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A Collegiette's Guide to Life
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    There's officially T-minus 16 days until Bachelor season is finally upon us — and the question on pretty much everyone's minds right now is whether or not Arie Luyendyk Jr. was successful in finding love on his return to the show after having his heart broken by Emily Maynard in season eight of The Bachelorette.

    While he's remaining tight-lipped about her identity, in a press conference call with Her Campus, Arie revealed that he *did* find love on season 22 — twice.

    "The journey was a great experience and I did find love," he said. "I actually fell in love with two people." 

    So, clearly the finale will feature a happy ending for Arie — but it sounds like the journey to true love will definitely not be without drama and some tough choices. (I mean, would it still be The Bachelor if this weren't the case?)

    And in case you want to try to spot Arie's future fiancé among the 29 contestants getting out of the limos on January 1, he also offered up some hints about what he was looking for throughout his time on the show.

    "I just really wanted someone, first and foremost, who is ready for marriage," Arie said. "To be a team with someone — that's a big thing with me — and to have someone who has their own independence, who doesn't just depend on me, but who I can also root for in their career and in their life just as much as they root for me."

    Could this be a clue about who Arie chose this season? Let the super sleuthing begin — meanwhile, I'll just be over here stalking all 29 contestants on social media to see who fits the bill.

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    The highlight of my week––or if I’m being more realistic, my month––will be seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Last year, when Han Solo died, after an impatient 60 seconds my friend nudged me and said “OK enough crying, you’re being embarrassing.” Needless to say, I am HYPED. 

    For big premiers like this, dressing up is pretty common. Sometimes it feels like our options are limited to strictly Leia buns, but thanks to ASOS, the ladies just got a lot more options. 

    via GIPHY

    Everyone's fave clothing brand just released a collab with Star Wars and Disney in anticipation of the latest film, and unlike other women’s movie merch, this release is wearable outside of the theater (and Halloween… and the bedroom). While the collection is inspired by key parts of the Star Wars universe, it also draws from street-wear and current trends. The result is something that pays homage to the iconic series without making people look like they belong at a convention for super fans. Here are some of the most space-shic pieces from the collection: 

    1. Scuba Printed Mini Dress ($79 at ASOS)

    2. Printed Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($35 at ASOS)

    3. Printed Long Sleeve Hanky Hem Dress ($76 at ASOS)

    4. ASOS X Star Wars Printed Leggings ($35 at ASOS

    5. Galaxy Printed Full Dress ($95 at ASOS)

    6. Funnel Neck Burnout Dress ($79 at ASOS)

    BRB, going to grab my credit card. 

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    The moment we've been waiting for is here: on Friday morning, Kensington Palace announced the official date of the royal wedding.

    According to a tweet made from the official Kensington Palace account, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry on May 19, 2018. While we knew the wedding would be sometime in the spring and that they'd be getting married at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, we now know the official date we'll need to set our alarm clocks super early to get a glimpse of the royal wedding (which, if we're lucky, will be televised like William and Kate's was). 

    ICYMI, other royal wedding details released so far include the cake flavor (probably banana), the couple's Christmas plans (the royal family's official celebration at the Sandringham estate), and the famous guests we may be seeing at Windsor Castle (Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams). While questions about who will be designing Meghan's gown and who will be in the wedding party remain, now that we have an official date, we're sure we'll be getting some answers soon.

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    The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

    By Kimberly Kim

    When the #MeToo posts began to appear on my news feed, they hit me hard and ignited feelings I had been suppressing for years. There had been countless times I’d drafted a teary-eyed post of my own, only to never hit "post." When the horror stories of Harvey Weinstein, Ed Westwick, Matt Lauer, and other big names came pouring in, the feelings became even harder to keep to myself. Again, I began to work up the courage to type out my story. Then I started reading the scathing comments that seemed to accompany every story and retreated back to the safety of complete silence. I’m not only a victim of sexual assault, I’ve also been subject to victim-blaming, and I hate myself for it.

    Related: How To Help a Friend Who May Have Been Sexually Assaulted

    I haven’t told many people in my life about my #MeToo story, but I’ve been met with reactions of “Why didn’t you tell someone sooner?” or “It was so long ago. Are you sure you remembered it correctly?” This has happened enough to the point where I am beginning to doubt myself. Am I doing this as a cry for attention? Did this really happen to me? I’ve lived with this secret for years and am what most people would consider successful as a twenty-something. There’s no way anyone would really believe me. So I keep to myself. Silent, yet internally tearing myself apart for not having the courage to speak up.

    These past few months, I’ve watched my news feed fill with stories and every day it feels like there’s another public figure I am disappointed and disgusted by. When these stories are brought up in conversation, I have to hold back tears. No one knows this is a trigger for me. No one knows that I listen to Kesha’s “Praying” on repeat when I’m alone. No one knows the terrible memories in my head. The more I hear about sexual assault in the news, the more I'm afraid to tell my story. I continue to be angry with myself for not being a silence breaker.

    I woke up this morning to find that The Silence Breakers were named as TIME’s People of the Year, and now I feel I can no longer stay silent. I am grateful for the attention that many celebrities and public figures have brought to sexual assault, rape culture and victim-blaming––but I have my fears. I pray that this is just not a social media trend that will die out. The conversations have only started. We still need solutions for this sickening epidemic. Many victims don't necessarily have the network or resources to get the help we need to heal. When we have a president who has been known to perpetuate rape culture, I fear that we will not make progress in helping victims. If we just leave these stories as water cooler conversations and don’t find solutions, we will have failed as a society. What good is there in bringing these triggers into victims’ daily lives if we don’t help them?

    Still, for every victim who has come forward with their #MeToo story, there are countless others who feel even more intimidated and less validated now that these stories are trending in the media. I don’t owe anyone my story and neither does anyone else. All you need to know is that there are so many people are silently fighting their demons and probably will continue to. They say silence is only perpetuating the issue, but who are we to judge? 

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    Emotions were running high during the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin last Friday. As the Villanueva women head out on a road trip for the Snow Falling book tour, viewers were reminded of several crucial moments in Jane's life. Throughout the series, our heroine has not always been the confident badass we aspire to resemble. But every time Jane is at her most vulnerable, there is always one person around to offer a boost of encouragement: Rafael.

    Jane and Rafael's relationship may be unconventional, to say the least, but her accidental inseminator has turned out to be a significant force in her life. For starters, Rafael was the first person to whom Jane ever admitted that she is a writer. Before they even knew each other, Rafael encouraged Jane to pursue her passion, thus the beginning of Snow Falling. After Michael's death, Jane almost called it quits on her first novel, especially when Michael's mother denied approval. Once again, Rafael was there to give her the push that she didn't know she needed, by single handedly fighting for Jane's manuscript and gaining Patricia's blessing. And this week, when Jane was nervous about going on her first ever book tour, Rafael reassured her of how great she is, as a writer and as a person. Do you see a pattern here?

    So let's talk about that kiss. Spoiler alert: "Chapter Seventy-One" left fans with a much anticipated, whirlwind kiss between Jane and Rafael. The romantic moment got me thinking, is Rafael Solano the man Jane is destined to be with? Aside from the fact that the characters have a son together, the mid-season finale proved that Raf has remained consistent during the highest and lowest points of Jane's life. No matter how far Jane wanders into other romances, whether it be a marriage or testing an old flame, she always finds her way back to Rafael. Plus, the pair are an incredible co-parenting team who make adorable children. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but how awesome would it be if Mateo had a sibling?

    Since we met her, all the event's of Jane's life have been leading to her happy ending: a telenovela love story of her own. We thought she found that love with Michael, and then with her baby daddy, Rafael, and again with a ghost from relationship's past, Adam. If the first half of season four has taught us anything, it's that Jane is still very much mourning over Michael, Adam is clearly not the man for her, and a romance with Rafael is still a possibility. Snow Falling seems like a prequel to the love that sticks. Pun intended.

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    Two months, one week and three days. That’s exactly how long we were––well, whatever we were. But it doesn’t mean I cried any less when he told me he didn’t think we would work. A label may determine what the world sees, but it doesn’t affect what youalready see and feel, what you hope for.

    The relationship (and I use that term loosely) may not have lasted very long, but the connection was real and I deserve time to get over it. In fact, I’m still getting over it, and that’s okay too.

    After starting my career in a new (and lonely) city, I pretty much accepted the idea that I would be single forever. Melodramatic, I know, but with an intense schedule and constant need to feel productive, I didn’t think the stars would ever align. I accepted that I was a “career woman,” and my 20s would be spent climbing the ranks and having wine nights with my girlfriends.

    Then I met him.

    He was charming, whip-smart, worldly, chivalrous and had the perfect amount of scruff. On our first date, I said something along the likes of  “I could drown in your eyes,” and I’m still embarrassed about it TBH. He made me swoon and I didn't resist it. I’m the first to admit that I fell hard and fast. 

    Related: 5 Ways to Let Go of a Relationship That Ended Before it Started

    One date turned into seeing each other nearly every night, and right when I thought we were going to become “official,” he told me we had to end. He mentioned moving for a promotion, but I didn’t think it was anything we couldn’t make work. He would only be a few hours away and we could see each other on weekends, so I thought. But he didn’t want to make it work and that’s what hurts the most––the idea that I wasn’t worth the effort. This "situationship" triggered many unhealthy thoughts. I buried negative feelings about my worth and ability to be loved where I thought they couldn’t find me, and this person walked away and turned the lights on in my darkest place.

    It’s okay to want to share your life with someone and let your walls down to let them in. It’s also okay for them (and you) to walk away because love is a choice. And it’s perfectly okay to cry about it, to mourn the loss of what you thought would be. What’s not okay is talking down to yourself or feeling like you’re not worth a relationship because one person doesn’t want one with you. You are worth it, and I am too.



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    If there’s one trend that we really hope explodes in 2018, it’s the growth of unretouched ads and inclusive casting by style brands. Missguided has officially joined the league of body-positive campaigns, and their newest winter launch, #MakeYourMark, not only features gorgeous women of different races and body types, but there's no fake airbrushing. “Because f**k perfection. It doesn't exist,” the retailer's website reads. 

    Another fun tidbit is that the “Babes of Missguided” are a band of fierce female bloggers, activists and people just like us––no career models here. Obviously, the internet has fallen in love with the campaign, and everyone is calling for other companies to follow suit.  

    We exist in a time when posting completely real photos without alteration is considered "revolutionary," and that honestly speaks to how important it is that influential fashion brands like Missguided are changing the status quo to normalize and celebrate natural bodies. Other retailers like American Eagle have also initiated their own body-positive campaigns, and that keeps us hopeful that this trend isn't going away any time soon.  

    You can check out the rest of Missguided’s fierce #MakeYourMark campaign here, and fingers crossed that 2018 will be the year women can own their bodies and "f*ck perfection" with ease.

    Rep Image: Felicity Hayward / Missguided

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    Oh, the joys of being a student leader. Being a role model for other students is an amazing feeling, but sometimes we just want to crawl into a corner and hide from the stress and responsibilities that come with it. What stress, you ask? Read on for eight of the biggest struggles that all student leaders deal with. #relatable

    1. You check your email way more than you check social media

    And you expect everyone else to do the same, too. Admit it. “I am constantly responding to emails,” says Reilly Tuccinard, a junior at the University of South Carolina. “I think I check my email more than I check Instagram. Taking the time to sit and respond to 10+ emails a day can be pretty stressful.”

    While it’s a hard habit to break, try not checking your email all the time, especially if you’re with friends or working on schoolwork. It’ll just stress you out more. Take 30 minutes out of your day two to four times per day to answer your emails, and that’s it. No one else responds with lightning speed, so you don’t need to either.

    2. When your members are sad and tired, you’re sad and tired

    When something goes wrong with your group or organization, it’s easy for members and leaders to get into a slump. “It can be a real struggle when morale is low,” says Sarah Self, a sophomore at Belmont University, “Regardless of why, you have to remind them why they're doing this in the first place. Things may be hard in this moment, but you've got to go uphill to get to the top of the mountain, and that mountain is worth it.”

    As the leader, try to stay positive through the tough times. You’re a role model; your members are reflective of your actions. “Make sure they know their problems are heard too. If they feel valued, they'll give you so much more,” says Sarah. Make time during meetings to listen to feedback so you know how to keep your group running smoothly.

    3. Schoolwork is the last thing on your to-do list

    Often, as a student leader, you have so many things to do for your organization(s) that academics get put on the back burner. Plus, most of the time, answering emails and talking to your executive board is way more fun (and feels more important, let’s be honest) than finishing your biology lab report. “Whenever I sit down to do homework, I usually end up spending at least an hour working on leadership stuff before I even get to schoolwork,” says Reilly.

    Prioritizing your groups and organizations isn’t inherently bad, but you are in college for a reason. Try setting a timer for 25 minutes and doing academic work for that amount of time, and then take 25 minutes to work on extracurricular tasks. It’s all about balance!

    4. Over-scheduling is your middle name

    You told your friend you would get lunch today. You told three others the same thing. You also didn’t realize that it was impossible to go from class to the city for a photo gig in 10 minutes. “Overscheduling restricts the soul. It makes it seem like college is just a to-do list,” says Jacqui Fricke, a sophomore at Temple University. “You just end up getting more stressed when you realize how many things you signed up for. Be spontaneous, but when it comes to your organization, get a planner so you know what times you can be spontaneous.”

    Writing in your planner might seem tedious, but in the end, it’s a tool of freedom. It organizes everything and keeps all of your obligations in check. Plus, there are just so many cute planners in this world, so why not buy one?

    Related: 15 Things Only Student Leaders Understand

    5. You take on everyone else’s jobs instead of just doing your own

    Doing everyone else’s work is a common practice of all perfectionists. You want to make sure everything is the best it can be, which isn’t bad in itself, but it can be perceived negatively by your group members. It can also lead to unnecessary stress on your end.

    “I try to do everyone’s job for them and then I end up overworking myself,” says Tiara Curow, a junior at Central Washington University. “I don’t know if it’s because I have control issues or I just don’t want to put too much burden on my executive team. I usually end up getting stressed out or not completing my other tasks to my full potential. What I try to remember is that my executive team would not have taken their positions if they weren’t aware of what the jobs entailed.” Remember that your organization is a team effort; it’s not every woman for herself. Pitch in when others need help, but try not to take on everyone else’s tasks.

    6. What’s a social life?

    While your girls get ready to go out on the weekends, you’re holed up in your room, answering emails, meeting deadlines, contacting event coordinators and just trying to keep everything in line. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in, but you’re definitely tired of scrolling through Instagram and having FOMO every single weekend.

    “Having to stay in every weekend to do work for my organizations and homework that I neglected during the week due to said organizations gets old,” says Emily Miller, a senior at Temple University. “I’m not a huge party girl, but I would like to hang out with my friends and visit the city during the weekends.” It’s tough when there are only 24 hours in a day, but we suggest picking one night or day out of the weekend to socialize, and then using the rest of the weekend to focus. While academics and leadership are incredibly important, you can’t restrict yourself from a college experience. We know you; you’ll get your work done.

    7. You never give yourself “you” time

    You’re so busy trying to make everyone happy that you forget about what matters most: your happiness. “One of the things I find really difficult as a student leader at my university is being able to balance the time I spend on that and time I spend doing things for myself,” says Emma Hoey, a freshman at the University of Vermont. “I feel that after I put so much of my free time into something that takes a lot out of me I deserve to relax and de-stress. But my commitment to being a leader for all these girls is so time-consuming that I find myself skipping yoga class again to read more current events, or missing out on a group outing because I'm planning so much stuff in my head to get done.”

    Remember that an empty cup can’t pour into others. You need time to fill yourself up with what makes you happy, whether that means watching The Office on Netflix for two hours, journaling or getting your nails done. If you’re a spiritual person, take time out of your day to meditate or pray. Keeping your happiness in check is more beneficial than running yourself dry.

    8. Your planner stresses you out way more than it needs to

    What’s a leader without her planner? Nothing. Planners can be the most beautiful organizational tool, but they can also cause issues. “As a student leader my biggest struggle has been overlooking my schoolwork and relying too much on my planner,” says Tiara. “Usually if something isn’t written in my agenda it doesn’t exist and that has created issues.”

    We’ve all written down events, assignments and deadlines that get canceled or changed and we forget to fix them. That’s why it’s important to write in pencil. Or use different colors to mean different things, like “definitely happening,” “possibly happening,” etc. And remember, you have a planner for a reason—use it! Carry it with you everywhere, or else you run the risk of overscheduling yourself (see #4).

    Being a student leader can be a major struggle, but if we didn’t want the hustle, we wouldn’t have taken the position. Be proud of your leadership positions, but above all, make sure that you’re happy. Your well being is worth more than any position.

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    We already knew Zendaya is a killer actress and that her style regularly slays the game— but it turns out that she's also really good at giving relationship advice too.

    In a new video on her app, Zendaya sat down with her assistant Darnell to get real about everything from being friends with someone before dating them, to dating someone in another country — and she has one piece of dating advice that you need to hear before the holidays if you're considering bringing your new S.O. home to meet the fam.


    A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

    It can be hard to decide when it's the right time to introduce the person you're dating to your family. When you've been dating for six months? A year? According to Zendaya, there's no specific length of time you should have been dating — but rather, it should be when you feel committed enough to know that your relationship is more than just a fling

    "If you guys both agree that this is a long term relationship that you both want to invest your time in," she says when asked about the right time for your S.O. to meet your family. "Because otherwise it’s just embarrassing to bring someone home and you’re like, 'we broke up.' I don’t know a specific time. I think you should just bring them home when you think for sure that you’re going to spend a lot of time with this person and you feel comfortable bringing them home."

    Considering her rumored boyfriend Tom Holland reportedly recently met her family (and they apparently love him), we'll be taking all the dating advice we can get from Zendaya.

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    Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new beauty looks, whether it’s a dark matte lip or a subtle rose gold highlight. That’s why Her Campus and L’Oréal Paris hit the road earlier this year for the Glam Tailgate Tour, bringing the ultimate Colorista 1-Day Spray pop-up hair salon and Infallible® Paints lip lounge to four lucky campuses!

    If you’re headed out to a football game and want to support your team in the most glamourous way possible or just want a quick change to spice up your beauty routine, L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray is the perfect temporary hair color. Match your new locks with lacquered matte or metallic lips and you’re good to go! 

    Glam Tailgate Tour didn’t hit your campus this fall? No sweat! L’Oréal Paris is giving three lucky winners an exclusive Her Campus x L’Oréal Paris makeup bag filled with their Infallible® Paints lip products. Get ready for #beautygoals!  

    Each prize pack includes fall’s hottest lip shades, such as:

    Enter here for your chance to win!

    L’Oréal Paris Is Giving You These Glam Essentials!

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    2017 brought us many new and inspiring faces in fashion, and with a fresh year around the corner we're forecasting the people to watch in 2018. Some are already models or well established in the industry, but these women are continuing to pioneer diversity, body positivity and generally chic aesthetics like never before. Take a look at some of these influencers you must add to your Insta feed. 

    Adwoa Aboah

    Aboah first graced the cover of Vogue Italia in 2016, and has been making a name for herself ever since. She has gone beyond the limits of fashion and uses her platform to discuss addiction and depression with young women everywhere, even creating Gurls Talk, and outlet for honest conversation surrounding these issues. She has devoted herself to use her rise in the fashion industry to help those who have fallen, and she shows no signs of slowing down in 2018.


    Queen Liberty living the dream. Last night will go down in history as one of the best of my life. Thank you @britishfashioncouncil for awarding me ‘Model Of The Year’ at the British Fashion Awards, Following suit after such talented and strong women means everything. Thank you for not only recognising the hard work I have put into the last 12 months of my career but also everything I have done alongside it. I am forever grateful for the platform that the fashion industry has given me in order to share my message. 3 years ago my life looked a lot different but today I stand proud, confident and ready for all the opportunities that life has to offer me. Thank you, thank you, thank everyone who carried me thus far, I look forward to creating with you in 2018. Thank you to my family and friends who I would be lost without. Well done to all the nominees and congratulations to the winners, especially my friend @halpernstudio You’re a genius and I was so very proud to wear you’re dress. Mad Love to @stephenjonesmillinery for my beautiful Turban, @celiaburtonmakeup for making me feel one in a million. @solangeazagury for dripping me in one of a kind jewels and @emmawnails for turning those stress bitten nails into ones fit to hold an award. I am one bloody lucky lady!

    A post shared by Adwoa Aboah (@adwoaaboah) on


    Queen Zendaya has been in the spotlight for a while now, making herself a household name not only in film, but also fashion. Her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya, features mostly gender-neutral clothing––a project very close to her heart. “I just felt that if I’m going to do a clothing line, that’s the only way I see it being done,” she told Teen Vogue. For a society beginning to accept the idea of gender-neutral branding, Zendaya taking action to normalize this advancement is something to follow in 2018.


    A platinum blonde pixie tonight cause why not?

    A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on


    If you thought you’d never be taking style advice from a 7-year old, Coco is here to prove you wrong. Coco is breaking age stereotypes in fashion by throwing all caution to the wind when choosing what to wear. She’s more likely to opt for Comme des Garçons Girls than any department store brand, and is inspired by the street style looks in Tokyo, where she lives. An inspiration to be unapologetically you, Coco’s sassy style will most likely be turning heads in 2018.


    . #kidzfashion #igkiddies #harajukufashion #tokyofashion

    A post shared by COCO (@coco_pinkprincess) on

    Halima Aden

    The first hijab-wearing model signed to IMG model agency, Aden has not only walked the runway at Alberta Ferretti and MaxMara, but also has been featured on the cover of Allure and modeled for American Eagle’s #WeAllCan campaign. Aden is breaking boundaries in the fashion world, and has not only changed the landscape of diverse representation, but is impacting the activist community as well. Between hours spent on photoshoots and catwalks, Aden speaks to empower Muslim women as well as being an active member of Unicef. Aden will continue to chase her passions and empower women everywhere in the new year.


    Living legends @edward_enninful & @jgalliano

    A post shared by Halima Aden (@kinglimaa) on

    Ashley Graham

    Graham has most recently been in the public eye after shading Victoria’s Secret about their lack of body diversity in this year's fashion show. She's led many body positive movements, empowering women to embrace their natural selves. After appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she has proven that beauty is in everyone of all shapes. She fights to make being plus-size as common in the modeling industry as not, insisting that curvy women are not just a trend. We hope to hear her continue to speak for acceptance of all forms of beauty in 2018.



    A post shared by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) on

    Radhika Nair

    Nair walked the runway of Paris Fashion Week '17, being the first Indian model to ever walk for Balenciaga. After appearing for Vetements, Miu Miu, Loewe, Etro, Mulberry, and JW Anderson, she has easily become one of the most desired models in the industry. Nair was first spotted in Delhi, which launched her to the direction of Balenciaga. We expect to see her bouncy curls and bold brows everywhere the upcoming seasons as the 25-year old makes her debut even more known.

    Paloma Elsesser

    In the spirit of more plus-size representation, Elsesser spent 2017 posing nude for Glossier’s body wash, Body Hero. She posted an emotional Instagram after the release of the Body Hero campaign, explaining the troubles she had going into the photoshoot and elaborating that it’s okay to be fat––that it isn’t something to be ashamed of, and that fat is beautiful. By taking back the word "fat," Elsesser hopes to provide confidence to many who have been in the same place emotionally. Elsesser has also worked for Nike to redesign the Nike Cortez as well as model for their plus-size line.


    how I put lotion on @glossier ~

    A post shared by Paloma Elsesser (@palomija) on

    We can’t wait to follow where these women as they go into the next year, and hope to see even greater pioneering from them in 2018.

    Rep Image: Halima Aden / Instagram

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    Body language really is everything. Just ask Taylor Swift’s best friend, Todrick Hall. The former "Kinky Boots" star discussed his friendship with the Reputation singer on the Kid Kraddick Morning Show, and revealed how he could just tell one of her ex’s was bad for her based on her hunching posture whenever she talked about him. Even without meeting the unnamed ex-lover, it seems like Hall knew he was trouble.

    "There was a time last year — I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything — she was dating someone," Hall explained. "I'd actually never met this person, but I could I could just tell every time I would talk to her, she would hunch over."


    @todrick tells us what it’s like to be @taylorswift’s friend. #reputation

    A post shared by Kiddnation (@kiddnation) on

    The pair met after Hall made a YouTube video combining her hit songs, and have been close ever since. He even got an invite to the Swifts’ family Thanksgiving late year. This tight-knit friendship means Hall’s not only looking out for Taylor, but he also isn’t afraid to poke a little fun at the singer. To illustrate his point, he employed a Disney cartoon for reference.

    "I sent her this picture of her as Quasimodo that I edited...because I was like, ‘You cannot turn into Quasimodo for this guy. Every time you say his name, you hunch over,'" he said.

    But, like most of the world, Hall agrees she’s now at the top of her game with a new album that just went double platinum, and a new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. 

    "She's so happy," Hall confirmed. "Standing up completely straight and so tall and so confident. I just love it."

    Hall explains their friendship further, and just how genuine Swift really is in the rest of the interview. Here’s to friends who sometimes really do know us better than we know ourselves and can spot a bad relationship when we can’t.

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    During a press conference Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said American women need to be having more babies because lack of procreation is holding back economic growth, ThinkProgress reports, and he believes that whether or not women want to have children is somehow his business.

    “People,” are now the new economic challenge in America, he noted, saying: “I did my part, but we need to have higher birth rates in this country. Meaning, baby boomers are retiring, and we have fewer people following them in the work force.” Yes, Ryan, tell us more about how much hard work you personally put into bearing your three children.

    It’s true that birth rates in the U.S. have been declining, but it’s not all bad like Ryan makes it out to be. Birth rates for teenagers, for instance, hit record lows last year. That sounds like the opposite of a bad thing to most reasonable people.

    Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards responded ot Ryan's comments via Twitter on Friday, with a message that encouraged an increase of gender parity in our government: "If more members of Congress could get pregnant, maybe they wouldn't tell teh rest of us when and why to get pregnant," Richards wrote. 

    There’s a slightly more obvious solution to Ryan’s proposed problem, but of course he’s completely ignoring it because it involves immigrants. Letting more immigrants into the country to fill the jobs left by retiring baby boomers would be a way easier and quicker solution than instructing women to pop out more babies.

    But considering Ryan has indicated he’s totally on board with President Trump’s anti-immigration positions, up to and including the multi-billion dollar border wall, that’s probably not an option he’ll be exploring any time soon.

    He’s not the only Republican from Wisconsin who believes he’s entitled to voice an opinion on what women should do with their bodies for the good of the economy. Last month on the floor of the Wisconsin State Assembly, Wisconsin state Rep. Scott Allen made an argument for a bill that would “prevent health insurance plans for state employees from covering most abortions” — because more births will obviously fix all of our economic problems.

    If we had a dollar for every time politicians wanted to dictate what women can and can’t do with their bodies, we’d be able to fix most economic problems in a heartbeat.

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    13 Reasons Why caused a stir with Netflix audiences earlier this year — some loved it, some hated it, but it seemed like everyone was talking about the controversial show depicting a teenage girl’s suicide and its effect on her school and community. In its first day streaming, it garnered 3.5 million tweets alone.

    The show and its lead actress Katherine Langford, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, are back for another season. So what should we expect from season two? While the first season focused on the events leading to Hannah’s suicide, the next season will focus on the aftermath and show fans more of how Hannah’s suicide affected those around her.

    "This season has been really interesting for a lot of reasons," Langford said in an interview withEntertainment Weekly. "It’s a different story than season one and I think that’s a good thing. This season we get to explore a lot more of the other characters and their journeys, which I’m excited about. As sad as it is, there is life after Hannah, and this season we get to see the effects it had on the people around her a lot more."

    According to showrunner Brian Yorkey, the plot line does not end with the tapes, because with each tape is another person with another story to tell.

    "We really have characters who, after 13 episodes, are just beginning the process of recovery and the process of coming to terms with what part they might’ve played in Hannah’s death and how Hannah’s death will change their lives going forward," he explains to Entertainment Weekly. "I think that there is so much that’s fascinating about the way we grieve, the way we recover, the way we learn to take better care of each other."

    And what about Hannah? Now that we’ve heard the tapes, what else is there to her story?

    "You see a very different Hannah in season two. I would prepare fans not to expect the Hannah from season one for a multitude of reasons," Langford hinted. And there’s a chance that after this season, it might be the last fans will see of Hannah. Not only will fans have to let her go, but Langford herself will have to move forward, too.   

    "I think a lot of this season for me is about letting Hannah go," she said.

    The release date for season two has not been announced, but filming just wrapped. 

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    The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

    Though Kylie Jenner’s millions of followers (and customers) were rejoicing when the Kylie Cosmetics brand announced it would start supplying 30 shades of concealers, not everyone was too thrilled about the new products. While Kylie Cosmetics offers an array of shades that appear to promote inclusivity for nearly every makeup lover, the concealers still managed to spark controversy before even being released.

    Unless you’re somehow unfamiliar with Kylie Jenner or her company, you’d know that this isn’t the first time that Kylie Cosmetics has been criticized. Plus, the company has been known for its notoriously terrible questionable customer service, according to USA Today.

    Nevertheless, Kylie Cosmetics’ concealer launch has approximately twice as many shades as other reputable brands that are specifically known for their highly-rated concealers. In fact, despite this seemingly progressive product launch, many think it’s suspicious that Kylie Cosmetics would release its inclusive concealers shortly after Rihanna’s cosmetic company, Fenty Beauty, revolutionized the makeup game with its diverse foundation range.

    It’s clear that some believe that Kylie is just copying Rihanna’s idea to create a more inclusive makeup brand—but why does this matter if Kylie Cosmetics is ultimately generating more options for makeup consumers?

    The company will temporarily stock its products at select Topshop locations, according to W Magazine. Not only are these particular locations rather scarce, but these "pop-up experiences" only last for five weeks. The temporary experience first started on Nov. 20, which means certain customers only have 13 days (depending on store hours) to test these concealers out after they've finally been released.

    Based on the rapidly rising net worth of Kylie Cosmetics it’s likely that the company *could* open physical stores in the future. However, that doesn’t help customers now—who risk wasting their money on these nonrefundable complexion products Though Kylie could be pandering to her consumers after Fenty Beauty’s notorious debut, there’s still a highlight of hope that could transpire from these concealers, aside from the lowkey buyer’s remorse PSA.

    With the release of Fenty Beauty’s 40 stunning foundations hues and Kylie’s 30 concealers, other brands are likely to follow suit and diversify their own brands because they’ll need to adapt to be able to compete with both of these successful companies. 

    Controversy or nah, Kylie Cosmetics is aiding Fenty Beauty in its revolution to transform the entire makeup community, so one day once upon a time everyone will be able to find their ideal shade match without any unnecessary hassle or risk.

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    Oxford Dictionary just announced its word of the year: Youthquake. Have you heard of it? Youthquake (n.), as defined by Oxford Dictionary, is “a significant cultural, political or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.”

    Oxford Dictionary details the history of the word in its announcement. "Youthquake" originated in 1965 due to social change revolving around civil rights, feminism and the Vietnam War. The term came from the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland, who wrote: “‘The year’s in its youth, the youth in its year. …More dreamers. More doers. Here. Now. Youthquake 1965.’”

    So, why "youthquake" now? The Chicago Tribune writes that Oxford Dictionary felt it encapsulated the political change of 2017, which mirrors that of the 60s. The word saw a rebirth of "youthquake" during the U.K. election, called for by Theresa May, when millennials widely supported Labour Party candidate, Jeremy Corbyn. It also reflects the push for social justice around the world, especially here in the U.S. in the wake of Donald Trump.

    However, the word was met with some skeptics on social media because so many people, including millennial activists themselves, hadn't heard of the word.

    “I run a charity for young people. This is not a word that I have ever heard used. Anywhere. By Anyone. #Youthquake,” tweeted Ruth Ibegbuna, chief executive of a youth leadership and social change organization in Britain.

    According to Mashable, Merriam Webster and pick their words of the year based on the most searched words (which explains how Merriam Webster ended up with "feminism" for 2017). However, Oxford Dictionary does things a little different, looking for “the zeitgeist, that defining spirit or mood of the moment” said President of Dictionaries Casper Grathwohl in a blog post

    Words on Oxford Dictionary’s website that were listed as finalists were antifa, broflake, gorpcore, kompromat, milkshake duck, newsjacking, white fragility and unicorn.

    Whether you’ve heard of youthquake or not, we can all agree that millennials have been a prominent voice for political change across the world!

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    If you have a sibling, you understand the unspoken rule: You can tease them and wrestle them, but no one else is allowed to. Watch this adorable video to witness some sibling love when a toddler saved his sister from her wrestling opponent. 

    The video captures four-year-old Ruby Lewis’s first wrestling match in Columbia City, Indiana on Sunday, according to Huffington Post. However, her little brother Jash mistook the match for a real-life fight and wanted to rush to his sister's rescue. While the audience burst out laughing at the cuteness of it all, he valiantly tried to pull her opponent (a five-year-old named Ryan) off his sister before the referee and his Dad broke up the fight.

    “That is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said an onlooker during the video.  

    According to ABC News, the video went viral when Ryan’s mother, Tori Pendergast, shared the video on Facebook. It quickly gained 400,000 views in less than a week. It was captioned: “When the girl you're wrestling has a tough little brother, don’t mess with his sister.”

    The two siblings clearly have an un-breakable bond.

    “Some people’s kids are jealous of the next sibling down and neither one of mine have ever been that way,” Crystal Lewis (Ruby and Jash’s mom) told Fox News. “They’re always like, ‘That’s my sister.’ ‘That’s my brother.’”

    We hope Jash put a smile on your face— because he certainly brightened up our day with his bravery!

    (Images: 1)

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    Facebook announced on  Friday that they are releasing a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you unfollow a friend/Page/Group for 24 hours, 7 days, or a full month. Just in case you need a break from someone or something for a while. 

    In a blog post announcing the feature, Facebook said that the button is an alternative to permanently unfollowing someone. Instead, you can mute the user or group so that you don’t have to see a thousand pictures of your cousin’s engagement or other content that may annoy you for those select periods of time.

    The function gives the user more control over what they see in their News Feed. Snooze will not notify the party being blocked and it can be reversed at any time if you change your mind. 

    Essentially, the new Snooze feature is a temporary unfollow that no one knows about but you to give you a minute to chill.

    How do you activate it? Snooze can be found in the drop down menu at the top right corner of any post where you find the option to report, save, and manage notifications for posts. 

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    If you’ve never heard of "rooftopping," you're a lucky soul. For the uninitiated, It’s the extreme sport of climbing up to the roofs of tall skyscrapers and taking pictures and/or videos of the terrifying views.

    They can get pretty crazy, but most of the time they generate really beautiful, if not heart-stopping, pictures —which the rooftoppers post on Instagram and on personal websites.

    Here’s an example:

    That picture was posted by @claireschilling. She posts more casual pics (if you can call dangling off a skyscraper casual) while others post videos of dares, do pull-ups, and run or jump around.

    (Well here’s what I have to say: No, thanks!)

    "On top of a building you can't think of anything else," Schilling said to CNN, "The thrill is big enough to occupy your mind.”​

    Sadly, one of the more famous rooftoppers, Wu Yongjing, recently died in early November, as China Daily reported. He was known on the Internet as “the Extreme.” In the report on his death, the paper wrote that "From his interactions with his audience, it seems [Wu] really enjoyed the attention. But with all the likes and comments, he overestimated his own abilities and finally lost his life because of that feeling. Had Wu not been so popular on livestreaming apps, he might not have died.”

    Rooftopping isn’t a new thing. It’s been going on for a while, with the feats escalating with each post. Though it only recently rose to popularity in China because of the ban on video sharing sites like YouTube, it’s growing quickly and taking over.

    Even so, you won’t catch me dangling my feet off a ledge anytime soon. I'll still be comfy in bed watching Netflix.
    Images: (1, 2)

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    By Hatteras Dunton

    I am a math major. I have anxiety. This is part of who I am. When it comes to school, though, it seems this is all of who I am. The bad thing is that my professors don’t know this about me. I’m sure to them it seems like I’m just another student taking their class, but there are some thing I wish they knew about me as a student in their class struggling with mental health issues while trying to learn. These are the not-so pretty things I wish I had the courage to tell my professors:

    I’m not finishing my homework because I’m embarrassed for you to see what I don’t know

    I get stuck on one problem and then I feel like the rest of my assignment is going to be garbage. I really don’t want anyone to see that. I don’t want anyone to see my struggle or my lack of understanding. I especially don’t want the people teaching me to see this because they are way smarter than I am. I know that it’s important for my teachers to see what I’m not grasping, but part of me feels like they will just see me as a failure. I imagine that while looking at my homework, my professors are giving up on me or just labeling me as a bad student. Just thinking about this though makes me even label myself as a bad student, which I’m not.

    I’m fidgeting in class because I’m close to having a panic attack, not because you’re boring me

    I try to make an effort to nonverbally communicate with my professors to let them know if I am understanding their material or not, but sometimes I begin to fade. I’m not fading because I’m bored and it’s rarely because I don’t understand. I just wish my professors knew that when I begin looking at my phone or messing with my hair or drawing on my notebook, I am really just doing everything I can to not lose it. I feel sick, I have pains in my chest and I can’t breathe. It’s something I want no one to see, so I cover it up by distracting myself. I just wish I could find a way to distract myself without looking like a bad student who is more interested in Instagram than integrals. 

    I’m scared to talk to you in office hours because you’re so much smarter than I am

    This idea I have of my professors being unapproachable is the number one thing I wish my professors knew about me. Oftentimes all I can think of in class is how small I am compared to my teachers. I think, “Compared to them, I know nothing, I’ve done nothing and therefore I am nothing.” I find myself planning to go to see them but as soon I actually get ready to go, that’s when I bail. For some reason I feel like I’ll be able to be successful on my own. Yet deep down I know I need to get my butt into office hours and ask a question that will probably take my professors two minutes to explain to me. When talking to my counselor about my school anxiety, she asked me what I would want from my students if I was a professor. Would I want them to be afraid of asking me questions or would I want them to feel like they could come to me anytime to ask me anything? I’m sure you could guess which answer I picked. 

    I want to be successful in your class and I want you to like me, I just don’t know how to make you see that

    These professors are teaching a subject I want to have a future in; obviously I want to be successful. Part of my anxiety, though, makes me wonder if I’m annoying someone or if they think poorly of me. When it comes to my professors, this thought even goes so far as wondering if these people think I am incapable of achieving my dreams. The thing is that I do a lot by myself to help my math career progress. I go to conferences, I join math societies that are not often advertised to undergrad students. But while I do all of these things, it will never replace the connection I could have with my professors who actually have insight to where I want to take my career. I’m not sure how, but I need to find a way to make myself more open to approaching these intimidating teachers. 

    The hard part about anxiety for me is that I constantly have to remind myself that my feelings are not facts, and yet I can’t shake them or bring myself to take action. I’m currently working with counselors from my university’s health network to challenge these thoughts to become a better student. I’m not expecting things for get better overnight (or even during one semester), but it’s a task I’ve got my mind set on. 

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    Omar Ashmawy, a congressional ethics official, is being sued for both verbally and physically abusing women, according to a new report from Foreign Policy. The federal lawsuit goes on to state, according to the New York Postthat Ashmawy used his federal position to try and influence local law enforcement and to punish bystanders who claimed they'd intervened on behalf of the women.

    Most accusations against Ashmawy stem from a 2015 fight in Pennsylvania. On Valentine’s Day that year, Ashmawy allegedly harassed and assaulted three women in a bar which allegedly led to a physical dispute between Ashmawy, the man suing him and two other men. 

    The lawsuit, filed in September by Greg Martucii claimed that “Ashmawy, who appeared to be visibly intoxicated, then unjustifiably threw and/or pushed [one of the women] down to the floor and/or into the hostess stand..." and alleged that he then assaulted another woman. 

    As The Post notes, Ashmawy was never arrested or charged for the incident. However, Martucci and two other men who said they intervened on behalf of the women faced assault charges. According to the lawsuit, Ashmawy "falsely claimed that Plaintiff and one to two other men assaulted him, choked him, threw him to the ground, and kicked him...[He] falsely claimed that he lost sight in one eye and suffered fractures.”

    In response, Ashmawy told Foreign Policy, “To be clear, I did not harass anyone that evening, physically or verbally. To the contrary, I was the victim of a wholly unprovoked assault for which those responsible were investigated, arrested and charged. Any allegation to the contrary is unequivocally false.”

    Ashmawy’s official title is the staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics. This position includes oversight of recent investigations into sexual misconduct allegations against members of congress. Additional cases he was involved with included the investigations in John Conyers that resulted in the Michigan representative stepping down. 

    (Images: 1)

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    We know how busy you are during the holidays, so we want to help! Win this amazing bundle of gift cards that's bound to satisfy everyone on your list! (Or you can spend them all on yourself. No judgment.)

    Buy your mom gorgeous jewelry or deliciously scented candles using a $500 gift card to BRIKA, a company selling handmade crafts created by independent artisans. Give your fav fashionista a 3-month membership to Rent the Runway Unlimited, your go-to shop for renting designer dresses and accessories. Have a friend who lives in denim? They can pick up some quality denim jeans with a $500 gift card to Lucky Brand. Give your adventurous travel buddy a $500 gift card to Lokal Travel so you two can book a trip to a new country for an immersive local experience. We think your fellow makeup junkie would love this $250 gift card to Sephora so she can shamelessly splurge on her fav beauty products! Want to spend some QT with your besties? Plan a night out with a $250 gift card to gift card to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and a $250 Visa gift card courtesy of Girlboss and HC! 

    There is something for everyone! Enter now to win this bundle of amazing gift cards!

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    Growing up in a house full of women has its perks—the endless clothing options and the supply of love, advice and compliments. But it isn't always fun and games. Here are a few signs you grew up in a female-dominated household. 

    1. You're still bitter about those one or two males in the family who are constantly praised. 

    I'm calling you out, Scotty. 

    2. You feel overly comfortable talking about your period in public. 

    "Does anyone have a tampon???" 

    3. You're used to having your period sync with others'. 

    You have never seen estrogen levels as high as they are in a house full of women on their periods at the same time. 

    4. You have no boundaries when it comes to borrowing clothes.

    Half of your wardrobe was originally someone else's.

    5. You value your shower time.

    Back in the day, getting the bathroom all to yourself, without being rushed, was a miracle. 

    6. You have more pearls of dating wisdom than you need. 

     So much WISDOM.

    7. Laundry stresses you out. 

    This is why we just wore each other's clothes. 

    8. You love a little competition. 

    9. You can compliment people as quickly as you can insult them. 

    You have to be quick in a house of witty women. 

    10. You are a great negotiator. 

    Mainly because you had to find a way to get your way.  

    11. Your girl friends always loved coming over to your house.

    Because your mom was a part of the crew. 

    12. Your guy friends were always intimidated.

    "Don't you have a brother?"

    13. You have no problem speaking your mind. 

    How else would you get your point across with so many opinionated women around?  

    14. You keep the women in your family as your closest advisors. 

    15. You know how to compromise. 

    Fighting for the remote prepared you for any debate. 

    16. You have high expectations for men. 

    It just comes with the territory. 

    17. You'll always have a special appreciation for strong women. 

    Because growing up around so many of them made you a strong woman. 

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    As we approach the one-year anniversary of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher's sudden death, fans worldwide are celebrating the release of the latest film in the franchise, The Last Jedi. The long-awaited sequel to 2015's The Force Awakens hit theaters on Dec. 15, and everybody and their mother seems to be watching it this weekend. That "everybody" even includes Fisher's dog, Gary Fisher, who met fame when his owner appeared with him several times on The Force Awakens press tour. If sweet animal stories usually make you cry, brace yourself for this one.

    Hello Giggles reports that the beloved French bulldog, accompanied by his new owner and Fisher's former assistant Corby McCoin, attended a screening of The Last Jedi in costume. It seems that afterwards, McCoin spoke with a reporter, who then took to Twitter saying that Gary totally recognized Fisher when she appeared as Leia onscreen. Cue the breaking of my heart. 

    "She said his ears perked up every time she was on screen," ABC reporter Veronica Miracle wrote. 

    After Fisher's death, Gary, who has a sneaky cameo in The Last Jedi, initially lived with her daughter Billie Lourd before becoming McCoin's dog. The fact that he still recognizes Fisher's voice after a year is beautiful yet heartbreaking. He was not alone in remembering the star — Miracle also shared video of fans at a L.A. screening taking a moment of silence to honor Fisher. 

    I don't know about you, but I'm hugging my dog a little tighter tonight after hearing about Gary. 

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    Every year, we can't wait to finish those finals, pack our bags and head home for winter break. The holidays are here, full of snowy spirit, rich food and friends from home. While there are some perks to temporarily moving back in with the fam—*cough* laundry—sometimes you regret spending a whole month back in the house under your family's watchful eye. 

    Here are 17 reasons why sometimes you wish you'd never left school.

    1. The lack of privacy with what you're doing.

    2. Having to validate your major when relatives ask, "And what do you plan to do with that?" 

    3. Admitting to your high school friends (yet again) that you are still single.

    4. Having to explain the modern English language to your family.

    5. Running into people from your high school you never wanted to see again. 

    6. Getting all too familiar with your relatives' political views. 

    7. Missing your college squad and all your shenanigans.

    8. Having to actually sit down at the table to enjoy a nice meal instead of vegging on the couch.

    9. Socializing too much in a two-week span. 

    10. Forgetting "essential" pieces of clothing in your dorm.

    11. Being misunderstood by your family. 

    13. Middle school flashbacks from being in your old room. 

    14. Repeatedly asking yourself, "What is there to DO around here?" 

    15. Becoming the personal chauffer/shopper/wrapper. 

    16. Getting into bad habits before you start the new semester. 

    Homework? College?

    17. Home being so wonderful that you never want to go back to college. 

    Have a fabulous winter break, collegiettes!