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    For anyone who's watched Gilmore Girls, Heroes or This Is Us, they know that Milo Ventimiglia is basically an earth-bound angel that none of us deserve. He's charismatic in interviews, has a hilarious social media presence and is all about the fans. He is always taking pictures with fans, signing autographs and generally being the wonderful human we all knew he'd be in real life.

    In a video posted by The Today Show, Milo is seen walking up behind fans as they are lead to believe that they are only there to talk about This Is Us and ask a question. Unbeknownst to them, Milo comes creeping in behind and the fans turn around and promptly freak out. Then, of course, after talking with them for a few minutes, he says that it's selfie time. The pictures turn out, predictably, adorable and Kathie Lee thanks Milo for being such a good sport and doing that for those fans.

    Milo genuinely seems thrilled to have had the opportunity and the whole video is just so adorable that it's almost unreal. Is he actually a person? Or is he an AI? Maybe we'll never know. Season 3 of This Is Us premieres Tuesday, September 25th. Will you be tuning in?

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    Emirates, the official airline of the United Arab Emirates, offers complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to passengers throughout their flights. It was the acceptance of this offer that got Ellie Holman, a Swedish citizen from Great Britain, arrested when she stepped off the plane and set foot in the Dubai International Airport, Forbes reports.

    While going through airport security with her four-year-old daughter, Holman was detained by an immigration officer who demanded to know if she had consumed alcohol. She admitted that she had consumed one glass of complimentary wine on their flight, and was immediately subjected to a blood alcohol test, which showed that her blood alcohol levels were 0.04. Holman and her daughter were then allegedly arrested and jailed in a Dubai prison for three days, and Holman was allegedly not allowed food, water, or a toilet during her incarceration, The Independent reports. 

    When Holman's husband was unable to get in contact with her, he became and began searching for her and their daughter. It was more than a day before he was able to locate them. Although the United Arab Emirates did allow their daughter to be released into her father's custody and taken home to Britain, Holman was required to remain in the United Arab Emirates for a month while she was tried for her crimes — which the Office of the Attorney General of Dubai officially declared were "profanity and photographing a government official." Her alleged crime of being under the influence in public was not mentioned.

    Holman ultimately spent more than $40,000 on legal representation for her case before her eventual release. She was represented by Detained in Dubai, a legal firm that represents “people who have become victims of injustice in the United Arab Emirates," including those who are charged with alcohol-related offenses.

    After the case gained international notoriety and became widely scrutinized, the prosecution chose to drop all charges against Holman and deported her back to Great Britain — but the concern over the United Arab Emirates extreme rules regarding the consumption of alcohol remains.

    To help prevent further issues like this, the British government has released the following advisory:  “Liquor licenses are not available to non-residents, but it is possible for tourists and visitors to buy and drink alcohol in licensed venues, such as hotels, restaurants and clubs. However, you should be aware that it is a punishable [offense] under UAE law to drink or be under the influence of alcohol in public. British nationals have been arrested and charged under this law, often in cases where they have come to the attention of the police for a related [offense] or matter, such as disorderly or offensive behavior. Passengers in transit through the UAE under the influence of alcohol may also be arrested.”

    Although Holman's case has been closed, United Arab Emirates and Emirates airlines are now under close scrutiny for their conflicting practices regarding alcohol consumption, and it is likely that the airlines business will suffer in the future until they can ensure their passengers' safety.

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    Making the transition from high school to college should be a 3-credit course in itself. Whether you’re trying to just figure out what back-to-school supplies you need for college or you’re contemplating changing your college major before the semester begins, becoming a semi-functional college student is challenging, so we’re always craving advice on how to do this college experience thing. (Seriously, everyone talks about the college experience, but what is it and how do we navigate this wild ride?) Thankfully, Yara Shahidi, the voice we need every day, talked about her own transition to college.

    Like so many academic perspectives, Yara Shahidi went through the process of drafting college applications and she talked to The Hollywood Reporter about her experience applying to college, the transition to college life and being a college student while working in the entertainment industry.

    Yara tells THR that the college transition is going to be easier than people think. Clearly, we need to hire Yara to manage our life because transitioning to college was a struggle. “I want to have as much of a college experience as possible. That's why I decided to apply in the first place,” she continued.

    Obviously, we hope that Yara has the best college experience ever, but we’re also high-key jealous of her classmates because the Grown-ish star has an introspective approach to life outside of college as well. After all, she did work with NowThis to kickoff Eighteenx18, which encourages young people to vote by teaching them about their voter rights.

    Later in the interview, Yara said, "The thing people don't fully understand about my generation is just how multifaceted we are. Oftentimes, people like to oversimplify what [we] believe in or do, whether that's, 'Oh, you're on your phones all the time,' or, 'Oh, you're very self-centered,' but what I've seen from my peers is that we're socially engaged and curious about the world." After all, being plugged into social media isn't innately a bad thing, we can use it as an aid in our activism. 

    As E! News notes, Yara will begin Harvard University this fall as she simultaneously works on two different shows. TBH, we want to know what her self-care regimen is because we vicariously feel overwhelmed for her, but we also know that she’s got this. (P.S. We’re waiting for any life lessons from Yara Shahidi because we seriously need to get our sh*t together.)

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    Calling all Riverdale fans: Though the books may be closed on the second season of your favorite dark, teen drama, we have a bit of season 3 news to brighten your day.

    If you haven’t heard yet, the new season is set to feature a flashback episode centered on the Riverdale parents. The talented creator behind Riverdale, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, told Teen Vogue that this anticipated episode will be serving major ‘80s and Breakfast Club vibes. In fact, the episode will even be titled, "Midnight Club." We haven't even watched it yet, but we're already obsessed. 

    In the episode, many of the Riverdale teens will portray their respective parents. As a result, Riverdale will be getting a new face with the arrival of Consuelos’ real-life son, Michael Consuelos. Honestly, we're seeing double because they look so much alike!

    During a red-carpet appearance at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, the father-son duo confirmed that they are basically twins, flashing identical smiles as they posed side-by-side. The Riverdale cast may be in for a little bit of who's-who confusion come October. As for us, we simply can’t wait to meet the new Hiram!

    Elite Daily notes that the third season of the show will feature the adults in their younger years, which means we get to see Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) portray her on-screen mom, Alice Cooper, in her younger years. We're already living for Alice's cringey younger years, which are somehow probably riddled with mysteries. 

    The "Midnight Club" episode will feature a flashback from Hiram's childhood, which could ~finally~ tell us that secret his parents have been hiding from him. After all, secrets are everything in Riverdale, and we already have a spreadsheet full of fan theories about young Hiram.

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    Beyonce never stops working on her many projects, with the most recent one being a September cover shoot with Vogue which *of course* turned out amazing. Thanks to that shoot, we now have a set of three recent Instagram videos, which feature her kiddos, including twins Sir and Rumi. It's absolutely adorable, not to mention a rare occurrence on Bey's social media.

    The videos, shot in an old film style feel, not only shows Beyonce behind the scenes, but also shots of Blue Ivy filming her mom, doing a kart wheel and cuddling her little siblings. Too. Cute. But you have to watch closely because it's a really quick peek.


    A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

    A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

    Bey also showed off some incredible looks, as if we are shocked. Seriously though, can I steal some of these outfits?!


    A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

    It'd be amazing if Bey and Vogue surprised us with shots of Blue, Sir and Rumi in the actual magazine, but I guess we will wait and see!

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    You spend every free moment you have reading The New York Times and dream of becoming a journalist. Or maybe you love Vogue and want to be a fashion reporter. Maybe you’re in love with The New Yorker and are already working on your first novel. Whatever the specifics, you just know you love to write.

    Whether you want to write for a hard news website, a lifestyle magazine or a literary journal, it’s never too early to start practicing your craft, and there’s no better way than to start writing for your high school’s publications. But, if your high school doesn’t have one, that’s even better—start one!

    Not only does having writing experience in high school look great on college applications, but it helps you improve your writing skills and figure out exactly what you want to do. High school publications are generally small, so you’ll get to try your hand at a lot of different roles, especially if you’re one of the founding members. Even though it may sound daunting, starting your own school publication can be a lot easier than you think.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Figure out what type of publication you want to create

    It’s likely that you’ll have to go to your school for your paper to be authorized, or to get funding to create the paper itself. Simply pitching a “publication” won’t cut it, so make sure you have a solid idea of what type of publication you want to create. A literary magazine and a newspaper are very different, so figure out which one interests you more.

    Once you have that down, create a mockup of your magazine or paper and have a general plan for how you want to run it. Figure out what topics you’re interested in covering, how many writers you want to have, how often you’ll be releasing new content or editions of the paper, etc. If you have a solid idea, you're more likely to get approval for it.

    2. Find a teacher or adviser to help you

    Once you get approval from your school, getting a teacher to help run the paper is definitely a plus. English or journalism teachers are often more than willing to help their students gain experience in the field, so ask your favorite one! They probably have previous experience working on papers or magazines as well (whether in the professional field or during their time in school), so they have a lot of knowledge to share.

    Depending on your school, though, you might be required to have a faculty adviser to start your own publication or club. So if this is the case for you, just switch the order—pitch your idea to an adviser first, and then the school.

    Related: 7 Pre-College Programs You Can Join in High School

    3. Recruit writers

    You won’t be able to release a publication if you don’t have writers, so find like-minded people to join the team. “Make flyers and such to get students interested in joining,” suggests Elizabeth Berry, a sophomore at Connecticut College. “Everything is easier when you have more people who want to write and edit.”

    If you’re creating a newspaper, find people to be in charge of each potential section—think arts, sports, pop culture and opinion—both as editors and writers. If you’re making a literary magazine, find people who are interested in all different types of writing—short stories, poetry, cartoons and even music!

    4. Work on getting it into print or creating a website

    This is probably the hardest part: actually publishing your magazine or newspaper. Sarah Lynch, a sophomore at Marist College, suggests making sure you find a reliable printer service for your paper (if you’re going into print). “For my high school newspaper we used School Paper Express, located in Wappingers, NY. They probably have the most outdated website you've ever seen, but have reasonable prices and are always quick to deliver,” she says.

    If you’re going to be publishing your paper online instead, Sarah says you should invest in a website service to help you create the best website possible. Her school used School Newspapers Online: “They can make your regular WordPress site look outstanding and even help you create a mobile app to go along with your paper,” she says.

    5. Get the word out

    Once you start producing content, make sure you get people to read it! Get the word out by having a launch party for the first issue or the day that your website goes live. Invite friends, family and other teachers at your school. If you’re in print, see if you can distribute your paper around your school or at local businesses, and if you’re online, definitely post links to your new articles on social media so everyone can see your work.

    Once you get the word out and have a publication that’s released regularly, Sarah suggests submitting your work for competitions and awards. “Look for awards in your local area and at the national level to submit your work to. The Quill & Scroll is a great one, and you can even induct members into their honor society (great for the resume!),” she says.

    6. Don’t get discouraged

    Started your own publication is hard, and it’s going to be a lot of work, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while. You might have a tough time finding writers, getting your idea approved, or even physically creating the publication. Also, don’t be surprised if you get some annoyance from already-established publications at your school. If there are already newspaper or literary journals there, you might face some heat as the new competition. But don’t worry, all the difficulties will only make your publication stronger.

    Whether you’re on the fence about taking on the responsibility of creating a publication from scratch or you’re more than ready to dive right in immediately, just remember that it’s one of the best things you can do to help kickstart your career in writing (and you’ll have a great time doing it!).

    “The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and passionate about the [paper] and soon people will feel the same way!” says Elizabeth. If writing is something you’re passionate about, your paper or magazine is sure to be a success.

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    So you and your SO aren't going to the same school this fall - what now? Whether you're in different, counties, states, or even countries, this small difference can have a huge effect on your relationship. You will have different friends, classes, and experiences, and at times you may feel completely disconnected from your partner - but that feeling doesn't have to be permanent. It's never easy, but if you are both willing to commit, you and your partner can make it work even if you aren't going to the same school this fall. 

    Plan The Work…

    One of the best things you can do in a long distance relationship is plan out how you're going to make it work - how often are you going to visit each other? What will be your primary form of communication? Sit down together and determine what your typical schedule will be like when you start school, and find times that you can keep open to visit and call each other. If you make plans and commit to them, you will feel much more confident in your relationship when you leave for school in the fall.

    And Work The Plan

    Once you have a plan in place, commit to it - and your partner! - and work the plan. Send care packages, call, visit, and do whatever you need to to make time for your relationship. This isn't going to be easy, and you may find yourself having to make some sacrifices for the sake of your relationship, but don't give up when things get tough. Every couple faces obstacles, but if you can learn to have faith in yourself and your partner, your relationship will be that much stronger in the long run.  

    Work Out Major Problems BEFORE You Leave

    If you have a major concern about the separation, it's important to talk to your partner about it before you become long distance. Being apart can exacerbate other problems in a relationship, even if it's something small, like not appreciating how your partner can be interruptive when you're talking. Although this might not normally bother you that much, if they are constantly doing it during the rare phone conversations you get to have with them, it can start to become pretty frustrating. Discussing the issue with your partner early on in a calm, neutral environment can help create a stronger foundation for your long distance relationship.

    Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    Remember, different couples have different styles of communication, and although daily, two-hour phone calls may work great for one couple, you and your partner may not have the time for that. Focus on what works for you - whether that means visiting each other every weekend, talking on the phone a few times a week, or just snapchatting each other between classes, find a communication style that works for your relationship and stick with it. Lack of contact can make you feel detached from your partner, so scheduling "date nights" when you two can spend time together - even if it isn't in person - can seriously improve your relationship.

    Trust Each Other

    Ultimately, the best thing you can do in any relationship, especially a long distance one, is trust your partner and yourself. If you both are doing the best you can to make the relationship work, then there is no reason to stress. No relationship is perfect, and you are always going to encounter difficulties - but that doesn't mean that you should give up on each other.

    As you and your SO begin your college journey, you will both grow, but that doesn't mean you will grow apart. More often than not, LDRs don't fail because of the distance, but rather because the people in them stopped taking the time to commit to each other. If you focus on making an effort to commit to the relationship each and every day, you will renew your strength in yourself and each other, and develop a relationship that can withstand any distance.

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  • 08/15/18--21:00: 5 Ways to Style Dirty Hair
  • The life of a collegiette is a hectic one, and sometimes we have those days when we sit back and think: have I eaten today? Have I brushed my teeth? Have I showered recently? If the answer is no to the last question, don't sweat it! (Literally, because then you'll definitely have to take a shower). HC is here with the best tips for how to style your hair when you are too busy to hop in the shower.

    1. Braids are your friend

    What better way to hide your greasy locks than with a creative Katniss-style braided updo? The best thing about braids are that there are so many different styles to try! Our favorite is YouTube vlogger JD's updo with two braids. Simply part your hair down the middle, and form a braid on each side (Pippi Longstocking-style). Then wrap each braid around the back of your head and secure it with a bobby pin.

    We love this style because it has you looking put-together and ready to take on the day, even when your life is actually in shambles—and it only takes minutes to complete! Also, this hairstyle doesn't require an extensive use of headache-inducing bobby pins, so you'll be comfortable all day long.

    If an updo's not for you, you can go with the classic side braid. Shelly Adams, a junior at Shenandoah University, swears by this quick fix. "I collect my hair on the side of my head and braid it down tightly on the side, then I pull the braid apart to make it look more natural," she says. "I usually add a hairband to make it look dressy, too!" With either of these options, you can easily fool people into thinking that you put tons of time and effort into your hair that morning, when in reality, it's a dirty, knotty mess. With a braid and a headband, no one will ever know!

    Also make sure to check out Riccardo Maggiore's, owner of Riccardo Maggiore Salons in New York City, loose side braid. Maggiore says, "This is perfect for fine hair because it creates the illusion of thickness. Holding the can two to three inches away from your head, spray the roots with dry shampoo allowing it to sit one to two minutes to absorb the excess oil. Turn head upside down and tousle or brush out any leftover product and fluff up your hair. Gather hair to one side and loosely braid. Secure with an elastic. The more imperfect your braid looks, the better, as it gives an effortless and casual vibe.”

    2. Go for the top knot

    Kaitlin Manion, a grad student at Temple University, says, "I always go for the top knot! Not only does it hide how knotted my hair is, it's a good look for work and class." 

    The top knot is the perfect hairstyle for when your hair is messy and dirty, but you want people to think it is clean! In order to make the perfect top knot every time, start with a ponytail where you want the knot to be, split the hair into two parts and wrap one section of the hair around the ponytail loosely, and loop the other section of hair in the opposite direction of the first look. Check out this tutorial from Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins!

    3. Cover-up isn't just a makeup term 

    If you are really crunched for time and can't even try one of those clever hairstyles, pull a Kate Middleton and hide that 'do under a hat. Sarah Nelson, a junior at the University of Iowa, says, "I go straight for the baseball cap! You can wear one with a cute outfit or sweats—they're pretty versatile!" 

    Headbands also serve as perfect cover-up material. Abby Piper, a junior at Notre Dame, says, "Half-up, half-down with a headband is one of my favorites. I can't quite pull off the 'fun bun' as one of my guy friends calls it, but that's how a lot of girls are wearing their hair, half-up, half-down, right down." 

    So if you can't quite master some of the tricky, creative hairstyles, go simple while also being stylish.

    Related: I Tried TRESemme's Conditioner Technique and the Results Were Amazing 

    4. Never underestimate the power of dry shampoo

    Maggiore says that for dirty hair, "The easiest quick fix is to use dry shampoo to freshen up your hair." He advises that you apply dry shampoo underneath by lifting the top layer of hair and spraying the root. "This will also add texture and volume," he adds. 

    But be warned: Maggiore says that most importantly, "Stop touching your hair! Even with the use of dry shampoo, you are depositing more dirt and oils to your locks by continuing to play with your hair." 

    So while you think you may look cute twirling your hair in class, don't! You may be doing more harm than good!

    5. Have several "second day plus" hairstyles in your arsenal

    Maggiore encourages you to rock one of these cute hairstyles when you're going on the second day of skipping the hair wash: 

    Side Swept Chignon: "Apply a small amount of styling cream to your dry ends and twist your hair into a knot below your ear. Secure with a few bobby pins."

    Beachy Waves: "Separate hair into small sections and lightly spritz with sea salt texturizing spray and scrunch and go."

    Edgy and Cool Messy Ponytail: "Spray texturizer on your roots and ends, comb through. Pull hair back at the nape and secure with an elastic. Wrap a small one-inch section of hair around the elastic to hide it."

    These lazy hairstyles are expert-approved, so the next time you find yourself sleeping in to skip the shower, try one of Maggiore’s tips!

    We’re all just pretending to have our stuff together on a daily basis, aren’t we? Why should our hair be any different? Some of us are too busy with homework, group projects, grad school applications, on-campus jobs and internships to take advantage of luxuries like showering. We’re grooming ourselves to take over the world, and sometimes that requires skipping the actual grooming process! Go get ‘em, girls! 

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    This article has been syndicated from Welcome To Your Twenties, an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here

    If you’re a college student like myself, you don’t need me to tell you that things can get messy very quickly if you don’t stay organized. Managing a full course load, working part-time, and trying to fit in social activities or extracurriculars is tough.

    However, adopting some of these organizational strategies can significantly decrease the stress you’re feeling and increase the amount of time you’re able to spend doing the things that you enjoy. Let’s get to it!

    1. Prep for course registration

    Know which classes you need to take each semester as per your degree requirements and have an idea of which elective courses you are interested in before course registration opens. If you know that a class is offered by multiple professors (which the majority of first and second year courses are), do your due diligence on a teacher rating website in order to choose a professor with a promising track-record You'll want to avoid spending a semester with someone who reads directly off the PowerPoint and doesn’t match the exam material to what was actually covered in class. Being prepared this way means that you know exactly what you’re getting into and can hopefully make the most of your course selection.

    2. Organize your computer/laptop

    At the beginning of the semester make a folder for each course that you are taking and save documents in their designated folders as the semester progresses. This way you’ll be able to find anything you may be looking for quickly!

    3. Create a master syllabus

    Compile your syllabuses from each course into one document that lists your coursework, assignments, and exams in chronological order. This does take some time, but you’ll only need to do it once after your first week of courses and I swear it is worth it!

    The benefits of creating one master syllabus…

    • You only need to consult one document for all of your coursework, assignments, and exams (time-saving!).
    • Minimize the risk of forgetting to complete assigned work.
    • Easily check what you need to complete for an entire week and plan your time accordingly.
    • Color-code the document to your liking so that the important things stand out (I personally change the font color to red for any work that I am graded on).
    • Cross-off/highlight items once you complete them (this is super rewarding and boosts motivation).

    4. Use a calendar

    A calendar visual will definitely help you stay on track and give you a better idea of how much time/how many days you really have to complete your assignments. There is a huge difference between reading a due date and thinking “I still have a few days to complete this assignment,” versus being able to visually count out the days on a calendar and determine “I have four days until this assignment is due.”

    5. Set your own due dates

    Have two assignments and a midterm exam scheduled on the same day? Once you’ve created your master syllabus at the beginning of the semester, you’ll be able to see if any issues like this may arise. Simply edit the due dates in your calendar so you’re completing some of the things before they’re due. Doing this will save you from extra stress that nobody needs.

    6. Prep the night before

    If you have an early morning class, prep your bag the night before with your books, laptop, snacks, etc. Make sure any assignments that need to be submitted are 100% triple-checked in your bag. Also, take a minute to check the weather to get an idea of what you can wear the next day (I won’t go as far to say you should plan your entire outfit the night before, but it wouldn’t hurt). These seem like such small tasks, but anything that can save you time in the AM is totally worth it.

    7. Keep your workspace clean

    Try to keep your desk looking organized and inviting. If it’s a mess, you’re going to be less likely to complete your work. Try to remove any extra clutter that will distract you as you’re trying to work or designate a specific area of your apartment or room to school work and be sure to only use that space for work!

    8. Check your email

    Now that most things are digital, your professors will likely post online or will email the class in the event that they are running late, there has been a room change, or if class is canceled. So check your email! There were a few times that I got out of bed and trekked my way to campus only to find that something had come up and my professor had to cancel class. If I had checked my email before leaving, I would have been able to jump back into bed for another hour (I can’t be the only college student who never truly feels rested?).

    You’ve got the info, now it's time to act. Employ at least one new organizational strategy today and see the difference it can make to your grades and to your general wellness. Making organization a priority can reduce stress and anxiety… two things that college students know all too well.

    Read the full post here.

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    With multiple superhero moviescoming out every year, it can be hard to ignore this part of the pop culture landscape. And while this particular genre may not be for everyone, the years of history and plethora of characters can be intimidating for those who just want to dip their toes into the waters of superheroes. Well, have no fear, there are some easy ways to get in on the action. With a little reading and a few movies, you'll be prepped to join the Avengers in no time! 

    Familiarize yourself with the basics 

    If you are a superhero novice, there are two names you need to know: Marvel and DC. They're the two companies that are responsible for most of the superheroes you see on the market today. Marvel has introduced characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and the rest of the Avengers, while DC is responsible for popular characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. If you want to learn more about what characters belong where, and how they are all interconnected, Fandom is a great place to get a general overview. For more specific information, check out the Marvel Database and the DC Database

    Pick up a book

    If you want to learn more about a particular character and their backstory, there are plenty of books you can read. Instead of comic books which cover longer stories in shorter installments, these are full-length novels that comprise a single adventure in depth, making it easier to connect with a particular character. With the DC Icons series, popular YA authors are taking a stab at writing for characters like Wonder Woman, and on the Marvel side of things Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson in the Avengers movies) has her own series of YA novels.

    Hot picks: Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl and the upcoming Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas

    Or even a comic book


    #unbeatablesquirrelgirl is my favorite.

    A post shared by Mindy (@wiselinus) on

    If you want a more traditional superhero read, pick up a comic book, like the upcoming Shuri comic book. With different storylines that span decades, it can be challenging to find a starting point when it comes to reading comics. Instead of reading single issues of comic books, beginners should look for collections, which group a lot of issues in one volume. Reading the volumes will make it easier to get to know the characters and the worlds they are part of. It will also eliminate the struggle of figuring out which issue you should read next.

    Hot picks: Gotham City SirensMarvel’s Civil War and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 

    Start watching a TV series 


    The Thinker won't see them coming. New episode TONIGHT at 8/7c on The CW! #TheFlash

    A post shared by The Flash (@cwtheflash) on

    If reading a book doesn’t tickle your fancy, try watching a TV series. Most superhero TV shows have fewer characters and don’t have connections to films from the same companies, requiring less effort to keep up with the characters. The CW has a bunch of superhero-centric shows that focus on more than just fighting bad guys. But if you want a grittier take on the genre, Netflix has plenty of options to choose from. 

    Hot picks: Agent CarterJessica Jones, Supergirl and The Flash

    Pick a couple of movies to watch. 


    Regram from @gal_gadot: She's back... #WW84

    A post shared by Wonder Woman (@wonderwomanfilm) on

    Ten years of Marvel movies (with the occasional DC flick) is a lot, and even if you haven’t dedicated the last decade of your life to watching these movies, you still have time to catch up. If it is your first experience with superhero cinema, try watching a standalone film that fits into your preferred genre of film. If you like period pieces, try Captain America: The First Avenger or Wonder Woman. If you prefer comedies, check out Ant-Man or Deadpool. Films like these can be enjoyed on their own and if you like them, you can watch the sequels and companion films. If you want to watch a smaller series, you can check out trilogies and duologies like Andrew Garfield’s two Spider-Man films, or director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

    Hot picks: Batman Begins, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Black Panther and Deadpool

    Go all in 

    If you just want to jump right in, go for it. There are many, many superhero movies, but if you move through them chronologically, you can watch the storylines unfold and marvel (no pun intended) at the impressive way all of these films are interconnected. There are fewer DC films to work through, so you can knock those out first if you're in a time crunch. And once you're done with those, you can tackle the close to 20 films produced by Marvel Studios. Stuck on what order to watch them in? Again, Fandom can be a useful tool in figuring out which film (or comic book issue) comes next. 

    Superheroes aren’t going anywhere so once you’re caught up, you’ll be ready for upcoming releases like Captain Marvel (starring Brie Larson) and the recently announced Black Widow film. Good luck and have fun!

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    If you're looking to mix up your drink flavors without breaking your Pink aesthetic on your Instagram feed this new yummy, TBT-inspired drink is meant for you. 

    Sweet Little Liqueurs, a UK based company just released their newest flavor and it sounds delicious — Hubba Bubba bubble gum flavored gin is the next big thing and it even comes in these adorable bottles giving us all the nostalgia from our childhood days attempting to blow bubbles with our gum in the 80s and 90s. 

    Hubba Bubba, if you don't remember, was the ultimate bubble gum brand back in the day. It was originally launched in 1979 and quickly became popular in the US and around the world. Their tagline "starts soft. stays soft" was a real selling point.

    It's not surprising that Sweet Little Liqueurs chose this brand for their next "ginspiration," as the company calls it, since their goal is to “bring back childhood memories” with their liqueur flavors, according to their website. This also includes other snack-based inspo in their line-up like a liqueur inspired by Jammy Dodgers, according to Pretty52.

    Even if you're not a gin lover they have several recommendations for how to mix up a bright summer cocktail via Ginspiration, including lemonade, tonic, and prosecco. Add a fruit garnish or a mint leaf and you will have the ultimate poolside drink to finish off your summer with. If you are a gin lover then you're in luck because the original bottle is totally instagram worthy on it's own too! 

    (H/T Bustle)

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    Montana Modderman started writing songs when she was just 10 years old, and began writing her own music at age 13. Her career then skyrocketed once she began posting song covers on her YouTube channel, but she found the most success once she began sharing original music. Reminiscent of a “Teardrops on my Guitar-era” Taylor Swift, Montana's music is country through and through. She writes all of her own original songs, and draws on her own life for inspiration.

    Her first single, “Didn’t Mean To,” was released on July 27 and has been a huge success. As an independent artist, Montana had to work to get this song released all on her own. She was tasked with finding a distributor to release her music on digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and she has done all promotions for the single on her own through social media. To accomplish this, it takes immense drive, and Montana has it in spades. She balances a music career with a college education, and she's slated to finish her Mass Communications degree at USF in the coming year. With a move to Nashville and EP on the horizon, Montana is definitely one to watch. 

    We had the chance to sit down with Montana to discuss her music, career, and inspirations.


    AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW. Buy it. Stream it. All the things.

    A post shared by Montana Eileen Modderman (@montanamodderman) on

    Her Campus: When did you realize you wanted to become a singer?

    Montana Modderman: I always loved music. At a very young age I would listen to Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. My parents had this old stereo down in our living room and I would just put on the CDs and dance and pretend to put on shows. I think I realized I really loved it when I started writing, which was when I was around 10 or 11 years old. And then I started playing guitar at 13 and that’s when I really knew “I really want to do this.”

    HC: You started posting a lot of videos on YouTube really early on, what made you decide to do that?

    MM: I just did covers at first, and then I started putting my [original] music out there are as well. I think that music is changing so much, but there’s so many different people that I know, like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, that all posted YouTube videos before they became superstars. So I was just watching people like them and Megan & Liz—I watched their videos for a long time. I’m obsessed with them and I absolutely love them—and I thought “oh that would be fun.”

    I haven’t really posted consistently, but I just like to share videos whenever I do covers. It’s just fun.

    HC: Like you said, so many people have gotten their start on YouTube and there’s so many people posting covers. Is there anything that you do to make yourself stand out?

    MM: I started showing some of my own music that I wrote, which I think is what makes me a little bit different. I write my own music and lyrics, and for me that’s super important. I want my songs to be honest and reflective of what I’m going through, because I think that what I’m going through a lot of people can relate to. I really try to write about personal experiences and share them with the world.

    HC: Where do you find inspiration for your original music?

    MM: I really try to write from personal experiences—whether it’s something that I’m going through like relationships, love, or breakups or whatever the situation is like insecurities or growing up, I write about all those things. Whatever is going on in my life.

    I also write about what I see other people close to me going through. So if I see it and [if] I’m close enough to the situation where I feel like I understand it and I feel like “that’d be a great song,” then I’ll sit down and write about that. I really try to keep it focused mainly on the things I’ve experienced so that it’s honest.

    HC: Writing about personal experiences definitely makes your music a lot more relatable to your audience as well.

    MM: I think so too. It’s really important to me. I just really want to be honest and tell stories through song. It’s what I love to do, and I love that people love the stories that I’m telling.

    HC: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard it?

    MM: It’s definitely country, and I would say it has a bit of pop elements in there as well—but it’s definitely country. The best description would be “country with a hint of pop.”

    HC: Are there any specific artists that you look up to?

    MM: Yes, Faith and Shania like I said before. They have been huge inspirations to me. I love their music, I love the way they perform, I think they’re amazing. Taylor Swift is also one that specifically stands out to me. For me, as a songwriter, the fact that she writes all her music is so important. She’s an incredible entertainer—she just always puts on a good show. Her music is so relatable, and I feel like she writes about whatever she’s going through as well. She’s very honest in her songwriting and I think that’s what makes her so good at what she does.

    HC: You have a new single out called “Didn’t Mean To,” can you talk a little bit about what the song is about?

    MM: I always like to describe it as an unexpected love song. I wrote it from a place of being blinded by my own feelings, so the song has really allowed me to just be honest with myself and how I was feeling. I honestly just sat down on my living room floor with my guitar and a notebook and started writing the song. It started just as an idea of me being honest and writing how I was feeling. I’m so proud of the way it turned out and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it.

    HC: You've written a lot of original songs before, and you’ve posted a lot of them on your YouTube channel. What was the process like of actually releasing this one as a single?

    MM: For me, writing so much, it’s hard because I feel like each song is special. So deciding on which one I was going to put out there on iTunes and Spotify and all the digital platforms was difficult at first. I had over 112 songs written in a book and I had to decide on one. So I narrowed down the list a little bit and then I had people that I really trust listen to the options. In my gut I kind of thought “Didn’t Mean To” was the one I had to go with, but I wanted other people’s opinions as well. So I had them listen to it and they said the same thing. I had them write down their top picks, and “Didn’t Mean To” was at the top, so that’s when I knew it was the one.

    After that I went to Nashville to record vocals, then we worked on the final mix, I got it back and now it’s about ready to be released.


    Stumbled upon magic // 7.27.18 #DidntMeanTo

    A post shared by Montana Eileen Modderman (@montanamodderman) on

    HC: So with all those other songs, do you see an album coming in your future?

    MM: I definitely want to get an EP out there, but I’m kind of just waiting right now to see how this first single goes and then we’re going to make plans on where to go from there. But definitely, I have so many songs I want to get out there and I’m so excited to share the rest of them with people.

    HC: What’s really inspiring about you is that you don’t have a publicist so all of the promotion that you’re doing for this single, you’re doing independently. What’s that been like?

    MM: I’m an independent artist, so a lot of the stuff that I do is with social media—just putting it out there and sharing it with people. And then I work with TuneCore, who’s a distributor. There’s so many digital distributors now, there’s CD Baby and a bunch of others that distribute music online. So I sent my song to them, and then they sent it to iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and all the digital platforms and that’s how it gets onto those platforms.

    But, as far as marketing goes, I’ve been doing a lot of work with social media and sharing the music with people. It’s a lot of work, doing it by yourself, but it’s super fun and it’s exciting.

    HC: You’re in college right now, can you talk a little bit about what you’re studying and if it’s been difficult to balance your music career with school?

    MM: I’m a student at the University of South Florida and I’m a mass communications major. It is a bit difficult when you’re taking a full load of classes, but it’s worth it to me. I really wanted to get my degree and it’s super important to me. But next year I’m actually moving up to Nashville, and I’ll be finishing my senior year online with USF and I’ll be taking a course up at a university in Nashville. But my university as been super awesome working with me and being flexible trying to figure out my schedule. My advisor is so amazing because she knows that I want to do music and she knows that’s where my heart is, so she’s been super supportive in helping me navigate this so that I can be in Nashville next year and still graduate with my degree.

    HC: What made you decide to move to Nashville?

    MM: Nashville is where it is for music, I feel like it’s the place to be for sure so I really just wanted to be up there. I want to be able to learn from other writers, I want to be able to write with other people. There’s just so many writers in Nashville and I feel like moving there will allow me to learn so much from other people. I just want to learn as much as I can as fast as I can, and moving there will allow me to do that.

    HC: If you could give your 10-year-old self some advice for the future, what would it be?

    MM: I would say don’t stop, don’t give up and keep writing.

    Follow Montana Modderman on Instagram and Facebook for updates on her music and upcoming shows.

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    The Netflix adaptation of Jenny Han’s YA novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has been highly anticipated for featuring an Asian-American character as a romantic and comedic lead. Lana Condor stars as Lara Jean Covey, a half-Korean girl attempting to navigate love and life in high school—a journey that gets a lot harder once you throw in a fake boyfriend, a jealous ex-best friend and five secret love letters that were never supposed to be read. The movie is sweet and funny and at times cringeingly nostalgic (I don’t miss high school one bit), but what really struck me was the attention to detail in the portrayal of the Song-Covey family and their culture.

    As one of the very few films starring an Asian-American woman, To All the Boys has a chance to walk the line between showing Lara Jean’s connection to her culture and its important place in her life, without placing too much importance on her race and making it an “Asian-American” movie instead of a movie with Asian-Americans. In doing so, it fills a gap in the industry that has been there for so long—because, yes, we’ve had films that focus on Asian and even Asian-American people, but I can’t think of any that didn’t center the film around their race.

    Stories about those with marginalized identities have had to grapple with this before. For example, Love, Simon and Moonlight and all the others in the increasing amount of films focused on queer people are great, but why are so many LGBTQ+ movies coming-out stories? When can we have a film with an out-and-proud character who has a queer relationship without their “struggle” over their sexuality being at the forefront? In a similar vein, Netflix’s Insatiable recently faced backlash for featuring a plus-size woman (or, well, thin girl in a fatsuit playing a plus-size woman) who gets a “revenge” body and then tries to get back at the people who were mean to her when she was fat. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, putting a fat woman in the lead doesn’t do much good if she’s being told to hate herself and her fatness the whole time. When can we get a film about a plus-size woman whose fatness is just a part of her, not her whole identity?

    And that’s what To All the Boys does so well. We never forget that the Covey family is mixed-race and Korean, but we don’t feel that their Asianness is a burden on them in some way, or that it is the focal point of their lives. They drink Korean yogurt smoothies, they call out the racism of Long Duk Dong’s character in Sixteen Candles, their white father attempts to cook the Korean food their mother used to for dinner. Author Jenny Han even requested that there be a rice cooker in the Covey kitchen, because, as she says, “Pretty much every Asian household has a rice cooker!”

    But these are short moments, small aspects of the larger story of Lara Jean’s life. She isn’t a victim of racist bullying, she doesn’t struggle with her cultural identity. She’s more focused on her love letters getting sent out and her feelings for Josh vs. Peter. The details of her Asianness don’t actually make a huge difference in the story and, precisely for that reason, they do make a huge difference.

    We’re so used to Asian characters being forced into the sidekick roles, where they play the smart geeks or the gothy characters (Asian hair streak, anyone?). Their complexity on the screen is limited, and more often than not, their portrayal becomes irresponsible—because you can have as many Asian characters in a show as you want, but if you don’t show them the respect of treating them as people first and Asian people second, how truly effective is your diversity?

    So Lara Jean is Korean, yes, but she’s also hilarious and thoughtful and introverted. And her impact will be felt. Han says, "It’s important for Asian American kids to see themselves in stories and to feel seen. They need to know that their stories are universal too, that they too can fall in love in a teen movie. They don’t have to be the sidekick; they can be the hero. I’ve never seen an Asian American character like Lara Jean in a movie before—sweet, quirky, funny and just herself. She’s Asian, and that’s part of her identity, but it’s not the whole of her identity. There doesn’t need to be ‘a point’ to her being Asian. She just is."

    “She just is” could be the gateway to a new era of film and television, one in which minority characters have access to romantic comedies and action films and all the other genres in the same way that white people do. Getting characters with marginalized identities on screen at all was the first step, and I’m not denying the importance of stories that focus on that marginalization. But now we have the opportunity to open the door for more stories, ones that showcase these same people in situations that go beyond the “struggle” or “burden” of having a certain identity.

    I hope that, in the future, Asian characters are handled as caringly and responsibly as Lara Jean was. Han waited to tell the right story, and it paid off. “There was interest [in adapting the book for the screen] early on,” she says, “but it took almost five years to actually get made. One of the sticking points was people didn’t understand why the main character needed to be Asian. I explained to them that it wasn't that she needed to be Asian, it’s that she was.”

    She just was.

    You can stream To All the Boys I've Loved Before on Netflix starting August 17.

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    The new spinoff series of Freeform'sThe Fosters, called Good Trouble, doesn't premiere until January 2019, but we finally have a first look at the TV drama and it looks amazing.

    The series stars your favorite duo, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), as they start their new lives in Los Angeles and navigate adulthood. Maia Mitchell mentioned the plot in an exclusive interview with us, and it sounds like there's a lot in store for the two main characters. "It takes place about a year after—right after where the finale of The Fosters left us," Mitchell told Her Campus. "So, Callie and Mariana have relocated to Los Angeles. They’re living downtown and they’re kind of lost. They have a lot of new roommates, and there’s going to be a lot of new characters."

    On top of that, Mitchell said the show will tackle a lot of issues. "Callie is a first-year law clerk, so she’s working for a conservative judge, which she’s going to kind of struggle with and kind of try to reconcile throughout the season. And Mariana is working at a tech startup and kind of fighting the patriarchy. It’s quite political. You’re going to see, basically, the heart of The Fosters and what was so relatable about The Fosters, just through a different lens. I’m really excited about it. We’re about a month into shooting, and it’s so much fun. This new cast is so talented and there’s also some of the cast from our Fosters family as well. So, it’s really exciting, and I’m really looking forward to it." OMG. It's going to be so good.

    Though the cast will have some new faces, we will see some guest appearances from our favorite Adams-Foster moms, played by Teri Polo and Sherri Saum. Not only that, Freeform Executive Vice President Karey Burke said"We plan to have all characters from the original series make guest appearances." YAY! 

    The best part of all is how Mitchell and Ramirez are actually BFFs in real life. Mitchell mentioned how much it helps their dynamic on set, which is so unique. "Cierra and I have a very similar dynamic to Callie and Mariana. She’s my best friend in real life, so she’s so easy to work with. We know each other so well. We know what presses each other’s buttons, and we kiss and then we make up. We just forget about it two minutes later. She’s like the easiest person to work with because I could never say anything that would offend her. And we hang out on the weekends. People think we’re crazy because we’ll wrap like a day of 14 hours together and we’re like ‘What are you doing tomorrow night?’ So, I’m really, really lucky that I get to keep working with her." I love this duo so much.

    Seriously, I cannot wait for this spinoff. January, hurry up, I'm ready to watch all the drama unfold.

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    When you’re at college—especially if you’re far away from home—it’s difficult to set up doctor’s appointments and get fast treatment for any health issues. That’s where the health center on your campus comes in handy. Whether you’re looking for birth control, antidepressants or treatment for minor injuries, you’ll find what you need—or at least be directed to what you need. Read on to learn how to best take advantage of your school’s health center.

    1. Stop by for minor injuries, even if it’s just a small cut

    The minor services at your health center, excluding medication, appointments and tests, are often free, or at least much cheaper than going to a local hospital or doctor. Don’t be afraid to stop by for minor injuries.

    Dr. Rochelle Shapiro, acting chief medical officer at Florida Atlantic University, says, "Condoms and small Band-Aids for an acute cut are available at the front desk and throughout the clinic for free. An after-hours Nurse Phone line is available for health-related questions." Most likely, you'll find those resources for free at your school's health center as well.

    Kylie Walker, a junior at Sonoma State University, says that nothing is too small for a walk-in. “I go to my health center for just about anything that’s wrong with me because it’s absolutely free!” she says. “Even if it’s just to get Band-Aids for a cut, I make sure to utilize my health center for its expertise and friendly/helpful staff. My health motto is that it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!”

    Like Kylie says, don’t let those free resources go to waste—you’re paying a lot of money to be in college! It’s great to keep a small first-aid kit in your room as well, but feel free to head to your health center if you’re out and about.

    2. Find free or discounted birth control

    Colleges are all about encouraging safe sex practices, especially since most young adults are sexually active during college. Your health center will have many resources to provide you with the birth control method you’re looking for.

    At Florida Atlantic University, condoms are free and birth control pills are heavily discounted. "[The] least expensive birth control pills are about $9 at the FAU Pharmacy," Dr. Shapiro says.

    Kylie agrees. “Don’t hesitate to ask for birth control!” she says. “My health center hands out free condoms (male and female) and they will prescribe birth control via the pill if you have an appointment—though it depends on your state and its laws against women’s sexual health.” Colleges vary all across the country, but these are a few services that might be available at your center—make sure to check if they’re at your school if you’re interested!

    Veronika Potylitsina, a senior at the University of Toronto, says that other sexual health items are readily available at her health center as well. “Along with free birth control, my university’s health center provided links to walk-in clinics which in turn directed me to free/discounted Plan B and pregnancy tests,” she says. “What would have been upwards of two hundred dollars ended up being so much less thanks to the resources provided by my health center.”

    And it's not just birth control. Many health centers also provide free testing for STDs. Dr. Shapiro notes that "Testing Tuesday" happens every week, where patients can receive free, same-day testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. Check with your university's health center to see if you have similar benefits.

    Don’t pay tons of money for your sexual health! Make sure to use the resources provided for you—they’re there for a reason. Even if you can’t find things completely free, your health center will be able to direct you to discounted options.

    Related: 11 Resolutions to Keep You Healthy This School Year

    3. Get a doctor’s note for classes and assignments

    It’s difficult to get work done when you’re sick. While some professors might let an absence or late assignment slide due to sickness, others will ask for proof—also known as a doctor’s note. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get in touch with your usual doctor when you’re far from home. That’s where your college’s health center can help out.

    Christian Pierce, a junior at Florida Atlantic University, explains how convenient it can be to get a doctor’s note. “I missed a deadline for a big paper near the end of the semester due to a bad stomach bug,” he says. “I just walked into my school’s health clinic and they quickly issued me a receipt that I was in the clinic after seeing how sick I was.”

    Check your health center’s policy on doctor’s notes. You can drop by and ask, or find it online. Most will write you a note after a quick check-up. Others might require you to set up a formal appointment. Either way, it’s important information to know, so make sure you find out. You don’t want to miss a big deadline due to sickness without a proper excuse. Some college health centers might not even give out doctor’s notes and will require another way to get an excused absence. Do your best to find out the policies at your school!

    4. Reach out for mental health aid

    Too many people discount the importance of taking care of their mental health. Thankfully, most colleges are making strides in providing students the mental support that they need. Whether you’re looking for medication or counseling, you should be able to find it on campus.

    Veronika says she was able to get help from her school. “Mental health wise, reaching out to my health center regarding my anxiety and depression helped me push through the rest of my semester when I felt like I was in a rut in my mental health,” she says. “I was able to receive a doctor’s note to cover my assignments, medication and help from a professional all within the span of a few days which definitely helped ease a lot of the stress that I felt during the semester.” While some health centers may not be as quick as Veronika’s, they might have resources like hotlines that can provide you timely support and help through your problems.

    Dr. Shapiro gives you an idea of what to expect. "The counseling center offers short-term therapy and their services are free. They are staffed by licensed psychologists and mental health counselors. Many groups are offered for stress management, relationships, eating issues and others," she says. "There are also urgent visits available on same day, if needed. After-hours phone consultation with a licensed therapist is available." Check with your university to see if you have similar services available.

    College can definitely be stressful. Difficult classes, combined with an entirely new social environment, can be debilitating for your mental health. Make sure to get the help you need so you can continue to be your best self!

    5. Find discounted medication even if you don’t have insurance

    Many college health centers acknowledge student financial difficulties. When you don’t have insurance, it’s hard to find medications you need at an affordable price. Thankfully, colleges are willing to help.

    Dr. Shapiro notes that prices at FAU are quite reasonable. "We have self-pay prices which are very reduced," she says. "A new patient visit is $20 to $40, and a follow-up visit is $12 to $30. Labs are also very reduced, starting at $10 for a complete blood count." Much cheaper than a traditional doctor's office!

    “Medication at my health center is much less expensive whether or not you have insurance,” Kylie says. “It’s always a nice reassurance when I’m caught with an ailment mid-semester.”

    Don’t be afraid to reach out to your health center for your problems, even if you don’t have insurance. They will direct you to where you can get the help you need. Many colleges offer cheap insurance specifically for their health center as well.

    6. Find free or discounted care from specialists

    You might think that you can only find general practice doctors at your college health center, but you’d be surprised to find out that specialty offerings are available—you just have to ask what’s offered at your specific health center. For example, many schools have a nutritionist on staff that you can meet with if you’re dealing with an eating disorder or need healthy ways to gain or lose weight.

    Dr. Shapiro lists a few specialty offerings available at FAU. "We have a dentist and dental hygienist and services are at a deep discount. A dietitian is available at Owl Care and her visits are free."

    In addition, even if they don’t have the specialists on staff, your health center might have discounted options on everything from massage therapists to acupuncturists. You just have to ask and find out. If you’re planning to study abroad for a semester and need to get vaccines for a specific country, your school can also provide resources so you can get that done. They might even have free flu shots when flu season comes around—Dr. Shapiro notes that free flu vaccines are available for students, staff and faculty at FAU.

    If your school health center doesn’t offer a service that’s on this list or anything else you think you need to have a successful college experience, you could always try and petition for more health resources. “It’s surprising how many resources the center can have, but if they don’t have what you need, there’s definitely tons of opportunities to help them expand their resource bank and initiatives whether through the university or your student body representatives,” Veronika says.

    Good luck, collegiettes! Take advantage of all your healthcare resources to do the best you can throughout the year.

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    Book-to-film adaptations are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only do you get to have the experience of reading a new novel, but you also get to see immersive worlds come to life on screen in a (hopefully) well-made film adaptation. And while the months of 2018 are dwindling, there are still plenty of films based on books that are set to be released (or already here) before the end of the year. Whether you love thrillers, rom-coms or biographies, there is something out there for everyone. Here are 13 of the buzziest page-to-screen adaptions to add to your list for the remainder of 2018. 

    The Darkest Minds (in theaters now)

    Based off the series by Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds is the story of Ruby, a young girl with strange abilities who is sent to a government rehabilitation camp. When she is 16, things take a turn and get even stranger, forcing Ruby to go on the run and team up with others like her to find a safe haven. Starring Amandla Stenberg and Mandy Moore, The Darkest Minds film is full of action, twists and turns and a hint of romance, and sure to be the next YA blockbuster franchise.

    Crazy Rich Asians (in theaters now)

    We have been waiting YEARS for Kevin Kwan’s novel to hit the big screen, and happy news—the day is finally here! Crazy Rich Asians is the story of Rachel Chu, a New Yorker who receives an invitation from her boyfriend, Nick, to visit his family in Singapore. This sounds normal enough, but Rachel soon learns that Nick’s family is incredibly wealthy, that he is one of the most eligible bachelors in Asia and that his mother is not happy about his relationship with Rachel. Already praised for its representation of Asian culture and star-studded Asian cast, Crazy Rich Asians is guaranteed to become a classic for all.

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (on Netflix now)

    The latest Netflix drama is this adaption of the classic 2008 novel. Guernsey is about Juliet, a young writer in post WWII London, played by Lily James (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Downton Abbey). Juliet begins exchanging letters with women who live on the island of Guernsey and survived German occupation during the war. After reading their letters, Juliet sets off on an adventure to meet these incredible women. Full of heart, this film is a winner.

    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (on Netflix August 17)

    If you’re looking for another rom-com, this adaptation of Jenny Han’s novel is your perfect match. Lara Jean Covey has written private letters to all of her previous crushes. When these letters are accidently sent to her crushes, she must deal with the repercussions as her past loves confront her. Starring Lana Condor and Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is sure to be Netflix’s next hit rom-com.  And, if you like what to see, make sure to check out the novel’s two sequels. 

    The Wife (in theaters August 17)

    If drama and awards season contenders are your cup of tea, don’t miss The Wife. Based on Meg Wolitzer’s novel of the same name, not much can be said about the film and novel for fear of ruining the story. But basically, The Wife is about a woman who heads to Stockholm to be with her husband, as he receives the Nobel Prize. Accompanied by a dogged reporter, the couple’s secrets are revealed, making for a shocking conclusion full of drama. With a standout performance by Glenn Close, keep an eye on this one come awards season. 

    The Little Stranger (in theaters August 31)

    It’s never too early for some Halloween scares, and The Little Stranger promises to deliver lots of them. Domhnall Gleeson stars as Doctor Faraday, a doctor who is summoned to Hundreds Hall to minister to a patient. Not only does he find his patient, he also finds romance and an intriguing mystery with connections to his own past. This adaptation of Sarah Waters’ historical drama is filled with tons of supernatural elements sure to leave you sleeping with the lights on. 

    A Simple Favor (in theaters September 14)

    Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and a twisty mystery—sounds like the perfect recipe for box office success. Darcey Bell’s debut domestic thriller is about Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy blogger who befriends the fabulous Emily (Blake Lively). One day, Emily asks Stephanie for a simple favor—watch her son after school. It seems harmless, until Emily disappears. Reminiscent of Gone Girl, and co-starring Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), this is a must-see film this fall.  

    Little Women (in theaters September 28)

    Greta Gerwig’s highly-anticipated Little Women isn’t set to hit theaters until Christmas 2019, but you can still get your fix of the March family in this modern version of the classic novel. Everything you love about the March sisters (Jo’s determination, Meg’s practicality, Beth’s heart) is still there, just reimagined for 2018. And if that wasn’t cool enough, two High School Musical alums have roles in the film! 

    Beautiful Boy (in theaters October 12)

    If you thought Timothée Chalamet was robbed at the Oscars last year, don’t worry, as he his coming for that Oscar this year in this emotional tour de force. Beautiful Boy is based off of two memoirs—Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and Tweak by Nic Sheff—and tells the story of how David Sheff worked to help his son Nic overcome his addiction to methamphetamines and other substances. These books are both intense reads, but offer insight into how addiction affects both addicts and their families. Co-starring Steve Carell and Amy Ryan, this film is sure to be a tearjerker, so bring your tissues. 

    First Man (in theaters October 12)

    Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling reunite post-La la Land in this adaptation of James R. Hansen’s biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. And while space movies (and biographies) can sometimes be a bit dry, this version is compelling as it delves into Armstrong’s professional and personal life, particularly his relationship with his wife, Janet (played by The Crown’s Claire Foy). Another award-winning contender, make some time to check this one out. 

    The Hate U Give (in theaters October 19)

    The Hate U Give is easily one of the most anticipated book-to-film adaptations of the year. In this timely novel by Angie Thomas, Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) is a high school student who witnesses her childhood best friend be shot by a police officer. When the investigation into his death is stalled and the case gains national attention, Starr must decide whether to speak up or stay silent. The novel has already sparked discussion about important social issues, and the film is sure to continue the conversation. Riverdale’s KJ Apa and comedian Issa Rae also star.

    Boy Erased (in theaters November 2)

    You may not know who Lucas Hedges is, but you will be hearing a lot about him this awards season and one reason why is his role in Boy Erased. The film, based on Garrard Conley’s memoir, is about Jared (Hedges), the son of a pastor who is outed to his parents. As a result, he is sent to conversion therapy, where he is in conflict with his therapist and bonds with the other teens. Another powerful story based on true events, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe round out the cast as Jared’s parents.

    The Girl in The Spider’s Web (in theaters November 9)

    In a new imagining of Stieg Larsson’s vigilante hacker, Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) is now the girl with the dragon tattoo. This film, based off of David Lagercrantz’s novel of the same name, finds Lisbeth and her journalist partner Mikael Blomkvist investigating new international conspiracies, while also uncovering secrets about Lisbeth’s past. This one is sure to be gritty, action-packed and not to be missed. 

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    After watching season 1 of The Bold Type, we thought there was no way we could possibly love Kat, Jane and Sutton more than we already did—but season 2 proved us wrong. We saw the best friends deal with many messy, controversial and emotional issues, but their friendship remains unchanged, as evidenced by their adorable Paris selfie in the season 2 finale. These women dealt with a lot this season, so it’s not surprising that we still have some questions. Needless to say, we can’t wait until season 3 to find out what happens next.

    1. What's going to happen between Kat and Adena?

    OK, so Kat and Adena’s relationship has taken us on an emotional rollercoaster. Everything was looking great when Kat decided she didn’t want to be in an open relationship anymore and wanted to be fully committed to Adena, then bam, the season finale was like, “just kidding.” In the season finale, Kat realizes that Adena has been producing a lot less art lately. When she confronts Adena about it and about her relationship with her ex, Coco, Adena says her relationship with Coco was a lot different. Kat reads between the lines and interprets this as Adena saying she had more freedom when she was with Coco. The episode ends with Kat finding out that Adena isn’t coming to the party and we need to know where their relationship will stand.

    2. Does Jacqueline get fired?

    Let’s just start by saying that Jacqueline is a dream boss. She is so supportive and has, on more than one occasion, done what she felt was right, even when people (ahem, the board) might not agree. But in the season finale, Cleo warns Jacqueline that the board is thinking about replacing her. At first, it seems like Cleo might just be gossiping because Jacqueline and her have already had some disagreements before. Toward the end of the finale, though, Richard receives an email list of people who could possibly be Jacqueline's replacement. Jacqueline had also made the decision to publish Jane’s piece about how Safford doesn’t cover her fertility treatment, which we can only guess that the board was quite unhappy about. Will Jacqueline lose her job? Of course we don’t want this to happen. We’d much rather see the board change its policy and also become more progressive and diverse.

    3. Who will Jane choose?

    In the season finale, Jane finds out that she can’t afford to freeze her eggs. Then, her boyfriend, Ben, and wannabe boyfriend, Pinstripe/Ryan, both offer to help. Jane has denied her interest in Pinstripe/Ryan for a long time, but he kisses her and again makes it very clear that he’s serious about her. In the season 2 finale, she admits that there is something between her and Pinstripe. Jane doesn’t know what to do, but she ultimately decides to be her own hero and write an article about how Safford doesn’t cover fertility treatment. Still, when she’s in Paris, she receives texts from both Ben and Pinstripe and doesn’t know what to do. Kat and Sutton ask her that if she were to get good news, who would she want to call? Jane says she knows who she would call, but doesn’t reveal who it is. Maybe she chooses to stay with Ben, maybe she tries to have something serious with Pinstripe, or maybe she decides to focus on herself and her friends. Regardless, we are impatiently waiting to see how this all plays out.

    4. Will Jane find a way to afford freezing her eggs?

    We know Ben and Pinstripe both offered to help, but Jane doesn’t want their help and we’re so here for that. The problem is covering the cost herself isn’t exactly easy. We saw Jane struggle to make this decision to freeze her eggs, and now she can’t even afford to move forward with it. Jacqueline decided to publish Jane’s article about how Safford won’t cover these services, but we have yet to see the impact of that article. Will Safford change its policy? Will Jane come up with other possible solutions? This situation is very real, and we’d love to see what Jane figures out.

    5. How will Sutton progress in her career?

    Throughout most of this season, we felt sorry for Sutton. She tried so, so hard to excel in her career, she still wasn’t over Richard, she went out with a cheater and she opened up about her strained relationship with her mother growing up. In the season finale, things finally start looking up. She and Richard get back together, and she also really impresses Oliver in Paris. We’re totally waiting to see Sutton’s hard work continue to pay off. She’s been slowly climbing the ladder toward her dream career, and she’s getting closer and closer. It’s clear that Oliver thinks she’s very talented, so what will happen next? Also, will she get in trouble because of the cocaine charged to her work credit card, or are we just going to continue acting like that never happened?

    6. Will Sutton stay in touch with her mom?

    Sutton agreed to check in with her mom every once in a while, though she's had a hard time trusting her mom because her mom was addicted to alcohol and not really involved in her life when she was growing up. We’d love to see this relationship explored more in season 3.

    7. Will we see Angie again?

    Remember when Jane and Kat fought about white privilege, while Kat was simultaneously advocating on behalf of Angie, a seriously inspiring woman who applied to work at Scarlet and happens to not have a college degree? Jane filled in for Angie at her job so Angie could present to the board, and she killed it. Now we’re waiting to see Angie again, because we think she’d really have a positive impact.

    8. Will Jane drag Alex into the fashion closet again?

    We’re (mostly) joking, but how could you not love the moment in the season finale when Jane dragged Alex into the fashion closet because Kat and Sutton were in Paris? Jane paces back and forth, wondering what she should do and Alex admits that going to the fashion closet to gossip had seemed fun but it’s actually a lot of pressure. Even if Alex doesn’t join in on fashion closet gossip, we’d love to see more of him in season 3. He’s been around for two seasons but hasn’t had an in-depth storyline. Could season 3 be his moment to shine?

    While the season finale left us with some unanswered questions that we *need* to know the answers to, we love how it ended demonstrating the strength of Kat, Jane and Sutton’s friendship. Political differences, gun debates, career struggles and relationship issues have threatened to get in their way, but these three women remain strong, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.

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    This is a dedicated feature. All opinions are 100% our own.


    Contains content sponsored by Mylan​


    Scroll below for Boxed WARNING, Indication, Limitation of Use and Important Safety Information,

    Boxed WARNING

    What is the most important information I should know about Xulane?
    Do not use Xulane if you smoke cigarettes and are over 35 years old. Smoking increases your risk of serious cardiovascular side effects from hormonal birth control methods, including death from heart attack, blood clots or stroke. This risk increases with age and the number of cigarettes you smoke.
    Women 15 to 44 years of age who use Xulane may have an increased risk of blood clots compared to women who use certain birth control pills.
    You will be exposed to about 60% more estrogen if you use Xulane than if you use a typical birth control pill containing 35 micrograms of estrogen. In general, increased estrogen may increase the risk of side effects, including blood clots.

    Please see additional Important Safety Information continued below.

    What is Xulane?

    Xulane® is a prescription contraceptive patch used for the prevention of pregnancy in women who choose to use a transdermal patch.

    Limitation of Use:

    Xulane may not be as effective in women weighing more than 198 lbs (90 kg). 

    If you weigh more than 198 lbs. (90 kg), talk to your healthcare professional about which method of birth control is right for you.

    Hormonal birth control methods help to lower the chances of becoming pregnant. They do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections.

    If you’ve been on the same birth control method for a while, why not learn about another method?  You’ve got options, so explore them!  

    Learn more about the birth control patch and talk with your healthcare provider to find out if Xulane might be right for you.

    Who should not use Xulane?

    Do not use Xulane if you:

    • Smoke and are over 35 years old
    • Have or have had blood clots in your arms, legs, eyes or lungs
    • Have an inherited problem that makes your blood clot more than normal
    • Have had a stroke
    • Have had a heart attack
    • Have certain heart valve problems or heart rhythm problems that can cause blood clots to form in the heart
    • Have high blood pressure that medicine cannot control
    • Have diabetes with kidney, eye, nerve, or blood vessel damage
    • Have had certain kinds of severe migraine headaches with aura, numbness, weakness or changes in vision, or have any migraine headaches if you are over age 35
    • Have liver disease, including liver tumors (benign or cancerous)
    • Take any Hepatitis C drug combination containing ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir, with or without dasabuvir.  This may increase levels of the liver enzyme “alanine aminotransferase” (ALT) in the blood.
    • Have unexplained vaginal bleeding
    • Are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. However, Xulane is not known to cause birth defects when used by accident during pregnancy.
    • Have had breast cancer or any cancer that is sensitive to female hormones

    Hormonal birth control methods may not be a good choice for you if you have ever had jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) caused by pregnancy or related to previous use of hormonal birth control.

    Tell your healthcare professional if you have ever had any of the above conditions. Your healthcare professional may recommend another method of birth control.

    Before you use Xulane tell your healthcare professional:

    • About all your medical conditions.
    • If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant.
    • If you are scheduled for surgery. Xulane may increase your risk of blood clots after surgery. You should stop using your Xulane patch at least 4 weeks before you have surgery and not restart it until at least 2 weeks after your surgery.
    • If you are or will be inactive or immobilized for a long period of time.
    • If you are scheduled for any laboratory tests. Certain blood tests may be affected by hormonal birth control methods.
    • Are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Hormonal birth control methods that contain estrogen, like Xulane, may decrease the amount of milk you make. A small amount of hormones from the Xulane patch may pass into your breast milk. Consider another method of birth control until you are ready to stop breastfeeding.

    Tell your healthcare professional about all medicines and herbal products that you take.

    Some medicines and herbal products may make hormonal birth control less effective, including, but not limited to:

    • Certain seizure medicines (carbamazepine, felbamate, oxcarbazepine, phenytoin, rufinamide, and topiramate)
    • Aprepitant
    • Barbiturates
    • Bosentan
    • Griseofulvin
    • Certain combinations of HIV medicines (nelfinavir, ritonavir, ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors)
    • Certain non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (nevirapine)
    • Rifampin and rifabutin
    • St. John’s wort

    Use another birth control method (such as a condom and spermicide or diaphragm and spermicide) when you take medicines that may make the Xulane patch less effective.

    Some medicines and grapefruit juice may increase your level of the hormone ethinyl estradiol if used together, including:

    • acetaminophen
    • ascorbic acid
    • medicines that affect how your liver breaks down other medicines (itraconazole, ketoconazole, voriconazole, and fluconazole)
    • certain HIV medicines (atazanavir, indinavir)
    • atorvastatin
    • rosuvastatin
    • etravirine

    Hormonal birth control methods may interact with lamotrigine, an anti-seizure medicine used for epilepsy. This may increase the risk of seizures, so your healthcare professional may need to adjust the dose of lamotrigine.

    Women on thyroid replacement therapy may need increased doses of thyroid hormone.

    Know the medicines you take. Keep a list of them to show your doctor and pharmacist when you get a new medicine.

    What are the possible side effects of Xulane?

    Xulane may cause serious side effects, including:

    • Blood clots. Like pregnancy, hormonal birth control methods increase the risk of serious blood clots, especially in women who have other risk factors, such as smoking, obesity, or age greater than 35. This increased risk is highest when you first start using hormonal birth control and when you restart the same or different hormonal birth control after not using it for a month or more. Some studies have reported that women who use norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol transdermal system have a higher risk of getting a blood clot. Talk with your healthcare professional about your risk of getting a blood clot before using Xulane or deciding which type of birth control is right for you.

    It is possible to die or be permanently disabled from a problem caused by a blood clot, such as a heart attack or a stroke. Some examples of serious blood clots are blood clots in the:

    • • legs (deep vein thrombosis)
    • • lungs (pulmonary embolus)
    • • eyes (loss of eyesight)
    • • heart (heart attack)
    • • brain (stroke)

    Call your healthcare professional right away if you have:

    • • leg pain that will not go away
    • • sudden shortness of breath
    • • sudden blindness, partial or complete
    • • severe pain or pressure in your chest
    • • sudden, severe headache unlike your usual headaches
    • • weakness or numbness in an arm or leg, or trouble speaking
    • • yellowing of the skin or eyeballs

    Other serious risks include:

    • • liver problems including liver tumors
    • • gallbladder disease
    • • high blood pressure

    The most common side effects of Xulane are:

    • • breast symptoms (discomfort, swelling, or pain)
    • • nausea
    • • headache
    • • skin irritation, redness, pain, swelling, itching or rash at the patch application site
    • • stomach pain
    • • pain during menstruation
    • • vaginal bleeding and menstrual disorders, such as spotting or bleeding between periods
    • • mood, affect and anxiety disorders

    Some women have spotting or light bleeding, breast tenderness, or feel sick to their stomach during norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol transdermal system use. If these symptoms occur, do not stop using the Xulane patch. The problem will usually go away. If it doesn't go away, check with your healthcare professional.

    Less common side effects are:

    • • acne
    • • less sexual desire
    • • bloating or fluid retention
    • • blotchy darkening of your skin, especially your face
    • • high blood sugar, especially in women with diabetes
    • • high fat (cholesterol, triglycerides) levels in the blood
    • • depression, especially if you have had depression in the past. Call your healthcare professional immediately if you have any thoughts of harming yourself.
    • • problems tolerating contact lenses
    • • weight gain

    Tell your healthcare professional about any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all the possible side effects of Xulane. For more information, ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist.

    What should I know about my period when using Xulane?

    • • When you use Xulane, you may have bleeding and spotting between periods called unplanned bleeding. Such bleeding may be temporary and usually does not indicate any serious problems. It is important to continue using the patch on schedule. If the unplanned bleeding or spotting is heavy or lasts for more than a few days, you should discuss this with your healthcare professional.

    What if I miss my scheduled period when using Xulane?

    • • Some women miss periods on hormonal birth control, even when they are not pregnant. However, if you go 2 or more months in a row without a period, or you miss your period after a month where you did not use all of your patches correctly, or you have symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as morning sickness or unusual breast tenderness, call your healthcare professional because you may be pregnant. Stop taking Xulane if you are pregnant.

    How do I use Xulane after childbirth?

    • • If you are not breastfeeding, wait 4 weeks before using Xulane and use a non-hormonal contraceptive method of birth control, such as a condom and spermicide or diaphragm and spermicide, for the first 7 days of your first cycle only. If you have had sex since your baby was born, wait for your first period, or see your healthcare provider to make sure you are not pregnant before starting Xulane.

    You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. 

    Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

    This is not all of the information you should read prior to using Xulane. Click here for full Prescribing Information, including Boxed WARNING and Patient Information


    Ladies, when’s the last time you thought about your current birth control method? Chances are, you discussed it with your doctor, began a method and never looked back at that decision. But have you started wondering about other options?  Sure, it works – but birth control should be more than something you feel just OK about. Does it fit your busy schedule? Is it a method you want to keep using?

    With so many contraceptive options these days, it can be hard to keep up with available choices. That’s why we’re here to make sure you’ve got the information on a weekly option, especially if you want to consider an effective method (when used as directed in the Patient Information) that doesn't need to be taken every day like the pill.









    Meet the Xulane® Patch

    Get to know Xulane® (zu-lane) – it’s a prescription birth control patch you apply just once a week. Whether it’s your late-night study sessions, your spontaneous date night, that concert you scored tickets to – Xulane is the birth control that is designed to stick with you wherever you go.

    You apply a new patch to your skin on the same day each week for three weeks, with week 4 being patch-free.  (Yes, it’s that easy to apply!) Just make sure to check Xulane every day to make sure it’s sticking properly, like when you’re getting dressed in the morning.  FYI, the patch must stay on your skin to work properly. Click here to learn more on how to apply the Xulane patch.

    Obviously Xulane is not for everyone. You should definitely discuss your individual medical history and lifestyle with your healthcare provider to determine if Xulane is right for you.

    If you’ve been on the same birth control method for a while, why not learn about another method? You’ve got options, so explore them! 

    This is not all the information you should read prior to using Xulane. Click here for Full Prescribing Information including Boxed WARNING.

    Xulane is a registered trademark of Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. The Mylan logo is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc. © 2018 Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. All rights reserved.



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    Let's face it: the gym can be a little bit intimidating. You might have finally decided to drag yourself to the gym - and kudos to you - but, unfortunately, just being in a gym doesn't actually guarantee any health improvements. If you're one of the people who isn't exactly sure which way to face when you sit down on some of the machines in the gym (and no shame, we've been there), it may be a bit more efficient to have some guidance. 

    Personal training is always an option but can be pricey as well as intimidating. So, whether you hate running with a passion, you're scared of the weight room or you just want to try something new, a workout class may be right for you. Since navigating the class schedules can be as difficult as finding a free treadmill, here's a list of classes that you might want to consider to get you started. 

    Related: What to Change If You're Hitting the Gym and Seeing No Results

    1. Yoga

    Yoga is definitely one of our favorite workouts, mainly because you don't realize you're working out until you wake up the next day with all of your muscles aching. Despite common belief, you don't hve to be flexible to do yoga. It would be a safe bet to say there will be those super bendy people in your class, but if you're doing yoga right you should be focusing on yourself anyways - there's no competition in this fitness class. A fringe benefit of choosing a yoga class is getting into a meditative state while getting your sweat on. 

    There's lots of different types of yoga out there, from ones that don't feel like a workout at all to ones that will have you super sweaty and sore, so be sure to look into what you're getting yourself into. Hatha yoga is a classic style that commonly focuses on aligning and stretching your spine. Vinyasa is also a pretty popular style, which will focus on the flow so you can expect to be moving through the class. Bikram (aka hot yoga) will have you sweating before you even get moving, but can be a great way to feel cleansed after class. Try a few classes to see which style you prefer, but make sure to check the level on the class because all styles of yoga will offer some classes which are easier and some which are more intense.

    2. Zumba​

    When asked what workout classes she prefers, Marisa Pieper from Arizona State University  responded “I love Zumba and yoga!” Zumba is yoga’s more upbeat cousin. Pieper continued “I love Zumba because I love to dance. Zumba distracts you from the fact that you’re working out because you’re laughing, getting in touch with your body and the whole class is doing it too!”. If you want to work a bit on your flexibility, but would rather do it to your favorite songs than the collective sound of breath, Zumba is the choice for you. Both workouts will probably give you slight flashbacks to childhood dance classes.

    Whereas yoga gives you a core workout, Zumba is incredible for cardio. Personal trainer Christian Stone from Loyola Marymount University class of 2018 says “In my personal opinion I think that Zumba classes are possibly the best class around because they are fun, easy, and will get you moving.” Stone explains “Sometimes TRX classes are too complicated or Spin classes are too intense depending on the instructor but all instructors I know and have worked with are amazing with newcomers and try to make it a welcome environment for people who looked dazed and confused.”

    3. Boxing/Kickboxing

    You don’t have to be aggressive at all in your everyday life to find it oddly satisfying to punch and kick things. If you use your workout as your destressing time, this is a great way to get some release into your fitness practice. You get to hone a new skill (which hopefully you don’t have to use in real life), but if you love to learn new things, you might just enjoy these classes so much you forget you are working out.

    In boxing, you’ll get a great arm and core workout between bending down and learning to punch properly. Kickboxing is a great but different choice, incorporating your legs as well as your arms. This gives you the chance to work on your leg strength and flexibility as well as your arms and core. Both tend to be fun, high cardio workouts.

    4. Pilates

    If you aren’t too keen on weights or cardio, pilates offers a great in between. Makena Gera from Marist College says, “One of my favorite workout classes is pilates. I love it because it’s not too high-intensity (like spin for example) but it still gives you a really great workout. I always get really sore after, but it feels great! And it’s super fun!”

    Pilates is an incredible way to strengthen your core and tone your arms and legs, in addition to gaining some flexibility.

    5. Bootcamp style classes

    These might come with a variety of names but are essentially getting at the same thing. If you want to do a general workout but just don’t know where to start, find a fitness class that is just plain old fitness. This type of class is perfect for someone who seeks results more than fun, or finds pride in hard work no matter what they are working at. David Patchell-Evans, CEO of Goodlife Fitness tells Her Campus about a class offered at his gym, called Body Pump.

    “It’s a hard workout - it allows you to use a barbell - it’s not complicated choreography and you start with the weight really light until you get better and get really good results fast,” Patchell-Evans says.

    6. Aerial skills

    This option isn’t available at every gym, but it’s an exceptional option to your exercise routine if it’s available in your area. Aerial silks isn’t great for the faint of heart, but if you think flipping through the air sounds like fun then this is an amazing thing for you to try.

    Lena Serkin Mazel, a graduate student at Mansfield College, loves aerial silks so much she says she “literally [does] it for a living now.” This might be a good option for you if you’re new to working out at the gym, but not if you are new to exercise altogether because it’s way harder than it looks. Try starting out with some stretching and core exercises before you head into an aerial silks class. Pilates or yoga can even be a great stepping stone to strengthen your skills.

    If you still don’t know which class to choose, why not try them all! Everyone prefers different workouts, but don’t fret, you will find what suits you best. Personal Trainer Christian Stone added “I think the most important thing is that you find a time that you can consistently go to and form a relationship with the instructor because that will hold you accountable”. An added benefit of starting new workout routines, of course, is picking out cute new athletic wear. So, grab a water bottle and your favorite sneakers and head to the gym.

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    Priyanka Chopra has finally debuted her GORGEOUS engagement ring from finaceé Nick Jonas. 

    The Quantico star casually revealed the ring in an Instagram selfie posted by her friend and actress, Raveena Tandon. This is the first time that Chopra has showed off her Tiffany & Co. ring since news of her engagement to the Jonas brother broke in July. According to E! News, Jonas shut down the London Tiffany & Co. store last month to shop for the ring privately. 

    President of WP Diamonds Andrew Brown told E! that "Priyanka's ring is a high quality cushion cut weighing around 4 carats. It looks to be somewhere around a G color, VSI clarity which, from Tiffany & Co, would have a value of around $200,000." And guys, it's seriously stunning. 



    Peecee and I getting our pouts in order !

    A post shared by Raveena Tandon (@officialraveenatandon) on

    Shortly after ring shopping Jonas proposed in a private and romantic evening, with the couple then going on to celebrate with brother Joe Jonas and his finaceé Sophie Turner. 

    "Everyone is happy," an inside source told E! "The are definitely a great match."

    Jonas and Chopra have yet to confirm their engagement, likely because they've always been a private couple. Rumors began to swirl that the two were dating after they attended the 2017 Met Gala together. After that, they were spotted together in Los Angeles, and then at Jonas' family wedding in June. Later that month, the two traveled to India together to celebrate Chopra's friends' wedding. 

    After news of their engagement broke, Chopra was seen supporting her fianceé at the MTV Spotlight in Singapore. She was later asked about her engagement during an interactive session at Dehli's Tag Palace Hotel Dhaula Kuan titled "Challenging the Status Quo and Forging New Paths. "My entire life--my personal life--is not for public consumption," Chopra said. "Ninety percent of my life is for public consumption, but 10 percent is for me. I'm a girl; I have the right to keep that to myself."

    Congrats to the couple on their engagement!

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