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A Collegiette's Guide to Life
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    As new information in the college admissions scandal continue to unfold, a recent report claims that actress Lori Loughlin’s daughter, social media influencer Olivia Jade, allegedly didn’t even fill out her own college application for the University of Southern California (USC).

    In the 204-page affidavit in support of a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in Boston last Tuesday, authorities detail an email allegely sent from Loughlin to Rick Singer, the ringleader of the college admissions scheme who has since pleaded guilty to multiple charges, alleges that an employee of Key Worldwide Foundation, the charity responsible for the scam, completed the application, The Atlantic reports.

    “On or about December 12, 2017, Laughlin e-mailed [Singer], copying Giannulli (Loughlin’s husband) and their younger daughter, to request guidance on how to complete the formal USC application in the wake of her daughter’s provisional acceptance as a recruited athlete,” the affidavit states.

    “[Our younger daughter] has not submitted all her colleges [sic] apps and is confused on how to do so,” Loughlin wrote, per the affidavit. “I want to make sure she gets those in, as I don’t want to call any attention to [her] with her little friend at [her high school]. Can you tell us how to proceed?”

    According to the affidavit, Singer “responded by directing an employee to submit the applications” on behalf of Olivia Jade.

    The application was part of an elaborate admissions scheme, where Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, allegedly paid $500,000 to get their two daughters into USC by having them “designated as recruits to the USC crew team — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew.”

    The affidavit claims that Loughlin and Giannulli had their two daughters pose as coxswains for a local crew team and on rowing machines, People reports.

    In November 2017, Olivia Jade was admitted to USC.

    “This is wonderful news,” Loughlin allegedly wrote. Singer replied, “Please continue to keep hush hush till March.” Loughlin agreed to, per the affidavit.

    Loughlin and Giannulli were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

    Their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella, have decided to not return to USC.

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    Ariana Grande kicked off her Sweetener World Tour on a sentimental note by paying tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

    Grande commenced her tour in Albany, New York Monday night. Moments before the show at the Times Union Center began, Arianators noticed that Miller’s songs played in the background as they waited for Grande to take the stage.

    Fans took to social media to share that the music was leaving them super emotional.

    “Ariana Grande is playing Mac Miller right before her opening song for Sweetener tour rn and my heart can’t handle it SO MANY TEARS,” one fan tweeted.

    Another Ariantor tweeted, “Ariana Grande had Mac Miller’s music playing while people got into their seats for her concert,” adding multiple crying emojis.

    The 7 rings singer has paid tribute to Miller multiple times since his tragic death at the age of 26 on September 7th of last year.

    According to E! News, back in December, Grande covered up one of her Pete Davidson tattoos with the name of Miller’s dog, Myron, who she started caring for after his death.

    The pop singer showed off the tattoo during a behind-the-scenes look at the “thank u, next” music video, telling her friends, “Look at my Myron. Guys, come look. How cool, right?”




    A post shared by yourarisource (@yourarisource) on

    Perhaps one of her most open tributes to Miller was in her hit single thank u, next, which later became the title track of her latest album. In the first verse of the song, Grande sings, “Even almost got married / And for Pete, I’m so thankful / Wish I could say, “Thank you” to Malcolm / ‘Cause he was an angel.”

    Arianators believe that several of her songs allude to Miller and their relationship, including imagine and ghostin, which fans seem to think Grande sampled some of his music in, People reports.

    Knowing how Grande likes to pay touching tributes to Miller, and seeing that this is just the beginning of her months-long tour around the world, the pop singer is likely to play more of his music and may have other tributes to Miller on her tour.

    But for now, congratulations to Ariana for kicking off her big tour!

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    USC Cracks Down on Students Linked to Admissions Scandal

    The University of Southern California (USC) on Monday announced that it had placed holds on the accounts of students who may have been involved with the college admissions scandal, effectively preventing them from registering for classes or obtaining transcripts.

    “This prevents the students from registering for classes or acquiring transcripts while their cases are under review,” USC said in a statement posted on Twitter Monday evening. “These students have been notified that their status is under review. Following the review, we will take the proper action related to their status, up to revoking admission or expulsion.”

    According to NBC News, the university did not disclose the number of students affected.

    The admissions probe, dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” was revealed last week by federal prosecutors in Boston, and uncovered a network of parents who had paid thousands of dollars to Rick Singer, whose foundation promised to improve the children’s chances of gaining admission into elite colleges by paying others to take exams for them and bribing test administrators and college coaches to list them as recruits for sports teams.

    Singer and more than 30 parents, including actress Lori Loughlin, were charged.

    Last week, USC fired senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel and water polo coach Jovan Vavic, who were also charged in the case, ABC 10 San Diego reports.

    Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, paid $500,000 to get their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli, into USC by having them designated as recruits for the crew team, despite the fact that they did not participate in the sport.

    It has been reported that Olivia Jade and Isabella have opted not to return to USC.

    The Trump Administration Wants to Put a Limit Student Loans

    The White House urged Congress Monday to set a cap on student loan borrowing for loans designed for graduate students and parents of undergraduate students.

    The loan limited proposed by the White House would apply to PLUS loans, which, according to the student aid website, are federal loans that are available to graduate or professional students or parents of dependent undergraduate students that can be used for college or career school.

    According to CNN, an undergraduate student is capped at $57,500 over the student’s lifetime. For parents of undergraduates and graduate students, however, there is no cap on what they can borrow from the federal government.

    “The principles, unveiled this afternoon at a meeting of the National Council for the American Worker, set forth concrete legislative actions that, if enacted into law, would provide more Americans access to affordable and quality education, improve institutional accountability, and help students and families make informed decisions regarding their educational options,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Monday.

    Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the ranking member of the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, said the proposal “would end up hurting students by reducing the amount of federal aid for students and taking billions out of the pockets of borrowers.”

    The Trump administration has also laid out other priorities like expanding the Pell Grant to “include high-quality, short-term programs that provide students with a credential, certification, or license in a high-demand field,” as well as reform to the Federal Work Study program to include more opportunities for work in related fields to what the student is studying, ABC News reports.

    The White House also urged Congress to simplify the student loan system, saying it “should consolidate the five income-driven repayment options into one simple plan that caps monthly payment at 12.5 percent of a borrower’s discretionary income,” and “should extend loan forgiveness to all undergraduate students (after 180 months of repayment through an income-driven repayment plan).”

    Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, has said he would like to report a piece of legislation out of committee this spring, as he would like to get something passed before he retires in 2020.

    “I share the Administration’s goals to make a college education worth it and to make it simpler to apply for federal student aid and pay back student loans,” Alexander said in a statement Monday in support of the White House’s proposal. “It is helpful to have these suggestions as I work with Senator Patty Murray, the senior Democrat on the education committee, to develop bipartisan recommendations so that we can report legislation to the full Senate before summer.”

    New Zealand Prime Minister Vows to Never Say Mosque Shooter’s Name

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in an impassioned speech Tuesday, said she wants to prevent the Christchurch mosque shooter from gaining notoriety, and vowed to never say the gunman’s name.

    “He sought many things from his act of terror, but one was notoriety, and that is why you will never hear me mention his name,” Ardern said Tuesday. “He is a terrorist, he is a criminal, he is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless.”

    The prime minister implored people to “speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them.”

    “He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing, not even his name," she said.

    Elements of the Friday shooting that resulted in the death of 50 people in two Christchurch mosques, including the release of a document espousing the gunman’s beliefs and his decision to livestream the attacks on social media, suggest that he sought attention for the attacks.

    According to The Huffington Post, Ardern also criticized social media for hosting the shooter’s livestream of the attack.

    “They are the publisher, not just the postman,” she said. “There cannot be a case of all profit, no responsibility.”

    Facebook said it removed the 17-minute livestream video after it was reported, and removed the more than 1.5 million copies.

    But Ardern’s decision to not use the shooter’s name has been praised online by many as the right approach, and the hashtag #NoNotoriety spread overnight, ABC News reports.

    What to look out for...

    The Sesame Street deserted island question has sparked quite the debate on Twitter. Who would you choose? In other news, happy first day of spring! 

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    There are a number of factors that go into the way your skin behaves, all totally out of your control: your mom’s generous gift of acne-strung genes, the changing of seasons and of course, hormones. However, there is also a major connection between what you eat and the quality of your skin. Most people know to stay away from dairy when it comes to keeping acne away, but what the heck should we be eating to achieve that #nofilter glow?

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    Blanket and infinity scarves had their whole season. Don't get me wrong, I love a cozy neck situation as much as the next girl, but it's time to move on. Spring has SPRUNG, ladies, so break out your Spring accessories accordingly. This season, I can't get enough of all things gold and silk to complete my outfits — these accents have been dominating the street and runway style scene and I'm incorporating them into all my spring looks.

    Don't worry — I've already taken the liberty of doing some online browsing for you. As per usual, I've searched for the prettiest must-have necklaces and scarves that you'll totally fall head over heels for. I recommend saving up this Spring because you'll be in the mood for some retail therapy after I show you these top accessories to try (don't worry, scarf, I'll catch you on the flip side). 

    1. Layered necklace

    A top with a low neckline can be boring, so why not revamp it with some layers of necklaces? This layered necklace from H&M has different types of chains happening. TBH, I'm obsessed with how the second layer goes from small chains to even smaller chains,

    2. Printed scarf

    Put your beloved blanket scarf and switch to something light and vibrant. Check out this printed scarf with such lively colors and tropical imagery! Here's a style hack: use the scarf to tie your hair up when it gets too windy.

    3. Birthstone necklace

    Not sure what your birthstone is? No worries, Frasier Sterling's got a little cheat sheet for that! The dainty birthstone necklace is perfect for subtle and simple looks.

    4. Statement choker

    Okay, but look at this cute "Baby" necklace. Perfect reminder for your boyfriend when calls you by your name — don't let him forget you're baby. 

    5. Plaid bandana

    Bandanas have that yeehaw aesthetic, but Madewell gave it a cute upgrade. Incorporating bright and happy colors, this plaid scarf will complete any dull look. Might I mention that there more patterns and colors to choose from?

    6. Snake chain

    Snakeskin print has been everywhere, but how about we glamorize snake charms? I mean, just look at this chain necklace with a snake charm! I'm sure Taylor Swift would be a fan of this little snake — after all, she embraced it as her brand.

    7. Handkerchief scarf

    Got a plain white turtleneck top? Good, because this coral silk scarf will pair so well with it! But, if you're having a bad hair day, you can also wear it as a headband.

    From gold chains to unconventional patterns, your spring looks are definitely in for a treat with these accessories. You don't have to be buried under your humungous scarf anymore. It's time to break up with it. Don't worry — you'll come crawling back for your scarf before you know it (but until then, warm weather lives on).

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    You’ve been doing everything right, down to drinking unfathomable amounts of water, eating your veggies, catching Z’s and spending way too much of your paycheck on skincare products. Despite your best intentions, acne and irritation still may be haunting you.

    The same place you go to recharge and get your beauty sleep could be the culprit behind any disruptions in your skin. Your pillowcase is basically a sponge absorbing all the good, bad, and ugly – then transmitting it directly back to your face.

    Here are all the fastest ways to hack your pillowcase cleanliness for better skin, especially if sensitivity and acne is something you've been facing lately. 

    Wash your pillowcases regularly. 

    Your pillow may look perfectly clean and inviting from the outside, but in reality, it’s a hub for bacteria, dirt, and oils. When those things are transmitted from your face and environment to your pillow, and then back onto your face, it clogs your pores resulting in breakouts. 

    You can combat this buildup by washing your pillowcase every week. Every two-to-three days is ideal if you’re not the type to let your laundry pile up. However, there are precautions that need to be taken during that week of use: Don’t sleep on the same side every night, and when the mid-week point hits, turn your pillowcase inside out so you’re able to rest on an unused side.

    Nicole Diaz, a senior at Kennesaw State University, recommends buying multiple pillowcases. “If you have the time and funds, buy seven days worth of pillowcases. Change them every day and wash them all at the end of the week. That’s one of the reasons I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin,” she explains. “Not so much investing in the pricey products, but sleeping on a clean pillowcase each night.”

    During the switch, be mindful of the detergent you are using as well. Steer away from products with fabric softeners and heavy scents, in favor of something more natural. Baby detergent or a natural brand like Seventh Generation are good options!

    Related: 4 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out RN

    Manage how much hair product is getting on your pillowcase. 



    A post shared by Slip Silk Pillowcase (@slipsilkpillowcase) on

    Your pillow isn’t just absorbing the grime from your face, but also your hair. This especially may be a problem if don’t wash your hair daily or if you use hair product (AKA all of us!). It’s obvious that you shouldn’t put hair mousse all over your face, but when it transfers to the pillow you sleep on, it's going on your face. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what's causing breakouts, but this is definitely a culprit. If you use lots of hair product, the easiest fix is just changing your pillowcase every week to keep it fresh.

    Yasmin Torres, a junior at St. John’s University, thinks women can benefit from keeping their hair out of their face while sleeping. “No matter your hair type, to avoid transmitting all the dirtiness from your hair to your pillowcase, wrap your hair up in a scarf,” she says. “I sleep on my side every night, so if it wasn’t for the scarf my skin would be incredibly irritated.” 

    Invest in a special pillow or pillowcase.



    A post shared by L A U R E N (@lalasfaves) on

    A good pillow can make a world of a difference! There are certain pillows available to keep you upright during the night, so your face isn’t coming in direct contact with your pillow. There are also antibacterial options and silk pillowcases that are really gentle on your skin and hair. 

    An antibacterial pillowcase, like this Blemish Free pillowcase ($30), will help keep your pillow clean for a little longer and it will help with breakouts. A silk or satin fabric pillow is very gentle on skin, as it helps prevent wrinkles and it's great for your hair. If you wake up with knotted, matted hair every morning, you should definitely try a silk or satin pillowcase, like this Silk Pillowcase ($8). 

    With everything that goes into a busy college day, bedtime is the one thing that should not be stressful. So if you're noticing more breakouts and bumps when you wake up in the morning, just swap out your pillowcase for a clean one and see if it makes a difference! 

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    At the top of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles sits Marymount High School. Bordering the Bel Air Country Club, the prestigious all-girls institution is known for its elite education as well as its celebrity alumnae, like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Olivia Jade Giannulli. Yes, that Olivia Jade, who is at the center of the college admissions scandal that's been dominating the news since the story broke last week. 

    The school’smission statement (one that I learned to practice as a student myself before graduating in 2016) is to “empower women to live lives of consequence as ethical leaders with a global perspective and an unshakable commitment to the common good.” This mantra made thescheme all the more shocking. I sat in the same college counselor’s office as Olivia Jade, whose parents — actress Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli — allegedly paid for her acceptance to the University of Southern California, with a very different experience.  

    While Marymount has had its fair share of celebrity students, the majority of classes are made up of young women willing to pour hours of work into academics and extracurriculars with the common goal of (honestly) getting into their dream colleges. I can’t speak to Olivia Jade’s experience at Marymount, but I can tell you that while she was reportedly paying to have achievements added to her records, I was hustling to earn them.

    Students begin participating in an intense college counseling program during their junior year at Marymount. Counselors used a personalized website service called Naviance that would compare a student’s grade point average to other students who have been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted at the colleges and universities that interested them. From there, the college counselor would make recommendations based on what they found to be best for you.



    A post shared by 🙂 (@lorisloughlins) on

    As a student with a 4.0 grade point average, I decided on a medium-sized university in the Midwest with strong academics and research programs. I was set on this as my first choice, though my college counselor had other plans for me. He said I wouldn’t get into that school, and recommended I submit an early application to Harvard. The obsession with prestige and status — which might have encouraged a parent to pay for their child to get into USC instead of attending Arizona State University— was clear. With Marymount’s high matriculation rate to Harvard, it was clear that another acceptance (my acceptance) would help the school’s marketing campaign and image.

    Going against my counselor's recommendations and ignoring his doubts, I went with my first choice (and got in). Knowing that the only part of the college application process I could control was working hard and getting high scores, I would show up at Marymount on Saturday and Sunday of most weeks for theater rehearsals or AP study sessions. Colleges hold the power of deciding whether or not to accept you, and I was going to give them every reason to let me in. This attitude was common for students in higher curriculum and AP classes, though not forOlivia Jade.



    if you know Olivia, you too are probably surprised she stuck it out 💐congrats my little graduate

    A post shared by @ bella on

    Thinking about the thousands of hours of work I put in made it even more frustrating to hear of the news surrounding Olivia Jade and Bella. Not to mention, that what occurred so clearly combats the ethics the school so strongly upholds in their mission.

    I could feel bitter towards my college counselor’s manipulative actions to better Marymount’s status rather than pursue what made sense for my future. I could harbor resentment towards Olivia Jade, whose crew team extracurricular activities were forged while I trekked back and forth to the high school seven days a week. But I won’t. Unlike the people involved in this scheme, I am an empowered woman and I am committed to the common good as my Marymount taught me to be. And, unlike Olivia Jade, I’ll eventually receive a college diploma from a top university that I earned

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    There’s nothing we love more than ordering in, but what we don’t love are the annoying fees services add on to bring our food right to our door. Though it’s a small price to pay for the convenience (or our own laziness), but those fees can definitely add up for the on-a-budget college student. Thankfully, Postmates has a new feature that gives you special deals to avoid those pesky fees.

    On Wednesday, Postmates launched a new delivery feature called Postmates Party. According to a press release, Postmates will provide a list of places that other people in your area are ordering from when you open the app. It’s a lot similar to a rideshare app or carpool to save money but with food instead. Then, you can select “join the Party” to share the delivery with other people in your neighborhood. The option basically gets rid of the dreaded delivery fee. According to Thrillist, you will only have a five minute window to place your order—sorry to all my fellow indecisive people.

    “We are driven by the vision of creating a logistics infrastructure that allows goods to move throughout a city at nearly zero cost to the consumer. Postmates Party is the latest innovation in on-demand delivery that will help us deliver on this vision,” CEO and co-founder of Postmate Bastian Lehmann said in a press release. “Postmates Party is a fun way to give customers the option to save money by ordering from popular restaurants that people all around them are ordering from in real time.” 

    TBH, this sounds like a dream come true. But there still might be some downsides in saving a couple bucks. If you choose Postmates Party, your food could take a lot longer to come. Patience is a virtue when you select this delivery feature. Also, depending on the size of your delivery group, your food could get cold or soggy. I really hope the time window is short because no one likes soggy fries. 

    According to the website, Postmates Party is available in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County and Philadelphia. If you’re in those areas, you may way to check out the places in your area and find your new favorite dish.

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    On Wednesday, Netflix released the first full-length trailer for season three of Stranger Things, and we finally got our first glimpse into what Mike, Eleven and the rest of the gang have been up to. Not only did the trailer feature a ton of looks into the new monster, but it also gave us insight into the potential friendship between Eleven and Max this season. Of course, fans rejoiced and took to Twitter to express their excitement. 

    When Max came to Hawkins from California in season 2, she and Eleven weren’t exactly BFFs. The two were the only girls in the group, but they just couldn’t get along. This most likely stemmed from the fact that Eleven instantly became jealous of Max whenever she saw Max talking to Mike alone. It was the female fighting another female over a guy trope that no one was here for, TBH. But based on the trailer, the powerhouse females of the show seem to be in a better place now.

    And Stranger Things fans are all for this on Twitter. 


    Iconic Duo Alert

    The friendship I've been waiting for the last two seasons...


    We don't stan the hate in this relationship.

    They're actually friendship goals.

    Someone hand us a box of tissues because this friendship is too cute.

    TBH, I ship it.


    Only positive female relationships allowed Netflix.

    If you need me, I'm currently quaking with excitement.

    *ugly cries*


    I can't wait to see this friends in action, and you can see how it blossom when the season premieres on July 4. Check out the trailer down below:

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

    Five Days After A Terrorist Attack At Two Mosques In Christchurch, The Community Buried The First Two Victims. 

    On Wednesday, the community held its first funeral for the New Zealand mosque shooting victims for two Syrian refugees. Khalid Mustafa, 44, and Hamza Mustafa, 15, were a father and son who sought sanctuary in the country after fleeing war-torn Syria.

    According The Times, the Mustafas lived in Jordan for six years after leaving Syria. The family only arrived in New Zealand seven months ago. Zaed, Hamza’s 13-year-old brother, survived the attack with serious injuries and currently has to use a wheelchair. He attended the funeral with his mother. 

    Mourners told The Associated Press that Zaed, whose leg and arm are wounded, was determined to participate in the ceremony and shake hands with everyone who attended. 

    “We tried to not shake his hand, and not touch his hand or his foot but he refused, he wanted to shake everybody’s hand, he wanted to show everyone that he appreciated them,” Jamil El-Biza told AP. “And that’s amazing.”

    Hundreds gathered to mourn the Mustafas, as well as six other victims who were also buried on Wednesday.Their bodies were carried to Christchurch’s Memorial Park Cemetery, where they were buried.

    More burials will continue this week, but not all 50 victims have been identified yet. According to The Huffington Post, New Zealand will broadcast the Islamic call to prayer nationwide on Friday, and the country will hold a two-minute moment of silence.

    Andrew Gillum Launched A New Voter Registration Campaign Ahead Of 2020 Elections

    Former Florida gubernatorial candidate launched a major voter registration campaign on Wednesday in attempt to defeat President Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020, Politico reports.

    Gillum reportedly plans to register around a million Florida voters before the 2020 election, according to the HuffPost. The voter outreach organization is called Bring it Home Florida, and it’s based off the Democrat’s signature campaign phrase. 

    “It requires that we get out there, and that we organize, and that we activate and that we produce a voter who is going to show up not just on Election Day, but the day after, they’re gonna be there to hold you accountable,” Gillum said, per HuffPost.

    Millions of Florida residents aren’t registered to vote despite being eligible, The New York Times reports. Gillum said he was optimistic because of the states historic vote in November. The state removed the Jim-Crow era policy, and it restore voting rights to people with felony records in January.

    “Because we turned out and we voted like our lives depended on it, 1.4 million people now have the ability to register to vote here in the state of Florida,” Gillum said per HuffPost. “That is a big deal.”

    Gillum joins former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in the fight for voting rights.

    Abandoning Dogs During A Severe Storm Could Become Illegal In Florida

    Florida Republican Sen. Joe Gruters introduced earlier this month a bill that would make it illegal to abandon dogs during hurricanes and other natural or manmade disasters, The Hill reported.

    The bill passed through the states Agriculture Committee on Monday, and it is now headed to the state Senate Criminal Justice Committee. Gruters tol The Palm Beach Post that “We want to give these dogs a fighting chance.”

    “A person who leaves a dog outside and unattended by use of a restraint during a manmade disaster or a natural disaster commits animal cruelty, a misdemeanor of the first degree,” the bill states.

    Florida is frequently hit by ferocious hurricanes, and the bill aims to provide some protection for dogs during these natural disasters. In 2017, USA Today reported that “dozens of dogs” were left behind when Irma hit the state.

    The bill may or may not become a state law, but the Florida legislation could spark a nationwide conversation on pet safety. 

    What To Look Out For…

    Wedding bells might in the air for 2020 hopeful Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson.

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    If you ever happen to grace your Instagram or Twitter feed during the week, you'll know that the style world is constantly buzzing with something new and exciting. And TBH, it's easy to miss a story or two in the shuffle. When you're style-obsessed and can't stand to miss the latest news in fashion, we've got your back.

    Introducing The Style Buzz, your go-to source for quick recaps on everything happening in the style sphere. Time to catch up on any news you might have missed during your morning Twitter scroll — here’s the latest style buzz:

    Tom Ford Releases Statement Against Melania Trump… Or Did He?

    Tom Ford is in the news as the #2 trending topic in the United States, but not quite relating to his fashion brand. Ford allegedly made a statement slandering Melania Trump, Trump’s wife and First Lady. The real plot twist here, though, is the fact that there is no proof or sources to prove he actually said it. 

    In a Tweet posted by Twitter user @fras99, covered by Bossip, it read, “Who likes Tom Ford? Tom Ford refuses to dress Melania Trump: “I have no interest in dressing a glorified escort who steals speeches and has bad taste in men.” It has since been deleted.

    Some folks on the Internet are applauding Ford in some pretty hilarious Tweets, and even shading the fact that Tom Ford has dressed a certain First Lady in the past, Michelle Obama.

    A spokesperson for Ford denied this claim, according to Vox, saying, “This is an absolutely fabricated and completely fake quote attributed to Mr. Ford that has somehow gone viral.  Mr. Ford did not make this statement; it is completely false.”

    Ford is a known Democrat and is notorious for shading the President in the past. During a 2016 episode of The View, Ford said he had been asked to dress Melania years before her husband considered running for office, but declined.

    After Releasing a Statement, Louis Vuitton Has Confirmed to Pull Michael Jackson Inspired Pieces

    Louis Vuitton has taken a striking difference in their artistic direction, most likely due to Virgil Abloh being appointed earlier last year. However, after their latest collection launch, only days before the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland showing at Sundance, they are facing serious backlash. 

    In a statement to WWD, Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh stated, “I am aware that in light of this documentary the show has caused emotional reactions. I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights.”  Michael Burke, Vuitton’s chairman and chief executive officer added, “We find the allegations in the documentary deeply troubling and disturbing. Child safety and welfare is of utmost importance to Louis Vuitton. We are fully committed to advocating this cause.”



    Louis Vuitton, whose fall-winter 2019 men’s wear collection drew inspiration from Michael Jackson’s pop-culture legacy, has reacted swiftly to the mounting controversy in the wake of the “Leaving Neverland” documentary. Virgil Abloh has commented on the Michael Jackson-inspired looks from his fall-winter 2019 for Louis Vuitton. “I am aware that in light of this documentary the show has caused emotional reactions. I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights,” Virgil Abloh, men’s artistic director at Vuitton, said in a statement released exclusively to WWD. . . . . . . #wwdfashion #LouisVuitton #VirgilAbloh #MichaelJackson

    A post shared by WWD (@wwd) on

    The collection featured printed sweaters, t-shirts, trousers and jackets that were all influenced on past styles worn by Jackson throughout the years. There are many direct references as well, including Jackson’s signature loafers and white socks, sequined tops and flag prints. The brand has stated that they will not produce any item “that directly features Michael Jackson element”, and that the collection that remains will “purely reflect the true values of the brand and of our artistic director”, according to Vogue Australia.

    So what do you think? Are you happy Tom Ford is refusing (or isn't refusing?) to dress Melania Trump? Or are you relieved that Louis Vuitton made the decision to drop since the allegations? Tweet us and let us know! 

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    In 2019, the conversation around skincare has become more complicated. Is it self care? Is it capitalism? Is it all an elaborate, expensive lie, or is it 100% essential to our self-love and confidence? Each week in Face Mask & Chill, I keep it simple by diving into one product that I just really, truly enjoy, whether because it helps me feel ~more zen~ or because it just, like, works.

    So come hang out with me, and find me on Instagram to share your fave skincare essentials—and the ones so weird that you don't want to try them yourself. I'll do the research because i just like you that much.

    Today in Face Mask & Chill: Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster.

    I've been using niacinamide for about two years, ever since The Ordinary's version came on my radar. What I love about niacinamide is how impactful it is. I use it in serum-form on a daily basis, with my fave lavender sleeping mask including niacinamide as a main ingredient. While it's not a straight up acne treatment, I've found that, over the course of a few months, it really helps to make blemishes look more subtle, and, because it helps balance out your skin, I've had less zits as a result of using it.

    Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, and it's all around really good at giving your skin a "refresh." It makes your pores seem less intense, it makes your skin look less uneven, and it only takes a few drops (I do four) to really change your skin. 

    So let's talk about the serum itself.

    Let's be real: Paula's Choice niacinamide isn't cheap. At around $44 for less than 1 oz, it's definitely an investment. If you're someone like me who constantly has inflamed blemishes, it's worth it. But if you can't make the splurge, The Ordinary's $6 version is a great way to start out with serums like this one. 

    What I love about Paula's Choice niacinamide is that it feels really, really gentle. It's a really light, liquidy formula, so it layers really well if you're someone like me who does a double cleanse, serum, face oil, treatment, and then moisturize routine on a daily basis. It's not at all sticky, which I've found with some serums, and it mixes nicely with your moisturizer if you're in a rush (I'd just make sure to use something basic, like Cerave's Moisturizing Cream).

    The brand also boasts that it features antioxidants and other gentle-on-skin ingredients, which explains why this helps so much with red, angry skin.

    Just don't forget an SPF! 

    Want to save this for later? Pin this.

    Get more skincare tips from Her Campus Beauty, our always-on, dope skincare hang. 

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    It's a pretty exciting moment when you realize that graduating means no more college dorms or college apartments. After my boyfriend and I graduated, we both felt like it was the perfect time for us to join the adulting world and get our first place together. TBH, it’s a little scary, but also very exciting because it’s a new adventure that we’re taking. 

    Apartment hunting for the first time outside of college was definitely a journey. That's why I wanted to share my tips and advice that seriously helped me find the perfect place for not only our budget, but what we actually wanted in our first apartment. Here's how to make sure you score the apartment of your dreams post-grad.

    Getting ready to move out to your first apartment? Use this guide to pick your first apartment on a budget! With these 8 tips, you’ll be able to find an amazing apartment that fulfills all of your needs and wants while maintaining within your financial budget.

    Decide what apartment features matter the most

    Before you start driving around town looking for apartments, sit down at home and create a list of apartment features that you want in your apartment. Create a list for items that are must-haves, a list of things that you want, but could do without, and then a list of your dream features. These three lists may include features such as locations, bedrooms, square feet, amenities, parking, elevators, on-site laundry, and so much more.

    Timing is everything for real estate

    “Adult” apartments are very different from college apartments when it comes to booking schedules. What I mean by that is in a college town, the busy seasons for rentals are at the beginning of August and the beginning of May because people are either coming in for school or leaving to go back home out of state. With an actual adult apartment, it’s pretty steady and unpredictable throughout the entire year, depending on the location.

    That being said, you don’t have to plan a year ahead of time to get an apartment, like you have to with any college apartment near campus. You can wait until a month or two before you need a place to start looking and to sign a lease somewhere. You don’t want to call around too early or you run into the risk of the management staff not being able to tell you an accurate availability.

    Get your finances in order and make sure you can afford the rental

    If you are looking for an apartment for just yourself, then make sure you can afford the rental property that you are looking for. Most landlords want you to make 3-4 times the rent or have that much in your bank account. But if that’s not possible for you right now, then look into getting a few roommates to split the bill.

    When you’re looking at your finances and your apartment budget, don’t forget to factor in all of the additional fees and costs that can accrue too. These can include:

    • application fees
    • renter’s insurance
    • utilities
    • pet fees
    • parking expenses if there is any
    • any deposits required
    • building fees (maintenance, water, and/or trash)

    Start the searching process and watch for red flags

    There are tons of websites out there to help future renters find their perfect rental spot so find one that works for you and your needs. When looking online though, make sure to really dig deep into your search and scrutinize every detail. Most of the pictures that you see on both websites are going to be of the model room, which of course is always going to look better than the apartments that people actually live in. So look at any pictures and the reviews to see what the apartment is really like. Feel free to dig deeper and stalk the apartment complex’s Instagram and Facebook page to see what past and current renters think about the units.

    The apartment that we needed up choosing had good reviews, and we both knew people currently living at the complex who really enjoyed the place. We were also able to ask about the utilities and other questions that we wanted to ask a current tenant.

    Ask questions

    If a detail is missing or they forgot to answer a question you had, don’t be afraid to ask questions to the landlord or management staff. Forgot to ask during the tour? Give them a call! You want to know everything up front before you sign your lease that way there are no surprises during move-in day. Plus you might learn something that really turns you off about the rental (say that there’s no laundry in the unit or in the building at all) and saves you a big disappointment later on.

    Here are some examples of some questions you might want to ask:

    • How long is the lease?
    • How long has this apartment been empty? How long did the last tenant stay?
    • What is the typical rent increase and how often does it occur?
    • Can I paint the apartment?
    • Is there an on-site maintenance person? If so, how quickly do they respond to a request?
    • Are there any late fees for a late payment?
    • How much is a security deposit?
    • Are there any specials or promotions going on right now?
    • Are there any limitations on what you can mount or hang on the walls?

    Honestly, renting an apartment is such a cool and scary experience, but it definitely feels a lot better when you’re in control of the situation and not the other way around. Hopefully, these tips and pieces of advice that I’ve shared today help you find your perfect apartment with ease and confidence. You may have some bumps in the road and plenty of great stories to share later on because after all, you’re still renting an apartment through somebody else. But the best part about your first apartment? It’ll always be your first.

    Read the full post here

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    Relationships are never easy, especially in college. You’re juggling a lot – classes, work, friends, extracurricular activities – and adding a significant other into the mix can sometimes make things feel hectic. It can be even more difficult if you feel like your partner is unsupportive, isn’t committed to the relationship, or isn’t treating you with respect all the time.

    Even if they’re the perfect SO on paper, you may still find the relationship to be unfulfilling. If this happens, take the following steps to determine if you truly want out before ending your relationship.

    Ask yourself *why* you want to break up.

    Is there something your SO did that has made you feel unhappy? Have you experienced a major life change, and are now struggling to juggle the transition and your relationship?

    Locking down the reason you want to break up will help inform what you’re going to do next. If you’re stressed out and don’t feel like you can handle the responsibility of a relationship right now, consider asking your partner about taking a break instead of ending things completely. But if the issue is something serious, like your partner treating you poorly, you should definitely break up for good.

    Write out what you’re feeling.

    When considering whether to end a relationship, you’ll probably experience a broad range of confusing, conflicting emotions. Writing a list of all the feelings you’ve experienced and the reasoning behind them will help you better understand exactly what’s bothering you.

    “Are you more in love with the memories or the person?” asks Melanie Van Schaick, a junior at Western University. If you find yourself clinging to the memories, it may mean that you’re holding onto a relationship that doesn’t exist anymore. If you are just grasping at straws, it’s time to let go.

    Consider keeping track of how often you experience these emotions and the situation in which they occurred. If you think that some thoughts and feelings are more persistent than others, take note of it. If you can pinpoint the exact cause of these emotions, it will be easier for you to find a way to resolve these feelings – either on your own or with your partner.

    Related: 6 Ways To Feel Romantically Fulfilled Without An SO

    Consider outside influences that may be affecting the situation.

    Stress from unrelated situations, like school, fights with friends, or family drama, can wear you out and cause you to withdraw from other parts in your life, including your relationship. Take some time to analyze everything going on in your life and determine if your frustrations in your relationship are actually stemming from the relationship itself, or if they could be a result of other stressors.

     “Picture your life in the next five, ten years. Is your SO still in the picture?” asks Reagan Harvill, a senior at Washington College. If your answer isn’t an absolute “yes”, consider taking a step back from the relationship to focus on yourself.

    If you don’t think that breaking up with your SO will actually resolve these issues, then hold off on making this decision until things in your life are feeling more settled.

    Talk to a trusted confidant.

    It can be hard to make serious decisions about the future of your relationship when overwhelming emotions are clouding your judgment. Talking to someone you trust, like a friend, a counselor, or your RA, can give you a fresh perspective on the situation and the potential choices you can make. 

    If possible, talk to someone who knows your SO and would be able to offer an objective viewpoint of the relationship’s problems. Giving a voice to your frustrations and talking them out with an unbiased third party can help clear your mind so you can make a clear, rational decision about whether or not you want to end your relationship.

    Think about what your partner wants.

    Take a moment to reflect on your relationship, and ask yourself if your partner is truly committed to it.

    When you’re with them, are they focused on being in the moment with you, or do they allow themselves to become easily distracted by unimportant things? Do they commit to plans for the future, or are they constantly coming up with excuses as to why they can’t make or deliver on any serious promises? If they’re choosing not to make you a priority, your partner is telling you that they aren’t interested in having a serious relationship.

    Alexis Bogen, a grad student at the University of Central Florida, asks, “Are they helping accomplish your goals and dreams?” You can’t expect your partner to focus on you 24/7, but they should be supportive and attentive when with you. If they aren’t focused on your dreams in addition to theirs, maybe it’s time to pursue those dreams on your own.

    Talk to your partner.

    If you are truly unhappy in the relationship, one of the best things you can do to resolve an issue is just talk directly with your partner. This type of conversation can be difficult, but if your partner cares about you, they will appreciate you opening up to them and work with you to try and find a solution that is best for both of you.

    This may mean staying together and working through your problems as a team, or taking a break from the relationship so you can focus on yourself. Openly acknowledging your unhappiness in your relationship and taking steps to address your concerns will help you decide whether or not you should end your relationship. It’s possible they may be going through something they haven’t spoken to you about, and it’s having a negative impact on the relationship.

    When considering a breakup, there’s a lot to think about. It can be confusing and overwhelming, and you may find yourself going back and forth on your decision several times. Take the time you need to fully process your feelings before choosing to end your relationship.

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    To be honest, the amount of beauty products I own is... shocking. I have bins and boxes beneath my bathroom sink, I have some I keep in my closet and yet there they are, overflowing around my sink. I've tried it all. I give them away to friends. I tell myself I'm only going to leave out what I actually need. But then I realize that, well, today I want orange lipstick, not red, or it's a little colder today so I want a different face oil, or what if instead of a seven-step skincare system, I went for eight, or nine? I thought that my problem with skincare was that the possibilities are endless, but, in reality, my problem was simple: organization. Or, rather, disorganization.

    I was disorganized, and it was time to put an end to the maddness.

    I started researching skincare storage, and it led me into the wild world of beauty organizers. From trays to stands to giant shelves to adorable, woven baskets, the possibilities are endless. I took to Reddit, which had a lot of opinions about cheap plastic organizers, so I learned that if I was going to do plastic, I should do a sturdy plastic. I took to Instagram, where I saw trays upon trays with adorable prints. Too, I took to Google and just saw what popped up.

    Then, I came across these two beauties that I'm excited to share with you today. Because yes, I'm this excited about organizing my products.

    The first beauty organizer I found love with was the Poise Accessory Organizer, which is $20 from Dormify. 

    This one saves me when it comes to my daily skincare routine, as well as some extras. You'll see I have serums at the top, featuring my favorite peel from The Ordinary, my Paula's Choice goodies, and additional oils and lotions, like this shaving set from DeoDoc that makes me not hate my live when I decide to shave.

    I also shove lots of scrunchies in this bad boy, and it holds it all without shaking, struggling, or giving me any stress about it one day snapping and my beloved (and expensive) products rolling free.

    I keep my foundations and concealers on the second shelf. The simple fact that this has two shelves helped distinguish it from other organizers for me. It's nice that it has multiple areas of storage, but it doesn't have specific slots your products have to fit into like a lot of other ones I came across.

    My tiny Flesh Thicksticks and larger perfumes sit comfortably along my tiny Almay makeup wipes, and I like to roll in some lipsticks and balms wherever I find additional space.

    I really like the gold color of this. It feels elevated, and it hasn't chipped or peeled despite me aggressively shoving prooobably too many products in it on a regular basis. 

    The second one I fell in love with is the Clear Clarity Vanity Mirror, also $20, and also from Dormify.

    I chose to use this one for my bedside table because yes, I have products I like to appy directly before bed. It perfectly holds all of my balms and creams, like my French Girl nightcream and my wide variety of lip balms. It is a gem when it comes to my jade roller, which, if ever broken, would cause me to cry a thousand tears.

    This does have lots of handy holders, but I like it because they are kind of large squares, so they give me flexibility for my products. I can either stand everything up, as I do when I'm being organized, or I can just shove everything in there when I'm being lazy and just want to roll on some peppermint oil (buh-bye headaches) and head to bed.

    Oh, and did I mention that it has a mirror? I looove this mirror. It's large enough to fit my kind of giant face, and it has a sort of edgeless, modern feel, making it feel super minimalist and definitely not wasting any space at all that I could be using to pluck my brows or press in a face oil with extra decor.

    It's a mirror, and it holds my things, and it keeps it simple.

    Get more beauty & skincare tips from Her Campus Beauty, our always-on, dope skincare hang. 

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    Opening up about her health journey, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke revealed that she suffered two nearly fatal brain aneurysms during the early filming of the popular HBO series.

    In a deeply personal essay entitled “A Battle for My Life” published on The New Yorker’s website Thursday, Clarke opened up about the medical condition that she has kept private over the past eight years.

    After filming the first season of Game of Thrones, the British actress, who was 24-years-old at the time, explained that she worked out with a personal trainer to relieve the stress from filming the season, E! News reports.

    As she was preparing for her workout, she started to “feel a bad headache coming on,” and added that she could barely power through the first few exercises with her trainer.

    Telling her trainer she needed to take a break, Clarke wrote, “Somehow, almost crawling, I made it to the locker room. I reached the toilet, sank to my knees, and proceeded to be violently, voluminously ill. Meanwhile, the pain—shooting, stabbing, constricting pain—was getting worse. At some level, I knew what was happening: my brain was damaged.”

    Clarke was taken from the London gym to a local hospital, where an MRI revealed the actress had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), “a life-threatening type of stroke” that about a third of patients die immediately from or soon thereafter.

    After being diagnosed, Clarke was transported to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London where should would undergo brain surgery, The Huffington Post reports.

    Her surgery was successful, but she struggled to communicate initially after the surgery, unable to recall her own name. Clarke was suffering from a condition called aphasia, which often occurs after suffering a stroke or a head injury, HuffPost reports.

    “In my worst moments, I wanted to pull the plug. I asked the medical staff to let me die,” she confessed. “My job—my entire dream of what my life would be—centered on language, on communication. Without that, I was lost.”

    The aphasia passed, and Clarke rebounded, going on to film the second season of Game of Thrones, which she described as her “worst,” as she lived in constant fear of death.

    Clarke notified her Game of Thrones bosses of her condition, but vowed to continue filming as planned.

    “If I am truly being honest, every minute of every day I thought I was going to die,” the actress says of filming the second season.

    After completing the third season of the series in 2013, Clarke divulged that a brain scan showed that the smaller aneurysm she had “on the other side of my brain had doubled in size” and she needed to have surgery.

    When she woke up from surgery, she was “screaming in pain.”

    “The procedure had failed,” Clarke wrote. “I had a massive bleed and the doctors made it plain that my chances of surviving were precarious if they didn't operate again. This time they needed to access my brain in the old-fashioned way—through my skull. And the operation had to happen immediately.”

    According to Clarke, the recovery from the second surgery was “even more painful,” and she spent the next month in a hospital “convinced that I wasn’t going to live.”

    But in the years since her surgery, Clarke said she has “healed beyond my most unreasonable hopes,” and has worked to develop the charity Same You, which provides treatment to people recovering from brain injuries and strokes.

    “But now, after keeping quiet all these years, I’m telling you the truth in full. Please believe me: I know that I am hardly unique, hardly alone,” Clarke wrote. “Countless people have suffered far worse, and with nothing like the care I was so lucky to receive.”

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    White House senior adviser and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has reportedly relied on encrypted messaging service WhatsApp to conduct official White House business.

    The information came to light in a December 19th meeting between Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC), and Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, which was made public for the first time on Thursday, Politico reports.

    Cummings, the House Oversight Committee chairman, wrote in a letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Thursday that the committee received information from Lowell that Kushner “continues to use” the messaging service for government work, and demanded documents related to White House officials’ use of private email for government work, The Hill reports.

    According to Cummings, Lowell told the committee Kushner sent screenshots of messages from WhatsApp to his official White House email or the National Security Council, and said Kushner was in compliance with the law, ABC News reports. Under the Presidential Records Act, White House officials are prohibited from using non-official email accounts or messaging applications without forwarding those messages to their official accounts within 20 days.

    Lowell did not say whether Kushner used the messaging service to discuss classified information.

    “That’s above my pay grade,” Lowell told the lawmakers, per Cummings’ letter.

    Kushner, who oversees the White House’s policies in the Middle East, has reportedly communicated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman via WhatsApp.

    Lowell disputed some of Cummings’ remarks in his letter to the White House about their conversation, suggesting that he told Cummings and Gowdy that he was not the authority on Kushner’s use of WhatsApp and that those questions should be directed to the White House counsel’s office.

    “I specifically said that ‘If there was a question about Jared’s use of WhatsApp, that is a question for White House counsel, not me,’” Lowell wrote in his response letter.

    “I did convey that Mr. Kushner follows the protocols (including the handling of classified information) as he has been instructed to do,” he added.

    White House spokesman Steven Groves acknowledged receiving Cummings’ letter, saying, “The White House has received Chairman Cummings’ letter of March 21st. As with all properly authorized oversight requests, the White House will review the letter and will provide a reasonable response in due course.”

    The committee chairman is investigating possible violations of federal record-keeping laws by Kushner, senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump and other current and former White House officials, ABC News reports. Cummings has asked for lists of White House officials that have used personal email accounts and messaging services to conduct official business, as well as the archiving process for electronic communications at the White House.

    Cummings, who has blasted the White House for failing to provide documents that have been repeatedly requested, has given the White House until April 4th to cooperate with the Oversight Committee’s investigation voluntarily, The Hill reports.

    “The White House’s failure to provide documents and information is obstructing the Committee’s investigation into allegations of violations of federal records laws by White House officials,” Cummings wrote. “In fact, as you know, the White House has not produced a single piece of paper to the Committee in the 116th Congress — in this or any other investigation.”

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    Joe Biden Considers Naming Stacey Abrams As Running Mate

    Former Vice President Joe Biden’s advisers are reportedly considering naming former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as his running mate should he plan to launch a presidential bid.

    Axios reported Thursday that Biden’s aides think that pairing him with Abrams, a rising Democratic star who gave the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union and fought a tough gubernatorial campaign in Georgia, would help to show that he is not “just another old white guy.”

    The speculation comes after Biden and Abrams had a private sit-down earlier this month, according to theAtlanta Journal-Constitution. And, it was reported last week that Biden is considering an early vice presidential selection and has discussed the possibility with his advisers and top party officials.

    Sources close to Biden have told Fox News that he is likely to announce his presidential bid next month. Over the past two weeks, Biden has strongly hinted that he would be running for president.

    Adding Abrams to the ticket could add diversity to the ticket and add excitement to the campaign. But there could also be downsides as well. According to Axios, Biden’s advisers expressed concern that announcing Abrams as his running mate could be seen as a “gimmick” and open Biden up to criticism that he overlooked his fellow Democratic candidates as potential running mates.

    Abrams, however, has been pondering her own political career, saying earlier this month that she had previously considered 2028 to be the earliest that she would run for president, but now says that 2020 is “definitely on the table.”

    New Zealand Proposes New Gun Laws

    Just six days after the horrific mosque shootings in Christchurch that killed 50 people, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday that the country will ban military-style semi-automatic weapons.

    “Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban all assault rifles. We will also ban all high capacity magazines,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said at a news conference Thursday. “We will ban all parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style semi-automatic weapon.”

    Ardern said sellers should halt sales of banned weapons immediately and warned sellers to return their stockpiles to suppliers, ABC News reports.

    “Every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned,” Ardern said. A gunman opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Friday, killing 50 and injuring dozens more. According to Ardern, the gunman used two legally purchased semi-automatic rifles that were modified with high-capacity magazines, “turning them into military-style semi-automatic weapons.” The gunman, a white supremacist, has since been arrested.

    The exceptions to the ban, however, would include semi-automatic .22-caliber firearms, as well as semi-automatic shotguns with magazines holding a maximum of five rounds, which Ardern said are both commonly used for hunting and pest control.

    According to The Huffington Post, parliament will also be creating a buy-back scheme, in which gun owners would be compensated for surrendering their weapons. The program could cost between $100 million to $200 million, “a price that we must pay for the safety of our community,” Ardern said.

    Under the new laws, residents that are caught with the banned guns will face penalties, including fines of up to $4,000 and/or three years in prison, but Ardern said these penalties could increase.  

    Police Minister Stuart Nash said Thursday that “owning a firearm is a privilege and not a right in New Zealand.”

    The ban is also being supported by the opposition party in New Zealand.

    The prime minister said she expects the new gun laws to be passed by the end of a “two-week sitting session” that ends on April 11th, ABC News reports.

    Ardern added that her Cabinet will meet Monday to consider more changes to gun laws, including licensing, registration and storage.

    Facebook Employees Had Access to Millions of Unprotected Passwords

    In a blog post Thursday entitled “Keeping Passwords Secure,” Facebook announced that it had stored “hundreds of millions” of users’ passwords in plain text accessible by its employees.

    The social media giant told Krebs on Security, which first reported the data breach, that an internal investigation did not find any evidence of employees abusing access to the data.

    “There is nothing more important to us than protecting people’s information, and we will continue making improvements as part of our ongoing security efforts at Facebook,” Pedro Canahuati, Facebook’s vice president for engineering security and privacy, wrote in the blog post.

    The company did not specify how many users were affected by the data exposure, but did say it would be notifying the “hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens of millions of other Facebook users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users.”

    The internal investigation revealed that anywhere between 200 million and 600 million users had their passwords exposed in a database accessible to more than 20,000 Facebook employees, and that some passwords had been stored in plain text since 2012, BuzzFeed News reports.

    The latest security mishap comes as the company has grappled with continuous criticism surrounding its privacy breaches and scandals. Facebook recently announced it would rebrand with a “privacy focused” vision, and would work on encrypted private messaging, The Hillreports.  

    What to look out for…

    Today is National Goof Off Day! 

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    This article has been syndicated from 

    Krystin Tysire , an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here.

    With the winter weather slowly disappearing and Spring coming in strong (finally) comes travel plans a plenty. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to traveling and it can honeslty feel pretty stressful. That’s why I wanted to share some of my travel beauty bag essentials I’m loving for the upcoming spring season.

    Since I usually travel carry-on (and try to pack light for quick weekend getaways), I’m all about travel-sized products. Here are a few of my fave minis that I always keep by my side when I'm jetsetting during the season.

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    Spring has officially sprung, and the change in season means that it’s time to change up your wardrobe. Now that warmer weather is finally starting to set in, you can finally break out your favorite sunshine-ready outfits, but not before you pick up a few new trends along the way!

    There are so many to try this season, so let me take some of the stress off of you by telling you which new trend to try in the best way I know how: your astrological sign. I’m an astrological aficionado who did some serious chart-reading to get these results and would never make all of this up based on my personal experiences with these signs. Never!

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    It's the height of spring break season, which means it's time to crack down and collect all of the essentials you'll need for vacation, whether you're sticking around campus or jetting off into sunnier days. Luckily, I know that you're on a budget, so I've compiled nine essentials for your vacay that you can get from Her Campus's very own, all under $20. 

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    Happy spring, collegiettes! The season of spring break, warmer weather and longer days are upon us. The end of the semester is approaching, which means finals are coming up, but also - SUMMER! As an ode to the season of April showers, May flowers and the precedent to the season every college kid waits for, here's a playlist to celebrate the bright and sunny warmth that comes with spring. Check out the mix, filled with throwback gems, fresh finds, and deep cuts from today's popular artists (PRO-TIP: Listen on shuffle!):


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    After 22 months of investigations, Special Counsel Robert Mueller officially submitted his report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, The New York Times reports. While the special investigation into Russian involvement has ended, the results haven’t been released to the public yet and no one knows what will happen next after it has been reviewed by the Justice Department. 

    In May of 2017, Mueller was appointed the head of the special counsel investigation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein gave Mueller permission to investigation “the Russian government's efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election,” and on “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” This included “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” For nearly two years, speculation on Mueller’s findings has been a regular topic of discussion. In particular, Democrats and Republicans are curious as to whether or not the investigation would reveal any connections between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian officials to influence the 2016 presidential elections. Trump has frequently denied any collusion between him and the Russian government, Huffington Post reports. 

    Attorney General William Barr wrote in a letter to Congressional leaders on Friday, per Fox News, that he has received the Mueller report, and said that he “may be in a position to advise you of the Special Counsel’s principal conclusions as soon as this weekend. Barr also wrote that this may include any “prosecution or declination decisions” Mueller has made. 

    It’s unclear what will happen next, including whether or not Barr will release the report to Congress or the public. Barr holds the power as to how much is actually revealed from the special counsel’s report. 

    But the legislative and judicial branches will have a role in the report’s reveal too. 

    According to The Washington Post, the attorney general is required by law to show his own briefing on the special counsel’s discoveries to the heads of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees—specifically to Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham and Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler.  Both will be able to decide how much or if any of Barr’s briefing on the report will be released to the public. No one knows exactly what they will do.

    Of course, Barr could decide to release the report in its entirety, which would let everyone know what Mueller concluded in his report, and what actions he did or didn’t recommend to take. 

    In the letter to Congressional leaders, Barr said he would speak with Mueller and Rosenstein to discuss “what other information from the report can be released and the public consistent with the law,” and that he’s “committed to as much transparency as possible.” The report could not be release in full. 

    If it is not, Congress could subpoena for the entire report. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has said that his committee “will take it to court if necessary,” including to subpoena the final report.

    One thing is clear: this is far from being over.

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    Let us raise a pint to Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

    Boston-based brewing company Samuel Adams is releasing a new Belgian Brut IPA dedicated to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

    According to CNBC, the new brew is called “When There Are Nine” as an ode to an iconic RBG quote. In an interview with the 10th Circuit Bench & Bar Conference at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Ginsburg said: “So now the perception is, yes, women are here to stay. And when I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say when there are nine, people are shocked. But there’s been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.”

    It’s part of the company’s annual event with the Pink Boots Society, a non-profit that supports women in the brewing industry, reports. The collab is in honor of International Women’s Day, which was earlier this month. 

    If you’re dying to sip this feminist creation, you can do so if you are in the Boston area. It will be officially unveiled at a celebration hosted by the Pink Boots Society in Samuel Adams taproom on March 29, according to the Eventbrite page. Tickets cost $20, and the event page says “$5 from every ticket and $1 from every When There Are Nine sold to the Pink Boots Society, which fosters advancement and education for women in the beer industry.” According to The Boston Globe, the event will also host a plank contest to support ACLU’s Women’s Right Project, which Ginsburg co-founded. 

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