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    Fake eyelashes can be a girl’s best friend. They add a little extra something to any makeup routine and make you feel as though your look is on par with beauty gurus. Honestly, if I could, I would wear falsies every single day.

    Besides the fear of being seen as more “extra” than I already am, there are a few catches that stop my lash dreams from becoming a reality. The first is that they’re expensive. For some of the popular pairs you see on celebrities and Youtubers, you need to be earning a Kylie Jenner-sized salary. The second reason is that they don’t last forever. While they may look stunning the first few times you wear them, soon they start looking worse than the makeup that you wake up with after a night out. 

    Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your lashes stay beautiful and selfie-worthy for enough time that you don’t feel bad spending your hard earned money on them. 

    1. Check to see how long the lashes are supposed to last 

    Just like makeup, not all lashes are created equally. Trust me when I say that there is a significant difference in the quality of lashes that is usually correlated with the price. There's a good chance that the lashes you get at the dollar store are going to behave like they’re only worth a dollar, meaning they should only be worn once. Quality is a huge part of the cost, so pay the price for lashes that last you through a few wears. 

    Here’s a quick breakdown of typical lash timelines: 

    Synthetic lashes: 3 - 8 wears 

    Animal (like mink!) lashes: 20 - 30 wears  

    Of course, these numbers depend not only on the quality and cost, but how you treat them – so listen up! 

    2. Lay low on the glue 

    Personally, I find that an excessive amount of glue not only makes lashes harder to put on, but harder to take off and clean. If you mess up during application and overuse the glue, wait for the glue to dry on the lashes completely, and then clean them so that you don’t experience any build up (trust me, it's visible!). When it comes time for you to take off your lashes, the more glue you have, the harder it will be to remove them, meaning that you run a higher risk of tearing the lashes when using excessive amounts of force. 

    My favorite lash glue is the Duo Eyelash Adhesive ($9 at Sephora). The clear formula is perfect for an everyday look, while the black one is great to give the added effect of eyeliner, and a darker, bolder eye. No mess or damaged lashes here!

    3. Use tweezers or a lash applicator 

    I prefer to use a lash applicator, such as the Bulls Eye Lash Applicator from the Sephora Collection ($12 at Sephora). This is simply a personal preference because I like to keep the tweezers I use on my brows away from eyelash glue. Use your applicator or tweezers to gently hold the lashes, and then place them along your lash line. Wait until the glue has dried completely before removing them. The main reason behind this is that it takes your hands out the the equation. If you’re anything like me, lashes are one of the last steps in my makeup routine, meaning that my hands have already been touching products like foundation, concealer and powder. By using an applicator, I don’t run the risk of dirtying my lashes with other products, or my body’s natural oils. 

    4. Avoid mascara 

    A common piece of advice from other blogs is to avoid mascara. I typically agree that adding mascara to your lashes only creates additional buildup and will decrease the wear time of your new pair. However, I also think that it's important to note that sometimes this tip simply isn’t possible.

    After I’ve worn some of my lashes quite a few times, I find that I’m unable to get them to fit perfectly to my lash line. This small amount of separation is sometimes noticeable enough for me to see the difference between my fake lashes and my real ones. Thus, a bit of mascara is necessary in order to blend the two together. If you are in this situation, I would recommend that you don’t use an excessive amount of mascara; only work on the lash part that needs to be fixed. 

    5. Clean your lashes immediately after use 

    I'll be the first one to admit that this step is sometimes harder for me to complete than anything else. After a night out, the last thing that I want to do is sit down and meticulously clean my lashes. For a lazy-girl alternative, you can soak your lashes in makeup remover, however, this technique does waste a lot of remover and shouldn’t be done regularly. My preferred method is to first gently (with the tweezers!) remove any of the larger bits of glue from the lash band. Then, using a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover, I rub the lash band and any part of the lash that may have gotten dirty. Clean, simple and worth it!

    6. Put them away

    Some pricier brands sell their lashes in hard containers that are reusable, and this is my preferred way to store the lashes I buy. A great tip if you keep your lashes in the original containers is to mark directly onto the packaging how many times you have worn the pair. That way you can track to see if they are living up to the company’s suggested number of wears. If they’re not, it could be time for you to reevaluate whether the lashes are actually as good as you thought they were, or if there's something wrong with the way you're caring for them. 

    If you choose not to keep the lashes in their original packaging, keep them all in one place with a lash organizer, like the Lash Story Pro Edition ($22 at House of Lashes).

    7. Choose your lashes carefully 

    I am a huge false lash fan, with a ton of experience wearing and using them. I’ve come across a lot of real duds, and have had some horror stories to tell because of them. Trust me, you don’t want to have a faulty lash fall off during the middle of a date! Here are some of my favorite lashes that have lasted me through thick and thin (with proper maintenance, of course) and that always look great. 

    Iconic by House of Lashes ($12 at House of Lashes)

    The thick band on these lashes makes application easy even for beginners. These were one of the first pairs of falsies that I was able to put perfectly on during the first try.

    Sasha by Huda Beauty ($20 at Sephora

    You can’t go wrong with any of the lash styles designed by beauty influencer Huda Kattan.

    Eye Da Hoe Premium 3D Faux Mink Lashes by Violet Voss ($10 at Violet Voss)

     Not going to lie, I first picked up these lashes because of the punny name. They have quickly become one the best pairs in my collection, however! 

    Miami by Lilly Lashes ($29.99 at Lilly Lashes

    This style is a favorite among celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian! 

    Bella 3d Mink by Nubounsom ($34.99 at Nubounsom)

    Fair warning, these lashes are big, bold and perfect for making a statement.

    Vespertine by Unicorn Lashes ($26 at Unicorn Lashes

    These lashes are my current obsession and absolute favorite go-to. They have the power of making even the most simplistic of makeup looks seem amazing. Honestly, they’re my cheat card for looking like I know everything about makeup! 

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    I think everyone can pretty much agree that the internet's current favorite couple is Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. When they’re not being adorable commenting on each other's posts in hilarious ways, they’re adopting a baby pig adding more adorableness to their already cute little family. However, Davidson has caused an uproar on Twitter (again) for a comment he made on his relationship with Grande on Saturday Night Live.

    On the season 44 premiere of SNL, Davidson was welcomed to the Weekend Update desk where co-host, and fellow Staten Islander, Colin Jost, discussed Davidson and the "God is a Woman" singer’s new relationship for the first time on the show. During the "witty" banter between the two SNL cast members, Davidson joked about switching out Ariana Grande’s birth control with Tic Tac’s…..because that’s funny.

    Naturally, Twitter was NOT having any of it and many users expressed their hatred for the comments made by Davidson.


    Some also reminded everyone how much trash men are, because #MenAreTrash and clearly don’t know the effect birth control actually has on a woman's body.

    Especially in the current political climate and trauma that women are going through, the “joke," was not well received AT ALL and was basically a slap in the face after the Kavanaugh hearings.

    Neither Grande or Davidson have commented on the matter, but one thing’s for sure, the SNL premiere was a hot mess and Davidson should just stop making jokes about his girlfriend.

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    Brainstorming Halloween costumes every year feels like yet another chore in the busy college student’s schedule. Every year, we throw out grand ideas that we’re sure will thrill while searching for the hottest parties during Halloweekend. We plan to coordinate with our best friends, roomies, and S.O.'s, convinced this Halloween, we’ll ACTUALLY follow through.

    Alas, these plans are usually dashed when we realize it’s October 30th, and OMG, we only have a black t-shirt and leggings at our disposal. The lack of money in our bank accounts tells us that despite our big dreams, we’ll probably have to be a cat. Again. 

    This Halloween, simplicity can be our friend rather than our enemy. And what better place to search for a Halloween costume than Instagram? If you’re going to mindlessly scroll, mindlessly scroll with purpose. Here are our favorite Halloween costumes this season, as inspired by everyone's favorite social media platform.

    1. Succulent

    These plants have been on trend for awhile—what college apartment is complete without a succulent or two (or five, if we’re being honest)? Catch some laughs this year in a costume that will require a little work, but you can still rock your comfy sweatpants & sweatshirt to hit the town.

    2. Captain Marvel



    That look when you FINALLY see the weekend in sight! 😏😁 * Sooooooo looking forward to this weekend! It's my birthday on Sunday (woohoo!) and @rockus_ and I are heading up to Yosemite for the first time. We'll be taking along the doggo AND kitty to our Airbnb - so wish us luck with that haha!! And if any of you guys have recommendations for favorite stops, restaurants or trails in Yosemite let me know! * * Amazing 📷 by the kind and talented @jackofalltradesx11 * * #caroldanvers #caroldanverscosplay #avengers #avengerscosplay #avengers4 #captainmarvel #msmarvel #captainmarvelcosplay #msmarvelcosplay #mcu #marvel #marvelcosplay #comics #comicscosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #outdoorshoot #portrait #girlswhocosplay #cosplayandcomics

    A post shared by Kirstin (@armoredheartcosplay) on

    Everyone collectively lost their shit when the Captain Marvel trailer dropped on September 18th—it’s already the second most-liked MCU trailer of all time. If you’re looking to make your Halloween look reflect your inner girl power, look no further than the many costume inspos for Captain Marvel on Instagram.

    Related: 5 DIY Hijab-Centered Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

    3. Tonya Harding

    If you want a simple look that’ll demonstrate your pop culture knowledge while also feeling glamorous, look no further than the subject of I,Tonya—controversial former figure Tonya Harding. All you’ll need is a cute mini dress, a funky bedazzler, and maybe some scissors.

    4. Deadpool's Domino



    Another Domino post here to announce the creation of my secondary page @cutiepiekohai (see what I did there? 😜). . . . It’s kinda hard being so cosplay focused all the time, so I made this second account so I can have somewhere to post more normal things! If you’re interested in more things like vlogs, vacation photos, normal selfies, cosplay work in progress photos, derpery, general life stuff, etc then please give it a follow! I hope the separation gives me more freedom to feel like I can post whatever because I take a lot of pictures that this page never sees!! . . . Cosplay made by me . . Wig: @bundles_bybc kinky curly hair . . . . #domino #dominocosplay #selfie #cosplayselfie #deadpool #deadpool2 #deadpoolcosplay #blackgirlmagic

    A post shared by CutiePieSensei (@cutiepiesensei) on

    Deadpool is everyone’s crudely blunt superhero (and Ryan Reynolds isn't too terrible to look at either). The 2018 sequel has only inspired more fanfare surrounding the successful film series—and if you want to honor the film without being the 50th Deadpool you’ll see at the bars this Halloweekend, go original and recreate the iconic Domino.

    5. Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time"

    If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s this: Britney never goes out of style. If you’re seriously struggling to be creative this Halloween, your black work skirt, white button down, and favorite cardigan are calling your name. You can’t help but feel confident in this simple getup. Plus, your pregame will undoubtedly be full of Britney’s best hits—Alexa, play Toxic NOW.  

    6. Lara Jean Covey from To All The Boys I've Loved Before



    what character would you like to dress up as/have you dressed up as? #octinbooks17 - halloween themed post happy halloween!!🎃👻 this isn't really halloween-y per se but i dressed up as lara jean for halloween (well, yesterday because i had time😂) and had a photoshoot with some baking stuff (because lara jean bakes a lot for those of you who haven't read tatbilb) and the book! and today i did some black swan makeup and wore a tutu when answering the door to trick or treaters🎃 the bake off final was good and now i'll read some nevernight, which i haven't read in what feels like ages because i've been so tired and i've really missed it!

    A post shared by elinor • xviii • england (@elinorsbooks) on

    Peter Kavinsky may have gotten all the love this summer (seriously well-deserved), but our movie sweetheart Lara Jean Covey deserves some love too. If you swooned this summer over TATBILB, the rom-com fan in you should recreate the Lara Jean look this Halloween. Who knows—your Kavinsky could be right around the corner.

    If you find yourself randomly clicking on cat videos or stalking your favorite celebrity’s Instagram again, make some use of your social media this Halloween season. You might find a new favorite costume or two—and then you’ll seriously wow at any party you find yourself this Halloweekend!

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    Let’s be real — if we could spend every day wearing leggings and a sports bra, we probably would. They are two of the comfiest items of clothing, and if we wouldn’t be forever branded the lazy girl, maybe we would do it.

    However, if you were told you could wear both your leggings and your sports bra as a Halloween costume, you probably wouldn’t hesitate. Comfort trumps looking sexy AF any day. Urban Outfitters took that sentiment and went more than a little overboard this year — they’re selling an “Influencer” Costume for $59 that consists of gray leggings and a bra.

    Yes, you read that right. Your $10 leggings from Marshalls and $5 sports bra from Target are selling for a whopping $59 at Urban for this year’s Halloween.

    Instagram influencers are definitely a huge trend this year—but maybe we should leave them for the cyber world rather than spending a fortune trying to barely look like them. Even if you want to dress up as an influencer, why would you spend valuable money on items you already own?

    The Internet had a lot to say about Urban’s new addition:

    Urban claims that you’ll be looking like Kim K in their new influencer costume, but you might want to spend your money elsewhere this spooky season — like you know, on an actual Halloween costume.

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    Dealing with finances in college can be just as stressful as balancing your coursework, student organizations, and a social life. It’s important to keep spending, especially on menial things, to a minimum. But every once in a while it’s important to get your girl gang together and go out to a nice dinner. So we rounded up 10 student-approved ways to save major cash when you’re dining out without sacrificing your bougie AF taste, so you can savor more and worry less.

    1. Do your research

    Before you even step foot in the restaurant, do some precautionary research. The internet is your oyster––search for menus, prices and reviews on Google or Yelp to see where you can get the best bang for your buck. Plus, you’ll stress less once you’re actually at the restaurant and will know what to expect.

    2. Share everything

    When going out to eat, find friends with a similar palate and you’ll save big just because you can share everything. If apps are your jam, find three that you and your friends can all share and make that your meal. Or, pair up and split entrees––they’re usually big enough for two people. If your gals all have very different tastes in food, get your own food, but make sure you take the leftovers home so you can make another meal out of it.

    3. Don’t be tempted by fancy drinks

    Once you hit 21, it’s easy to be drawn in by the drink menu. Everything sounds so ~boozy~ and delicious. We get it, but honestly, the price tag for that sugar-loaded Long Island is not worth it. “I just order water because, like #HydrationNation, and I don’t usually order alcohol or soda or juice,” says Amity Wood, a senior at Temple University. At nice restaurants, one drink can increase your bill by $12-$18. If you really want a boozy brunch, have your group share a pitcher of sangria, magaritas or mimosas. Pro tip: you can take a photo of the drink menu and try your hand at bartending in the comfort of your own home.

    4. The simpler, the better

    Picky eaters, rejoice! This tip should be easy for you. When you’re dining out, steer clear of ornate entrees, because they likely have an ornate price tag, too. Do you really need that 12oz filet mignon with smashed garlic potatoes, pan-fried green beans with slivered almonds, all topped with a red wine reduction? Probs not. Go for something simpler, like a blackened fish with corn salsa, or a seasonal salad. They tote a smaller price tag, and they won’t leave you feeling as heavy for the rest of the night. And if all else fails, get chicken fingers.

    5. Find out when your city’s Restaurant Week is

    If you go to a school near a large city or town, chances are, it has an annual or seasonal restaurant week. During these weeks, typically expensive restaurants offer daily drink and meal specials, making it a perfect time to check out to that super bougie restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Go to your town’s website or do a simple Google search to find out more info. And be sure to make reservations early––restaurant weeks are popular (and for good reason).

    RELATED:How to Stop Spending All Your Money Without Cutting Back on Fun

    6. Fill up on the free bread

    This advice? Financially sound, but nutritionally shaky. But heck, you’re eating out at a restaurant pretty rarely, so do you really need to eat as healthy as you normally do? Ball out a little––treat yourself! If you munch on a dinner roll, you’re less likely to get an appetizer and an entree, thus saving a pretty penny. Try not deciding on your meal until you’ve had your bread (and eaten it, too). And if you’re still worried about health, swap the butter for olive oil and pick the heartiest/seediest slice of the bunch.

    7. Eat something small before you leave

    You’re in college, you’ve heard of pregaming. Here’s a concept: pregaming with food before you leave for the restaurant (this can also apply to alcohol, see tip #3). “Eat a little before, it keeps your temptation low,” says Taylor Allen, a senior at Temple University. We can get behind this. Snacking on something small like a handful of nuts or even guzzling down a big glass of water can keep hunger pangs––and temptation to order a five-course meal––at bay.

    8. Find out what their discounts are on each day

    Wednesday wing night? Monday dollar margs? Chain restaurants and bars usually have weekly and nightly specials for food and drinks, and they often give you a lot for a little. If you’re okay opting for a less classy dining establishment, take your group to one of these places to grab a beer, watch a game, and share a huge platter of wings for around $10. Friday night = made.

    9. Actually listen when the waiter tells you the daily specials

    It’s easy to ignore the waiters daily special spiel when you already know what you want. But next time, stop dreaming about your kale salad and pay attention. The specials usually give you a healthy portion of food for less than the normal cost. 

    10. Find your Chinatown

    Do you go to college in the city? We have good news for you. If you haven’t explored your city’s Chinatown or Koreatown, now is the time. “When I go out with friends, I love going to Chinatown in NYC and Philly because the portions are big, cheap, and enough to share,” says Amanda Brown, a senior at Temple University. “Plus it gives you the option of trying new cuisine that you may not have gotten if it was just you.” 

    Dining out on a budget doesn’t have to be so hard. Next time your friends are looking for something new to do, try some of these tips for a guaranteed good time without buyers remorse.

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    Cardi B has turned herself in to New York City police on Monday in connection with a recent assault on two bartenders at a strip club in the Queens borough of New York City, police said. The rapper was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and assault, the New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed to Us Weekly.

    The “I Like It” rapper is one of 10 people accused of throwing bottles and chairs during the August 29th incident, at Angels, a strip club in Flushing, a police source told ABC News. During the incident, which occurred around 3 a.m., two women, ages 21 and 23, “were attacked with chairs, bottles and other items,” a public information officer from the NYPD said.

    According to ABC News, Cardi B, 25, is the only person who has been charged at this time, but police have said that they are interested in speaking with the other nine suspects.

    via Mark Lennihan/AP

    TMZ reports that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper allegedly ordered an attack on two bartenders, Baddie Gi and Jade, the latter of whom she believed slept with her husband, Offset.

    Police have said that they are investigating whether one of the bartenders was having an affair with Cardi B’s husband, whose band has been known to play at the venue.

    Cardi B has been charged with one count of misdemeanor assault for striking a bartender, causing a laceration to that individual’s foot and bruising on their legs. She has also been charged with two counts of misdemeanor reckless endangerment for throwing items at the two bartenders.

    Joe Tacopina, an attorney for the bartenders, said in a statement: “Cardi B ordered and committed violent assaults against my clients, and is being called to justice for her crimes. Apparently, she thinks her celebrity status puts her above the law, since she has bragged to multiple people and on social media that she orchestrated these vicious attacks. But reality is setting in, as justice does not care whether her name is Cardi B or Carly B, and she will now answer for her crimes.”

    This is the second time in recent weeks that the rapper has made headlines for being involved in an altercation. Cardi B previously had a brief scuffle with Nicki Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party on September 7.

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    In response to increasing pressure from Democrats and some of the more moderate Republicans, the White House has decided to ease limits set in place by President Donald Trump on Friday for the FBI’s investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, allowing the bureau to interview anyone it deems necessary, as long as the probe is finished by the end of the week.

    At an event on Monday celebrating a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, Trump said he instructed his White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, over the weekend to reach out to the FBI and inform them to carry out an open investigation, but added the caveat that the probe should accommodate the wishes of Senate Republicans.

    Trump said Monday that he wanted a “comprehensive” FBI investigation and had no problem if the bureau expanded who they questioned. The president said his only concern was making sure the investigation was completed quickly, and that it take direction from Senate Republicans.

    Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden, Trump said, “The FBI should interview anybody that they want within reason, but you have to say within reason. But they should also be guided, and I’m being guided, by what the senators are looking for.”

    While the bureau is now authorized to interview anyone it wants, the scope of topics still remains the same. The investigation will focus on two claims of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh raised separately by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. The week-long deadline still stands.

    However, according to ABC News, claims of sexual misconduct raised by a third woman, Julie Swetnick, will not be included in the FBI background investigation.

    On Friday evening, Trump ordered an FBI probe into Kavanaugh’s background, after Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, a key swing vote in Kavanaugh’s confirmation, called for an investigation into the allegations before he committed to voting for Kavanaugh.

    As a result, Trump called on the FBI to “conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh's file.” Trump had said that he wanted the investigation to be “limited in scope and completed in less than one week.”

    Flake expressed concern on Monday that the FBI background investigation not be limited and said he had pushed to make sure it happened. “It does no good to have an investigation that gives us more cover, for example,” Flake said during a public appearance in Boston. “We actually need to find out what we can find out.”

    Senate leaders have made it clear, however, that they did not expect the investigation to deter them from confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would take a procedural vote on so it could move quickly to a final confirmation by the weekend or early next week, The New York Times reports.

    The White House and Senate Republicans had initially set parameters on what topics could be explored and who the FBI could conduct interviews with, including: Ramirez, and Mark Judge, P.J. Smyth and Leland Keyser, three people who Ford identified as being at the house party where she said Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

    ABC News confirmed that the FBI has already spoken with Judge, Smyth, and Ramirez.

    Smyth’s lawyer said on Monday that he told the FBI “that he has no knowledge of the small party” that Ford described nor of “any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled.”

    A source with knowledge of Ramirez’s interview told ABC News that she provided the FBI with a list of witnesses.

    On Saturday, Ramirez’s attorney, John Clune, confirmed that the FBI had reached out to her, saying, “We can confirm the FBI has reached out to interview Ms. Ramirez and she has agreed to cooperate with their investigation. Out of respect for the integrity of the process, we will have no further comment at this time.”

    The broadening inquiry has brought forward a plethora of friends and classmates from Kavanaugh’s past that has painted contrasting portraits of a good-natured student incapable of hurting a woman to a stumbling drunk that could have easily blacked out and forgotten any inappropriate and aggressive behavior towards women.

    Dan Murphy, who lived in the same suite as Kavanaugh during their time at Yale University, said that descriptions of Kavanaugh as a drunk were “simply wrong” and incompatible with his recollection. “I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening’s events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile or in a sexually aggressive manner to women,” Murphy said.

    Charles “Chad” Ludington, another Yale classmate, told reporters that he saw Kavanaugh so drunk, he could have easily forgotten his actions. Even though he did not think that uncouth behavior of an 18 or 21-year-old should condemn a person for the rest of their life, he did say that lying to the Senate at the age of 53 did matter. “There were certainly many times when he could not remember what was going on,” Ludington said.

    Trump’s announcement regarding the investigation came as Senate Republicans released a five-page report challenging Ford’s allegations.

    “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove,” Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona sex crimes prosecutor hired by Senate Republicans to question Ford during the hearing on Thursday, wrote. “But this case is even weaker than that.”

    Noting that the other people who Ford claimed were in the house when the assault occurred did not corroborate her claims, Mitchell added, “I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the committee.”

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    You've spent the day in a frenzy of scooping, carving and painting, leaving you with a spooky cute lineup of jack-o-lanterns and a whole lot of leftover pumpkin guts. What's a girl to do with all that goo? Why, use it in her beauty routine, of course! Raw pumpkin is super rich in alpha hydroxy acids, which promote cell turnover, in addition to zinc and vitamin E which are both great for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Need some pumpkin-spiced skinspiration? Look no further. 

    1. Body Scrub

    For a gentle body scrub that will smell so good you'll want to eat it, you'll need: 

    • 1/4 cup pumpkin puree (here's a recipe for how to make it)
    • 1 cup of sugar
    • (Optional) 1 tsp each of nutmeg and cinnamon for that iconic pumpkin spice scent

    Recipe from OneGreenPlanet.

    Related: 10 Fun & Festive Halloween Recipes

    2. Face Mask 

    Need a mid-autumn facial? Pumpkin's got your back (or face, I should say). Whip up a brightening and nourishing mask with just a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

    • 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree
    • 1 whole egg
    • Have dry skin? Add a teaspoon of honey. Oily skin got ya down? A little apple cider vinegar will do just the trick. 

    Recipe from POPSUGAR Beauty

    3. Hair Mask 

    For dry and brittle strands, pumpkin can go a long way in restoring your hair's natural shine and bounciness. Bustle provides this deep conditioning DIY that will definitely breathe some life back into dull hair. You will need:

    • 2 oz raw pumpkin
    • 2 oz raw shea butter
    • 2 oz raw, liquefied coconut oil  
    • 1 oz fixed vegetable oil (like sunflower or olive oil) 
    • 1 tsp oatmeal powder 

    4. Facial Exfoliator 

    Unlike body scrubs, facial exfoliants need to be gentler, because facial skin is thinner and more sensitive. These sugars in this scrumptious face scrub will help buff away dead skin and blackheads, while the pumpkin and vitamin E will keep everything soft and supple. For this skin treat, you'll need: 

    1. 1/4 cup pumpkin puree
    2. 1/2 cup each of organic white and brown sugar
    3. 1/2 tsp vitamin E oil 
    4. (Optional) 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

    DIY from Live Simply.

    Related: 9 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Definitely Turn Heads

    5. Hand Treatment

    Hands often get ignored in beauty routines, but they're so important to take care of! Keep your hands from cracking in chilly weather with this easy to make moisturizer. All you'll need is:

    • 1/4 cup pumpkin puree
    • 1 teaspoon oil of your choosing
    • 1 teaspoon honey

    Recipe from TreeHugger.

    How will you incorporate pumpkin into your routine this fall? 

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    Trump Applauds New Trade Deal With Canada & Mexico

    After more than a year of talks between the United States, Mexico and Canada, President Donald Trump celebrated the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, a new trade deal that is now likely to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

    “We have negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity,” Trump said during a press conference in the Rose Garden. “To me, it's the most important word in trade, because we have been treated so unfairly by so many nations.”

    The Trump administration has called the new trade deal, which was struck at the eleventh hour between the U.S. and its allies, will boost manufacturing and lead to higher wages, ABC News reports.

    Trump praised the deal, saying it will “give our farmers and ranchers far greater access to sell American grown produce in Mexico and in Canada.”

    Late Sunday, the United States and Canada announced that after months tense rhetoric between Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the two countries finally reached an agreement, alongside Mexico, ABC News reports.

    “Today, Canada and the United States reached an agreement, alongside Mexico, on a new, modernized trade agreement for the 21st Century: the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA),” the U.S. and Canada said in a joint statement Sunday. “USMCA will give our workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses a high-standard trade agreement that will result in freer markets, fairer trade and robust economic growth in our region.”

    “It will strengthen the middle class, and create good, well-paying jobs and new opportunities for the nearly half billion people who call North America home,” the joint statement continued.

    Trump applauded the new trade deal on Monday, tweeting, “Congratulations to Mexico and Canada!”

    Trudeau said Sunday was “a good day for Canada & our closest trading partners.”

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto also expressed his support for USMCA, describing the deal as “a win-win-win agreement.”

    The new trade deal will need to be approved by Congress, and since lawmakers will need to dig into the fine print of the agreement, it likely won’t be approved until the next session of Congress in 2019.

    “Democrats will closely scrutinize the text of the Trump Administration’s NAFTA proposal, and look forward to further analyses and conversations with stakeholders,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

    With control of both the House and the Senate at stake in the November election, it is uncertain if Congress will support the new deal.

    Trump, however, said he think the trade deal will pass “easily,” saying, “Once approved by Congress, this new deal will be the most modern, up to date, and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country. But if it doesn't we have other alternatives. I think if they are fair. The Republicans love it, industry loves it, our country loves it. If it's fair, it will pass easily.”

    California Outlawed All-Male Boards of Directors

    Women and men still are equal when it comes to the workplace, and that is apparent when you see the total lack of women in the boardroom. But in a huge step forward for gender equality, California is now requiring businesses include women on their boards of directors.

    On September 30, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that will require all publicly traded businesses with headquarters in the state to have women on their boards of directors, The Los Angeles Times reports.

    The new law stipulates that by 2019, these companies must have at least one woman on their boards of directors. By the end of July 2021, however, boards of directors with five or fewer members must have at least two women on the board, and those with six or more members must have at least three women.

    According to the Times, companies in violation of the new law will have to pay fines of $100,000 for a first offense and $300,000 for a second offense.

    In a letter addressed to the California State Senate about signing the bill, published by the Times, the California governor alluded to the recent sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to still recommend him.

    "There have been numerous objections to this bill and serious legal concerns have been raised," Brown wrote. "I don't minimize the potential flaws that may prove fatal to its ultimate implementation. Nevertheless, recent events in Washington, D.C.—and beyond—make it crystal clear that many are not getting the message."

    “It’s high time corporate boards include the people who constitute more than half the ‘persons’ in America,” Brown concluded his letter.

    Time Magazine reported that nearly one-fourth of publicly traded businesses with headquarters in California don’t have any women on their boards of directors at all.

    Some, however, do not agree with this new law, including the California Chamber of Commerce, who argued that the new law violates anti-discrimination rules in the Constitution.

    Hopefully the law turns out to do what it was intended to do and creates more progress for women in the workforce.

    Netflix’s New Scare Factor Matrix Will Help Determine the Perfect Spooky Movies For You

    It can be difficult to find the perfect scary movie to watch during spooky season. How do you know if something is just the right amount of scary without giving you nightmares for weeks? If you’re a scaredy cat (like me), you might be better off with Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween. But if you’re wanting to branch out and have a complete fright-fest, Netflix has got you covered with their new scare factor matrix.

    According to Hello Giggles, Netflix’s new “scare factor matrix” organizes the streaming service’s classic movies and new movies based on the perfect type of scary you are looking for.

    via Netflix

    Want something a little bit more focused on the supernatural? Try Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Castlevania, starting October 26th. Are you into something terrifying and realistic? Try Malevolent, which starts streaming October 5th. Looking for something that’s more enchanting? Watch The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, starting October 12th.

    But what if you want something that’s realistic, terrifying, enchanting, and supernatural? Then The Haunting of Hill House might just be perfect for you, and it begins streaming on October 12th.

    So if you’re just dying to scare yourself silly, try out the Netflix’s scare factor matrix. Now can we get a scare factor matrix for all scary movies out there? (Just asking for a friend who can’t handle scary movies.)

    What to look out for…

    Applebee’s announced their new Neighborhood Drink! Celebrate spooky season all month long with the Dollar Zombie!

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    Judge Brett Kavanaugh announced that he will not be returning to teach at Harvard in January 2019 citing that he could “no longer commit to teaching his course,” according to CNN. Kavanaugh did not explain his decision beyond the commitment issues, but it is heavily suspected that it has something to do with the new wave of public scrutiny he’s faced throughout the Supreme Court nomination process. 

    Harvard Law School graduates signed a petition against Kavanaugh’s position as a lecturer following the allegations, but the letter had not yet been sent to the dean when the announcement came about Kavanaugh’s withdrawal.

    The petition gathered over 800 graduates in just three days and stated that “The accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, including those by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, are credible and grave. They seriously call into question his character and morality, and should disqualify him from…any position of esteem, including lectureships at HLS,” The Washington Post reported. 

    The Harvard Crimson noted that Law School Dean John F. Manning has stayed mostly silent, besides an email, about the controversy while the students and alumni demand an investigation into Kavanaugh. Harvard’s school newspaper has reached out to administration at the law school, but they have refused to comment on the possibility of an independent investigation through the school. Meanwhile, Yale Law School Dean Heather K. Gerken went as far to join the American Bar Association in their call for additional investigations into Kavanaugh. 

    The petition details that negative effects that Kavanaugh continuing to teach would have on the student body, “We believe that Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment as an HLS lecturer sends a message to law students, and in particular female students, that powerful men are above the law, and that obstructive, inappropriate behavior will be rewarded.”

    Ironically, Politico found that Kavanaugh was set to teach “The Supreme Court Since 2005.” He had been lecturing courses about the Supreme Court and other judicial topics throughout his 10 years at Harvard. During his hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh commented on his teaching, “I love teaching law, but thanks to what some of you on this side of the committee have unleashed, I may never be able to teach again.”

    At time of publication, the FBI is still investigation the allegations against Kavanaugh before the final vote on whether or not he will be on the Supreme Court. 

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    We know the feeling: once the temperature dips just a few degrees below sweltering hot, the excitement for the fall season completely takes over. The urge to pull out your go-to cardigan and dust off your classic pair of fall booties is too real. Although the sweater and boot pairing is an absolute classic for the fall, there are so many more iconic trends this season that will give this duo a run for its money. From a flirty corduroy miniskirt and turtleneck look, to a boho flare jean and floral top combo, the fall trends happening right now are literally everything. We’ve partnered with Primark to give you the lowdown on all-things totally trendy for the season, along with some inspo looks you’ll want to recreate ASAP.

    Trend one: Modern nomad

    This trend can best be described as everything you love about fall in fashion form. From the warm, inviting shades of fallen leaves, to the cozy knits and blankets that keep you feeling snuggly AF, this is a trend you need to try. Plus, the modern nomad look has a bit of a romantic and flirty flair, meaning miniskirts and flowy dresses aren’t going anywhere this fall. Your go-to colors for this trend are a deep burnt orange and a dark cherry red shade. Whether you pair a romantic red dress with a warm orange teddy coat or style a denim skirt with a maroon knit sweater, you seriously can’t go wrong with these shades.

    This fall, don’t be afraid to get as cozy as you want with your outfits. Seriously, these pieces are comfortable enough to sleep in. Faux fur and fuzz are major this season and we’re thankful that this trend is oh-so comfy. To really capitalize on the coziness trend, opt for an oversized chunky turtleneck sweater in a warm autumn color. When the temperatures really start to drop, grab a fashion-forward denim aviator jacket with a fur texture on the inside.

    Another major component of this trend is the emphasis on check or plaid patterns. As a back-to-school classic, plaid has once again made a comeback this fall as a powerful accent piece. To achieve an ~edgier~ look with this trend, add a pair of plaid pants (bonus points if they’re a retro flare pair) to a neutral top. If you get chilly, throw on an over-sized puffy jacket for some streetwear flair.

    For a more playful take on this trend, grab the fuzziest sweater you can find and pair it with a corduroy overall dress. The mix of textures is so on-trend for the fall and the feminine accent of the overall dress is absolutely perfect for creating a flirty retro vibe.

    Trend Two: Winter Folk

    If you have a boho style with a bit of classic side, you’ll be obsessed with this trend. You won’t be able to get enough of this moody color palette, which includes deep emeralds, simple neutral shades, and pops of plum and retro mustard (think that iconic plaid blazer and skirt set from Clueless).

    First things first: you’ll want to get all the accent color pieces on deck. Whether it’s a bold pea coat or a colorful wrap dress, this trend will definitely guarantee that you stand out in the crowd. However, if you want to play down the bright tones a bit, try adding a beige coat or neutral heeled boots to give it a more laid-back vibe.

    Just because summer is just about over doesn’t mean that the summer trends have to wrap up just yet. Florals and care-free, flowy fabrics are carrying over to the fall season, but with a bit of a classier touch. To really perfect this look, pair a darker toned floral maxi with a cropped sweater for a summer-to-fall transition. If you really want to take it up a notch, add some of those extra trendy sock boots for a stylish boost.

    Dying to try these trends yet? Get your girl gang together for a fall shopping haul at Primark! You can achieve the full head-to-toe fall look on a college girl’s budget with ease thanks to Primark’s affordable AF selection.

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    Have you been angry beyond belief this week about people not believing survivors of sexual assault? I hate to say that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    Rapper Azealia Banks went on a Twitter tirade against Kesha, who famously revealed that music producer Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her. Banks claims that Kesha lied about the assault to get out of a contract, citing her as “a white woman using her inherent ‘victimhood’ to con her way through life.”

    Banks, who has worked with Dr. Luke before, continued to defend Dr. Luke, saying that she “would NEVER collab with a rapist.” She also called Kesha’s supporters hypocritical, saying that they would still listen to Dr. Luke’s music despite being outspoken against his actions.

    Despite her accusations, she goes on to raise some valid points about the way that the victim narratives of white women are prioritized over those of black women, citing the handling of her own assault a few months ago as an example. She also takes white feminism to task, acknowledging that the media often focuses on white, female victims over the “countless non-famous poor black trans women that get murdered every day (sic).”

    This isn’t the first time Azealia Banks has used Twitter to say something controversial. In 2013, she used homophobic slurs against gossip blogger Perez Hilton and "Harlem Shake" musician Baauer. And in 2015 she called the LGBTQ+ community “gay white KKKs.”

    I understand Banks’ frustration at the incongruities between white and black women’s media portrayal, but I don’t see why that is a reason to throw a survivor under the bus, considering less than 10 percent of sexual assault reports are false, and only 63 percent are reported altogether, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Being an advocate for yourself doesn’t mean crushing others with valid perspectives.

    Survivors, we believe you. Thank you for being brave enough to come forward.

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    If anyone knows how to go all-in on a Halloween costume, it’s probably our favorite celebrities and stars. Some of our faves, like model and “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum, pull out all the stops year after year, while some celebrities bring their whole families in on the act. We’ve rounded up nine of the most iconic celebrity Halloween styles, and hopefully you can find some inspiration for your very own out-of-the-box Halloween look.

    Heidi Klum’s MJ-Inspired Look



    A post shared by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

    Who else could we start with? Heid Klum is known for her insane Halloween looks, and last year, her take on the wolf man from Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” music video blew us away. Her special effects make-up artists have serious talent, and transformed her into a real-life monster. She was accompanied to her annual Halloween bash by a crew of characters straight out of the classic music video. 

    Stephen Curry’s Jigsaw



    A post shared by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

    Jigsaw haunts all of our nightmares, and NBA star Steph Curry completed his look with a real tricycle. He shared a video of his costume on his Instagram account, and it's hard to believe Stephen Curry is even under the scary costume. Recreating iconic horror looks for Halloween might seem simple, but adding details and accessories make the looks much more real and believable. 

    LeBron James’ Pennywise



    A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

    NBA stars have got Halloween completely covered. LeBron James has the creepiest, realest costume version of Pennywise we’ve seen yet. Who knew that a person could be so talented at basketball and planning Halloween looks?

    Neil Patrick Harris’ Circus



    A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

    David Burka and Neil Patrick Harris have the cutest family ever, and their family’s themed Halloween costumes never disappoint. Last year, they went as their very own circus, and every single detail was impeccably coordinated.

    Gigi Hadid’s Sandy



    A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

    Grease will always be one of our favorite iconic movies, and back in 2015 Gigi Hadid recreated the classic good-girl-gone-bad look of Sandra Dee. Gigi is already beautiful, but we have to admit she looks amazing with the curls and the leather jacket!

    Usher as “Game of Thrones” Character The Night King



    A post shared by Usher (@usher) on

    Fans of the hit show “Game of Thrones” would not be disappointed in Usher’s take on character The Night King. His costume was detailed and complete with special effects makeup. It was definitely one of last year’s best celebrity takes on a TV themed Halloween costume.

    Alec Baldwin’s “Wizard of Oz”



    A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on

    As you can tell, we love a good family Halloween costume, and Alec and Hilaria Baldwin joined in on the fun with their three kids in a “Wizard of Oz” themed look. With Alec as the tin man and Hilaria as the good witch, we loved their take on Oz.

    Kristen Bell as Elsa



    A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

    Let’s be real, Kristen Bell is adorable in every way. Across comedies both in television and movies, she captures audiences hearts while being absolutely hilarious and talented. She dressed up as Elsa with her daughter in 2017 and we’re all a little more willing to dress up as a princess this year after seeing her precious look.

    Lauren Conrad’s Cruella de Vil



    A post shared by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

    Fashion icon and lifestyle inspiration Lauren Conrad shared her annual Halloween look last year. Taking on one of the most iconic Disney villains, her Halloween style is one we’d all be willing to use as inspiration. No matter how old you are, a Disney villain is a great choice for Halloween style.

    No matter where you’re getting your Halloween style inspiration this year, make sure to add details and think of creative ways to transform popular costumes! Adding your own touch and creative spin to a classic character or costume idea can make it completely fresh and unique.


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    While many supermodels who strut their stuff on the runway wearing the newest styles and trends are so tall and have legs that go on for days, it’s harder for the average tall girl to find items that work on their bodies so effortlessly — but sometimes it’s as simple as grabbing the right piece off the rack, no special tall sizes needed! We’ve compiled our seven favorite styling tips for tall girls just for you.

    1. Opt for maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses

    Maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses are practically made for tall girls and their gorgeous long legs. Liz Panella, a senior at the University of Iowa, says to take full advantage of longer pieces like these.

    “Something my friends always tell me is that I'm so lucky that I have long legs and am tall for these kinds of pieces,” Liz says. “Maxis and midis are made for tall girls!”

    When in doubt, go for longer pieces as they’ll highlight your long legs and gorgeous height.

    2. Beware of the high-waisted

    Just because high-waisted items seem to be made for tall girls doesn’t mean those are the items you should reach for first in the store.

    Samantha Kari, a 2016 grad of Siena College, says, “I always have to watch the waistline on high-waisted dresses or cinched shirts because I have a long torso, so if it's too high-waisted, I'll look ridiculous. Sometimes you can combat that by wearing a flowy cardigan with whatever it is. Sometimes you just have to skip out, no matter how cute it is on the hanger.”

    While it’s good to go for longer pieces to highlight your height, those longer pieces can sometimes make you too long, especially when they go so high up on your body and then cut off at your shirt. Depending on your torso and leg length, be careful when choosing the waist height on pants.

    3. Jumpsuits are essential

    Just like maxi dresses, Liz says that jumpsuits are practically made for longer frames, making them absolutely perfect for tall girls.

    “Jumpsuits have recently become a thing, especially for tall girls!” Liz says. “Jumpsuits look that much better on a 5'9" girl because it is a one-piece outfit, and you gotta have the length for that!”



    #standtalldarling I’m so thankful my mom got on me all the time about standing up tall and not slouching. Stand tall you beautiful, tall women. If someone has a problem with it, it’s a reflection of their own insecurities. Who cares if people are intimidated by you? Be proud! 🙌🏻 • @americaneagle has some clothes in tall sizes also....who knew 🤷🏼‍♀️ They don’t sell this exact jumpsuit anymore, but they sell one very similar. I’ll link it on my website! • • • • #tallgirlproblems #tallpeopleproblems #tallgirls #tallwomen #tallfashion #tallstyle #tallclothes #ootd #instagood #follow #followme #style #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #tallblogger #longlegs #legsfordays #jumpsuit #americaneagle #ae #love #colorado #coloradosprings #athlete #volleyball #teamusa

    A post shared by Katie Kimmich (@iskatiethere) on

    Once again, opting for a single piece helps to accentuate your tall frame. Pick up a jumpsuit in your favorite color or pattern for an added pop to your outfit.

    4. Skinny jeans are your best friend

    Charlotte Emeljanow, a junior at the University of Western Ontario, says that skinny jeans are a tall girl’s best friend. Don’t worry too much about length as much as fit and tightness.

    “My number one tip would be: skinny jeans are your best friend,” Charlotte says. “Flared or boot-legged pants often don't have as long of an inseam and can appear shorter on your legs (and no one wants floods SOS). Skinny jeans look longer. And even if they are a little too short, a) that's in style anyway and b) because they fit snug against your ankle, it’s harder to tell that they aren't as long as they should be.”

    Many stores carry jean lengths for specific heights and frames. Topshop is great for long inseam jeans, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, Old Navy’s website has many length and height options.

    5. Pick up thigh high boots, but not booties

    You would think that any pair of shoes would look good on those long legs, but Liz warns that not all shoes are made just right for tall girls. She says to say yes to thigh high boots but be wary of booties.

    “All of my short friends are so jealous because they don't feel like thigh highs look good on them,” Liz says. “Some long legs and a pair of thigh highs with a dress or skirt = flame emoji.”

    “Something to steer clear of is stubby booties!” she adds. “I'm all for the mid-ankle boogie, but put me in a stubby boot, and it is not good. It doesn't look right when you have long legs in a skinny jean and a really short bootie! The overall flow from shoe to leg looks a bit strange in my opinion!” 

    Related: 7 Kendall Jenner Outfits You Can Totally Copy

    6. Don’t pair super long jeans and crop tops

    Something else to be wary of, according to Liz, is trendy outfit pairings. One in particular to steer clear of as a tall girl is super long jeans paired with a crop top.

    “Long jeans and crop tops are something I never do,” Liz says. “Because long jeans accentuate the whole body already, a shorter top doesn't always look right (at least on me). I feel way more comfortable and put together when I have a longer top on. It doesn't make me look as tall either!”

    7. When in doubt, put on anything oversized or loose-fitting

    Like maxi dresses and jumpsuits, anything oversized or loose fitting is perfect for the longer frame of a tall girl. These items were made for you! So these should always be your go-to.

    Jessi Henter, a junior a South Dakota State University, lists some favorite items of hers and her friends: “Maxi dresses, skinny jeans as well if you can find them long enough, longer loose shirts, t-shirt dresses, anything kinda loose because tight looks awkward. Basically, anything long because it doesn't look weird like it light on a short person.”

    Remember the most important fashion tip there is: always opt for something you feel good and comfortable in. Even if an outfit is super cute, it’s not worth it to wear it if you’ll be uncomfortable all day. Happy styling, collegiettes!


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    Beginning on Monday, the State Department enacted a new policy that restricts visas for same-sex partners of staff of U.S.-based international organizations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank — unless the couple is legally married. 

    “Effective immediately, U.S. Embassies and Consulates will adjudicate visa applications that are based on a same-sex marriage in the same way that we adjudicate applications for opposite gender spouses,” the new announcement on the G4-visa, or spousal visa, says on the State Department website. Current personnel were notified of the upcoming change in July.

    Meant “to help ensure and promote equal treatment” between gay and straight couples, a State Department spokesperson told NBC News, the news follows a similar change to the same-sex domestic partner policy for members of the U.S. Foreign Service. What the new policy completely disregards the fact that in most countries, gay marriage is still illegal. In a few, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran, gay sex and marriage can be punishable by death.

    This leaves current and future LGBTQ staffers with a difficult choice: to get married, if possible, and face discrimination and harassment in their home country, or give up their relationship for their job. 

    “The problem with the new policy is that it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that LGBTI people still face a very challenging global environment,” Fabrice Houdart, a human rights official at the United Nations, told NBC. “Those being affected will be the most vulnerable, the most marginalized, the poorest."

    According to the new policy, those in domestic partnerships who are currently in the U.S. will have until the end of the year to get married – once that deadline passes, unmarried partners will have 30 days to leave the country. No exceptions will reportedly be made for the G-4 visa.

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    It’s been hard to keep up with all of the scandals, controversies and just plain WTF moments of 2018 – because, let's face it, this year has been a lot.

    There’s no better way to rehash all of drama than through a quirky-cute Halloween costume based on some of the lighter moments that we’ve already forgotten. 

    1. Gritty

    Gritty has taken over my feeds lately and I, for one, am absolutely obsessed. Do your own rendition of the Philadelphia Flyer’s mascot with a feathered orange outfit, classic googly-eyed glasses and some team spirit. You could even recreate some of Gritty’s already infamous social media posts before you go out!

    2. Cardi B Post-Fight with Nick Minaj

    The paparazzi images following this NYFW after-party fight are iconic. Cardi B is essentially the red dress dancing emoji with a welt on her forehead.

    To recreate this look, you’ll need to channel your inner celebrity with a big red dress and red carpet ready makeup. Draw on or use costume prosthetics to add the welt and you’re good to go.

    3. Walmart Yodeling Boy



    A post shared by Mason Ramsey (@lilhankwilliams) on

    Please don’t make this one sexy. You probably already own some dark washed jeans and a white button up for the base of this look, so you just need the red bow tie, cream-colored cowboy hat, a Texas sized belt buckle and some cowboy boots to become the boy who blew up for his Walmart performance.

    Just practice those yodeling skills before you head out!

    4. Royal Wedding



    A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

    Create your own extravagant British hat, pair it with a simple dress and some sensible shoes and you’re ready to put on your own Royal Wedding. Whether you want to emulate the bridal and groom themselves or the general atmosphere of the crowd, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off.

    5. The 1980s Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again Crew

    Decade costumes are overdone, but basing it on Donna and the Dynamos brings a fresh perspective to the look, Whether you go for Donna’s casual overalls look or the bell-bottoms and platform shoes they wear for performances, just be sure to include some ABBA karaoke while you’re getting ready.

    6. Queer Eye’s Fab Five

    Are you more of a Karamo or a Bobby? If your group chat can decide on who best fits which member of the Fab Five, scroll through their Instagrams for inspiration on each of their styles. From there, add some accessories (a hairbrush for Jonathan, come avocados for Antoni, etc) and you’re ready to start your own makeover show.

    7. The Kardashian-Jenner Babies



    A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

    Let’s face it: the Kardashian-Jenner clan makes the cutest babies. Get a couple of your friends together as Chi, True and Stormi to celebrate the newest additions to the family. Base this costume off of traditional baby costumes, but add the chic luxury feel of the Kardashian-Jenners to complete the look.

    And, if all else fails, you can always rely on the classic black cat or Risky Business costumes that have become staples at every Halloween party.

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    We all know the struggle of forgetting our student ID in our rooms or losing it on-campus and then not being able to get into your room, eat a meal or go to the gym. For six lucky universities, Apple has made this problem disappear.

    Starting today, students at Duke University and the Universities of Alabama and Oklahoma will be able to add their ID card to Apple Wallet and be able to use just their iPhone or Apple Watch to get around campus, Apple said in a press release.

    The new ID system gives students the same access a regular ID would, including laundry, meals on- and off-campus, access to dorms and the school library. 

    While some schools have a mobile ID option, said alternative usually requires you to download an app that may not always work or have glitches. Apple's solution was to create this new system within the Apple Wallet, which also gives students the option to link their cards to Apple Pay. All students will need to do is add their ID to Apple Wallet and then hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near a digital ID sensor to be scanned.

    Though only three universities have started using the IDs so far, Johns Hopkins, Santa Clara and Temple Universities are set to begin using the technology by the end of this school year. There is also no news regarding what edition iPhone or Apple Watch a user must have or whether a similar program will be available on Android phones. Hopefully, Apple will continue updating their list of eligible universities – before we know it, no student will have to experience the panic of forgetting their student ID!

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    All my anxious girls out there know that those heart-pounding hours leading up to a first date can be pretty high-stress. You’ve figured out the perfect outfit and hairstyle, checked all things in the hygiene department and mentally prepped some last-resort conversation fillers if it all hits the fan. But before you head out the door with fingers crossed, read these pre-date words of wisdom and check that you aren't headed to dinner with an axe murderer (kidding, but also not kidding).

    1. Safety first

    The first and most important item on every pre-date checklist is to make sure that you aren't putting your well-being at risk. If this is a first date situation, no matter how convinced you are that your date won’t be sketchy, why be unprepared? Tell a trusted friend the name of the restaurant or theater you’re headed to and ask them to keep their ringer on just in case you get uncomfortable and need a ride home.

    When it comes to setting up meetings through dating apps, proceed with caution, just because scams and web-predators are unfortunately a thing. Even if you’re only seeking out dates with college-students, the reality is that questionable and scary stuff can still go down. Now this isn’t to say that you shouldn't enjoy yourself and relax on your date night, but always be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut. If you get a funny feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right, listen to your intuition.

    2. Is it a date? Or something else…

    This might seem like a no-brainer, but, especially among our technology-reliant generation, it is easy for intentions to get mistaken. Whether you’re under the impression that your meet up is prefacing a chill hook-up or you believe they have serious SO potential, make sure that you have a clear sense of their expectations (and your own) from the start. By no means do you have to get crazy and reveal your future wedding plans and favorite baby names, but if you are looking for more than just hooking-up, it’s vital that you know if they are too.

    In college where hookup culture is the norm, it sometimes feels like there are a lot more students opting for a “‘Netflix and Chill” session than actual relationships. If you aren't into that, don’t set yourself up for what you know will just be a one-night fling if what you want is the real deal.

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    3. What’s on the itinerary?

    You’re all glammed-up for the night, looking bomb AF in your new dress and leg-flaunting wedges – but, hold up, your date is taking you to a trampoline park instead of that cute new restaurant? With your nerves already buzzing, the last thing you need is to be blindsided about what you will actually be doing on this evening out. Before committing to a date, get a sense of what you will be doing so you can dress appropriately.

    If you’re going on a date with someone, chances are you have something in common. Knowing a few of your dates likes and dislikes when it comes to activities and what not is probably not a bad idea, as it will likely give you some insight into what your night together might entail. Maybe you both bonded over your lowkey obsessions with mini-golf or bowling, or perhaps you agree that an oldies movie marathon is the ideal hangout. While a little mystery never hurts, to avoid any last-minute stress or wardrobe malfunctions, talk to your date beforehand to make sure you A) have a plan and B) are both down for it!

    4. Just the basics

    While the aforementioned tips do contradict this last one to an extent, keep in mind that one of the best parts about a new date is the unknown! With the click of a keyboard or the swipe of a finger you can access anything and everything you’d ever want to know about someone. But is that what you really want? Aside from doing a little preliminary investigating online and amongst friends to verify that they likely aren't a criminal, what else do you really need to know? If you haven’t already stalked the hell out of their Instagram or started keeping tabs on their Twitter, don’t do it! Your lack of familiarity with their social media is a gift. I mean, how often is it these days that our first connections are face-to-face and not on the web? Not very often. You may find it refreshing to take the old-school route and actually try to get to know your potential new beau in person without any online influences.

    If your willpower ends up crumbling and you end up spending the hours before your date scrolling through their feed, it isn’t the end of the world. However, be aware of the fact that the wakeboard-legend/dog-rescuer/chef-apprentice you just "met" on Instagram may not be as shiny and perfect in person. 

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    Getting a car on your 16th birthday is almost like a rite of passage, but in what world would anyone ever be gifted one from pop icon Sia?! Maddie Ziegler's world, apparently. 

    Sia gave the dancer a white Audi Q3 truck (which reportedly starts at $32,900!) topped with a giant red bow to celebrate her sweet 16 on September 30. Both shared photos and videos of the new wheels on social media, with Sia writing "Happy Birthday to my most special noonoo." In the Instagram post, Ziegler can be seen dancing around to celebrate. 



    Happy Birthday to my most special noonoo @maddieziegler ❤️

    A post shared by SIA (@siamusic) on



    sweet sixteen

    A post shared by maddie (@maddieziegler) on

    The two first met in 2014 after Sia tweeted an 11-year-old Ziegler, asking her to appear in the music video for "Chandelier." Since then, Ziegler's been in a number of the singer's videos and even performed live alongside her. 

    Ziegler has been a public figure since 2011 when she began starring in the Lifetime show Dance Moms.

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    If you're like practically anyone else on the internet, you're probably in love with Noah Centineo after watching him in To All the Boys I've Loved Before or Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Lucky for his fans, the 22-year-old actor's success is continuing well past his breakout year, as he was just cast in the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot. 

    Set for a September 2019 release, the film will reportedly focus on the "next generation" of Angels, who will be portrayed by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. Centineo's role? A "love interest" of one of the three.

    Elizabeth Banks is both directing and starring as one of the Bosley characters, while Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou play an additional two Bosleys. Banks took to Twitter to "welcome" Centineo to the film.

    Jonathan Tucker, Sam Claflin, and Luis Gerardo Mendez will also star in the reboot. 

    According to Variety, the new Charlie's Angels will still be based on the earlier versions written by Craig Mazin and Semi Chellas. 

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