halloween-themed DCOM, Halloweentown, came together last weekend in St. Helens, Oregon to celebrate and greet fans.

    It’s also the first time the Cromwells and Kalabar have all been together since filming in 1998. Actors Kimberly J. Brown (Marnie), Judith Hoag (Gwen), Joey Zimmerman (Dylan), Emily Roeske (Sophie) and Robin Thomas (Kalabar) were all there, with Brown sharing all the fun on Instagram, including a picture with her on-screen nemesis. 

    “I’m sensing a familiar family nemesis in my midst,” Brown wrote.



    I’m sensing a familiar family nemesis in my midst..... #halloweentown @robinthomasactor

    A post shared by Kimberly J. Brown (@officialkjb) on

    Sadly, there was one Cromwell that was not in attendance. Our favorite magic-loving Grandma Aggie, played by Debbie Reynolds, died in 2016.

    According to Alternative Press, the cast would be paying tribute to Reynolds during the reunion. “We wanted to do a special tribute to her and her role as Grandma Aggie and have a small monument set up there for her, so we’re going to do that this year during the lighting ceremony,” Brown said.

    With the spooky season quickly approaching, we can’t wait to dust off our flying brooms and rewatch the legacy of Halloweentown!

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    Hearts were broken this weekend when we learned that the surprise couple of the summer, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, had split. Details about their breakup—like how Pete got to keep the ring, but Ariana retained custody of Piggy Smalls—have leaked, but we hadn’t heard from Pete or Ari themselves. 

    Until yesterday, when Ariana Grande posted on social media for the first time since the split. 

    After filming a segment for the NBC special, A Very Wicked Halloween, Ariana posted an Instagram story in which she seemed to open up about her split from the Saturday Night Live star. The story read in part, “time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit. it's hard not to bump news and stuff that i'm not tryna to see right now. it's very sad and we're all trying very hard to keep going. love you. and thank you for being here always.”

    Her break-up with Davidson is not the only hardship the "Breathin" singer has endured recently. In September, her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, died from an apparent drug overdose

    E! News reports that Ariana has been struggling for a while, with one source saying, “She has been struggling emotionally and is not in a situation where she should plan a wedding. She had to take a step back and just breathe for a minute. She's been completely overwhelmed and wants to slow down.”

    Ariana has been open with her fans about her mental health struggles, particularly after the attack at her concert in Manchester, and her fans have always been understanding. 

    Let's continue to support her as she works through these difficult times. 

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    Netflix really stepped up its original film game this summer with instant classics like Set It Up, The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Now, Variety is reporting that To All The Boys I’ve Love Before has become one of Netflix’s most viewed original films

    On Tuesday, Netflix revealed that over 80 million subscribers had streamed one of its original romantic comedies in recent months. Variety also reports that “the company [Netflix] also singled out To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before as one of its 'most viewed original films ever with strong repeat viewing.'”

    And while this information is important to Netflix’s business model, proving that if you make a rom-com, customers will watch it, the fact that To All The Boys I've Loved Before is the one of its most viewed films offers an important cultural commentary. 

    Representation in mainstream media has long been a problem. Studios and other major industry players have long subscribed to the fact that consumers won’t want to watch a movie that’s not about a straight, white people. But with millions of viewers streaming To All The Boys and films like Crazy Rich Asians and Love, Simon doing exceptionally well at the box office, it’s clear that if diverse films and television shows are produced, consumers will watch. 

    So, fingers crossed that we’ll see many more diverse films! In the meantime, let’s celebrate by watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for the 20th time. 

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    Ross Butler captured our hearts as Zach Dempsey, Hannah’s sweet, secret boyfriend, in season two of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, but now he's gaining attention for what seems like like a bad 2018 and 1990 jumbled combo that has us saying, W T F.

    According to Mashable, Butler has been named by Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged ex-husband, Isaiah Silva, for allegedly being part of a conspiracy to commit murder. Silva has accused Butler of being part of a group of accomplices who allegedly attempted to murder him to obtain one of Kurt Cobain, his ex-wife’s late father’s, acoustic guitars in 2016. Silva claims that Butler, along with Cobain’s ex-wife Courtney Love, Love’s manager Sam Lutfi, and others, allegedly entered his home and committed burglary, sexual battery and attempted murder in an effort to steal a guitar that Cobain played during a 1993 performance on MTV’s Unplugged.



    happy birthday baby god I miss you

    A post shared by Courtney Love Cobain (@courtneylove) on

    Frances and Silva had apparently been fighting for months over who was the rightful owner of the guitar. Silva has claimed that Frances gave him the guitar as a wedding present, while Courtney Love is adamant that it should stay in the family. Love told TMZ, “It’s a treasured heirloom of the family, It’s not [Silva’s] to take….”

    Butler, however, denies that he had any involvement in the plot, despite reportedly being in Silva’s home on the night of the alleged assault and burglary. Although being accused of the attempted murder plot, in court, Butler alleges a different story. In newly filed documents, he claims that he went to Silva’s house with Lufti because Lufti was concerned about Silva and wanted to check on him. Butler claims that everything that happened between them was calm and amicable, and he’s now shocked to learn he’s being sued.

    He asked to be dismissed from the suit, stating, “I never entered into a conspiracy or otherwise agreed to commit any crime against Silva. I never conspired with anyone else to murder or kidnap Silva … or take possession of a guitar that Silva claims Ms. Cobain gave to him as a gift.”

    There’s no word yet on whether or not Butler will be dismissed from the lawsuit.

    We’re used to seeing Butler mixed up in suspenseful and unexpected storylines on screen, but we never expected the drama to cross over into real life.

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    One of Broadway’s strangest, most successful musicals is getting one of the strangest, most successful cast for its movie adaptation.

    Variety reports that Idris Elba is the latest actor to sign on to an adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. He joins a cast that includes Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and Ian McKellen.

    The musical centers around a group of cats called the Jellicles. One night, they must decide which of them will leave for the “Heaviside Layer” and return in a different form, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cats was the longest show to run on Broadway, ever, being performed on the Great White Way from 1997 to 2006.

    Cats is most notable for the infamous costumes the characters wore onstage—fur suits and makeup that made cast members look like disturbing cat-human hybrids. Though no details have been revealed on how the characters will be dressing in the film adaptation, set for release in December 2019, Playbill speculates that since Royal Ballet choreographer Wayne McGregor is attached to the project, some variation of creepy cat people will be involved.

    Imagining Idris Elba in that sort of a cat suit is disturbing to say the least, but if anyone can make it look good, he can. He’ll be playing the title character of the show’s song “Macavity the Mystery Cat,” a master criminal.

    Unsure if Idris Elba can play a cat? Check out his role as Shere Khan in 2016’s adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle Book. Unsure if Idris Elba can sing? Check out this clip from The Tonight Show where he joins Jimmy Fallon in singing Google Translated versions of songs.

    This movie is gonna be weird, but I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it.

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    Ever since Marvel Studios announced that they were making the new Captain Marvel movie, the studio’s first female-driven superhero movie, fans have been ravenously wondering about the film’s details. The trailer, released on September 18, gives us a little bit more insight, but the majority of the story is still kind of hazy.

    Take a look at everything we know about Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and the wild ride we’re about to take alongside her beginning on March 8, 2019.

    1. The movie takes place in the 1990s

    As is evident from the trailer, which features Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) crashing into a Blockbuster Video location (RIP), the film is set in the '90s. That’s before Tony Stark becomes Iron Man and while Captain America is still frozen in the ocean. She’s the first in a wave of iconic superheroes to rise up at the end of the 20th century, which is cool, but incidentally means that the Earth is being attacked by aliens A LOT.

    1. Captain Marvel was born with her powers

    Though in her comics Carol Danvers is exposed to an alien device in an incident involving the original, male version of the Captain Marvel superhero, the movie’s origin story is all new. TheHollywood Reportersays that in the film, Danvers’ mother was a Kree alien, meaning she had all of her superhuman abilities from birth and did not need to rely on a man to receive them. Way to insert some well-rounded and reasonable feminist sentiment, Marvel!

    1. …But the movie is not an origin story

    When the story begins, Carol already has her powers. According to Entertainment Weekly, her main internal conflict in the film is “trying to figure out how to reconcile her alien abilities with her more human flaws.” What a relief to find that we can relate to a superhero without having to watch their origin story again and again!

    1. She works with a military team called Starforce

    As half-Kree alien, Captain Marvel fits right in with a team of intergalactic soldiers that may also include Guardians of the Galaxy’s Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Korath the Pursuer (Djimon Honsou). New to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is Kree geneticist Minn-Erva (Gemma Chan) and Starforce’s commander played by Jude Law, whose character relative to the comics is still yet unknown.

    1. We get to meet a young Nick Fury

    Samuel L. Jackson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. operative (now with hair, no beard, and both eyes!) narrates the Captain Marvel trailer. Apparently, working with Captain Marvel turned Fury from what EW calls a “desk jockey” into the world-class agent we met in Avengers. We also get to see a younger version of Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg). No, I’m still not over his death, but this is fine for now.

    1. She might not be punching an actual old lady in the trailer

    Sure, it represents the crumbling of the traditional ways, but the old lady she socks in the kisser may not be as innocent as she seems, according to The Wrap. Captain Marvel’s team fights an alien race called the Skrulls, who have the ability to shape-shift and can take on the form of humans. Captain Marvel doesn’t just go around punching any old people- she just serves justice.

    Take another look at the Captain Marvel trailer.

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    Florida police recovered a stolen Krispy Kreme delivery van full of dozens of doughnuts, and put the doughnuts to good use by giving them to the homeless.

    According to The Miami Herald, the delivery van was reported stolen from a Krispy Kreme location in Lake City, Florida, on Tuesday morning and was recovered by a police officer on patrol in the city of Clearwater, nearly 200 miles away.

    “There were no keys inside, but there were plenty of doughnuts," Clearwater Police Department spokesperson Rob Shaw told ABC News.

    via Clearwater Police Department/Facebook

    The store manager of the Krispy Kreme was unable to retrieve the van immediately, so he gifted the doughnuts in the van to the officers. The officers saved a few doughnuts for themselves, but gifted the rest to a homeless feeding event that took place next to police headquarters.

    The feeding event offers food several times a week to homeless individuals.

    “One of the things that we always try to live out in the police department is that we’re community champions,” Shaw said. “We like to do things for all parts of the community. This was just a way to help some of those people who were in need, and to make sure all of those doughnuts didn’t go to waste.”

    Police did not add if any arrests had been made in the case of the stolen van, or if any powered fingerprints were left behind from the powered jelly doughnuts.

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    A couple that braves the rain together, sticks together.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle braved the rainy skies in Dubbo, Australia during their second day of their royal tour through the region. After struggling with a drought over the past two years, Dubbo experienced heavy rainfalls while the royal couple was in attendance at a picnic at Victoria Park to celebrate community spirit in the region.

    While Harry did his best to keep his wife, who is expecting the couple’s first child this spring, sheltered from the rain, royal duty called and the prince had to surrender the umbrella to his wife so she would stay dry.

    Showing that the two royals are the perfect team, Meghan walked on stage and insisted on returning the favor to her husband, holding the umbrella above him as he spoke to the crowd, E! News reports.

    Dubbo’s Mayor Ben Shields offered Harry his umbrella, but he said, “It’s all right, I’ve got my wife.”

    Aww! Harry and Meghan are just the sweetest couple to ever grace this planet, and are seriously some major couple goals.

    “Our region has been hit by a terrible drought so we are very pleased that you can bring that terrible English weather here with you,” the mayor joked before welcoming Harry.

    According to PEOPLE, Harry praised the people of Australia and the people of Dubbo in his speech, saying “you are the salt of the earth, honest, hardworking and as tough as they come and that resilience, sense of humor and commitment to the land are the qualities that make you unique.”

    While joking about the rain, like the mayor, Harry pointed out the seriousness of the drought, saying, “I know that life has not been easy. You have just lived through two years of drought. And despite recent welcome rain, it's going to take a lot more, and a long time, to recover.”

    Harry, who has been very open about his struggles with mental health, also addressed a very serious impact of the drought: an increased suicide rate among young males living in rural areas.

    “It must be hard not to lose hope when you endure so many dry months end on end knowing that you are powerless to do anything about it,” Harry said. “We know that suicide rates in rural and remote areas are greater than in urban populations and this may especially be true among young men in remote regions.”

    “But outside all of that, here’s what I also know. You are one huge community and with that comes an unparalleled level of internal support and understanding,” Harry continued, adding that it is imperative that those that need help ask for it.

    “You need to know a part of being strong and tough is having the courage to ask for help when you need it. You must not silently suffer.”

    Addressing his own experience with mental health, Harry added, “You are all in this together and, if I may say, personally, we are all in this together. Because asking for help was one of the best decisions that I ever made. You will be continually amazed at how life changes for the better.”

    Harry and Meghan’s love for each other, and for people around the world, is just so touching.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be continuing on their royal tour, which is meant to “focus on youth leadership, and projects being undertaken by young people to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the region,” the palace said in a statement.

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    Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more incredible after Riverdale gifted us with the “Carrie” episode, it looks like things are going to get a lot more interesting. The photos from the much-anticipated Riverdale flashback episode are here, and stars Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa will be playing their parents in high school. The 90s are alive and well in these newly released episode photos, and the cast is almost unrecognizable — I’m obsessed to say the least.

    According to Hello Giggles, the flashback episode will take place in the early 90s, when the current leaders, crime overlords and hot dads of Riverdale were teens. The episode will apparently intersect with the latest murders that are affecting Riverdale in present-day.

    But the photos are blowing our minds. Scroll through the pics below to check them out. 

    KJ Apa, who plays the iconic redhead Archie Andrews, shed his red locks for Fred Andrews’ dark brown hue, totally channeling Beverly Hills, 90210-era Luke Perry.

    Cole Sprouse, aka Jughead Jones, plays his on-screen father’s teenage self, and sports a letterman jacket.

    But perhaps the most striking part of the recently released photos? Getting to see teenage Alice Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) in her teenage Southside Serpent days. Betty Cooper’s signature, sleek blonde ponytail is nowhere in sight, and Reinhart is channeling some major attitude with her Serpent jacket, long curls and smokey makeup.

    “Young Alice is so different from the Alice that you see today,” Reinhart told Entertainment Weekly. “She's not just this uptight, precocious, looks-down-upon-everyone teen — like she was a Serpent. So that gives her young personality a lot.”

    According to PopSugar, the flashback episode will focus on the Gargoyle King mystery, and will also include an appearance from Mark Consuelos’ real-life son, Michael, as a young Hiram Lodge.

    The episode, which is called “The Midnight Club,” pays tribute to The Breakfast Club, and Anthony Michael Hall — who played Brian Johnson in the 1985 classic — will guest star as Principal Featherhead.

    Riverdale’s flashback episode won’t air until November 7th, but we’ll just be obsessing over these photos in the meantime.

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    New disturbing details have emerged over the suspected slaying of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist who disappeared after being seen entering a Saudi consulate in Istanbul more than two weeks ago. In a sit-down interview with U.S. media, a close friend of Khashoggi’s told ABC News what he had been told in briefings by Turkish security officials.

    “I talked with some Turkish government and security officials and they said Jamal was killed. I didn't know what to do. I really couldn't answer. Then I called a few colleagues, again security officials, trying to have them verify it, saying ‘Is this really true?’” Turan Kislakci said Wednesday. “They said, ‘Yes, Turan, and let's tell you even beyond that, he was killed in a very barbaric way.’ I was shocked. They not only kill him in the consulate, but also in a barbaric way.”

    Khashoggi, who has written critically about the Saudi government, reportedly told his fiancée to call two individuals — one being Kislakci — if he ever was in trouble.

    According to USA Today, pro-government Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak published Wednesday a lurid account of what it said was the journalist’s murder. The newspaper said it had received an audio recording of the Khashoggi’s slaying in which Saudi Consul General Mohammed al-Otaibi could be heard telling those allegedly torturing the journalist: “Do this outside; you’re going to get me in trouble.” According to the report, a torturer replied: “Shut up if you want to live when you return to (Saudi) Arabia.”

    via April Brady/Project on Middle East Democracy

    The newspaper said the journalist was tortured and dismembered, with the execution lasting seven minutes. The New York Times later confirmed the Turkish newspaper’s report of the audio recording, citing an unnamed senior Turkish official.

    For the past two weeks, Turkish officials have claimed in various leaks to state-run media and some U.S. outlets that they have audio and video evidence that Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate. Police investigators searched the consulate on Tuesday and said that they have evidence the journalist was killed there.

    Kislakci told ABC News that Turkish officials told him that they have an audio recording of what transpired.

    “They said, ‘We have audio on this. We know all the details about what transpired.’ They said, ‘We were able to access this the first day, and we have various other evidence on this,’” he said.

    Khashoggi, who had been living in the United States, visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to file paperwork for his wedding, and has not been seen since. Kislakci said Khashoggi walked into the consulate and was given a document to sign, but refused. He then was killed.

    Saudi Arabia’s leadership has denied the allegations.

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters Wednesday while returning to Washington D.C. following a series of meetings in Saudi Arabia and Turkey over this growing diplomatic crisis that the Trump administration was giving the Saudi government more time to complete its investigation, USA Today reports.

    “It’s reasonable to give them a handful of days more to complete it so they get it right," Pompeo told reporters, adding that the Trump administration would judge whether the investigation was credible or not upon its completion.

    When asked whether the inquiry would be completed in a matter of days, Pompeo said, “That’s what they’ve indicated they need. And then we’ll get to see it. We'll evaluate this on a factual straight-up basis.”

    President Donald Trump, however, has appeared to give the Saudi government the benefit of the doubt, saying, “We’re not going to walk away from Saudi Arabia,” Trump said. “I don’t want to do that.”

    When asked Wednesday whether the president was covering for the Saudis part in Khashoggi’s disappearance, Trump said: “No, not at all. I just want to find out what's happening.”

    Trump said he expected to know who was responsible for the journalist’s alleged murder “by the end of the week.”

    “With that being said, Saudi Arabia has been a very important ally of ours in the Middle East,” Trump said.

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    With Halloween right around the corner, the rush is on to find the best costume. Or better yet, one for each night of Halloweekend! You don’t want it to be too scandalous or expensive – hello, college budget – but you definitely want it to be original or at the very least, somewhat clever. You’ve probably already started brainstorming with your friends. Will it be a classic twist on iconic Disney cartoons? Maybe your favorite character from a must watch show? Or, perhaps, a scarier costume that satisfies your horror-film obsession?

    We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect costume, but maybe Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be as stressful. These tutorials will help to inspire your artistic side and hopefully your wardrobe choice too!

    1. Fairy Makeup


    This magical forest fairy look will have you wishing you could wear this makeup every day. Blue eyeshadow with sparkly accents? Yes, please. We love the added jewels as the finishing touch, but you can easily make this look unique in your own way too.

    2. Masquerade Makeup Mask

    Throwback to all the drama that occurred at the masquerade ball in Gossip Girl. This look will always be mysterious yet alluring, and now you can try it out yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your very own Chuck Bass in disguise.

    Related: 11 Online Makeup Tutorials Actually Good for Women of Color 

    3. Werewolf Makeup

    The yellow contacts definitely bring this look to a whole new level of scary. The hairy face might not be your ideal look, but the teased hair is a must. Simple enough to create, this is a great makeup idea for those who like to live a little more dangerously.

    4. Classic Skull Mouth

    There are so many different ways to create this popular look. The smoky eye and winged liner give it that daring edge you need for Halloween. Make this skull mouth your own by playing around with the design and don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help!

    5. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

    Are you always wishing you were a bit more tan? Well, this could be the perfect look to embrace your pale skin. It’s also a great way to unleash your inner crazy self - you know you want to.

    6. Mermaid Makeup

    Need we say more? Mermaids have intrigued us since we were little girls and now we get the opportunity to look like one – hell yeah! The shiny scales are by far our favorite part of this look.

    7. “Hooked” Mermaid Makeup (for a scarier look)

    This is a slightly morbid twist on the mermaid makeup; it’s not your typical Little Mermaid look. A mermaid caught by a fishing hook isn’t something we’d want to see IRL, but it’s definitely a look we’d want to try! Deceivingly beautiful, what could be better?

    8. Halloween Pumpkin

    This tutorial is for all you Halloween fanatics. A classic Halloween pumpkin that you can make as scary or as pleasant as you wish. The all-over orange look may seem a tad distasteful but this tutorial shows you how to really make your features pop!

    9. Peppermint Princess

    Every woman wants to be treated like a princess, so why not be a peppermint princess? It reminds us of Candy Land too, which is another reason to get excited about it. This chilling look can be made even more fun by adding lots of glitter and bright colors! 

    We wish you all the best of luck in your costume decision-making. Don’t be afraid to try something new and be daring with your makeup! The outcome will surely be greater than you expect if you follow along with these tutorials.

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    President Trump Says He Has “A Natural Instinct for Science” 

    Apparently when it comes to understanding science, President Donald Trump is a natural.

    During an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said he has “a natural instinct for science,” expressing uncertainty about scientists’ concerns about climate change.

    The White House via Flickr

    According to USA Today, the president told AP that there are “scientists on both sides of the issue” when asked about scientists’ warnings that climate change may be very near to the point of becoming irreversible.

    “No, no. Some say that and some say differently, I mean you have scientists on both sides of it,” Trump said during the interview that published Wednesday.

    “My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years. Dr. John Trump. And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture,” Trump said.

    The president told AP that climate change is cyclical, reiterating a point he made during an interview with CBS'"60 Minutes", in which the president said, “I agree the climate changes, but it goes back and forth, back and forth. So we’ll see.”

    During the interview, Trump added that he is “truly an environmentalist.”

    “I know some people might not think of me as that, but I’m an environmentalist,” the president said. “Everything I want and everything I have is clean. Clean is very important – water, air. But I also want jobs for our country.”

    Trump said he is not willing to “sacrifice the economic well-being of our country for something that nobody really knows.”

    First Lady Melania Trump’s Plane Makes Unplanned Landing After Smoke Issue

    First Lady Melania Trump’s plane made an unplanned landing at Joint Base Andrews after the plane experienced a “minor mechanical issue.”

    The White House via Flickr

    “Everything is fine, and everyone is safe,” the first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement.

    According to Politico, the first lady was on her way to an event at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

    Grisham said they are “evaluating travel plans” in regards to the event.

    Mrs. Trump and Azar were both on the flight.

    According to a report, smoke could be seen inside the plane, and there was a burning smell. Damp washcloths were given to passengers to place over their faces to protect them from the smoke, Politico reports.

    The aircraft was a Boeing C-32A called “Bright Star.”

    Mrs. Trump’s plane made an unplanned landing at 9 a.m. (EST). The party boarded a second plane at 9:55 a.m.

    This Blind Squirrel is the Real Winner of the Texas Senatorial Debate

    In one of the nation’s most contentious Senate races, it wasn’t either candidate who was declared the winner, but rather an adorable blind squirrel.

    During Tuesday night’s senatorial debate between Rep. Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Ted Cruz, the two candidates were asked share an anecdote of something non-politics related they’ve done in the last year that would provide Texans further insight into the candidates.

    O’Rourke mentioned playing the drums to “rock out” with his kids, but also mentioned joining his daughter, Molly, at the wildlife center where she volunteers.

    “...just went with Molly, who is nursing back to life a blind squirrel that was picked up in East Texas, dropped off in El Paso at a wildlife animal rescue run by Miss Julie. Got to meet this blind squirrel who's slowly regaining its sight,” the politician said.

    ABC News located the squirrel, whose name is Tesoro, which means “treasure” in Spanish. Tesoro, or Tessie for short, came to the Stick House Sanctuary in El Paso, Texas, in June, and volunteers, including O’Rourke’s daughter, have helped to nurse the squirrel back to health.

    Julie Ito Morales, the president and wildlife rehabilitator at Stick House, handles the animals, but the volunteers help to clean out empty cages, fill bird feeders and prep meals for the animals.

    “They do volunteer here and they do dirty work that others wouldn’t do,” Morales said, referring to the O’Rourke family.

    Tessie, who is blind, has been able to regain some of her vision, but she is still only able to see shadows. The sanctuary will be applying to make Tessie a permanent resident squirrel, who will be considered an educational squirrel and foster other squirrels, ABC News reports.

    via Stick House Sanctuary

    Morales said regardless of the volunteers’ political preferences, the sanctuary depends on the community’s assistance.

    “I appreciate them, without them we could not do what we do,” Morales said.

    What to look out for…

    Since sweater weather is now upon us, it means it’s time to start sipping delicious warm beverages while snuggled up at home. Meghan Markle, who is currently on a royal tour, brought her favorite tea with her, and it turns out you can buy it online. Sip sip hooray!

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    If you’re always drooling over Insta-worthy vacation spots, easyJet just made it a lot, well, easier to book your travel plans. The new feature, Look&Book, relies on a screenshot of the destination to book the flight based on easyJet’s schedule. 

    Head of Digital Experience at easyJet, Daniel Young, said, “Look&Book will help people to further explore Europe with ease and open up new destinations and previously hidden holiday locations for a range of customers.” That means, however, that the feature is currently only limited to easyJet's European destinations.

    I was skeptical, so I tried it on an Instagram post where I could verify the location. I found an Instagram post featuring a vacation destination in Europe to screenshot and downloaded the easyJet app.



    A post shared by BEST VACATIONS - Travel (@bestvacations) on


    I cropped out the location information and caption to really test Look&Book’s ability to recognize the image.

    It took a minute for the easyJet app to review the photo, but it determined that to reach this destination, I’d have to fly into Genoa GOA. After some quick research on how to get to Portofino, the city set as the location in the post, I found that Look&Book was correct! 

    From there, it set me up to find a flight depending on my travel plans. Look&Book could not, however, help me find where exactly in Portofino I need to be to recreate this photo.

    If I'm going to plan a vacation around an image, I want to at least be able to visit the exact location that I swooned over in the first place. This feature is solely limited to finding the airport and flight you want to take. 

    I didn’t actually book anything, considering it’s the middle of the semester, but even if I was realistically planning a vacation, Look&Book probably wouldn’t be my go-to option. It’s a great way to identify where a picture actually came from, but you’re limited to easyJet flights. With so many airlines to chose from, I’d rather take my time deciding. Plus, it all felt a little too Twilight Zone-esque for me.

    The use of image recognition in this way seemed out of our current realm of capabilities, and if we can book our vacation plans from just a picture, I’m both scared and excited to see what technology comes next. For now, I plan to leave the vacation photos on Instagram, but if you're having trouble deducing where your acquaintance's stunning vacation actually took place, Look&Book may be able to help. 

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    This article has been syndicated from The Honey Scoop, an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here

    Now that there's a chill in the air and that the fall season is in full effect, it’s only necessary we start talking about fall bucket list ideas. It’s safe to say that the fall is the perfect time to get out there and have fun with the people you love. You just got back from a long summer break, and you’re certainly ready to make some good memories with your friends. Here are a few of the most essential fall bucket-list items you'll want to accomplish this season.

    1. Drive-in movie

    7 Fall Bucket List Ideas For College Students at the Honey ScoopThis past fall I went to see the movie "It" at a drive-in movie with my besties. And though it was a sub-par movie, it was so fun to pile up in a pickup truck, cuddle in some blankets and unhealthy food, and have a good scare. It was especially fun to watch a scary movie, because fall is the perfect season for some good ole thrills.

    2. Dress up for a Halloween party

    7 Fall Bucket List Ideas For College Students at the Honey ScoopLast year my friends and I were the Cheetah Girls, which was quite an adventure. We had a great time getting creative and all teaming up on a costume together. I recommend grabbing some friends and brainstorming something you all can a lot of fun with. Think the Wizard of Oz cast, The Powerpuff Girls, the Spice Girls...don't be afraid to get creative with what group you pick!

    3. Go to a farm

    Enjoy all the cliché fall festivities by visiting a nearby farm that offers all the fun fall experiences. Caramel apples, truck rides, some animal feeding, the corn maze — the list of bucket-list-worthy items goes on.

    4. Carve pumpkins

    This is not something you graduate from once you leave home – you can take it with you to college. If you go to a farm, pick up your favorite pumpkin out of the selection and make something of it. I always go on Pinterest and look up some artsy ideas (although I never go all out because my artistic talents just aren’t there). Bonus points if you bake the pumpkin seeds, because these are a little slice of heaven.

    5. Go to a haunted house

    Get a group together and drive to a sketchy haunted house. I have plans to go to one this fall and I’m a bit terrified. I will make sure I always know where the exit signs are in that place. But still, it’s a fun bonding experience with the people you love and most definitely a must during fall.

    There are an endless amount of things to do in the fall. Grab your planners and write some events down so you don’t just have a bucket list without implementation. Those traditions don’t need to stay home with your family, you can bring them to college and enjoy them with your besties. Take advantage of this wonderful season of joy and beauty, and make it count.

    Read the full post here