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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    You’re probably familiar with those photos all over Instagram of picture-perfect dorm rooms — you know, the dorms that don’t even look like they’re dorm rooms, but rather professionally-crafted rooms created by an interior designer. We all long for a dorm room that looks that cute. Fortunately, attaining an Instagram-worthy dorm room is possible with the right tools and products.

    For that stylish dorm room look, you’ll definitely want to add to those oh-so-boring bare walls. Whether you’re planning to hang up some stylish art prints, want to add some black and white photos of your hometown best friends for a nostalgic touch, or a mix of both, wall decorations are absolutely key to attaining that Instagram-worthy look. Before breaking the rules of your dorm room and grabbing your hammer and nails, we promise there’s an easier way to hang up your fave décor while complying with your university’s policies.

    VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removeable Wall Fasteners are the go-to tool for every chic college student looking to make their plain dorm room into the trendiest space on campus. With flat adhesive fasteners and adhesive wall hooks, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Fasteners come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit whatever piece of décor you want to hang. From discreet, L-shaped adhesives for large picture frames, to cute and colorful wall hooks for that necessary pop of color, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Fasteners can definitely help with your decorative needs. Plus, when you’re packing up all your things at the end of the school year, these fasteners are so easy to remove and won’t even leave a mark or take off your wall’s paint!

    Want to win a set of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removeable Wall Fasteners to help you achieve a dorm room that all your friends will be jealous of? Here’s how:

    Achieve the Ultimate Instagram-Worthy Dorm Style

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    If the world around you felt a little more wondrous, magical, and whimsical today, there’s a good reason: Disney released the trailer for the highly anticipated Mary Poppins Returns.

    I watched this thing and found myself instantly filled with happy tears. There’s no replacing Julie Andrews, but Emily Blunt embodies the role of Mary Poppins with grace and sparkle in a way that doesn’t try too forcefully to do the original justice. She, along with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s chimney sweep (whose British accent isn’t amazing, but I appreciate his effort) and a new generation of Banks children, are glistening with technicolor pastels in a fantasy land familiar to fans of the original 1964 Mary Poppins. (There’s even animated penguins!)

    From the trailer, it appears that the children of siblings Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael Banks (Ben Wishaw) have accidentally summoned their former nanny back into their lives via kite, and they need her more than ever, whether they know it or not. “I’ve come to look after the Banks children,” Mary says upon her arrival. “Us?” a younger Banks asks. “Well yes,” Mary replies, “you too.”

    Rounding out the cast is an insane ensemble that reassures us at all cost that Mary Poppins is British. Colin Firth! Julie Walters! Just in case you weren’t basking in enough Mamma Mia! realness already, Meryl Streep! And best of all, original Burt the chimney sweep Dick Van Dyke even makes a cameo in the film!

    I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hold my emotions together until Mary Poppins Returns’ December 19 release date. Check out the trailer below:

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    Millions of us get our names mispronounced every day on class rosters, before interviews, in doctors’ office waiting rooms—but imagine the whole world mispronouncing your name and not even asking if they’re getting it right.

    This is the waking nightmare that Chrissy Teigen has been living for years, as she revealed through a series of tweets today. I know how you read that in your head, now try again: Chrissy Tie-gen. What?

    But wait, haven’t I heard her say Chrissy TEE-gen before?

    But why would she do this? She’s a famous, powerful, badass lady! Why wouldn’t she redirect people to say her name correctly?

    Eh, I don’t believe it. This is all a hoax. There’s no way that Chrissy Tie-gen would just live with her truth in the shadows. Besides, she’s a jokester on Twitter. I would need proof from another source, maybe someone else in her family, in order to believe it’s true.

    Oh. Her mom says so? Yeah, okay. I believe it.

    This entire discussion comes to light after the hosts of the Kyle and Jackie O Show discovered that Ariana Grande had been allowing the world to butcher the proper pronunciation of her last name, too.

    Ariana GRANDY. Who would’ve thought?

    I don’t know if the media and the world will actually change the way they pronounce either Ariana or Chrissy’s names. It’s easy to be set in our ways after a first impression. (Or first thousand.)

    Let’s pledge to do our best to acknowledge the proper pronunciation of people’s names and not looking collectively like the substitute teacher from that one Key and Peele sketch.

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    First dates can be stressful, especially when they’re with somebody you’ve never actually met in person. The evening is going to be filled with unknowns: What if you’re not compatible? What if they’re not as entertaining in person as they were over text? What if they chew with their mouth open? Hundreds of thoughts will circle through your head– and that’s OK! So, to help you through what will hopefully be a wonderful time, here are some first date ideas that are fun, easy and prioritize your safety (because that’s always our biggest concern).

    Museum crawl

    Two of the most important things to have while on a first date are witnesses and an escape route, and a museum offers both (kidding, but also not kidding). One of the great things about museums is that there's always fodder for conversation – just take a look around! You can even make a game out of trying to come up with the wittiest caption for a painting or sculpture. Most museums even host fun events open to the public, like this one near Carthage College with their adults-only PotterPalooza!

    Meet for coffee

    OK, this one is a little basic, but that’s why it’s such a popular activity! Grabbing a cup of coffee gives you all the comfort of going out to dinner, but there’s less of a chance for you to spill spaghetti sauce on your shirt. This allows you to make the date as long (or as short) as you want. If the conversation is great, you might talk until closing time. Alternatively, if there’s just no spark, you can always leave once you’ve finished your drink.

    Related: The 17 Best First Date Ideas

    Head to a thrift store or bookstore

    For some, nothing is more entertaining than wandering through the aisles of a store, especially the aisles of a Goodwill or an antiques shop. If you decide to meander your way into a shop on your date, you could end up sharing nostalgic stories from your pasts or maybe making fun of those hideous ceramic frogs. Bookstores and libraries have a similar effect, and you might even get a free book out of it (or at the very least, a recommendation).

    Scout local festivities

    Is there a fair coming up? Maybe a city-wide block party? Perhaps a farmer’s market? Either way, being able to walk around and experience the culture the town has to offer can be very entertaining. You’ll have plenty to look at and you’ll have time to bond over deep-fried Oreos. Most cities have some sort of online events calendar that you can look at, but if yours doesn't (or if you can’t find it), no stress! Doing something on campus is just as exciting. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to eat free food if you’re on the meal plan. It’s a win-win.

    Related: 7 Classy AF Dates That Won't Break the Bank

    Take a walk through the zoo or aquarium

    This date is perfect for the morning or afternoon. Strolling along together through a zoo is a great way to get to know each other in a nature-ish setting but without the fear of secluded trails. Also, if the date goes south, you at least get to see some animals! The New England Aquarium in Boston and the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California are just two of the hundreds of zoos and aquariums that offer student discounts, so do some research - you might just save some money while you’re at it. Also, if you’re near the holidays, places like The Oklahoma City Zoo host fun events like Haunt The Zoo.

    Mini golf or bowling

    For those of us with a real competitive edge, this date is the way to go! Not only do you get the chance to move around and talk but you have the opportunity to throw in some flirty trash talk. Some mini golf locations will let you bring in food, while others might have an attached restaurant. As for bowling, the same rules apply (also, if you’re of age, a lot of alleys serve beer!). This gives you the chance to see if you’re dating a sore loser. If they beat you and take a victory lap around the parking lot, or if you beat them and they throw a shoe at your nachos, you know they’re probably not the one for you.

    Go to a sporting event

    CSU Stanislaus senior, Haylee Eagleton, believes that online dates are special in the sense that you’ve already gotten a chance to get to know their likes and dislikes. So, if you’re both into sporty stuff, take them to a game! “If I know the guy I’m talking to is interested in baseball, I’ll definitely offer the idea of going to a game. I don’t even care who’s playing. I just want to get to know them a little bit more,” says Eagleton.

    Regardless of where you decide to go on your date, remember to focus on the person you’re with. If you’re too absorbed in the activity (or your phone), they’ll assume that you’re just not into them. Keep the conversation light and remember to stay in the moment! Most importantly, do what you’re comfortable with. Don’t feel obligated to agree to a second pity date and don’t drag the date on longer than what you feel it should be. So, relax and take a breath. You got this. 

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    It seems like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson may have added a new member to their little family.

    Ariana recently posted several pics on her Instagram story of herself and Pete with a tiny pig. The adorable light brown colored pig can be seen snuggling up to the pair, making us all insanely jealous that we’re not the pig.

    While it's not confirmed yet whether or not Ariana and Pete have officially adopted the piggy, based on an Instagram post by New York-based artist @girlknewyork, the mini pig, whose name seems to be Piggy Smallz, is a permanent part of Pete's body.



    Thanks Pete 🐷🐻🎈

    A post shared by mira mariah (@girlknewyork) on

    The series of photos are among the first few posts from the “God is a Women” singer following the tragic passing of rapper and ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

    Ariana and Mac’s friendship began in 2012 and their relationship blossomed in 2016, ending in 2018, a few months prior to the singer starting a relationship with SNL actor Pete Davidson.

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    The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold a public hearing next Monday and to call Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has accused him of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, to testify before the committee.

    In a crucial event that could determine Kavanaugh’s fate as a nominee for the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh and his accuser are expected to appear before the panel on the same day, but not side-by-side, ultimately delaying the committee vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination set for Thursday, CNN reports.

    The announcement of these new public hearings, made under pressure for lawmakers to fully examine these assault claims, came a few hours after President Donald Trump defended Kavanaugh as “somebody very special,” but added that “we want to go through a full process ... and hear everybody out” on the sexual assault allegations against him.

    “Judge Kavanaugh is one of the finest people that I've ever known. He is an outstanding intellect and outstanding judge respected by everybody. Never had even a little blemish on his record,” Trump said. “If it takes a little delay, it'll take a little delay.”

    In a statement on Monday afternoon, White House spokesman Raj Shah said, “Judge Kavanaugh looks forward to a hearing where he can clear his name of this false allegation. He stands ready to testify tomorrow if the Senate is ready to hear him.”

    Kavanaugh on Monday again strongly denied Ford’s allegations, calling them “completely false.”

    “This is a completely false allegation,” Kavanaugh said in a statement released by the White House. “I have never done anything like what the accuser describes—to her or to anyone.”

    “Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the Committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity,” he continued.

    Kavanaugh’s statement came shortly after his accuser, a college professor, said she would be willing to speak with Congress to share her side of the story, ABC News reports.

    Senators had called for Kavanaugh and Ford to address the allegations before Congress.

    “Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh should both testify under oath before the Judiciary Committee,” Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who is a crucial vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, wrote in a tweet Monday.

    Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters, “I want to hear what she has to say. Obviously, these are serious charges, and if they’re true, I think that they would be disqualifying.”

    Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is also a key Republican like Collins, issued a statement Monday: “Allegations surrounding sexual assault must be taken seriously and the Judiciary Committee must look into this further. Despite the length of time since the alleged incident, Dr. Ford’s allegations should be heard and she must have an opportunity to present her story before the committee under oath, with Judge Kavanaugh having the opportunity to respond under oath as well.”

    When asked if Ford should testify, White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters, “Absolutely.”

    “She should not be insulted; she should not be ignored; she should testify under oath and she should do it on Capitol Hill,” Conway added.

    Conway made it clear that she was speaking on behalf of the president in expressing an openness to having Ford testify before Congress.

    The White House senior counselor added that Kavanaugh should also get the chance to testify in response to these allegations, adding that Kavanaugh had been through six prior FBI vetting processes and that ultimately the Senate would have to weigh the allegations against a “considerable body of evidence” pointing to the strength of Kavanaugh’s character.

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, referring to Collins’ comments, attacked Democrats on Monday for their handling of this situation, saying they knew about this information for weeks but chose to withhold the “secret until the 11th hour.”

    “I can't explain the situation any better than the senior senator from Maine put it yesterday evening when she said if they believed judge Kavanaugh's accuser, why didn't they serve us this information earlier so that he could be questioned about it?” McConnell said. “And if they didn't believe her and chose to withhold the information, why did they decide at the 11th hour to release it? It's really not fair to either of them the way it was handled.”

    Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer took to the floor shortly afterward, calling on the FBI to investigate the matter and to prohibit any vote until such investigation was completed, ABC News reports.

    Ford, who reveal her identity in a Sunday Washington Post story, has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in high school in Maryland in the 1980s. Kavanaugh, who was 17 at the time, was a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda, Maryland, and Ford, who was 15-years-old, was a sophomore at Holton-Arms School, an all-girls school in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Ford said she was at a teen party when Kavanaugh and one of his male classmates, who were both “stumbling drunk,” cornered her in a bedroom where Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed, the Post reported. According to her allegations, Kavanaugh groped her over her clothes and attempted to remove them and the bathing suit she had on underneath.

    “I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” Ford told the Post. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

    Ford told the Post that she tried to scream, but Kavanaugh placed a hand over her mouth. She was ultimately able to escape when Kavanaugh’s classmate jumped on the bed and sent all three of them tumbling.

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    For her first solo project as a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has collaborated with a group of female survivors of the deadly Grenfell Tower fire to launch a charity cookbook, featuring all of their family recipes.

    The funds gathered by Together: Our Community Cookbook will support Hubb Community Kitchen, which was established last year by a group of women as a place to cook fresh food for their families, friends and neighbors after being displaced by the fire that killed 72 people.

    Markle, who wrote the forward for the cookbook, described the cookbook as a labor of love that brought the group of women together.

    “Together is more than a cookbook. This is a tale of friendship, and a story of togetherness,” she wrote. “It is a homage to the power of cooking as a community, and the recipes that allow us to connect, share and look forward.”

    The authors of the cookbook gathered in the communal kitchen at the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London last year, and as word spread, more women joined in the kitchen, thus beginning the Hubb Community Kitchen, Harper’s Bazaar reports. Hubb means love in Arabic.

    The community kitchen allowed the community to “connect, heal and look forward and to convene through food,” according to a press release from Kensington Palace.

    Markle first visited the kitchen in January 2018, and has continued to make regular visits to the community kitchen.

    “I immediately felt connected to this community kitchen; it is a place for women to laugh, grieve, cry and cook together,” the Duchess of Sussex wrote in the foreword.

    “Melding cultural identities under a shared roof, it creates a space to feel a sense of normalcy – in its simplest form, the universal need to connect, nurture, and commune through food, through crisis or joy – something we can all relate to,” she wrote. “Through this charitable endeavour, the proceeds will allow the kitchen to thrive and keep the global spirit of community alive.”

    According to Kensington Palace, Markle was inspired by how the women’s project empowered them at a grassroots level.

    In the foreword, the Duchess of Sussex shares some of her family traditions and how cooking has become a means of connection in her own life.

    “I have a lifelong interest in the story of food – where it comes from, why we embrace it and how it brings us together: the universal connection to community through the breaking of bread,” Markle wrote. “Within this kitchen’s walls, there exists not only the communal bond of togetherness through sharing food, but also a cultural diversity that creates what I would describe as a passport on a plate: the power of a meal to take you to places you’ve never been, or transport you right back to where you came from.”

    According to ABC News, Markle also shared that when she attended Northwestern University, she would long to go home and enjoy some of her mother’s gumbo, and how, as a child, she loved to have her grandmother’s black-eyed peas, collard greens and cornbread.

    When the Duchess moved to Toronto to films Suits, she fell in love with Canadian dishes, such as poutine, but still cherished California cuisine, where she grew up “craving fish tacos and the memory of eating hometown fare infused with a strong Mexican influence.”

    Prior to marrying Prince Harry in May, Markle’s charitable and humanitarian endeavors reflected themes of women’s empowerment and gender equality, and it appears that Markle, with her first solo project as a member of the royal family, will carry on supporting and empowering women from all walks of life.

    Together: Our Community Cookbook will be released on September 20 and you can preorder the cookbook now.

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    President Trump Order Russia Investigation Documents to be Declassified

    President Donald Trump ordered the declassification of various Russian investigation related documents that the House Intelligence and House Oversight Committees have requested.

    via Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

    According to a statement on Monday from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Trump’s order included parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application on Carter Page and “all FBI reports” prepared in connection with the FISA warrant request.

    Trump also ordered the release of all text messages concerning the Russia investigation from former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official, CNN reports.

    “When the President issues such an order, it triggers a declassification review process that is conducted by various agencies within the intelligence community, in conjunction with the White House Counsel, to seek to ensure the safety of America's national security interests. The Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are already working with the Director of National Intelligence to comply with the President's order,” a spokesperson for the Justice Department said in a statement.

    Republicans in the House of Representatives have previously called on Trump to declassify these Russian investigation documents to bolster their argument that the FBI and the Justice Department wrongfully obtained a surveillance order on Page, a Trump campaign foreign policy aide. Conservatives, however, have acknowledged that they are unsure of whether or not these documents will assist them in their investigation on improper document within the Russia probe.

    “We don't know, which is why we need to see them,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, a leading critic of the Russia probe, said when asked what these documents would show. “Transparency is a good thing, and the American people need to know what's in there.”

    Democrats, on the other hand, denounced the order.

    “President Trump, in a clear abuse of power, has decided to intervene in a pending law enforcement investigation by ordering the selective release of materials he believes are helpful to his defense team and thinks will advance a false narrative,” Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee ranking member, said in a statement.

    “With respect to some of these materials, I have been previously informed by the FBI and Justice Department that they would consider their release a red line that must not be crossed as they may compromise sources and methods,” Schiff added.

    Trump Administration Cuts Number of Refugees Allowed into the U.S. Next Year

    The Trump administration has announced that it will cut the total number of refugees allowed into the United States next year to 30,000.

    According to the Associated Press, the announcement comes despite humanitarian groups arguing that this year’s cap of 45,000 was too low.

    The 30,000 cap announced on Monday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the total amount of refugees that will be let into the country during the fiscal year that starts on October 1. The actual number, however could be lower.

    In the final year of the Obama administration, 85,000 refugees were let into the U.S., according to the AP.

    The Trump administration has cracked down on limiting the total number of refugees and immigration allowed into the country, causing refugee admissions to hit their lowest level in a decade.

    Hillary Clinton Has Been Dropped from Texas Curriculum

    In order to “streamline” their social studies curriculum, the Texas Board of Education voted on Friday, September 14 to remove certain individuals from the state’s mandatory curriculum, and it appears that Hillary Clinton is one of those individuals.

    According to the Dallas Morning News, this decision does not mean that teachers have to remove Clinton from their class curriculum, but rather that it is no longer mandatory.

    Clinton was not the other notable figure to be given the axe; according to Hello Giggles, Helen Keller was also cut from the curriculum based on recommendations from board-nominated volunteers, all of whom are Texas teachers.

    The volunteers came up with a grading rubric to determine the significance of each historical figure. The rubric included questions such as: “Did the person trigger a watershed change?”; “Was the person from an underrepresented group?”; and “Will their impact stand the test of time?”

    In case you’re wondering how Clinton held up to all of the other notable figures, she only scored five points out of a possible 20 points, according to Dallas Morning News.

    However, figures such as Baptist pastor Billy Graham, the “heroic” defenders of the Alamo, and Moses, who, according to the volunteers, “informed the American founding documents,” all made the cut.

    One volunteer told the Dallas Morning News that the group did “not want to offend anyone” with their choice of which figures to include in the curriculum, “but there’s too many [figures].”

    “Our task was to simplify. We tried to make it as objective as possible,” another volunteer said.

    But don’t give up all hope just yet. This vote was only a preliminary one, so the volunteers can always reevaluate the curriculum changes and adjust them before the final vote in November.  

    What to look out for…

    It’s National Cheeseburger Day today! As a California girl, I’m partial to In-N-Out, so that’s where you’ll find me!

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    After the tear-jerking ending to Marvel’s Infinity War, which very few of our heroes survived, everyone has been talking about Captain Marvel, who Nick Fury seems to call upon in a post-credits scene right before he turns to dust. Before the Avengers’ (seemingly) final battle, however, we’re going to get to know Captain Marvel, portrayed by Brie Larson, in her own film which is set for release in March 2019.

    The first trailer for Captain Marvel just dropped, and boy, are we ready for this movie. (Hell yes to more female-led superhero movies, please and thank you.)

    The trailer starts with a bang—literally, as a spaceship crashes to earth sometime in the ‘90s (peep the Blockbuster Video!). From there, we learn that Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, is dealing with some strange amnesia—she keeps getting memories of a life that seemingly happened before.

    It’s not long before she appears to team up with Nick Fury, but it’s unclear how. In fact, the trailer was big on action, but pretty light on details: where is Captain Marvel from? How did she get her powers? Actually, what are her powers?

    We also see her punching an old lady in the face, which I’m definitely going to need more context to understand. Guessing it might actually be a skrull?

    Despite the remaining mysteries, the film looks totally awesome. It’s Marvel’s first superhero movie that focuses on a woman (I guess they’re hopping aboard the Wonder Woman success train), so I hope people turn out in droves to support it.

    Are you just as excited to see Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments!

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    Put down your lunch. Stormy Daniels revealed disturbing details about President Donald Trump’s penis in her new memoir, Full Disclosure, and The Guardian shared the worst of it after obtaining a copy of the book early. 

    From doubts about his presidency to details of the sex they’ve had, Daniels did not hold back when it came to disclosing about her experiences with Trump. Daniels was given $130,000 to keep the story of her history with Trump quiet the night before the election. She accepted the money, but has since spoken out about the incident.

    According to The Guardian, Trump and Daniels were so close that Trump even offered to give her cheats to surviving on The Apprentice during her stint on the show. Daniels notes a conversation between Trump and herself where the president says, “We’ll figure out a way to get you the challenges beforehand and we can devise your technique.”



    The most striking thing to be leaked in these excerpts, however, are the details about Trump’s “smaller than average” penis. The Guardian says that Daniels described sex Trump in bed as “a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart.” 



    “It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion,” said Daniels. Daniels was reminded of the moment each time she saw Trump on TV. “‘I had sex with that’, I’d say to myself. Eech,” Daniels said via The Guardian



    In a twist of irony, another stories obtained by The Guardian included a 2007 phone call between Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to Daniels, “He had a whole conversation about the [presidential] race, repeatedly mentioning ‘our plan,’” but he couldn’t turn his attention away from The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week to fully invest himself in the conversation. 

    Full Disclosure is set to come out on October 2, according to Vice News, and follows not only her decision to go public about the affair with Trump, but also details her childhood struggles and how she became an icon in the porn industry. 

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    An unnamed teenage boy at Shadow Creek High School in Texas was given an in school suspension after refusing to remove his makeup in school, according to Insider

    The teen is a current student in the high school’s cosmetology program and he decided to leave class with makeup on, just like many of his female peers do everyday. He was quickly flagged in violation of the Alvin Independent School District’s dress code for breaking a rule that explicitly states, “Boys may not wear make-up,” said Teen Vogue.

    A petition by students of the district was launched shortly after the incident in defense of the teen. A friend of the student, Jasmin Richards, told KTRK Houston, “If girls should be able to wear makeup, then a boy should have no problem doing the same thing if that's how he wants to express himself.”



    The petition currently has over 2,000 signatures in support of reevaluating the district’s dress code. It states that the current policies are “based entirely on outdated and sexist gender standards” and are harmful to students trying to express themselves. 

    KTRK reached out to Assistant Superintendent Daniel Combs about the petition. Combs said that he spoke with the students who started the petition, but it may takes months for changes to be made while they wait for all sides to weigh in. 

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    Every little choice we make has the power to create a difference – and choosing makeup with quality ingredients has a small but mighty impact. That’s why the best way to create your own shine is with clean makeup that’s full of quality ingredients free of harsh toxins, so that even your beauty choices have a greater sense of purpose for the world around you.

    To start the new school year off with a positive impact, bareMinerals is giving away everything you need to take care of your skin responsibly. With products full of natural minerals, you can opt into a clean, natural routine every day and stay gorgeous while doing it.

    Enter below for a chance to win the following:

    • Lashtopia™ Mega Volume Mineral-Based Mascara
    • Claymates Be Pure & Be Dewy Mask Duo
    • Blemish Rescue™ Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation
    • Seamless Buffing Brush with Antibacterial Charcoal
    • Blemish Rescue™ Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer
    • Gen Nude® Patent Lip Lacquer

    Be happy, be bright, be you all school year long! Enter now to win.

    Win $150 Worth of Makeup That’s Actually Good for Your Skin

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    Every choice we make has more impact than we realize, and our actions have the power to create a big difference in our communities. Considering that, we are firm believers that there can be more good in the world – right down to being conscientious of the makeup you use every day. There’s no better way to create your own shine than with clean makeup that’s full of quality ingredients free of harsh toxins.

    To help you feel the power of good, Her Campus is hitting the road with bareMinerals to bring clean, natural makeup across Boston! At each stop, attendees will be able to learn more about the latest line of bareMinerals products – and even go home with samples of SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion Serum and SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Eye Gel Cream of their own. Plus, each package has two products, so you can keep one for you and share the other with a friend, all in an effort to share a smile and spread positivity with those around you.

    You can visit us on tour at any of the below locations and times:

    • CollegeFest - Sept. 22, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • Tufts (outside of the student center) - Sept. 24, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    • Curry College (outside of the student center) - Sept. 24, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
    • Northeastern (Forsyth Street near Ruggles) - Sept. 25, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    • CambridgeSide - Sept. 27, 5 p.m. - 8 p. m.
    • Faneuil Hall - Sept. 28
    • Moakley Park - Sept. 29, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    • City Hall Plaza - Sept. 29
    • Chestnut Hill Square - Oct. 2, 5 p.m. - 8 p. m.

    RSVP to our Facebook event for the latest updates. We can’t wait to see on the road! For more information about the power of good mission, visit

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    It’s official. Heinz has taken the brave leap and introduced the glorious here-to-stay bottle of ‘Mayochup’ to the U.S. Honestly, I can’t thank them enough.

    Mayonnaise and ketchup belong together like peanut butter and jelly. I have been waiting patiently to get my hands on the best combination of these two pristine dipping sauces. I know, I know, some people find mayonnaise “repulsive” and refuse to “ruin” their fries with it. But, have you truly given yourself the fair chance to enjoy it? Mayonnaise is perfection. I will stand by this claim.

    Via National Post

    Let’s go over the facts. What does mayo go with? Well, let me tell you, it’s pretty much anything. Fries, sandwiches, egg salad, and even if this makes you cringe, it may be in some of your favorite cakes. The condiment knows no bounds. Countries like Puerto Rico have been behind this combo way before we have learned the truth.

    The director of Heinz, Nicole Kulwicki said that, “after seeing the unprecedented passion surrounding this product, including the nearly one million votes on social media and 500,000 votes in favor of bringing it stateside, launching Mayochup in the U.S. was a no-brainer.”

    Besides these points, I have one question for you. Do you like Big Macs? (This is a trick question because any non-vegetarian/vegan knows the answer to this: YES). I never go to Mcdonald’s without picking up one of these delicacies. Anyways, if you like Big Macs, it most likely has a big part to do with the sauce. Where is this point leading us? Well, well, well, straight to mayonnaise and ketchup. 

    via GIPHY

    This flawless topping is made up of BOTH ketchup and mayo (and other unimportant ingredients). So, need I go literally any further? Mayochup is here to stay and I’m beyond here for it. So, say no to naysayers and embrace the truth. This bottle will take away the need to mix it on your own, and at this time I just really need this care and assistance from Heinz.

    The bottle will be launching later this month. You can find me dipping my fries (and everything else) into this Mayochup while blasting Nickelback, feel free to come join me.

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    Over the years, there’s been rumors that one of the most iconic television duos of all time (you can’t argue with us on that), might just be more than friends. This week, our suspicions were confirmed.

    In an exclusive interview with LGBTQ lifestyle website Queerty, Mark Saltzman, a Sesame Street writer since 1984, revealed that the rumors are true: Bert and Ernie are a couple!

    Saltzman revealed that although it’s never explicitly stated in the show, Bert and Ernie are, in fact, gay. Openly gay himself, Saltzman claimed that he drew on his own relationship with late film editor Arnold Glassman as inspiration for everyone’s favorite roommates.

    In the interview, Saltzman says that many people compared he and Glassman to Bert and Ernie, so when he was writing scripts it was hard not to use their own relationship as inspiration. “I was already with Arnie when I came to Sesame Street. So I don’t think I’d know how else to write them, but as a loving couple. I wrote sketches…Arnie’s OCD would create friction with how chaotic I was. And that’s the Bert & Ernie dynamic.” he said.

    Saltzman even agrees that Bert and Ernie became counterparts to him and Glassman. “That’s what I had in my life, a Bert & Ernie relationship. How could it not permeate? The things that would tick off Arnie would be the things that would tick off Bert. How could it not? I will say that I would never have said to the head writer, ‘oh, I’m writing this, this is my partner and me,’” he said.

    He says he also often tried to pitch gay storylines in the past, but never got very far. “I can remember pitching to the education department, the gatekeepers of the curriculum, gay content, just to get it off my conscience. And I can remember being stonewalled in a way that it made me think it was a lost cause,” he said. Even now, although Sesame Street is openly supportive of the LGBTQ community, they’ve explicitly denied that Bert and Ernie are gay.

    In a tweet from Sesame Workshop, they wrote that Bert and Ernie are just best friends. “Even though they are identified as male characters and possess human traits and characteristics….they do remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.

    We’re going to side with Saltzman on this one for now. Hopefully one day soon we’ll get a real romance storyline for the two BFFs.

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    The Emmy's are one of the premier events to see Hollywood's best stars dress up in their finest. Often this means a classic ballgown look or elegant suit, but there are always some actors and actresses who go above and beyond in their look. We at Her Campus feel like these are the most interesting so here, in no particular order, are the most creative looks from the 2018 Emmy's:

    Tiffany Haddish



    A post shared by Prabal Gurung (@prabalgurung) on

    Haddish was the most colorful actress on the Red Carpet with her Prabal Gurung gown. According to Vox, the design was inspired by the colors of the Eritrean flag as a nod to Haddish's Eritrean father, who passed away in 2017. 

    Leslie Jones



    A post shared by Christian Siriano (@csiriano) on

    Jones brought more than her sense of humor to the Emmy's this year, showing up in a sparkly, iridescent pantsuit designed by Christian Siriano, who also designed her 2017 Emmy's outfit. 

    Tracee Ellis Ross



    A post shared by Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross) on

    Massive and vibrant, Tracee Ellis Ross's hot pink dress by Valentino by was a hit on the Red Carpet and on social media. Ross showed her style by wearing bright makeup to match the dress and keeping her accessories simple, letting her outfit be the star of the night. 

    Jessica Biel



    A post shared by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on

    Scoring her first-ever Emmy nomination this year, Biel was sure to dress to impress. Her sculpted dress by Ralph & Russo was a perfect choice that showed both elegance and creativity in its design.

    Tatiana Maslany



    A post shared by Tat Maslany (@tatianamaslany) on

    Another outfit by Christian Siriano, Maslany's neon yellow top with black pants was surprisingly sophisticated, especially with the long strip of fabric that fell to the floor. Props to Maslany for not tripping over it all night!

    Constance Wu



    A post shared by Jason Wu (@jasonwu) on

    Fresh off the success of Crazy Rich Asians, Wu shone on the Red Carpet with her sequined black dress by Jason Wu. The creative neckline and form-fitting, yet flowing, bottom really made the outfit. 

    Amanda Crew



    A post shared by Sunnie Brook (@sunniebrook) on

    Sparkles ruled the Red Carpet this year, including Crew's silver pants and blazer by Rasario. Crew toned down the outfit with a simple blue crop top that held the entire ensemble together. 

    Allison Janney



    A post shared by Allison Janney (@allisonbjanney) on

    Another sparkly outfit, Janney's dark pink, sequined dress by Prabal Gurung was bold and daring, especially with the slit down the side, making her stand out in the best way on the Red Carpet. 

    Evan Rachel Wood



    A post shared by ALTUZARRA (@altuzarra) on

    A twist on the solid black suit, Wood's long tux jacket and skirt by Altuzarra looked straight out of a gothic novel. The flowers in her hair added a pop of color, as did the blue ribbon she attached to her collar that showed her support for the ACLU. 

    All the "Stranger Things" Kids



    A post shared by 🌍Noah Schnapp🎥 (@noahschnapp) on



    A post shared by CALVIN KLEIN (@calvinklein) on

    Though young, the stars of Stranger Things all showed how creative and stylish they were. Gaten Matarazzo was perfect in his mustard Dolce & Gabbana jacket that was dressed down with Converse. Noah Schnapp was also looking great in a logo-adorned, white suit and tie by Fendi. Millie Bobby Brown's dress by Calvin Klein was also outstanding with its repeated floral design and shaped skirt. 

    After looking at these bold outfits, you'll feel inspired to be daring in your own day-to-day life!

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    When it comes to fashion, French girls are the epitome of effortless class and simple elegance. We know that the fashion world and what’s “in” seems to change every day, so keeping up with each seasons’ trends can be exhausting. But you can pretty much always count on classic, French style to keep you looking chic.

    But what does dressing like a French girl really mean? You may think that throwing on a beret and a striped shirt will have you set, but chances are that it'll actually leave you looking like a clueless French tourist. There are so many nuances and facets of French style, so we’ve pulled together a list of some dos and don’ts for channeling your inner French girl. Bonne chance!

    Statement sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a great way to add some flair and personal style to a simpler outfit, and there are tons of different shapes and sizes to try out. Oversized statement sunglasses are flattering on any face shape because they usually make your face and head look smaller, which explains why French style bloggers are absolutely loving them lately. Take a look at any French influencer's Instagram and see that every outfit is paired with the perfect pair of sunnies. 

    Whether you go bold with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or stick to some classic oversized frames, putting on a great pair of sunnies will add a layer of effortless elegance to your look.

    Tip: Before splurging on a nice pair of glasses, play around with some cheaper pairs in new styles to find what works best for you.




    A post shared by Aude سرکمری (@audesarkamari) on

    Skip the activewear

    Sure, we all love our leggings and sweatshirts, and in many places athletic wear has become acceptable to wear on an everyday basis. But a put-together French girl would never be caught dead in her gym clothes, so you’ve got to find some other comfy options for the days where putting together an outfit just feels like too much.

    You can never go wrong with jeans and a classic tee or sweater, and simple swing dress is always a comfy option. But if you absolutely have to wear leggings (because let's face it, sometimes pants are just too uncomfortable), try to dress your outfit up with a pair of leather ones to add some edginess, or go with an oversized blouse that coversthe tops of your thighes. 



    Glass always empty

    A post shared by Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere) on

    High-waisted pants 

    One of the cornerstones of French style are putting emphasis on certain parts of the body, or flattering the figure, and that usually means accentuating your waist or hips. To do that, many French styles are high-waisted and designed to hit right around the middle of your stomach. This style looks great on most body types, highlighting one of the naturally smallest parts of your body.

    There are all different kinds of high-waisted styles to try—from your classic skinny jean to a daring wide-legged flare, a midi-skirt or a tailored pair of trousers—so step outside your comfort zone and try something new to upgrade your look.

    Tip: Try to find  pieces that have clean lines and fabrics, and avoid jeans with rips or holes in them if you want to  achieve that classic French look.



    All white everything @massimodutti #dressedindutti #ads

    A post shared by AnneLaure Mais Moreau (@adenorah) on Simple colors 


    Related: How To Style A Silk Scarf & Look Instantly French Girl-Chic

    Simple colors

    Buying clothes in basic colors helps to ensure that the pieces you invest in have a timeless quality about them, not to mention that the traditional black-and-white combo is always effortlessly chic.

    But, black and white aren’t your only options for dressing in simple colors. Play around with neutrals like creams and tans, especially in the summer months. Light blue is a staple of French style, and it’s a great way to add some subtle color to your look. If you get bored with the neutrals and black and white, look for pieces made with more muted colors or pastels. Stick with one color in an outfit, and don’t go too crazy with bright patterns.

    Try a hat 

    Yes, wearing a beret is a little cliché, and it’s not the kind of accessory you should just throw on with any outfit. But they really are a classic staple of French style, along with hats in general. A hat can really pull an outfit together, and if you feel like you can’t pull off a beret experiment with some other styles to find what works for you.

    A knit cap in the winter is chic and uber-functional, and there are some really cute styles with different poms and embellishments. In the warmer months, a wide-brimmed straw hat can add some drama to a simpler outfit, or you could go with something smaller, like a chic fedora.



    My beautiful city Tag someone you would love to go to Paris with #parismonamour

    A post shared by Caroline Lestang (@the_caroo) on

    Your personal style is going to constantly evolve and change just like the trends of the fashion world, and that’s okay. Don’t stress about trying to keep up with what celebrities are rocking or magazines are saying you should wear. Focus on investing in classic pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident, and put your personal spin on those pieces—which is something that French women definitely have a knack for.

    Chic and elegant never goes out of style, so if you’re feeling stuck go back to the basics and see where it takes you. In the age of social media it’s so easy to find fashionable people from all over the world, so check out Instagram bloggers who have similar style to you. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and you never know what new ideas you may come up with.  

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    For the second week in a row, Lana Del Rey has dropped a new single: "Venice Bitch." Just like last week's "Mariners Apartment Complex," the track was produced by Jack Antonoff and released alongside a music video. 

    At nearly 10 minutes long, "Venice Bitch" is Lana's longest track ever. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1, she said that her team wasn't particularly thrilled at the idea of such a lengthy song. "I played it for my managers and I was like, 'Yeah, I think this is the single I want to put out.' And they were like, 'It’s 10 minutes long. Are you kidding me?' Lana said. "It’s called ‘Venice Bitch.' Like, 'Why do you do this to us? Can you make a three minute normal pop song?' I was like, 'Well, end of summer, some people just wanna drive around for 10 minutes get lost in some electric guitar.'"

    Working with Antonoff allowed Lana to be "in a little bit of a lighter mood because he was so funny," she said. The "Bleachers" frontman and producer has collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde, and St. Vincent. 

    It was Lana's light mood that led to her picking "Norman Fucking Rockwell" as the title track for her upcoming album — which currently has 11 tracks — she said. "It's kind of about this guy who is such a genius artist but he thinks he’s the shit and he knows it and he won’t shut up talking about it," Lana told Lowe.



    Just because

    A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

    She continued, "So often I ended up with these creative types or whatever and, you know, they just go on and on about themselves, and I’m like, Yeah, yeah. But there’s a little bit of merit to it also. They are so good. I just like the title track so much that I was like, OK, I definitely want the record to also be called that."

    Lana said she even references Norman Rockwell in "Venice Bitch." 

    "I don’t even remember if I threw it in there intentionally just to pop that message in a little further. I can’t even remember what I was thinking, but I think when I was writing this song, it was a more happy take on love and it was just sort of about like, 'I tour, you write. We make it work,'" she told Lowe. "And also you know I love having painter references because I think sometimes when you’re writing you’re sort of trying to paint these ideas into existence, because I’m very visual too. So yeah, I don’t know. I know it’s a crazy title, but that’s just the title of the record."

    Lana also said that she wants to release a book of poems and short stories, which she expects to title something along the lines of "Violent Bent Backwards Over the Grass."

    Until her album comes out — it's currently slated for a 2019 release — Lana is working on getting a pilot's license and learning to sail. A truly multifaceted queen.

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    Female employees at McDonald's restaurants in 10 U.S. cities — including Chicago, where the company is headquartered — walked out on Tuesday to protest how the company has handled sexual harassment. 

    It was the first-ever nationwide walkout in protest of sexual harassment, and workers at various McDonald's locations in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, LA, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, San Francisco, and Durham, North Carolina all participated. 

    According to the BBC, the strike was the result of 27 women filing complaints against McDonald's, alleging it failed to enforce company rules against abuse. According to the women, they were ignored after they reported various incidents, including "groping, indecent exposure and lewd comments." 

    Labor advocacy group Fight for $15 helped organize the protest. "It’s sad that we have to walk off the job in order to be treated with respect at McDonald’s, but we’re not going to stay quiet while the company ignores the harassment we’re facing,"said Tanya Harrell, a McDonald’s employee from New Orleans who participated in the strike

    Harrell said she had been verbally harassed and groped by a co-worker, and after reporting it, her manager made fun of her.

    "We are hoping that at the end of this strike, McDonald’s upholds and actually enforces its zero-tolerance policy with regard to sexual harassment,” said Fight for $15 lawyer Mary Joyce Carlson. "McDonald’s should conduct mandatory trainings on sexual harassment for managers and employees. They should create a safe and effective method for receiving — and responding to — complaints from employees who report sexual harassment. We want McDonald’s corporate and franchisee reps to participate on a committee with its women workers and leaders of major national women’s groups to chart a path forward to end sexual harassment at the company."

    The chain responded to the initial lawsuits by saying there's "no place for harassment" at McDonald's' restaurants, despite a report that showed a staggering 90 percent of women in the food industry have claimed they've been sexually harassed at work.

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    The Kardashian-West family may be trading Calabasas for Chicago. At an event supporting Chicago public schools on Monday, Kanye West told the crowd that he's moving back to his hometown.

    "I gotta let ya'll know that I'm moving back to Chicago and I'm never leaving again," West said, alongside Chance the Rapper. 

    According to TMZ, the rapper and Kim Kardashian have "already found a home" in Chicago, though they plan to keep their Los Angeles properties, too. Kanye will also reportedly move his Yeezy offices from Calabasas to Chicago.

    Kanye didn't clarify if his family would be joining him, and Kim has yet to comment on the situation. He did, however, announce that he's working on new music with Chance.

    "Me and Chance working on a brand new album," Kanye told the crowd. "It's called 'Good Ass Job.'"

    The rapper actually said in 2003 that he wanted to do an album named "Good Ass Job," and it seems to be finally happening. 

    As for the move, we'll just have to wait and see!

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