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A Collegiette's Guide to Life
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    It’s no surprise that Black Panther was a cinematic and a historic success. Even before T’Challa (finally) got his own solo film, the Black Panther multi-titular comic books were insurmountable successes and actively changed the course of comic book (and entertainment) history. As Black Panther: World of Wakandacontinues to see wide-success in comic consumers, Marvel Entertainment has decided to expand the Wakanda-themed comic series yet again—this time, with an upcoming comic series about Shuri.

    The Hollywood Reporter notes that Shuri’s impending comic run, entitled Shuri (because we all already know who Shuri is, and she needs no introduction), will debut in October. Honestly, we don’t know how we can wait that long.

    Unlike Tom Holland, Marvel doesn’t pay us to do PR, so we’re not about drop any contextual spoilers about Shuri. To avoid in-context spoilers, we’re paraphrasing and omitting some details from Bustle’s coverage. Now that we can read on free of spoiling the soon-to-be-released comic book series, let’s figure out what the heck Shuri will be about.

    According to Bustle, Shuri will obviously follow Shuri. (We didn’t see that coming either.) Something major happens in Shuri’s life—and this is Marvel we’re talking about, so we’re underestimating the word major—and Shuri has to use her techie badassery and ingenuity, which is a superpower in itself, to make sure Wakanda is safe and thriving.

    Wherever Shuri’s illustrated adventures take her, we already know that this is going to be a binge-read, seeing as Nnedi Okorafor is writing the series and Sam Spratt is illustrating it. CNN reports that Okorafor is a veteran in the science fiction genre, which is a crucial element to basically every comic book character, particularly Shuri seeing as her technological inventions, at times, straddle the line of fiction and non-fiction.

    While we’re elated that Princess Shuri is becoming the comic book and cinematic Disney Princess (and technological genius) she was born, illustrated and written to be, we’re even more excited for the young women who have an exceptional comic book hero to look up to—especially young women of color. Mindful representation matters and Shuri could inspire young women to nurture their passions in STEM, while bolstering Shuri’s intrinsically selfless philanthropy.

    Hopefully, Shuri can give us some desperately-needed relief from our post-Infinity Wars woes. However, Shuri’s comic book can’t come soon enough, seeing as Avengers: Infinity Wars debuts in DVD and Blu-ray form next week, and we’re going to be self-inflicting some super-powered sobbing sessions because we have no self-control. (Save us, Princess Shuri!)

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    Young & Hungry’s episodes this week were, as always, all about relationships. “Young & Motorcycle” and “Young & Bullseye” saw #Jabi, and Sofia and Nick (not sure what their couple name is yet, since he’s only been around for three episodes but somehow we’re supposed to buy them moving in together?) dealing with the ups and downs of being in a relationship, and this is one of the things that makes the show so fun—even if their antics are a little over-the-top, their feelings and struggles are totally relatable. When we’re laughing at them, we’re kind of laughing at ourselves.

    Here are five stages of every new relationship, as told by Young & Hungry.

    1. The first-time jitters

    It’s like a universal rule that the third date is when things start to get… serious, to say the least. But because this is Young & Hungry, it’s not going to be all rose petals and candlelight—and in fact, it usually isn’t in real life. We all get nervous and we all want it to be perfect.

    Sofia and Nick’s plan to take things to the next level goes awry when pesky things like diarrhea and allergies get in the way, but watching her chug allergy medicine in a last-ditch effort to keep the perfect night from being ruined hits the nail on the head. Even though I’m still not really sure why Sofia needed to have a love interest in these last few episodes, Nick’s spiel at the end about how it doesn’t have to be perfect, just memorable, makes me like him a little more. A little.

    2. When you start to prioritize their safety

    Josh says he won’t “allow” Gabi to ride her uncle’s motorcycle around, and while he could’ve worded it better (because we don’t let men tell us what to do), the sentiment was there. Part of growing to love someone is realizing that their safety matters a lot to you, sometimes even more than your own. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the exact realization Josh was having when he decided the only way to keep Gabi out of danger was to ride the motorcycle himself, and ended up getting hurt. In retrospect, I have no idea why he actually needed to ride it to keep it away from her, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    3. The awkward meet-the-friends night

    You love your SO, but what do your friends think? Sofia and Nick’s double date with #Jabi was a total disaster, but I had to laugh at Sofia attempting to be cool and casual before it all went down. Wanting your SO to fit in with your friends is a fantasy we all have, even if Gabi and Sofia’s plan to live next door to each other and get married at the same time is a little more on the unrealistic side.

    Plus, with this meeting comes a much less pleasant development: you start comparing your relationship to your friends’, and suddenly call everything about your love into question. Of course, the strongest couples make it out alive of this one, and Josh and Gabi are no exception.

    4. When they become your go-to

    The bartender calls Gabi’s phone while Josh is passed out because she’s his ICE—aka, his In Case of Emergency. That’s a pretty big milestone to hit, since before you make your SO your ICE, it’s probably your roommate or your mom. But someone wanting you to be the first one to know if anything happens to them is a sign of commitment that I think we all want in our lives.

    5. The move-in question

    Okay, so this one of course didn’t go as smoothly, and had a whole episode devoted to it, but this is still a pretty obvious one. At the end, they didn’t quite make it there (Sofia and Gabi are best when they’re together, anyway) but the show perfectly handled all the nervousness around being asked to move in. Despite our best efforts, we treat relationships like competitions sometimes: why did Sofia get asked before Gabi? Is Nick more committed than Josh is? When is Josh going to ask? When, when, when?

    I think the best part of this episode was everyone realizing that relationships should be between you and your SO, and everyone else’s opinions can go right in the trash. Josh and Gabi deciding to wait until they’re ready surprised me, since they’re both such emotional, impulsive creatures, and impressed me—they’ve definitely grown as a couple, considering they slept together the first night they met. Of course, the teaser for the series finale lets us know that Josh is planning to take a much bigger step than moving in next week, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

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    All relationships have different stages of developing. Many of us have heard about the honeymoon and puppy love stages, but what about the commitment stage? This period of stability and seriousness in young couples seems to be fleeting with the rise in popularity of casual sex and low-key relationships. Because of this, people are either too embarrassed to have "the talk" to define the relationship or they tend to stay with people who are just never going to fully commit. If one person is expecting much more than the other, it's going to lead to massive disappointment from the lack of progression in the relationship. Here are some ways to know if you’re with someone with no desire to be your long-term serious bae.

    1. They only contact you to hook up

    This is one of the clearest signs someone is not interested in a full-blown relationship. The difference between hooking up and a committed relationship is a mutual understanding that you care about each other and want to spend time with one another outside of the bedroom. Sorry, but sending a “u up?” at 1:50 a.m. might mean they only want one thing, and it’s not a relationship.

    2. Going on dates is out of the question

    In conjunction with the reason above, dates are obviously not a priority to the noncommittal person. Both planning and showing up to dates requires time, energy and money that this person is not willing to expend. However, you’re allowed to have certain expectations.

    Sarah*, a sophomore from Lehigh University, understands this quite well. “I used to hook up with this guy who would only try to hang out in his bedroom or mine,” she says. “He was clearly only interested in sex and not going out more. I moved on.” That’s an explicit example of someone who is simply not looking for something serious, or not looking for something serious with you.

    3. They're not interested in meeting your friends or family

    Perhaps you thought things were going well and maybe it would be appropriate to invite your hookup buddy to a family gathering or even a friend’s birthday brunch. But instead of attending the function with you, your offer has him or her running for the hills instead. This could be a sign that you’re either moving too fast for them toward a relationship, or they’re simply not interested in taking this step altogether. Healthy relationships involve making memories together and reaching milestones that everyone is comfortable and excited aboutDragging your hookup buddy to meeting your parents they don’t even want to meet is quite the contrast to something wholesome and relationship-worthy.

    Getting to know your SO's parents and family is a big deal and should not be taken lightly since these are the people your girlfriend/boyfriend grew up/spends time with. For example, It's normal to have your significant other's parent's phone number once you're in a committed relationship. By the same token, your significant other should want you to meet and get to know the important people in his or her life as well. Committed people are immersing their lives together, and that usually involves meeting the people they spend time with on the regular.

    4. Spending holidays together will never happen

    As holidays approach, it starts to become a bit clearer if someone is interested in being with you long-term. Spending a holiday together might seem like a harmless offer, but it might be too big of a step for them to handle. Perhaps getting drunk together at a 4th of July barbecue seemed casual and non-committal at first, but having your family ask them what they want to do with their life might scare them away. Sophie*, a sophomore at Lehigh University, says she once "went to a holiday party with a guy who ended up crying about his ex saying he needed to figure himself out before fully moving on." She thinks the act of spending holidays together was a step taken too soon. Even if it’s a simple event, holiday parties are typically somewhere you can show off your SO—which is definitely not a place a person not willing to commit would want to go.   

    Related: 5 Signs You Really Are Afraid of Commitment

    5. They only communicate through Snapchat or text

    In a world where connecting and conversing has never been easier with the help of smartphones, avoiding committed relationships have also become a norm among young millennials. Rachna, a freshman from Dartmouth College experienced someone who only “texted or Snapchatted but never wanted to meet up in person.” The famous beginning stage of relationships known as “talking”—where both parties are communicating mainly through their phones—is common in this day and age, but when this stage never evolves into more intimate meetups, couples tend to fall into a lingo of remaining “together, but not, like, dating.” You want to avoid this if you’re looking for a relationship. Hint:it’s not that romantic to get a text first if that’s all you get from them.

    6. Conversations are mostly about hooking up

    Maybe you do extend your conversations outside of the realm of Snapchat and iMessage, but what is the actual quality of your discussions? Is the content mostly about sex and the next time you’re going to do it? If so, remember that a healthy relationship has a lot to do with caring about the well-being of the other person. There’s much more substance to learn about your SO than just their sexual preferences, and if someone is not willing to learn about that, then they are probably not willing to be in a relationship.

    7. They send you mixed signals

    Maybe you don't resonate with the obvious signs of noncommittal reasons above, but something still doesn't feel right. One day your significant other is saying how he can see you in his future, but he doesn't bother taking you to his brother's wedding. Phoebe, a sophomore from Lehigh University experienced this early on when a guy "said cute things one day and I thought it was flirting, but then the next day he'll treat me like a bro. And the next interaction is flirty again. It's like the most confusing thing until I finally realized it wasn't going to happen." If what he says doesn't measure up exactly to how he's treating you, it's a sign that he has no intention of a serious relationship.

    8. They are scared of typical relationship milestones

    This one is a big one for people who are technically "dating," but one person's needs are not being met entirely. Partially to blame is the #goals tag on Instagram filled with couples holding hands in exotic places and kissing expensive jewelry together. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to do this! However, it's perfectly normal to post pictures online of you and your SO. It's 2018! Not only should you feel comfortable sharing photos of your relationship, but your significant other should be comfortable with it as well. No one should feel the need to validate their relationship online, but it's quite normal to create memories together in a healthy manner. Some normal committed relationship behavior involves taking photos, planning future trips or buying gifts in advance. Basically, it's a good sign if they're not afraid of seeing you in their future plans. If your partner tends to back away when things get too relationship-y and public, then maybe it's a sign they aren't looking for a serious relationship after all.

    Relationships are about being comfortable and happy with the arrangement. If you’ve read this feeling defeated that you or your potential SO is probably not looking for a relationship, don’t sweat it. Sometimes the timing—or even the person—isn’t right. There is no perfect way to enter into a relationship, but there are healthy habits. If you’re experiencing any of the above and you’re not happy with it, it’s okay to speak your mind. Good luck!

    *Names have been changed.

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    It seems like recently everything is being made into pickles like pickle soup, pickle pops, and pickle ice cream. Now Lay’s Taste Of America is bringing pickles into chip form. If you love deep-fried pickles from the iconic Midwest state fairs, this is the chip for you. The Midwest fair food favorite features a ranch and sour cream flavors. 

    Lay’s will be bringing all eight of their brand new chips to food festivals across the nation inspired by their region. The dill-icious flavor celebration will take place at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO from August 16th to the 18th. Hannah Hart, who will be hosting many of the food festival events, will be there on August 16th. The pickle flavor will also be available in only Midwest grocery stories, but if you wanted to try the pickle flavor or all 8 flavors, you can buy a variety pack of all on

    “We couldn’t think of a better time of year to bring these flavor to our fans because between barbeques, food festivals and outdoor fun, summertime truly is the most flavorful time of year,” said Lay’s director of marketing Sarah Guzman in a press release. 

    All flavors will be available from July 30th to September 23rd. 

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    Universally, it’s pretty much everyone’s goal (or dream) to positively inspire other people—whether it be inspiring your younger sister not to do the things you did in high school or actively trying to be a mindful role model. Regardless, it can be refreshing to see the reach of our actions, even if it’s something simple. Granted, simple isn’t a term we’d use describe to Ally Maki for her influence on and off-screen. Ally has been on a variety of television series from playing Ikumi in Dear White People to her lead role as Jess in Wrecked. Aside from her skillset of stealing Justin Bieber’s hockey jersey (which is an equally noteworthy accomplishment on it’s own, just for different reasons), Ally stars in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger as Mina Hess.

    If you haven’t been keeping up with Cloak & Dagger, don’t worry: the only spoilers here are about how much of a BA scientist Mina is and why she’s such an important and well-written character. Beyond Ally’s role as the empowering Environmental Engineer Mina, Ally spoke to Her Campus about the real-life environmental issues that Cloak & Dagger discusses, the importance of mindful representation and her amazing cast of co-workers.

    HC: You’ve been in a variety of TV series from Dear White People to now Wrecked and Cloak & Dagger. Have you learned anything about yourself since you’ve started to portray various on-screen characters?

    AM: Yeah, I learn something new from every character that I play. I think overall, what I've learned from these is they really point out what issues that I super care about and what I'm passionate about. Every role kind of helps me to shape not only my career, but my personal beliefs and what I care about in the world. So overall, that has been awesome. Every girl I play has shown me a little more about the world and what I'm passionate about.

    HC: You play a hopeless romantic named Jess on Wrecked, would you take any romantic advice from her?

    AM: Oh my gosh. Man, I think I’ve learned a lot from her mistakes. The growth that she's made over the past three years have been really great, but she has stumbled a lot of the way so definitely learned by watching what not to do.

    HC: Sometimes that's the way to go, though.

    AM: Yeah, exactly. I'm like, ‘Girl, you gotta shape up.’ And she has, which is awesome. I'm really excited for you to see season three because she is doing some pretty badass stuff.

    HC: Yeah? Can you tell us anything or you don’t want you to give away any spoilers?

    AM: Well, I think I'll give you a little teaser. I mean, with the whole Hunger Games theme, I got a ton of stunt training—which was awesome. We had the stunt team from X-Men, and they were incredible. The first day I got there, they handed me a stick and they're like, ‘You gotta start learning how to use this thing.’ And so I spent like two months walking around with a stick, learning how to spin it and tap with it. It was such an empowering experience.

    HC: That's amazing, and in essence, you kind of got to work with a different aspect of the Marvel Universe too.

    AM: I know! It was cool because I kind of got the full [experience] while working on Wrecked.

    HC:  Yeah, that's amazing. And then you portray, Mina Hess on Cloak & Dagger, who's a very powerful environmental engineer. What lessons do you hope young women gain from her?

    AM: I love playing Mina so much. She's so fantastic. The response has been so wonderful towards her and I think that's a lot because it is based on such awesome, cool, passionate subjects. Firstly, I think, hopefully, it inspires girls who are interested in STEM. I believe less than 30 percent in that field are women and we need more, and I don't think it's because girls are not interested in it. I mean, studies have shown that girls are really interested in all those different subjects, but then they get out there and they see that it’s kind of a boys club and they get really disheartened. So I think to portray more of these kinds of female characters is really important. And to show and be a diverse female in the MCU is just awesome. To show an Asian-American female who's not only brilliant, but you know, passionate, and kind—to show female friendships that have women supporting each other, especially in science, is really beautiful to watch.

    HC: Definitely, it kind of gets rid of a lot of the tropes that have been systemically set up for Asian women, and women in general.

    AM: Yeah, absolutely. And that's the other thing that's so cool about the vision that Joe Pokaski, our creator, and Jenny Klein, our writer, had for this character. When you think of female scientist characters in the past, you imagine them in full hair and makeup—but what's really cool is to see Mina was completely natural. I was hardly ever wearing any makeup. You know, she's fully in waders in the swamp and [she’s] just showing that science truly is cool. It was an awesome experience.

    HC: I know you've discussed problematic Asian American tropes in Hollywood in dozens of your interviews, as well as in this one. Do you have any ideas on how we can overcome this stereotype-induced imposter system during casting calls—whether it's with casting directors, or directors in general?

    AM: Yeah, you know, I think the power of social media has really changed a lot of things today for the Asian-American community. Because we're a little more inclined to be quiet about certain issues, I think when Twitter came out, it changed a lot. You know, especially with YouTube, we were able to show, ‘Hey, look thousands of thousands of kids around the world are watching Asian American talent.’ And I think that gave us the confidence to be like,  ‘Wow, we do have these pockets of people around the world that looks like us and care about what we're doing,’ which was really empowering. And then Twitter on top of that was a place where we could be vocal and create those hashtags that were going around, which were incredibly powerful—because, again, it shows the numbers that we had, and you can't really dispute that. So I think the more vocal we are, the more things are going to change. Already they have. I mean, people that have stepped down from roles because of white-washing. Like, Ed Skrein was such a great example of someone that really became an ally because he was paying attention to what was happening on Twitter and the backlash and why it matters to people that look like us. That was a huge day when he did that, because it showed that people are actually taking notice and caring about why it was problematic.

    HC: I think that kind of shows the power that Twitter can have. It's not just social media—it can actually actively amplify voices.

    AM: Yeah, absolutely underrepresented voices, for sure. Beyond that, I also think I’ve learned the power of saying no to roles that I think are problematic. I think the more we do that it will also help. In the whole grand scheme of things, when you see a role that could be potentially problematic, just say no. And also on the other side is things like Scarlett Johansson stepping down from that role. I mean, that that was a huge thing to happen as well.

    HC: It kind of changes the connotation of ‘no’ too—because no is typically seen as a negative thing, but it can be a positive thing. Like with the Scarlett Johansson controversy, it shows that change can be made.

    AM: Yes, absolutely.

    HC: I know we veered slightly off here but I wanted to go back to Cloak & Dagger. The show has a lot of science writing behind those scenes to make ensure accuracy around environmentalism, environmental engineering, as well.

    AM: Yeah, absolutely. That, again, goes to Jenny Klein our writer, who is just so passionate about the environment, and her heart and soul is in Mina and on creating Mina. All of the things that she wrote about were things that she actually does care about in real life. And she did so much research on bees. And when [Mina] talks about colony collapse disorder, it's something that really is an issue right now. She wanted to kind of them make that aware to the world.

    HC: Definitely. And I know, there were some Save the Bees petitions that were trending, too, because of that.

    AM: Oh, my gosh, that's amazing! Oh, I’ll have to find those and retweet them as well. But that's so cool that, you know, I didn't know about that, when I first read it. I had discussions with the writers about it, and It's just really important to talk about.

    HC: Definitely, definitely. Switching gears slightly, otherwise, I could talk about this for days. Is there any advice you would give to a young woman who might see Mina’s experience and are getting interested in the STEM field, and they might not know where to start with their new-found dream job?

    AM: I think with any passion, if you have that interest, you can 100 percent just dive in—regardless of how you look, your race, or your gender. I mean, that's kind of how I felt going into acting. You know, I didn't have that representation on TV of women that looked like me, but I just knew that I had that passion for it. There was nothing else in the world that I wanted to do, so I just kind of felt like I needed to dive in. The more women that do that, the more girls that have that interest and just completely dive in—you’re going to change the game. All we need is just one girl to decide to do it, and that’s one more girl in the field. And the more women that do that it’s going to up those numbers. So I say: if you have the interest and the passion, don't let anything stop you from pursuing it.

    HC: Definitely. And I think there will be young women who see you portray Mina on screen and might go into environmentalism or acting because of that. It kind of creates a cycle of inspiration because then they can go on and inspire others.

    AM: Yeah, absolutely. I always think when I was a when I was a teenager if I'd seen more women that looked like me on screen, how that would have changed my overall feelings of self-worth, and what I could potentially do. These are things that I'm learning now, and this was actually what I was talking about with the first question, ‘what did you discover when you were portraying these girls.’ I think overall it’s giving me this inner self-worth and confidence to be able to play these women. If we can give that to girls at a much younger age than I am right now, that's an important and beautiful thing. And you're seeing now with all of these Gen Zers and Millennials. They're getting younger and younger. They're young activists that know everything about the world and how they want to change it. And I think a lot of it is coming from putting these awesome female characters on TV and films. It shows being more outspoken with what we're passionate about.

    HC: Definitely, and I hope that continues. Like, I hope this isn't just a phase of activists, and it continues and things continue to change.

    AM: No, I think there's no way to stop it now. I think now that younger people are finding their voice, there's no possible way that you can take it away from them.

    HC. Absolutely! Speaking of empowering, you guys as an overall cast are all very supportive of each other, which I think also helps make the chemistry on-screen even more prevalent. How has your relationship with Olivia Holt, specifically, helped empower you?

    AM: I mean, Olivia—she's a special person. I think what's awesome about her is not only is she professional and kind, but she is so smart. She really, really deeply cares about things, so working with her was a wonderful experience. I have nothing but the utmost praise for her. I think what was cool is things that we were talking about, we felt were so important and we knew that they were going to impact a lot of girls. And it was cool, because behind the scenes too, we were able to have that kind of seamless friendship but on a deep level. I think it's so important to show women that are supporting each other in front of the screen, but also behind the scenes as well. That’s just really important to portray.

    HC: And I think people can see that, especially with your tweets back and forth, which I think, again, is amazing.

    AM: Oh, man, I just love her. She's such a dreamboat.

    HC: I think everyone can agree that both of you are dreamboats. And pretty much the whole cast, I don't think they could have passed anyone better in this whole lineup.

    AM: Seriously, it's such a wonderful cast. And I felt that the moment I landed in New Orleans. There was just this warm and awesome energy and vibe from everyone.

    HC: Do you have any advice for individuals who might be starting out in their respective careers and might want to foster a similar positive and supportive work environment?

    AM: I think the more that we continue to support each other that's number one—the most important—and that's something that I think we've had. For me, I've had to learn how to do that because it is an active thing. You know, it's kind of like being in a relationship, you have to actively work on that every day to just kind of be like, ‘What can I do today to foster a relationship with this person or support this person?’ You know, it takes an active amount of work. I think that is so important—and just to listen to each other. I think the more we can talk to each other about issues that we may find confusing or challenging, having those conversations with people, to learn more about the world and different cultures and different people from different backgrounds, I think it's the most important thing. So travel, listen to people, have deep, meaningful complex conversations about things that you're passionate about.

    HC: I think actively listening to other people in general will kind of helped develop a catalyst for positive change too—whether it's support in the workplace or elsewhere.

    AM: Absolutely, because everyone's coming from somewhere different with different backgrounds. I learned so much from every single conversation I have with a person, not only about myself but about the world and the things we can do to change it.

    HC: Definitely. So, do you ever read any fan theories about Cloak & Dagger or Mina’s character specifically?

    AM: Oh my god. I said this on another podcast. Ever since joining the Marvel Universe, I am so blown away by the fans. They are so awesome, and I learn so much from them. I'm like the new girl, so I'm watching all of the recaps, the reviews, the episode breakdowns, the fans theories, like I am living for all of it. I'm like their biggest fan. So, legitimately on my days off, I'll be at home watching all the series. I love it so much!

    HC: That’s amazing. It's like researching into your own life on like, what could be Mina’s character in the future.

    AM: Yeah, totally.

    HC: Do you have a favorite or most memorable fan experience?

    AM: Oh, my gosh. I think one thing that was cool was when we were filming season three of Wrecked in Fiji, there was this couple that was just there for their honeymoon. Because, you know, a lot of people honeymoon in Fiji. And they saw us just kind of walking around as a cast, and they freaked out because they were like, ‘You don’t understand. Wrecked is our favorite show, and we're here on our honeymoon. This is like our dream vacation. And then all of a sudden, our favorite cast is just like walking through the pool just joking around.’ So we just sat in the hot tub with them for two hours, chatting about the show and chatting about their honeymoon. It was this cool thing because we were there kind of living our dreams and they were there celebrating their big life event, and we were all across the globe meeting and just hanging out. It was kind of a cool experience.

    HC: That’s amazing. It's like a belated wedding gift.

    AM: Yes. It’s like, ‘Oh, you didn't know? We're here for you. We flew all the way here for your wedding.’ But it is fun to be in Fiji because everyone there is basically celebrating this huge life event, and we're just there causing chaos.

    HC: Chaos can be good, though. So I know things can be hectic when you're working on set or on any project. Do you have any self-care practices that you can't live without during filming?

    AM: Oh, man. Yes. I love a good face mask. There's just something about a nice skincare routine that always makes you feel good when your skin is taken care of and hydrated. Beyond that, I think meditation and taking time to read is also really good.

    Cloak & Dagger airs every Thursday on Freeform at 8/7c.

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    As Shakespeare once said, "Art Miley and Liam together? That is the question."

    Okay, so I'm paraphrasing here, but seriously. What's the deal?!

    One of Young Hollywood's favorite couples, aka Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, made waves when they were spotted hanging out again two years ago before casually revealing to the world, without ever actually saying it, that they were back together. We all let out a sigh of relief and felt a peace come over us knowing that love was truly alive and well once again.

    However, recently, Mileybird went on a deletion spree of images on her Instagram and then she just went ahead and deleted the whole thing altogether. This made many believe that Miley and her Australian beau were once again on the fritz—rumor being that they couldn't agree on marriage and children, and would no longer be making us believe in true love. According to Harper's Bazaarmany believed that Miley was following in the footsteps of other artists, such as rapper Future, and "wiping the slate clean" in order to drop new music and dedicate her social media strictly to that rather than it be about another breakup with Liam. 

    I like this theory seeing as 1) I'm very interested in new Miley music as I really loved her last album and 2) it means that they're still together and that's what we all really want in the end.

    As for the rumor about the marriage and kids, reports that tabloid OK! Australia had a source claiming, "He wants kids and doesn’t want to keep putting it off, but it’s not quite the timeline Miley had in mind… he is left heartbroken. Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it. They haven’t been getting along in recent months.”

    This rumor makes me horribly sad as those kids would be the most adorable free spirits ever. And while yes, Miley has stated that there's no rush to walk down the aisle, that doesn't mean that it was never going to happen. 

    Thankfully, as Harper Bazaar's concludes, the two were spotted at the Nashville airport together just yesterday. And not only that, but Elle reports that Liam not-so-subtly squashed any and all rumors today by breaking his Instagram silence and posting a video of the two of them together being the perfectly happy couple we all know and love.

    So, it would seem that the two are still together and social media can be so easily misconstrued. 

    Miley+Liam 4EVA.

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    When you left high school, you thought your acne was gone for good. Maybe you never even struggled with acne in your middle school and high school days, making you think you’d have flawless skin forever (or, you know, at least for a while). But now you’re in college and you’re dealing with skin problems. Ahhh, what happened?

    Though it might seem like your acne developed out of nowhere, your social life in college might be impacting your skin more than you think.

    Starting college is associated with several lifestyle changes that could be impacting your skin, says Yunyoung Claire Chang, M.D., of Union Square Laser Dermatology.

    Wondering what’s up with your acne? Here are some reasons your social life might be to blame.

    RELATED: 8 Ways to Get Rid of Acne, From Gentle & Natural to Aggressive 

    1. You’re not sleeping enough

    Do you find yourself sleeping less than you used to before college? Dr. Chang says that not getting enough quality sleep can worsen skin conditions like acne and cause your skin to age faster.

    “If staying up late at night, many students forget to wash their face and apply a good skincare regimen, which can cause a build up of oils and residue on the skin,” Dr. Chang says. “This can clog the pores and increase inflammation to make the skin more acne-prone.”

    Basically, if you find yourself having a lot of those nights where you stay out late and immediately go to bed or don’t follow the skincare routine you otherwise would when you get home, you might be seeing the unfortunate after-effects that go along with that lifestyle.

    Skincare expert and esthetician Renee Rouleau notes that your lack of sleep could be because you’re having a lot of fun, but in reality, it’s often because of the stress of college life.

    2. You’re super stressed out

    Stress is also a big reason you might be dealing with acne.

    “Stress not only affects acne flare-ups; in general, it worsens the overall skin condition,” Rouleau says. “In stressful periods, people experiencing an increase in acne get more inflamed, puss-filled papules rather than simple whiteheads or blackheads.”

    For many college students, college is a combination of lots of fun and lots of stress––and maybe lots of acne as a result.

    Though it’s easier said than done, make sure you practice self-care while in college, whether that means taking time to do yoga each morning, squeezing in a nap in between your class instead of joining that extra club, or making time for an activity that you truly enjoy.

    3. Your diet has changed

    Recent research has also shown a link between diet and acne, Dr. Chang says. If your diet is rich in sugars, processed carbohydrates and low-fat dairy, you could be seeing worse acne as a result.

    “I ask my patients if they find a correlation between acne flares and their diet, and I recommend low glycemic diets to my patients with stubborn acne,” Dr. Chang says. “I do not recommend skipping dairy altogether as more evidence is needed on the link between dairy and acne.”

    Rouleau says dairy might be an issue because it can be difficult to digest, possibly resulting in cystic acne around your chin and jawline.

    “Grabbing a slice of pizza in the cafeteria may be causing your skin more breakouts, including cystic acne, than you know,” Rouleau says.

    If you often crave these types of foods—sugary, processed carbs and dairy—when you’re out with friends or after a night out, it could be causing flare-ups.

    Though it might be tempting to grad a piece of pizza or some fries after a long night out, foods such as fish, nuts, avocados and sweet potatoes will treat your skin quite a bit nicer — and of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water.

    4. Blame it on the alcohol

    And what about your drinking habits? If you’ve started consuming more alcohol, you might’ve noticed that your skin has become less clear. 

    Alcohol increases inflammation, changes the hormonal balance, and dilates blood vessels in the skin, making your acne worse and increasing redness, says Dr. Chang. Over time, you might notice the redness of your skin increasing. Drinking too much can also lead to premature aging of your skin.

    We get it — sometimes you’re out with friends and everyone else is drinking. Being sober might seem boring to you, but your friends should be understanding of this lifestyle choice. You can still have fun dancing and talking with your friends without the assistance of alcohol, plus you can volunteer to drive. And if being at parties while sober is getting too boring for you, suggest doing something else every so often.

    How to fix it

    It’s evident that acne surely can still follow you to college — or maybe develop during that time. But don’t worry, because there are measures you can take to keep your skin looking great without sacrificing your social life.

    “Adult breakouts tend to be more infrequent than teenage breakouts so keeping to a skincare routine in your younger years is a great way to ensure clear skin,” Rouleau says.

    Rouleau suggests thinking about what you eat and also trying to get as much sleep as possible, as getting enough sleep can really help improve your skin.

    “Eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, getting good quality sleep, taking measures to de-stress, limiting alcohol consumption and maintaining a good skincare regimen can all help maintain healthy, clear skin, even during college,” Dr. Chang says.

    Unfortunately, there are various things that can cause adult acne (ugh). Though it’s tough sometimes with classes, sleep and a social life, focusing on self-care and a healthy lifestyle overall can also help your skin.


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    President Donald Trump has instructed his national security adviser, John Bolton, to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington D.C. sometime this fall for a second summit between the two leaders.

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted on Thursday that “discussions are already underway” for the next summit.

    “In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the two security council staffs. President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway,” Sanders wrote.

    Trump, who has continued to face backlash for his failure to confront Russia about their interference in the 2016 presidential election at the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, went on to criticize the news media. He accused the media of distorting his comments regarding his belief of Putin’s denials that Russia interfered, despite the fact that the U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russia did influence the election.

    “The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

    “I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear proliferation, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, Middle East peace, North Korea and more,” Trump wrote. “There are many answers, some easy and some hard, to these problems...but they can ALL be solved!”

    The announcement of the plans for a second summit comes just hours after Sanders released a statement Thursday that the president now “disagrees” with Putin’s proposal for Russian investigators to interrogate Americans, ABC News reports.

    At the summit, Putin said that Russian investigators should be able to question Americans in return for allowing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team to work with Russian investigators to question the 12 Russians recently indicted in the Russia investigation.

    During the joint press conference between Trump and Putin, Trump called the proposal an “incredible offer.”

    Following the summit, Putin has blamed forces in the U.S. for hampering the success of the two leaders’ meeting, but said the two leaders have begun working together nonetheless to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia, The Huffington Post reports.

    Putin told Russian diplomats that the summit had been successful.

    “It was successful overall and led to some useful agreements. Of course, let’s see how events will develop further,” Putin said, but did not refer to what those specific agreements were.

    Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer issued a statement, demanding that lawmakers be told more about what was said between Trump and Putin during the meeting in Helsinki, ABC News reports.

    “Until we know what happened at that two-hour meeting in Helsinki, the president should have no more one-on-one interactions with Putin. In the United States, in Russia, or anywhere else,” Schumer said.

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    Starbucks is taking major strides to better serve the deaf community. The company will be opening its first U.S. all-signing store this fall, and all of the employees will be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

    In a press release issued by Starbucks on Thursday, the all-signing store will open this October in Washington D.C. and will be close to the deaf-friendly Gallaudet University. Not only is Starbucks looking to better serve the deaf and hard of hearing community, the company is also looking to advance the careers of those in the community. Starbucks will be hiring more than 20 deaf and hard of hearing employees at the location.

    “The store will create a distinctive retail experience for all customers, while offering a unique store format that promotes accessibility and offers employment and career advancement opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people,” the statement said.

    The all-signing store will also include merchandise and artwork created by a deaf artist and the employees’ aprons will feature an ASL design along with “I sign” pins, Hello Giggles reports.

    “The store will feature exclusive artwork and a custom mug designed by a deaf artist, and a variety of enhancements to support the deaf and hard of hearing partner and customer experience. Deaf baristas will have ASL aprons embroidered by a deaf supplier, and hearing partners (employees) who sign will have an ‘I Sign’ pin,” the statement continued.

    “The National Association of the Deaf applauds Starbucks for opening a Signing Store that employs Deaf and hard of hearing people,” Howard A. Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deaf, said of the new store. “Starbucks has taken an innovative approach to incorporating Deaf Culture that will increase employment opportunities as well as accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing people, while at the same time educating and enlightening society.”

    “This is a historic moment in Starbucks ongoing journey to connect with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, hire and engage Deaf and hard of hearing partners, and continue to find ways to be more inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all,” Starbucks’ executive vice president of U.S. retail, Rossann Williams, said in the release.

    “This store is truly from partners, for partners, and we couldn’t have gotten here without the team of deaf partners and allies from our Accessibility office and the Access Alliance partner network who came together to bring this vision to life. I look forward to the team welcoming the community to this store in October,” Williams added.

    We applaud Starbucks for taking this step to create a more inclusive environment for the deaf and hard of hearing community. May there be many more signing stores in the future.

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    Even though we had to learn about Jack Pearson’s tragic fate on This is Us (cue the tears), it hasn’t made fans any less curious about the rest of Jack’s story. Milo Ventimiglia, aka the patriarch of the “Big Three” and most beloved dad on television, posted a photo from the set of This is Us, and fans immediately began to dissect the image to figure out what it means for Jack’s story, as well as what might take place, in the new season.

    “Here we go @NBCThisisUs season 3,” Ventimiglia tweeted Wednesday, with a picture of what looks like a younger Jack (although it’s hard to tell since the shot only shows the top half of his face).

    But fans were quick to note that Ventimiglia’s reflection in the rearview mirror of the car appears to show the face of a younger Jack. In the photo, Ventimiglia is sporting non-slicked back hair, which is usually how Jack styles his hair later in life, and fans are hopeful that this might mean that we’ll get a look at the earlier stages of Jack’s relationship with Rebecca — possibly even their first date.

    “Looks like young Jack,” one fan noted.

    “Looks like we will be seeing Jack and Rebecca the younger years. Maybe first date?” another fan guessed.

    According to Bustle, show creator Dan Fogelman said in Q&A at SXSW that season three would explore more of Jack and Rebecca’s origin stories.

    Fogelman said season three would be “a big Vietnam season for us. We’re doing some cool stuff. Milo (Ventimiglia) will get a real showcase as younger Jack and there will be more Jack and Rebecca origin stories.”

    So, the first date theory could totally happen.

    The car, according to Bustle, could also serve as a clue about what to expect in the upcoming season. From what we can see of the car it doesn’t look like the Pearson Jeep Wagoneer, or Jack’s 1967 Chevelle Super Sport or his old beat-up truck. So if we have yet to see this car in the show, it could mean that we’ll get to see a period in Jack’s life that we haven’t seen yet.

    This is Us has been known to use flashbacks, flashforwards, present-day scenes and even dreams, so who knows what the show may end up throwing our way.

    So far, we haven’t really been able to see much of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship before kids, so it would be nice to see more of the couple’s blossoming relationship.

    Either way, I’ll be ready will a box of tissues when season three premieres.

    This is Us returns Tuesday, September 25th.

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    My high school experience was basically one giant “make it work” moment. (Project Runway fansI hope you read that in a Tim Gunn voice.) Here’s the scoop: My school offered very few Advanced Placement and upper-level courses, and even though I challenged myself as much as I could, I was looking for more ways to study topics that I enjoyed, learn new skills that I wouldn’t be able to learn in my high school and meet other students who shared my goals and interests.

    One way I expanded my learning opportunities was attending a summer educational camp or program. Many colleges and universities offer camps for high schoolers; some are designed for students with specific interests (i.e. marine biology, writing or journalism workshops, math and technology, athletics, etc.), while other camps may feature a series of classes on different topics.

    I attended a summer studies program through Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program), where I took a three-week class on screenwriting and film, a course I would never have had access to at my high school. Similar pre-college programs are amazing opportunities to not only make friends from across the nation with similar interests, but to prepare yourself for campus life and broaden your horizons outside of the typical high school classroom setting. Today, I’m sharing what I learned by going to a college summer program as a high-schooler.

    1. I learned to be open to new friendships

    It’s easy to get caught up in the high school and hometown bubble filled with familiar faces and people you’ve been friends with since kindergarten, but the experience of attending a summer program alone made me more open-minded about forming new friendships and gave me the courage to introduce myself to other students in my dorm and in my class. In fact, one of my closest friends at the summer program was a girl who I randomly introduced myself to on move-in day because we were the first two people on our dorm floor.

    I started my summer program not knowing anyone, but throughout my time on the campus, I became close with people in my class and dorm—and though we now all go to different colleges, many of us still keep in touch, which is really special.

    2. I discovered what it would be like to live on a college campus

    I had been away from home at overnight summer camps, but living in cabin in the middle of the woods is much different from the experiences and challenges of living in a dorm room with a random roommate on an unfamiliar college campus. The great thing about most summer programs for high schoolers is that the counselors, resident assistants and staff members are oftentimes current undergrad students who may go to the school in which you’re studying at for the summer, so they’re really great resources who can offer real advice about college about all things college life—academics, being healthy, making friends, relationships, etc.

    Related: 7 Pre-College Programs You Can Join In High School

    3. It taught me how to talk with professors

    Though summer programs vary, most academic camps offered by colleges and universities have schedules that are centered around class time. You might spend your day in a few different lecture classes, or you might spend a large chunk of time with a smaller class. In my case, I spent about seven hours per day in the same class with the same students and professor. Going into the program, I had never interacted with college professors, and at first, the thought of spending such large amounts of time in a small class setting with a university professor—aka someone who was an expert in his field—was intimidating, to say the least.

    However, experiences throughout the summer—such as asking my professor for feedback on my writing projects and taking the time to get to know him during class breaks—gave me an accurate picture of what to expect when communicating with professors in college. I learned how to interact professionally, the importance of asking for constructive criticism on my work and that it really does pay to get to know your teacher, as they could become an important professional connection before, during or after your college career.

    4. I learned to not judge a class by its cover

    At my high school, I didn’t have many options when it came to which classes to sign up for, so I never really had the experience of taking a class and not knowing what to expect of the workload, teacher or types of projects I’d work on.

    For my summer program, however, I had to list a class that I’d like to take, but it wasn’t guaranteed that I’d get into it. My first choice was a class about writing and literature, but I got assigned to a class about screenwriting, which I knew nothing about. I was so nervous that the other students in my class would be experts, and I was secretly not-too-happy about not getting my first choice—but I ended up falling in love with the topics, and I learned about a type of writing and storytelling that was still related to my career goals and interests. Similarly, in college, I’ve signed up for classes expecting them to be “easy,” like Astronomy—which, plot twist, ended up being full of physics and one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken.

    In college, you can’t always get your first choice of classes, especially when it comes to electives and courses outside of your major—or you may take a class taught by a prof that your friends warned is really strict—but you should always go into your classes with an open mind. You never know what you’ll learn, who you’ll meet or what kinds of skills you’ll pick up over time—and it usually ends up being a lot different than what’d you think.

    5. It showed me that the best is yet to come

    In high school, I was surrounded by people who proudly sported the “high school is the best time of my life” attitude, and I didn’t really relate to that mindset. I spent way more time dreaming about college and post-high school life than I did stressing about how (or if) I’d be asked to prom—and though I always knew there was an amazing world beyond high school, going to my pre-college summer program reassured me that many of the best opportunities for learning, traveling and personal growth were still yet to come. At the program, I loved meeting people who also understood that there was more to life than high school—it made me feel like I had found a community where I belonged. Also, the experiences of getting used to a campus setting, living in the dorms and choosing how to spend my time outside of class gave me a clear look at what it would be like to go to college away from home, making me less nervous and more excited to apply to schools.

    As a college student, I still keep in touch with many of the friends I met at the summer program, and I’ve found that screenwriting, which I learned in the class I took at the camp, is something I’d love to continue in the future. For me, attending a summer program was especially important because of the limited resources at my high school, but I don’t think going to a pre-college program is 100 percent right or necessary for everyone to feel prepared for college. Overall, I cherish the friendships, memories and skills I took from my experience because they made my transition from high school to college much smoother.

    Follow Darcy on Twitter.

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    More Than 300 Immigrant Children Reunited With Their Families

    The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it has reunited 364 children who were separated at the border with their families, but there are still hundreds of children waiting to be reunited.

    via The Associated Press

    According to ABC News, the Justice Department reaffirmed in a court ruling that it has identified 2,551 children that may be covered by U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw's order. An additional 900 children are “not eligible or not yet known to the eligible,” and are currently undergoing an evaluation to verify that they are returned to their rightful parents.

    There are currently eight U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement locations to reunify families.

    Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas has served dozen of these families, and the shelter's director, Ruben Garcia, said “the actual reunification process is a logistical nightmare.”

    Sabraw has held tight on his July 26 deadline for immigrant children over the age of five to be returned to their families.

    On Monday, Sabraw put a temporary halt on deportations of recently reunited families, as the ACLU has argued to allow families to have at least one week after being reunited to decide if they wish to seek asylum in the U.S.

    New York Initiates Tax Probe of Trump Foundation

    New York tax officials have launched an investigation to determine if President Donald Trump or the Trump Foundation violated state law.

    The investigation began approximately a month ago, an official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press.

    via Twitter

    If violations are found, prosecutors could pursue criminal charges and force the release of Trump’s tax returns.

    The investigation, which was first reported by The New York Times, surrounds State Attorney General Barbara Underwood's lawsuit that President Donald Trump illegally used funds from his charity to help settle legal disputes, fund his presidential campaign and pay for other business and personal expenses.

    A criminal investigation would allow state prosecutors to broaden their scope of the investigation, and the attorney general’s office said Wednesday that it wasn’t ruling out seeking broader authority.

    “As our lawsuit against the Trump Foundation illustrates, we intend to hold the Foundation and its directors accountable for all violations of state law,” said spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick. “We continue to evaluate the evidence to determine what additional actions may be warranted, and will seek a criminal referral from the appropriate state agency as necessary.”

    “For the Trump Foundation, the law is the law. It doesn't matter who you are, the law is the law,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday when asked about the investigation.

    Michelle Obama Video With Janelle Monáe Will Make You Want to Vote

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s new campaign will make you want to get out and vote this November.

    On Thursday, Mrs. Obama announced her new campaign, “When We All Vote,” which seeks to encourage everyone to not only vote, but also become as politically active as you can, according to Hello Giggles.

    To kick of “When We All Vote,” Mrs. Obama released a PSA with stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda, NBA player Chris Paul and Janelle Monaé.

    In the video, the former First Lady calls Miranda to ask him to vote and to help others register to vote. Miranda then calls Paul, who then calls Monaé.

    “Four million Americans turn 18 this year. That’s huge!” Monáe says in the video. “And we need every last one of them to register and vote. ‘Cuz let’s be real: It’s gonna be the young people of this generation that will change the world.”

    The video drives home the fact that we need to become more involved in our communities to bring about change. At the end of the PSA, Mrs. Obama says our country and our democracy deserve our attention.

    But this is only the beginning for “When We All Vote.” The campaign will work to train individuals to help get others registered to vote and will be hosting events to reach out to voters.

    If anything, this is a powerful reminder that we all need to do our part and vote!

    What to look out for...

    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is out in theaters starting today! And if you really want to know if Meryl Streep is in the sequel, here are all your answers

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    Jennifer Lopez is back with a brand new romcom and let me tell you guys, I am pumped.

    Not just because I will watch The Wedding Planner literally any time I catch it (or because Milo Ventimiglia plays her love interest), but also because as a recent college grad still trying to make it in this world, I totally get it.

    So, here's the deal. 

    Second Act features a down-on-her-luck Lopez as she struggles to move up in her department store as all of the managers have some sort of degree. She laments to her best friend, played by real life bestie Leah Remini, and her best friend's son when suddenly, she's getting an interview at a huge company. The interviewer tells her that her resume is impressive and when she's confused, her best friend's son admits to creating a new identity for her. After all, if she has the capabilities, what do a few lies hurt? 

    I can totally relate to this storyline. I wouldn't necessarily employ it, but I agree that if you have the talent, the capabilities and the nerve, a scam isn't the worst thing in the world in order to get your dream job. I mean, it's probably happening all of the time! Especially in this economy when having a college degree doesn't mean anything unless you've got two internships under your belt and four to six years experience for an entry level position. Me thinks someone who has struggled with finding a job and has considered a scam wrote this future gem.

    As Vulture reports, Leah Remini looks like she's going to be one of the best parts of Second Act which premieres on November 21st, and I'm super inclined to agree.

    What do you guys think? Are you ready for Jennifer Lopez to step back into the romcom?! Watch the trailer and let us know!

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    This article has been syndicated from Sweet, Short & Stylish, an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here.

    During my freshman year of college, I remember having a lot of anxiety over the fact that I didn't know what kind of career I wanted, and I was afraid that I would graduate with a degree in a field that wasn't going to make me happy. Around that time was also when Instagram launched, and I became obsessed with the app – seriously, I hadn't been this obsessed since the MySpace days! 

    Fast forward to today and I actually get paid to go on social media and create content for companies. It's crazy how a career in social media didn't exist a few years ago, but has now become an essential part of many businesses. Whenever I tell people that I work as a social media specialist, they'll say things like "that sounds like a dream job!" or "that's actually a career?!" Either way, people think that it's an easy job and doesn't require a lot of work. Here's what being a social media specialist is really like:

    1. It's a lot harder than it looks

    Working in the social media industry requires having multiple skills in areas other than social media. A lot of times you need to be good at photography, copywriting, storytelling, design, and even having good manners! Social media is the "face and voice" of the company and you need to not only make it look good but establish a good message and talk to followers in the right way in order to keep them coming back for more. It can be a lot of pressure (especially if you're the only one working on social media at your company) and one little mistake can potentially turn into a PR crisis and ruin the reputation of the company.

    2. There's no such thing as a typical day

    One of the things that I love about working in this industry is how everyday can be so different, and it's never monotonous. Some days I come in and it's a quiet day spent monitoring our followers, coming up with new ideas for a future campaign, and collaborating on future posts with photographers and graphic designers. Then there are the chaotic days that are spent with changing deadlines, coming up with new content last minute, or even live tweeting at a event filled with thousands of people.

    3. Creativity is key

    While I've never been the kind of person that struggles when it comes to creativity, I'll admit I find it tough to be creative 24/7 but that's what working in this industry requires! Everyday deadlines can change quickly, and you realize you need to think of something new fast. While it's challenging, I've learned that's what makes it so exciting because you're constantly pushing your own limit and being surprised with your own abilities.

    4. If you're not a good planner, then this isn't for you

    I think what shocks people is how organized and good at planning social media specialists really are.  Most companies will ask you to create a social media campaign and you're going to have to decide how long it should be, what kinds of content it should involve, how frequently to post, how to measure, and what should happen in case it's not successful. You're constantly thinking about the future while simultaneously things are changing in the social media world and you have to keep up with that.

    5. There's a lot of cool press

    Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Being a social media specialist is an awesome title and you get tons of cool perks from it, such as trying out new products before release to the public, being able to attend events for free, using the latest technology, being able to meet incredible people, and lots more depending on the company that you work for.

    While a career in social media is still considered a "new" thing, it's a lot of fun and excitement, yet a rewarding career that gives you so many different skills.

    Read the full post here.

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    Police arrested Brazilian, celebrity plastic surgeon known as Dr. Bumbum after a patient died following her butt enhancement surgery. After five days on the run from authorities, he was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. Dr. Bumbum’s real name is Denis Furtado, and he has an immense social media following in Brazil. 

    Furtado was performing the enhancement procedure at his Rio de Janeiro home on Saturday when the patient fell ill. He rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she died hours later. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest, after he had disappeared for days. The patient has since been identified as Lilian Calixto, and police say the exact cause of death has yet to be determined, BBC reports. 

    Local media reports and The Independent say Calixto arrived at the hospital “with tachycardia, an abnormally fast heart rate, after having silicone injected into each buttock. The procedure is also believed to involve the injection of acrylic glass filler.”

    According to The Guardian, Furtado posted about using a chemical known as PMMA in his butt enhancement procedure. The Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society has cautioned against the chemical though. The publication also reports that Furtado was also not licensed to practice in Rio, where the procedure happened. The Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society told The Guardian though that he was not a trained plastic surgeon. 

    Furtado told reporters that he was innocent of any wrongdoing, and that “there was an occurrence with the patient.” The Independent notes that he posted a video on Instagram following his arrest on Thursday, where he said the woman’s death was an accident and that he’d done 9,000 procedures that were all legal. 

    The president of the Regional Medical Council of the state of Rio de Janeiro Niveo Steffen spoke to the BBC about the increase of “non-specialists”, “You cannot perform plastic surgery inside an apartment. Many people are selling a dream, a fantasy to patients in an unethical way and people, weakened, are often attracted to low prices without considering whether or not the conditions are adequate.” 

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    The father of two Parkland survivors, Ayub Ali, died on Tuesday after being shot during a robbery at his convenience store in Florida, NBC 6 reported

    The perpetrator robbed the 61-year-old father of four of $500 in cash before returning to shoot Ali. According to CBS,Ali was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

    "The suspect wore a black vest, reddish-orange shorts with a black and white stripe on the sides, reddish-orange slides and a skull cap with 'Miami' stitched on the front,” said a statement by the sheriff’s office obtained by The Hill

    Joaquin Nieves, a friend of the family, told CBS, “I can't believe this. It happened during a robbery in his own store…I was helping him move some furniture for his wife and I was telling Ali be careful -- people are watching, you know.”

    Ali’s convenience store reopened on Thursday. Customers created a memorial at the store for Ali, according to CBS. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477. 

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    I Did A Thing is our weekly advice column where the Her Campus editorial team helps you out when you ruin your own life (hey, we've been there). Email for any and everything you need help with. We’ll answer you (anonymously!) on so we can all learn, together. We’ve got your back.

    @wantingtolovemyself: Recently I’ve been struggling with self love and being happy in my body. I used to not have a problem with this but it appears to me that my body does not look like it used to, even though I work out consistently and eat healthy. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out ways to start loving myself again. Thank you so much!!

    @helpmehc: Let me just first say that what you’re going through is completely normal. We always have periods of ups and downs when one day we look in the mirror and feel great, and other days we’re wishing we were someone else. The good thing is, there are ways to combat these negative feelings.

    First, take a break from social media—even if just for a day. You’d be surprised at the effect social media has on how we feel about ourselves. And you know why? Because comparison is the thief of joy. And when we start to see someone who we think looks better or is doing better than us, we start question our own self. Remember, no one is perfect. NO ONE. And that is OK! Next, take some time to journal and write down all the things that are positives in your life, things you’re grateful for, and those things that you love about yourself. I’m sure you’ll find that list is neverending. Take a minute to just take it all in. Then, find some time to meditate. Believe it or not, meditation is a great way to center yourself and take time to be with you.

    When battling moments where I’m lacking self-love and being happy in my body, I also find that self-dates are amazing. So take yourself on a date–go someplace you love and fear no judgement from anyone. Take that time to appreciate all that you are, in the skin that you’re in. Lastly, I want to you to look in the mirror and tell yourself: I am enough. I am enough! You know why this is so important? Because you ARE enough! Nothing and no one should make you feel otherwise.


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    Late last month, a waitress who was groped by a customer while on the job did what we all wish we could do everyday sexual harassers. 

    Emelia Holden was working at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s when a man grabbed her bottom as he was walking by, according to The Independent. Holden grabbed the man by his shirt, threw him against the wall and yelled at him as he sank to the floor.

    Don’t believe it? The CCTV security camera caught it all.

    The customer, originally from Florida, was arrested at the Savannah, Georgia restaurant  on June 30 around 11 p.m.,Buzzfeed reported. He has since been identified as Ryan Cherwinski and, after reviewing the security camera footage, was charged with sexual battery. 

    Originally posted to Reddit, the footage of the incident went viral, and received an insanely positive response. 

    Cherwinski has been out of jail on a $2,500 bond since July 2, according to Buzzfeed

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    As college students, many of us often find ourselves crawling out of bed to our coffee pots, stopping by the nearest café in between classes for a much-needed espresso or surrounding ourselves in the library with a cluster of empty paper cups. However, this wild coffee dependency may not be doing us much good (no matter how enticing that cappuccino looks). Here are some ways to bring up your energy level without indulging your caffeine addiction.

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    1. Water, water, water

    Swap out your morning Starbucks for a refreshing glass of H20. The water will not only keep you hydrated, but also kick-start your energy by delivering a surge of oxygen to your system.

    “Your body is about 60 to 70 percent water, so dehydration can make you feel fatigued,” says Christina Chiu, a dietitian at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

    “I drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day,” says Kayla Lewkowicz, a recent grad working at a Cambridge start-up. “You really have to listen to your body!”

    Wellness expert Peggy Hall recommends that you add fruit slices to your water. “When you put in the slice of fruit, all of the vitamins and minerals that are in the fruit—in terms of your electrolytes like sodium and potassium that keep you hydrated—all of those are going be absorbed in the water,” says Hall. “Now when you’re drinking the water, you’re hydrating yourself better so your brain is going to work better.” Keep chugging that water all day to boost your energy. Your body, your mind and your wallet will thank you.

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    2. Straighten up, brighten up

    Whether you are working at a desk job or studying at your dorm room desk, hunching over a table can be incredibly draining.

    Surprisingly enough, just the way you are sitting can determine how energized you are. “You need to sit up straight,” says Hall. “Sitting hunched over is going to zap your energy. You can’t breathe because the lungs are collapsed.” It’s time to make perfect posture a priority.  

    The light coming from your desk lamp may also be contributing to your midday yawns. According to Hall, compact fluorescent light (CFL) gives off an undetectable flickering. “It’s fatiguing to the eyes and fatiguing to the brain,” she says. Replace the bulb with an LED light and feel much more awake!

    3. Smart snacking

    When the late afternoon rolls around and you start to fade, many turn to a snack for a caffeine-free boost. However, munching on chips or high-sugar granola bars won’t give you a sustainable, filling source of energy.

    “Pair carbohydrates with protein when you eat,” says Chiu. “Putting protein together with a carb ensures that you not only get energy after eating but that it will still be there to sustain you a few hours later.”

    “I make peanut butter energy bites that I refrigerate and take to work. It's honey, peanut butter, flax seeds and chocolate chips, rolled in oats,” says Alaina Leary, a graduate student at Emerson College. “I bring them to the office and eat them when I'm tired.”

    Sydnee Lyons, a second-year graduate student at Florida Atlantic University, notes that the first meal of the day is the key to her energy upkeep. “What's really been working is having a good breakfast before I do anything else,” she says. “I usually have oatmeal or toast, with a homemade fruit bowl and smoothie on the side.”

    Hall suggests a nutrition-packed smoothie. “The green smoothie is my number one go-to for energy throughout the day,” she says. “Anything that’s green that you eat is full of oxygen in the form of chlorophyll … [I]t’s basically stored energy.”

    4. Catch some Zzz's

    Being the busy collegiettes that we are, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always an option. When you feel your eyes getting drooping in the late afternoon, opt for a quick midday nap.

    “Generally less than 45 minutes is suggested [for a nap],” says Chiu. “This provides your brain the rest it needs to spring back into action. Longer naps will make you more tired because of the different stage of sleep you’ll be waking up from.

    “I'm lucky enough to work at a company that encourages quick naps if that's what you need,” says Kayla. “I take advantage of [them] usually once a week.”

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    5. Get moving

    Although it’s pretty counterintuitive, the reason you are exhausted AF could actually be because you haven’t gotten your blood flowing in hours.

    “Getting up and taking a walk always helps! It gets your energy flowing and refreshes you,” says Rachel Petty, a senior at James Madison University. Alaina agrees, saying, “I recommend taking a walk, especially if you can get outside even for 15 to 20 minutes.”

    “Energy production involves the mitochondria in your body,” says Chiu. “Getting more exercise sends signals to your body to make more mitochondria, which in turn helps your body make more energy.” She recommends heading outside, as sunshine is known to boost serotonin, your body’s natural happy hormone.

    The next time you find yourself reaching for the coffee pot, try out these some of these natural tips to pump up your energy. You may be able to finally say goodbye to long lines waiting for a double espresso and caffeine-withdrawal headaches!

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    It’s time to stop lusting over the girls with killer brows on Instagram and take matters into your own hands. You’ve seen celebs like Cara Delevingne sporting enviably thick eyebrows, and even though you may not be naturally blessed with big brows, you can totally pretend. We've got all the secrets you need, right here:

    1. Use coconut oil

    Seriously, what doesn’t this stuff work on? Jasmine Fain from Oklahoma State University believes in giving her brows some extra TLC by massaging some coconut oil into them. Coconut oil is packed with vitamins and fatty acids, which gives your brows all they need to grow, grow, grow.

    This is a quick stepping stone to thicker eyebrows because you can leave it on overnight and not have to add an extra five minutes to your beauty routine the next morning. Simply dip a cotton swab in coconut oil and apply it generously to your eyebrows. It should sink into your brow hairs overnight, but if it doesn’t, dab with a paper towel in the morning to remove any excess coconut oil.

    2. Find a quality brow tint

    Brow tints are perfect if you want to go bold without risking over-filling your eyebrows. Amanda Jones, a junior at Western University swears by Etude House Tint My 4-Tip Brow ($11.10 at Etude House) but she recommends it with a warning.

    “My top trick is to not use too much,” she says, adding, “The biggest problem girls have is that they use far too much product and end up overdoing their brows.”

    How can you practice your brown tinting skills, you may ask? Take your hand and practice your brush stroke so you can get a feel on how heavy or light your hand needs to be to achieve the ideal tint for you.

    If an at-home brow tint makes your nervous, plenty of salons offer brow tinting that can last you a couple of weeks.

    3. Color ’em in

    If you’ve got time in your schedule to color in your brows, Glossier’s Boy Brow product ($16 at Glossier) is a fan favorite.

    Isabel Calkins, a junior at New York University, says, “It keeps your natural shape but just adds texture and volume. Basically giving you flawless brows.”

    Boy Brow is available in three shades, as well as in clear, and the gel-based formula lets you fake a natural brow thickness while the brush combs through your existing brow hair to make it look more neat and refined. This product is perfect for those no-makeup days because a nice thick brow will still make a statement without all of the fuss other makeup causes.

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    4. Keep them clean

    Some of us are blessed with naturally thick brows, and it’s a beautiful thing. In order to keep them looking full and to keep us from looking like fools, you have to tame them. Lina* has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which causes her hair to grow back quickly. Even if you aren’t dealing with a condition like PCOS, sometimes genetics make your eyebrows grow in faster than normal, which can make salon visits too frequent and costly. 

    “I use small facial razors to get the hair in between my brows and then I like to tweeze my brow hair because it gives me more control so I can get a more precise arch and try to avoid the ‘brows are sisters, not twins’ saying,” she says.

    Practice makes perfect when it comes to your brows, so when you’re taking a razor to them, you have to remember to go slow.

    5. Spread on a serum

    If your sparse brows are getting you down and you’re too busy to pencil them in, do an overnight treatment. The Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer ($12 at Sephora) can be worn overnight, so it lets you sleep while it does all of the work to condition your brows with keratin and soy proteins. It's also super easy to keep on your nightstand and apply right before you doze off.

    Letting your brows grow in thicker with the help of vitamins will give you the shape that fits your face the best. After all, no one knows better than Mother Nature! 

    6. Stick to a brow pomade over the traditional pencil

    Think about how fast pencil eyeliner can fade and smudge—would you want your brows melting off when you break a sweat running to class? No, we didn’t think so! To make sure your brows look as natural as possible (and stay that way), brow pomade beats an eyebrow pencil any day of the week.

    Cult classic DIPBROW Pomade ($18 at Sephora) offers a range of colors and a waterproof formula that makes sure you can count on your brows to be full and fabulous until the end of the day.

    7. Stay loyal when it comes to the salon

    When it comes to your brows, don't play any games. A trip to the salon can make your eyebrows look heinous or amazing, so don't be afraid to spend a little time and money finding a professional who knows what they're doing. After all, your eyebrows are a very distinct feature! Amber Ellsworth, who works at Swank Hair Studio in Pittsburgh, PA, warns against salon-hopping when it comes to your brows.

    "Stay regular with your waxing or threading, and stay loyal once you find someone who does them how you like them," she says. "Nothing is worse than letting your and your stylist's hard work go to waste."

    If you keep going to the same salon, you're going to ease the eyebrow styling experience and you're never going to be disappointed with the results. 

    Ellsworth gives one more piece of advice: "Resist the urge to tweeze!"

    If you follow these tips, bold brows are certainly in your future. To find the best way to figure out your eyebrow routine, give everything a trial run. If you find out that you’re always waking up 10 minutes before class, an overnight or long-lasting brow treatment is for you. But if you’re an early riser, shaping and filling may be the ticket to gorgeous brows. Find your beauty routine and show the world that with a good brow, you can conquer anything.

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    More than 20 years after the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered, it appears that a new iteration of the show is about to do the same. Joss Whedon, the creator of the wildly popular series, is set to executive produce a reboot — this time with a black actress in the lead role of Buffy Summers.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is developing the modern vampire drama. Monica Owusu-Breen, who worked with Whedon on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is expected to run and write the show. 

    The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer concluded back in 2003 after seven seasons, but its cult status has kept it timeless. The show is often lauded as one of the best of all time, and Buffy's character, made famous by Sarah Michelle Gellar, continues to be dubbed a feminist icon. 

    The show followed Buffy as she navigated the perils of high school (and eventually college and the workforce), dating, and friendship — but mostly, her continued battle against evil forces like vampires and demons. 

    THR reported that Fox began discussing a reboot last fall, but it wasn't until Breen was chosen to serve as showrunner that the idea moved forward. Gail Berman, Joe Earley, Fran Kazui, and Kaz Kazui are also on board as executive producers. A network is not yet attached, and a script, director and casting are also undetermined at the time. What is known, according to sources who spoke to THR, is that the reboot will be "contemporary" and "build on the mythology of the original." 

    Just last year, Whedon had expressed apprehension about bringing Buffy back. "I see a little bit of what I call monkey's paw in these reboots. You bring something back, and even if it's exactly as good as it was, the experience can't be," Whedon told THR in March 2017. "You've already experienced it, and part of what was great was going through it for the first time. You have to meet expectations and adjust it for the climate, which is not easily. Luckily most of my actors still look wonderful, but I'm not worried about them being creaky. I'm more worried about me being creaky as a storyteller. You don't want that feeling that you should have left before the encore."

    Though some are certainly excited about the possibility of a new Buffy, the reactions on Twitter seemed to resonate with Whedon's initial apprehension.

    TBH, Gellar as Buffy is going to be hard to beat — but I, for one, will definitely be watching anything related to the original series.

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    Sometimes, when we say we don't have time to work out, we really mean it. It's not just the time on the treadmill we're talking about—it's the warm-up, the workout and everything that comes after—a shower, makeup refresh and the like. Well, lack of time won’t be a valid excuse anymore. We talked to both college women and Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University and vice president of the Skin Cancer Foundation, about how to freshen up after a workout when you have no time to shower.


    1. Blot away excess oil

    When it comes to cleaning your skin after a workout, you've got options. Blotting pads are a great place to start because they wipe off all the excess sweat and oil on your skin before you wash your face.

    2. Clean your skin with salicylic acid

    Nothing really beats washing your face with your trusted face wash and a washcloth, but sometimes you might find yourself in a real rush. Easy solution? Face wipes with salicylic acid (like Clearasil pads) will help to keep acne away, according to Dr. Hale.

    3. Use face and body wipes

    Facial and body wipes are some of the most recommended ways college women and Dr. Hale suggest to freshen up quickly. Margeaux Biché, a junior at Barnard College, uses wet facial wipes after she works out. “The wipes (which you can get for really cheap at places like TJ Maxx) make me feel nice and freshened up after getting grimy after exercise or sweating of any kind,” Margeaux says. But you don’t have to limit it to just your face; all-over body wipes are a total lifesaver too! They can make you feel as refreshed as you would if you had actually taken a shower.

    4. #NoMakeupNeeded

    Going all-natural at the gym has its perks. “When you’re working out, your skin is primed for absorption,” Dr. Hale says. Because of this, it’s easy for your skin to drink up any foundation or creams you may have put on your face. This is actually really cool, if you make it work for you. Instead of putting on foundation, Dr. Hale uses an antioxidant serum (she recommends Skinceuticals) on her face, which helps to counteract skin damage from the environment. In other words, it detoxes your skin while you're breaking a sweat. But if you don’t want to go all-natural, Dr. Hale says waterproof mascara and lipstick are fine to wear while working out.

    5. Don’t forget deodorant

    As for the rest of the body, deodorant is always a safe bet for beating B.O. On top of that, Women’s Health recommends using baby powder to dry off your skin and changing into a fresh set of clothes if you can’t hop in the shower. Speaking of clean clothes...

    6. Get out of your sweaty clothes pronto

    Dr. Hale stresses one of the best ways to stay fresh is to immediately change clothes when you’re done working out. Otherwise, the sweat and grime will build up on your skin, causing bacteria. Dr. Hale recommends changing into a cotton shirt because the material is the best when it comes to allowing the skin to breathe.


    1. Dry shampoo is life

    We straight up owe our lives to dry shampoo. College women swear by the stuff—because who has time to shampoo, right?

    Lexi Hill, a junior at the University of South Carolina, has a whole procedure for this kind of thing. “When I don’t have time to shower after a workout, I normally blow dry my hair by using the cool setting on the blow dryer. And then, once it's dry, I put dry shampoo near my roots and a smoothing product on my ends. After that, I style however I’d like,” she says.

    2. Baby powder—yes, you read that right

    The real aim here is just to absorb the excess moisture from your scalp and be able to make your hair look clean. Baby powder is great for that reason, and it can do double-duty by working on both your skin and hair. Baby powder sounds like a weird product to use, but Elizabeth Lloyd, a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato, says it works like a charm. “It sounds weird and scary at first but it works miracles! Sprinkle as much or as little as you need, let it sit a few seconds and work your fingers through your hair. All the white powder goes away and your hair is left fresh!” she says. To get rid of the smell, Elizabeth says she sprays a little perfume over it to diffuse the scent. If you don’t have baby powder, Margeaux says she’s had luck with powder deodorant too, which does essentially the same thing as dry shampoo and baby powder.

    3. Own that ponytail, work that updo!

    Even if dry shampoo can work miracles, wearing your hair down after a workout doesn't always have you feeling your best. Luckily, styles like buns and braids are perfect for tying your hair back in a pinch while still making it look great. If you need gym hair inspo, we've got you covered. 

    Obviously there’s nothing that beats a shower after a sweat sesh, but we’re busy women! So if you have to cut time, these options are a great substitute to make you feel fresh and clean sans shower.

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    At least 17 people— including nine members of one family — were killed on Thursday night after a duck boat sank in rough waters at Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. 

    The particular boat was owned by Ride the Ducks, a national sightseeing tour agency that operates a number of similar duck boats, which move along both land and water. Jim Pattison Jr., the president of Ride the Ducks' parent company, Ripley Entertainment, has since stated that the boat that sunk "shouldn't have been in the water." 

    Prior to the accident, a severe thunderstorm warning had been issued. The National Weather Service also reported wind gusts of more than 60 mph. Though the National Transportation Safety Board, Coast Guard and other agencies are currently investigating what exactly happened, Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said he believed the boat sank because of rough water conditions. The vessel was found about 80 feet below the surface of the lake, resting on its wheels, on Friday. 

    A total of 31 people were aboard the boat as it sank. According to The Los Angeles Times, fewer than half survived, and seven were injured. The victims ranged in age from 1 to 76.

    The Coleman family from the Indianapolis area was especially affected by the tragedy, as nine members of the family — including four children — were among the victims. According to FOX49, two relatives survived. One of them, Tia Coleman, said the captain of the boat told her family not to worry about grabbing life jackets. 

    "My husband would want me to say this – he would want the world to know that on this boat we were on, the captain had told us ‘don’t worry about grabbing the life jackets – you won’t need them’ so nobody grabbed them as we listened to the captain as he told us to stay seated," Tia said. "However in doing that, when it was time to grab them, it was too late and I believe that a lot of people could have been spared."

    Per The New York Times, the Coast Guard requires life jackets to be available for each passenger on a boat; however, it's up to the crew to decide when to instruct passengers to wear them. Pattison said Ride the Ducks' boats are always stocked with life jackets, but people don't have to wear them. 

    The boat's captain survived and was taken to the hospital. According to the NYT, he had more than 26 years of experience on the lake. Another crew member, who was tasked with driving the vehicle on land, died. 

    A vigil was held for the victims on Friday night in Branson. Missouri's governor, President Trump, and more have also offered their sympathies for those affected.

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    The last show of Harry Styles' tour was one to remember, but not just for him. During his show, Harry ended up helping an 18-year-old fan named Grace come out to her mom. 

    The San Jose, California show was actually Grace's tenth. According to BuzzFeed News, she was spending her summer traveling the West Coast with friends, attending a number of Harry's concerts. For this one, Grace made a double-sided sign that read, "I traveled 2,846 miles to be here tonight thank you for 10 incredible shows," and "I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!"

    Grace told BuzzFeed News she wanted Harry to see the sign so he'd know how much his music has impacted her life and the lives of others. 

    "He's a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and he's made a lot of fans feel comfortable and proud to be who they are and I'm just one example of that," she said.

    Lucky for Grace, Harry not only saw the poster, but he stopped mid-show to ask her if he could read it aloud. "I was in complete shock when he acknowledged it because there were many other fans in the pit that night with signs," Grace said.

    The moment was captured in a video, and Harry can be seen asking Grace for her mother's name. After Grace explained that she was actually in a hotel a few miles away, Harry hushed the crowd and yelled, "TINA, SHE'S GAY!"

    He added, "Tina says she loves ya. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you."

    After the show, Grace rushed to the hotel to reveal that she's bisexual and relay the story to her mom, who ended up being "overjoyed."

    "Yes I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be," Grace's mom told her. 

    The whirlwind of a night was definitely special for Grace. "To have Harry not only read my sign but ask my name and my mother's and help me come out to her meant the absolute world to me," she said. "I’ve been a fan of Harry (and One Direction) since 2011 and to have someone who’s been so important in your life share such a monumental moment with you is so incredibly special."

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    It doesn’t matter who you are; a breakup is a shitty experience for everyone. If only all of the negative feelings associated with your ex could just magically disappear—but, unfortunately, they can’t. There are many things you should do to heal from a breakup, and there are many things you shouldn’t do. What’s one of them? Gossiping about your ex.

    No matter how much resentment you hold toward your ex, you should avoid speaking badly about them. If you’re wondering why, look no further! We’ve consulted April Masini, a relationship and etiquette expert, to spill the truth on this unhealthy habit.

    1. Your ex is your ex for a reason

    You’ve heard it before, collegiettes: leave the past in the past! By gossiping about your ex, you are inadvertently carrying him or her into your future, and you cannot successfully move on this way.

    Masini reiterates this point. “Bringing your ex back into your life by gossiping doesn’t help you move forward,” she says. “Start spending your energy on new, fresh, positive people and things. Let your ex fade into the background!” When a chapter in your life finishes, don’t keep rereading it. Move onto the next one (hint: it’s probably a better one, anyway)!

    2. It's bad branding for yourself

    You should always prioritize your relationships with other people, but never at the expense of your own reputation. After all, you’re stuck with yourself for life! When you gossip about an ex, not only are you hurting their image, but you're also hurting your own.

    Think of yourself as a brand and this gossiping as bad branding. “When you gossip about anyone, you’re speaking ill of them,” Masini says. “That ends up making you look worse than anything bad you had to say about that ex. Do you really want to be a person who’s known for spreading negativity?” No matter how much this person might have hurt you, you can rise above the pain by acting mature.

    3. You could be distorting the truth

    If you’ve ever had a rumor spread about you, you know that it is usually based on a lie someone made up to hurt you. You also know how annoying it can be to get people to believe the truth! Why would you want to distort the truth for someone else? Trust us, it is not worth it.

    “Gossip is at least once removed from the truth—and often twice, three times or more removed,” she says. “You know what happens when you whisper down the lane: you get a distorted truth. Chances are, the gossip you are spreading isn’t true.” Stop with the lies and get off the gossip train!

    Additionally, when you gossip about your ex, you become part of the gossip about your ex. “The story will be told that YOU said such and such about your ex, and now you’re not just listening or telling gossip, you’re part of the story,” Masini says. Once again, you're hurting your own image.

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    4. It prevents you from actually feeling single

    Think about it, ladies: how will you ever truly understand what it means to be single if you keep bringing up a previous relationship? Newsflash: you won’t.

    By gossiping about an ex, you are engaging in his or her life. “In your mind, you’re back together in some form,” Masini says. “This keeps you from really feeling single and until you feel single, you can’t truly move on and find fresh, new love with someone else.” Stop the gossip and open your heart to someone new.

    5. It can make things awkward

    If you dated your ex for a long time, chances are you have mutual friends. Please, for the sake of everyone involved, don’t make it awkward for those people. Gossiping about your ex puts your friends in an uncomfortable position. No matter how much you dislike this person, it really isn’t fair to expect others to do the same.

    For Kristen, a student at UNC Chapel Hill, speaking ill of your ex does nothing but foster bitterness. “Talking about your ex can be unappealing to people around you, and can make you look catty and spiteful,” she says. “If you and your ex have mutual friends, it may put them in an awkward position.” Just because you aren’t friends with your ex doesn't mean you have to have bad blood.

    Rachel Petty, a senior at James Madison University, feels similarly. “My ex and I are in the same friend group, so anything either of us says is bound to get back to the other,” she says. “Also, we used to be super close and still care about each other, so there’s no reason to throw around negativity!” We couldn't agree more.

    A breakup will never ever be an enjoyable experience, collegiettes. No matter how hurt you may feel, keep this in mind and understand that better days are ahead—but the only way to get to the good days is to let go of the bad days. You’re too good to be wasting your time gossiping about your ex, so just don’t do it!