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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    We're constantly updating our reading list (even if we're perpetually behind on our novel to-do list) regardless of the season. Now that The Bucket List, by Georgia Clark, is out today, we're definitely adding this read to our ~bucket list~. The novel follows protagonist Lacey Whitman, after she's diagnosed with a hereditary form of breast cancer. Clark's novel follows Whitman as she creates a "book bucket list" prior to her life-saving surgery. Because we're all about empowering stories of women who shamelessly life their lives for themselves, we're sharing an excerpt from chapter three of this soon-to-be hit novel. 

    In this exclusive chapter reveal, Lacey has just found out she has the BRCA1 gene mutation and has gone to see her former roommate/best friend, Steph, at the loft where she used to live. 

    “Steph’s not here.” The guy who answered the door gestures inside the loft. “You’re welcome to wait.”

    Ordinarily I’d tell him of course I’m welcome to wait, and do whatever the hell else I want, because I used to live here, I’m OG. But instead I perch stiffly on the end of the old sofa. It’s not as comfortable as I remember.

    The boy hovers, unsure. “I’m Cooper, by the way.”

    “Lacey.” I don’t offer my hand.

    The boy—Cooper—is wearing a T-shirt that reads The Future Is Female Ejaculation. He’s my age, maybe a little older, maybe a little taller, with slightly scruffy sandy-blond hair and rimless glasses. He is the human equivalent of an NPR tote bag, and he is still hovering.

    “I like your dress,” he offers. “Very . . . modern.”

    Modern? Is that a veiled way of saying I look ridiculous? Or is Cooper a time traveler from the 1920s and about to ask me to take a turn around the garden? I can’t conjure a comeback.

    He’s keeping a healthy distance from me as he asks, “Are you all right?”

    I nod.

    “Because you look kind of . . .”

    My head snaps at him. “I look kind of what?”

    He opens his mouth. I narrow my eyes. He changes tact. “Do you want a drink?”

    I fold my arms tight across my chest. “I happen to have received some very upsetting personal news.”

    “I’m sorry.” Cooper settles on the edge of the coffee table. “Do you want to talk about it?”


    “Okay.” He sounds so . . . amicable. “So a drink? I have whiskey.

    In my room.”

    The loft is the same level of messy since the last girl moved out, but there seem to be more things in frames on the peeling walls. Everything you need to know about it is summed up by the spidery writing above the power switch in the kitchen: Don’t turn me off, I control the fridge. When the radiator is on, it sounds like someone is trapped in the basement. The loft’s comfortable state of disarray feels homey even though Astoria, Queens, hasn’t been my home for over a year. When I graduated from entry-level to junior sales last year, I moved into a pea-size studio in Williamsburg (don’t worry, nowhere near the waterfront). I could barely afford it but it felt like the adult thing to do. Steph, my old roommate, replaced me with a series of hot, single straight girls whom she fell for one by one and who all broke her big gay heart, one by one. The boy is a smart move. He’s got real furniture—a desk, a bookcase. A far cry from the collection of wood pallets and street finds I had to pass off as decor when I first moved to the city. Above his bed, a framed, signed black-and-white photograph. It’s a New York City subway car. From the graffiti, I’m guessing 1980s. Four people sit side by side. A drag queen, an older Latina, a black teenage girl with cornrows, and a businessman in a cheap suit. They are all spacing out, bored and relaxed, shoulders comfortably touching. It’s intimate and a little funny and incredibly human. His bedroom walls have been painted a crisp light blue. I’d call it a winter pastel: fresh and soothing. This whole room is soothing. I sink onto his neatly made futon. “It’s always so weird being back in this room.”

    “How often are you back in this room?” Cooper scoops up some clothes off the floor.

    There’s a splayed paperback on his bed, one of those New Agey books written by a monk with a serene smile. The Art of Being Happy Most of the Time. “Any good?”

    He finds a bottle of Maker’s Mark wedged into a very full bookcase and pours two shots, one into a shot glass, one into a Cal Bears mug. “It’s interesting.”

    I slip off my heels and draw my feet to my chest. Yesterday those heels made me happy. Yesterday feels so far away. “Are you unhappy, Cooper-the-new-roommate?”

    “No.” He hands me the shot glass and settles into one of those absurdly large black office chairs. “Not overall. I just thought it could be useful to hear what the Buddhists had to say.”

    “To the Buddhists.” I raise my glass. “I hope I don’t come back as anything icky.”

    He tips his head to one side, curious. His T-shirt is old, soft, and I wish I was wearing something that cozy. We drink. I close my eyes. Still the taste of pickup trucks and off-brand pop and high school parties around bonfires where everything and nothing happened. As much as I try to retrain my palate, fermented grain mash always tastes like home. Like another life.

    Cooper leans forward, hands clasped. “So, what happened to you today?” He sounds genuinely concerned.

    I meet his gaze without hiding my fear. It’s the first time I’ve looked him properly in the eye.

    Maybe I should tell him. Maybe I want to?

    He doesn’t look away.

    The front door slams. “Lace?” It’s Steph.

    I blink and call, “In here!”

    She appears in the doorway, cheeks flushed from the cold, glancing between me and Cooper in confusion. “I got your text. What’s wrong?”

    The Bucket List by Georgia Clark is available for purchase nowFollow Georgia Clark on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, and sign up for her monthly newsletter at her website.

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    While we’ve all been in awe of fashion goddesses like Rihanna, Beyoncé and the Kardashian clan for the past several years, it may be time to turn our attention to the other side of the world where K-Pop is reigning supreme. Not only are K-Pop superstars responsible for hypnotic choruses and synchronized dance moves, they are the new posterchildren of fashion.

    One thing’s for sure about the girl groups and boy bands of South Korea – they know how to succeed in taking fashion risks. Here are six K-Pop fashion trends that should be incorporated into your wardrobe.

    1. Blazers and Bright Colors

    The ladies of EXID nailed two of K-Pop’s ultimate trends, bright colors, and blazers. The stars of the music scene prove time and time again that they are not afraid of color. So instead of saving that blazer in your closet strictly for the office, these K-Pop goddesses show you can make it chic by pairing it with a mini-skirt or short shorts. “They really focus on getting short shorts and skirts that make their legs look long and slim,” Iesha Ismail, a junior at the University of Florida says. The outfit is a win-win all around.  

    2. Fishnets 


    예쁘게 찍어주겠다고 투혼하는 우리 아리아리🔥 @25ahrik

    A post shared by 유빈 Yubin (@hi_yubin) on

    K-Pop stars are known for resurrecting past fashion trends and modernizing them. While fishnets were all the rage in the 90s, K-Pop princesses like Yubin are giving us reason to put them to use again. Pair a solid oversized shirt with fishnets ($10, Target) to create the perfect outfit for a night out.

    3. Multicolor pieces

    On any normal day, you may find yourself electing to play it safe by wearing all-black or a neutral outfit with (maybe) one pop of color. Minzy and her rainbow graphic tee should serve as a reminder that it’s okay (and even necessary) to incorporate multicolor pieces that call attention to you. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a splash of rainbow into your life - like with this top from Nordstrom (Nordstrom, $26).

    4. Denim 


    180612 JOY - Incheon Airport #REDVELVET#JOY#레드벨벳#조이 © qhraksen00

    A post shared by RED VELVET JOY (조이) (@joy.redvelvet) on

    " /> " /> " />

    " /> " target="_self"> " /> " />Don’t just save denim exclusively for your jeans. Denim dresses, overalls and dungarees are all the rage. "[K-Pop stars] start with a solid denim piece, then use the basic-ness of that piece to accessorize to the max," says Aleysha Hodges, a freshman at Kennesaw State University. Take a cue from Red Velvet’s Joy and dress down your fitted denim dress with a windbreaker to make the look even more effortless.

    5. Oversized shirts

    T-shirt dresses (like this one knit one from Forever 21, $14.90) suit everyone. They accentuate legs on the lucky few who are already blessed with long legs, and give the illusion of long legs to those shorter gals. Pair the shirt with knee-high boots for nighttime look or dress it down with some Keds for a casual daytime outing.

    6. Layering

    Sunmi is a prime example of how layering multiple different pieces together can create a certain edginess. In the summer heat, it’s easiest to take Sunmi's lead and layer bandeaus and bralettes under sheer pieces (Express, $29.99).

    These are just the beginnings of all the fashion inspiration K-Pop stars deliver. Paired with a little dose of confidence, you can pull off these looks effortlessly, too.

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    Nikolas Cruz, accused of killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, said in his alleged confession that a voice urged him to “burn, kill, destroy,” according to a newly-released transcript of his interview with police following the Feb. 14 shooting.

    According to court documents, the 19-year-old allegedly admitted to carrying out the shooting at the Florida high school, ABC News reports.

    via Joe Raedle - Getty Images

    Cruz told police that he had heard voices since he witnessed his father die of a heart attack when he was five-years-old,USA Today reports. He said the voices grew stronger when his mother died of pneumonia in November 2017 -- just months before the shooting took place.

    “I hear demons ... a voice, demon voice,” Cruz said, adding that the night before the shooting, the voice had told to hurt people. “The voice is, is in me ... To me, it's me and then my bad side ... It's a voice. The voice is in here and then it's me, it's just regular me, just trying to be a good person.”

    John Curcio, a Broward Sheriff’s Office detective, asked Cruz why he didn’t seek help.

    “You could have stopped the demon by getting a prescription for marijuana. You could have stopped the demon by getting a prescription for Xanax. You could have stopped the demon any time you want. You didn't want to stop the demon,” Curcio said.

    Cruz told the detective he bought his first gun when he was 18-years-old, and collected three shotguns, an AR-15, a handgun and an AK-47, saying he bought the guns to protect himself from the voice, USA Today reports. He said he also kept them locked up so the voice couldn’t get to them.

    According the 217-page transcript, Cruz estimated he spent nearly $4,000 on the guns and ammunition. He said his mother had taken him to buy some of the guns.

    When asked what his mother thought of him buying all of these guns, he said he told her they were for protection and because they looked “cool.”

    via Broward County Sheriff

    At one point during the interview, the detective stepped out of the room, but the recorder still stayed on while Cruz was alone in the room.

    Cruz could be heard cursing himself and asking aloud why he wasn’t dead, ABC News reports.

    “I want to die. At the end you are nothing but worthless, dude,” Cruz mumbled to himself. “You deserve to die.”

    “Kill me,” he muttered to himself at one point.

    The transcript also described a meeting between Cruz and his younger brother, Zachary Cruz, but parts of the conversation were redacted.

    “People think you’re a monster now,” Cruz’s brother said. “I know you probably felt like you had nobody but I care about you.”

    Zachary Cruz added, “I know I make it seem like I didn't care about you at all. I know I made it seem like when we were growing up that I hated you ... but truth is ... I love you with all my heart.”

    “I’m sorry, dude,” Nikolas Cruz responded.

    According to USA Today, the Public Records Unit of the State Attorney’s Office said it would release 13 hours of video footage from the police interviews once it had been redacted.

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    Former Trump campaign aides Jason Osborne and Michael Rubino are setting up a foreign lobbying firm. The firm, which will represent foreign interests, is headquartered in the Washington D.C. townhouse of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

    The new firm, known as Twin Rocks Global LLC, will represent a Russian-backed Serbian nationalist party, according to Foreign Agent Registration Act records filed two weeks ago.

    The filing states that Osborne and Rubino's firm will act as a consultant for the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), a Serbian political party in Bosnia that cooperates with the ruling party in Russia, ABC News reports.

    After working under Lewandowski on the Trump campaign, Osborne and Rubino worked as lobbyists for Lewandowski's Avenue Strategies firm, which was also cofounded with another Trump campaign veteran.

    However, Lewandowski quit the firm last May after he was criticized for peddling access to the White House and participating in lobbying without formally registering, The Hill reports. Lewandowski told The Washington Post that he wanted to make it clear going forward that he would not work for foreign clients or lobby.

    via Getty Images

    Osborne and Rubino, however, formed their own lobbying firm, Turnberry Solutions, and set up shop at the Pennsylvania Avenue address of a townhouse leased by Lewandowski, which he described as his “new base of operations in Washington.”

    Lewandowski reportedly lives on the upper floors when he is in D.C., and uses the lower floors as a workspace for him and Turnberry Solutions. Now, Twin Rocks Global LLC is registered at that same address.

    According to ABC News, Lewandowski, Osborne and Rubino were spotted together during Lewandowski’s controversial visit to Serbia in April 2018, where the former Trump campaign manager spoke at an event and talked with Serbian politicians and other leaders about the topic of “America Today.”

    Osborne and Rubino reportedly met with SNSD Vice President Zeljka Cvijanovic a few weeks later to discuss American politics and President Donald Trump’s support of their party.

    Russia has nurtured a close relationship with the Serbian government over the years.

    According to The Hill, Osborne and Rubino said in their filing that they will share information on behalf of SNSD using op-eds distributed to public officials, legislators, government agencies and newspapers. The two men said they have not yet received any monetary compensation.

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    Oh makeup, how we love thee. But with so many brands to choose from, how’s a girl supposed to decide which one is best? By trusting the stars (and us) to guide you in the right direction. So without further ado, here is your spirit beauty brand, based on your zodiac sign.

    Leo – Kylie Cosmetics

    As a passionate and fun person, you love trying new products that are well-made, so Kylie Cosmeticsis perfect for you! The brand releases new collections throughout the year, like the Koko Kollection, which features three matte liquid lipsticks, a gloss and a face palette. They’ve also released summer and holiday collections, plus a bunch of other collections and collabs with Kylie’s sisters, so there’s always something fun to look out for!

    Virgo – Maybelline

    As a Virgo, you aren’t drawn to the trendiest products and newest beauty fads. You like a brand that is practical, approachable and reliable. That’s why Maybelline is your brand! With timeless products like their ​Great Lash mascara and their Baby Lips lip balm, people will be wondering if you really were just born with it.

    Libra – Anastasia Beverly Hills

    A lover of all things pretty and alluring, you like to wow people with your looks. Anastasia Beverly Hills has some amazing products to help you do that, from their Moonchild Glow Kit highlighter palette to their liquid lipsticks to their Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. You will be turning headseverywhere you go with the fierce looks you can create from this brand’s products.

    Scorpio – Kat Von D

    Few signs embody powerful and passionate as much as you, and few brands embody these traits as much as Kat Von D. Some of her tried and true products are her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, Tattoo Liner, and the Alchemist Holographic eyeshadow palette. Her products will have you feeling fierce AF.

    Related: Your Perfect Summer Shoe, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Sagittarius – Lime Crime

    If there were any brand to describe your optimistic, free spirit, it would be Lime Crime and their bright, colorful products, like Unicorn Hair dye and lip toppers called Diamond Crushers. Their vibrant products perfectly match your vibrant personality.

    Capricorn – Yves Saint Laurent

    Yves Saint Laurent is a brand made for people who don’t mess around. In other words, YSL was made for Capricorns. You want good, gorgeous products that will make you feel like the HBIC you are. They have everything from powerful fragrances to bold lip stains. It might be a little pricey, but if you’re going to treat yourself to some beauty products, you might as well go for it.

    Aquarius – Tarte

    As an Aquarius, you are caring and loyal. Tarte speaks to that. Tarte is a vegan, cruelty-free brand, which speaks to your humanitarian side. Their customers are super loyal, too, and for good reason. Products like their Shape Tape Contour Concealer and their Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara, are staples in beauty gurus' makeup routine. Plus, their Rainforest of the Sea line is perfect for expressing your inner water sign.

    Pisces – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

    The best word to describe you would be imaginative, and few beauty brands understand this as well as Jeffree Star Cosmetics. They have lip colors for days, like the statement purple shade You. Better. Work. and the deep crimson shade Unicorn Blood. Jeffree Star says the fun thing about his lip colors is that you can use them on your eyes too. Think of all the looks you can create with these! And that’s not even mentioning his highlighters and eyeshadow palettes. What are you waiting for?!

    Aries – Bésame

    “Adventure is out there” is your life motto, so you need a beauty brand that is unlike any other. Enter: Bésame. Founded by cosmetic historian Gabriela Hernandez, Bésame creates makeup that showcases the colors and trends of the past. One of their most interesting products is theircake mascara. Available in black and brown, cake mascara is a block of product that comes in a tin and can be used as mascara, eyeliner or even on your brows! Unique, vintage and versatile? Sign us up!

    Taurus – Clinique

    When it comes to beauty, you like a brand that is reliable and easy to use. Clinique is the epitome of these qualities. Their products are simple but beautiful. They have everything from the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer to a new line of lipsticks with primers built into the formula. Pretty and efficient, just like you!

    Gemini – Too Faced

    Represented by the twins, there is no better beauty brand to describe you than Too Faced. Outside of that, Too Faced also offers tons of pretty, versatile products that you’ll love, like their classic Better Than Sex Mascara or their Melted Matte liquid lipsticks. This brand is charming and whimsical, just like you!

    Cancer – Urban Decay

    You are an imaginative and loyal person, who loves their tried-and-trues, so what better beauty brand for you than Urban Decay? The brand is full of fun, reliable products that will help you pull off everything from a natural look to anything your creative mind comes up with! They have all sorts of different products, but some of their most snag-worthy are the Naked eyeshadow palettes and the All Nighter setting spray. Their products are perfect for everyone from the makeup novice and the makeup artist.

    When it comes to makeup, everyone’s different. Some like a natural look, others like full glam. No matter what your beauty aesthetic is, makeup should exist to make you feel good. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the beauty game or basically a beauty guru. What matters is that you’re having fun and feel comfortable in your own skin, with or without makeup. 

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    President Donald Trump's “Space Force” Prepares to Launch

    President Donald Trump’s call for a “space force” is one step closer to preparing for launch as the Pentagon is expected to deliver its plans to strengthen the Defense Department’s space efforts to Congress this week.

    The president made the surprise announcement that he was directing the military to undertake the space mission during a National Space Council meeting in June, ABC News reports.

    via Susan Walsh - AP

    While some of the supposed duties of the “space force” are already handled by the Air Force, Trump has argued that an additional military service is needed to protect the country’s military vulnerabilities in space.

    The president, however, cannot add another branch to the military without congressional approval, but the Pentagon is moving forward to the extent that is already within the executive branch’s stand up certain elements of a future “space force.”

    Last week, Defense One reported that the Pentagon plans to create a new combatant command for space, a new joint agency for satellite purchases and a new warfighting community that draws space operators from all service branches.

    Defense Secretary James Mattis expressed his support on Thursday for creating a new combatant command dedicated to space.

    Asked if he supports such a program, Mattis said, “Yes. Absolutely, we need to address space as a developing warfighting domain, and a combatant command is certainly one thing that we can establish.”

    “We are in complete alignment with the president's concern about protecting our assets in space and contribute to our security, our economy,” Mattis continued. “And we're going to have to address it as other countries show a capability to attack those assets.”

    According to a White House official, Vice President Mike Pence will reveal the plan during his speech at the Pentagon on Thursday.

    West Hollywood City Council Votes to Remove Trump's Walk of Fame Star

    The West Hollywood City Council has unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to remove President Donald Trump’s star from the Walk of Fame, which has been vandalized several times since Trump assumed office.

    The resolution requests that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Los Angeles remove the star due to Trump’s “disturbing treatment of women and other actions,” Politico reports.

    via Mark Ralston / AFP - Getty Images file

    The resolution was brought forth by West Hollywood council members John D'Amico and Lindsey Horvath.

    “Similar to how certain members of the entertainment community have been removed from the Academy of Motion Pictures, due to their actions toward women, reflecting a stance on their values by the Academy, this is an opportunity for decision-makers to take a stand on their values in support of women and against disturbing treatment of women,” the West Hollywood City Council said ahead of their vote on Monday.

    The council members also noted the president’s policies, including removing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    There have been campaigns to remove stars in the past, but it has never happened in the Walk of Fame’s 40 year history.

    Hollywood Chamber of Commerce CEO Leron Gubler told The Los Angeles Times that the chamber has never removed a star because it’s part of the walk’s “historic fabric.”

    “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” Gubler said back in 2015 when the chamber knocked down a proposal to remove Bill Cosby’s star.

    The Chamber of Commerce would have the final say in removing the star.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden Announces #AsYouAre Campaign to Promote LGBTQ Acceptance

    Former Vice President Joe Biden has joined up with singer Cyndi Lauper and former NFL player Wade Davis to launch the #AsYouAre campaign to promote acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

    “We’ll use our resources to highlight the harms of family rejection, and to lift up research, best practices, and personal stories to show the importance of family acceptance,” Biden said in #AsYouAre’s promotional video.

    Biden has long been a supporter of the LGBTQ community, and touched on the progress made in support of the LGBTQ individuals such as the legalization of same-sex marriage.

    “While we must continue working to pass laws and implement policies that protect LGBTQ youth across the spectrum of their lives, laws and policies are not enough,” Emily Hecht-McGowan, director for LGBTQ Equality at the Biden Foundation, said in a statement. “We must also change the culture. We know that personal stories are the single best tool we have to change hearts and minds to move us towards a culture of acceptance — not rejection.”

    Amit Paley, the CEO and executive director of the Trevor Project, an organization that serves LGBTQ youth and provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services, told ABC News that LGBTQ youth are eight times more likely to attempt suicide if they comes from a rejecting family, rather than an accepting one.

    To eradicate this issue, the Biden Foundation is asking everyone to share their story of acceptance, or rejection, regarding the LGBTQ community.

    “Over the coming weeks, through the #AsYouAre campaign, the Biden Foundation will begin sharing the stories we collect to educate the general public about the reality that many LGBTQ young people face,” Hecht-McGowan said. “We will highlight both the harms that come from being rejected and also the beauty that can come from being affirmed and supported. Our goal is to move us towards a world where no young person is rejected by their family or their community simply because of who they are or who they love.”

    “By sharing your stories...Your stories! ...We can work together to change the culture and ensure a bright future for the LGBTQ young people of America,” Biden said.

    What to look for…

    Lady Gaga announced the dates of her Las Vegas residency, and I need to buy tickets now.

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    Twitter totally blew up when Becca sent fan favorite Blake Horstmann home during The Bachelorette season finale. Some may be hoping to catch him on TV again as the next Bachelor, but others have slightly more ambitious goals—like trying to slide into his DMs and see if they can secure a date or two with him themselves. Think you have what it takes? Don’t make any moves without reading what Blake himself told Her Campus about what exactly he’s looking for in his next relationship.

    During the finale, Blake made a point of mentioning that he’s attracted to strong women and that's something he definitely reiterated to me during our call. “I do gravitate towards strong, independent women,” he said, “I love intelligent, witty women. Women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. That’s the biggest thing for me, the wittiness and the speaking their mind.”

    Sounds good to me! At least it seems like Blake wouldn’t get offended by any of my Bachelorette recaps this season. So, now we know what type of girl Blake is looking for, but what qualities is he looking for in his next relationship? “I think one of the biggest things I got out of this whole experience and relationship with Becca is the way she encourage me to be open and honest,” he said, “I want a relationship where we’ll both be honest with our feelings and our words.”

    Alright, so maybe you’re convinced that you’re the perfect girl for Blake and want to start prepping for a flawless first date. Want advice? Skip the heels and go for a cute pair of sneakers! B would be so disappointed if you showed up in something you couldn’t move around in. “I’m an active guy, I live in Colorado, I live in Denver, so I really enjoy outdoors dates,” Blake said. And don’t plan on any awkward silence—Blake is big on keeping the conversation going. “I like dates where you can actually talk,” he said, “I’m not really going to take a girl to a movie for the first date. Maybe like a hike or something like that, something outdoors. Maybe even go karts. Something where it’s active but you can still chat and have an intellectual conversation.” 

    So, who's ready to give Blake a rose? 

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    Carrie Underwood is absolutely killing it right now. Her new album, Cry Pretty, drops on September 14, and tickets for the Cry Pretty Tour 360 go on sale August 17. Not only will the tour have a unique in-the-round format, a follow-up to her successful Storyteller Tour - Stories in the Round from 2016, but it will also have an all-female bill, with support acts Maddie & Tae and Runaway June. On top of all of that, however, is the most exciting bit of news—she’s expecting baby number two!

    Underwood announced her pregnancy on Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday in a video, which she captioned, “Ooh baby do we have a bundle of info to share with you!” At first glance, that looks innocent, but once you get to the end of the video, you realize she was dropping a little hint.

    After reminding fans of her album’s release date and letting them know that the Cry Pretty Tour 360 starts in May 2019, Underwood continued, “You might be wondering or asking, ‘Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?’ Well…”

    When the video zoomed out to reveal pink balloons spelling out BABY, how could you not smile? Underwood was also sitting in front of a pink curtain and wearing a pink jacket. Entertainment Tonight speculates that the pink might hint at the baby’s gender, but for now, all we know is that Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are adding one more to their brood! They currently have a 3-year-old son named Isaiah.

    She added, “Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond. This has been a dream come true with the album and with baby news and all that stuff. We’re just so excited and glad you guys and can share in this and be a part of this with us.”

    Congrats to the happy family!

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    Alex Jones is not new to controversy. The outspoken conspiracy theorist host has made a name for himself by touting major news events (like the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting) as hoaxes, the notion that 9/11 was an inside job and spreading false information surrounding the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.  

    His use of social media platforms to share his message has raised concerns and called into question these platform’s policies. 

    Earlier this week, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey tweeted his company’s stance on not terminating Jones’ account by saying, “We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules. We’ll enforce if he does. “

     Apple recently removed several of Jones’s podcasts from their iTunes store and YouTube and Facebook removed him from their platforms. NPR reported that this was due to, “citing repeated violations of policies against hate speech and glorifying violence.” Spotify also revoked Jones’s access. 

    Jones has described these terminations as, “election meddling just three months before crucial mid-terms,” and touted, "I am being unpersoned. ... I am literally being disappeared."

    Dorsey has stood by his company’s stance to not terminate Jones’s account and has placed the burden onto journalists to document, validate and refute Jones’s tweets, so readers are able to form their own views regarding what is right and wrong, NPR reports. 

    Twitter has come under fire for their lenient policies and their rules are as follows:

    Context matters when evaluating for abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement actions. Factors we may take into consideration include, but are not limited to whether:

    • the behavior is targeted at an individual or group of people;
    • the report has been filed by the target of the abuse or a bystander;
    • the behavior is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest."

    In the meantime, Twitter says they will be monitoring Jones’s account and will take action if necessary. 

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    Cover letters are essentially the eggplants of job applications. Eggplants aren’t really necessary for a balanced diet, nobody thoroughly enjoys consuming them and it’s easy to overcook (and conversely undercook) them.

    Like eggplants, crafting the perfect cover letter is tricky to master, and it’s even more tumultuous to figure out what to include in your cover letter concoction beyond the basic salt and pepper of your professional ingredients. Aside from your standard professional accolades and convincing your potential future employer that you actually know how to do the tasks listed on your resume (and more), you can use your cover letter to hone your soft skills.

    We get it: Sometimes we overlook our soft skills because mastering Autodesk might seem more impressive than being able to resolve interoffice squabbles. They’re both equally noble in a hiring manger’s opinion (depending on what job you’re applying to, of course). After all, some organizations need an office referee, who can build mockups in Autodesk.

    Beyond being an informal moderator of brainstorming and presentation discussions, what exactly constitutes as a soft skill? These can range from active listening skills (thank all your years of listening to those monotonous professors for this default finesse) to sense of humor (thank your pre-glo-up years for that). But, there are a few other common soft skills that most employers find valuable.

    • Teamwork. Whether you’re worked in a team, led a team or employees, or have a solid standing in developing a professional network (and utilizing that network in a professional setting), then this can could as teamwork. Anything that you consider a collaborative effort could be a sub-skill in this arena.
    • Creativity. Everyone thinks they’re creative. However, if you can backup your creativity by weaving an intricate web of how you’ve used your creativity to brainstorm innovative solutions to problems, then it might be worth including this on your cover letter.
    • Communication. While written communication can be considered a hard skill, it can also dual as a soft skill. For example, if you’re constantly Slacking your boss about upcoming projects before they’ve assigned them to you, that can be considered a soft skill because it shows that you’re a proactive professional. Likewise, public speaking, interviewing, negotiation, and listening can all fall into the sub-section of communication soft skills.
    • Research. Simply put, research skills show that you’re a critical thinker. But, being an apt researcher can also show prospective employers that you aren’t blissfully finishing projects, you’re actively using your research skills to find new ways to complete tasks in a more efficient way. Thus, this also shows your corporate resourcefulness.
    • Student mentality. That’s right, if you’re a forever student (or you just feel like you are), you could be a prime candidate for your next job. Your willingness to learn shows companies that you aren’t afraid to add another skill to your professional arsenal, and that you’re ready to grow with the industry.

    Sure, you could coyly slip these subtle skills into your resume; however, they can really shine in your cover letter, if you know how to market your personal soft skills effectively. We have a few expertly sources suggestions on how you can feature your unique soft skills.

    Related: 3 Elements That Should Be in the Final Draft of Your Resume

    1. Cater your skills to the specific job app in question

    You don’t like writing cookie-cutter cover letters. Hiring managers definitely don’t like ready them (seriously, companies often use algorithms that automatically removes any application or cover letter that looks reminiscent of a Google search cover letter template). So, why would you waste your time typing out a basic cover letter about how sending emails daily makes you a communication aficionado? Everyone sends out emails, so that isn’t a revolutionary or necessary to point to make in any cover letter.

    Instead, really dissect the job description and the duties and cross-correlate your relevant soft skills with the ones that the hiring manager is looking for.

    Content Manager at Dr Felix Tamsin Nicholson tells Her Campus that Dr Felix, a registered online pharmacy, has recently been scouring for a new fleet of interns, and featuring your soft skills ultimately boils down to finding the perfect way to market these skills.

    Nicholson says, “For the first method, make your soft skills stand out in a covering letter by matching them up to the entry requirements for the job. Look through the job advert and identifying the key skills that you need to have. Systematically go through each of these points and say how your skills match up to them.”

    If you’re applying to a social media manager position that lists research, or any synonym for the soft skill, you can use your cover letter to highlight your Insta-sleuthing. Write about how you already knew that Rihanna was going to drop another summer makeup release because you were virtually tracking her every post, looking for any hints of new highlight or blush on her face.

    Crafting a story in your cover letter to show how your used your research skills to ensure that your current company was abreast of all the latest cosmetic news not only shows employers that you have stellar research skills, but you also know how to use your social media wit beyond tweeting snarky GIFs and company news.

    “Hiring managers are often busy people, and they want you to make it clear in your covering letter how you fit the job. A lot of people undervalue the covering letter, but a thoughtful, well put together covering letter can really help you stand out from the crowd. Think of the covering letter as your chance to show how well you'd do the job,” Nicholson expands.

    2.  If you’re having trouble, brainstorm your cover letter

    It can seem impossible to analyze what hiring managers are actually looking for in a future employee. When a job posting lists “communicate with international offices and employees” they might really be looking for someone who can work independently and ensure that other members of a project are staying on task as well. While that means you should highlight your managerial skills (without overtly stating that you were born a bossy witch), this specific line on a job posting also means they’re looking for someone who have organizational and time management skills.

    Decoding all the indirect skills and soft skills a hiring manager is looking for can become a skill on its own. You could use your cover letter to shrewdly show your humor and your critical thinking skills by assiduously describing how you dissected the hidden messages in the job description, which would indirectly also show your research know-how and creativity.

    To get to that point, it’s important to brainstorm first—so you can, you know, outline your brainstorm process in your actual cover letter.

    Career Coach and Counselor Caitlin Magidson, LCPC tells Her Campus that the planning stage of your cover letter is critical to creating a powerful cover letter. “I work with a lot of college students and I advise candidates to read through the job description and create a t-analysis, writing all the hard and soft skills the job is requiring, and then on the other side finding a story or example on their resume that demonstrates that skill. It's then easier to highlight the skills the employer is looking for in your cover letter. Most employers are looking for both hard and soft skills so if you underline all the buzz skill words in the job description and then speak to an equal number of hard and soft skills, you should be able to show why you are the perfect fit,” Magidson says.

    Organizing your pre-cover letter crafting thought into a t-chart or a list can help you write a memorable cover letter that sticks to the original posting’s requirements.

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    3. Show off your personality

    Cover letters shouldn’t be boring. Sure, they might not be the most enjoyable past time—nor are they debuting on anyone’s hobby list. Your cover letter shouldn’t just highlight your unique soft skills, but it should also illustrate your exclusive voice, personality and tone. If your cover letter doesn’t scream you, and you alone, then you might want to rework aspects of your cover letter until you craft the perfect final draft.

    James Pollard, a Career Coach who works specifically with financial services professionals at The Advisor Coach, tells Her Campus that telling a story in your cover letter can demonstrate your soft skills and your personal voice.

    Pollard continues, “When I'm personally reading someone's cover letter, I'm looking for their personality and voice. If I read it and it sounds robotic or monotone, I get turned off. The resume doesn't show me the whole person, so more and more employers are giving weight to the cover letter when resumes are equal. It's important to let your personality shine through - if they like your personality, it's also more likely that you'll enjoy working there.”

    Nobody legitimately writes a cover letter willingly, but treating them as a narrative about your professional and personal skills (and how they intersect) can make your cover letter stand out from the overwhelming generic cover letters.

    4. Make it personal

    However you choose to tell your soft skill story within your cover letter, make sure you incorporate your personal life in it. Your professional and personal lives aren’t mutually exclusive, and any hiring manager understands that.

    Above all else, hiring managers want to see that you don’t just enjoy your career for the pay check it gives you—they want to see that you deeply enjoy what you do. The best way to boost your career credibility is to show how you use your personal soft skills in a personal setting and how that can aid your performance at the company you’re specifically applying to.

    VP of Marketing at GuidedChoice Tracy Julien, who has had the opportunity to work with esteemed international brands for over 15 years, tells Her Campus that it can be difficult to appropriately portray your soft skills in your cover letter. However, you can better convey your soft skills by telling a story and exemplify a personal anecdote.

    Julien says, “If you have a personal anecdote that relates to a soft skill, use it! An experience at a summer internship, group project, or public speaking event can be great assets with soft skills. Soft skills are much easier to slip into your cover letter because it’s such a great opportunity to tell a story about yourself. You would be surprised by how many similar experiences we all share in the workplace.”

    Use specifics when you talk about your soft skills. Instead of vaguely saying that you used your networking skills to solidify branded content, discuss a particular instance where you used your communication and networking skills to get in contact with a brand. Include how you convinced them to become a partner at your company.

    “A personal story that highlight soft skills can go a long way! Also, having any unique forms of content that can showcase soft skills is a huge plus! Maybe a video blog you’ve done. Use anything you have that can separate yourself from the pack when applying for jobs,” Julien continues.

    Your cover letter’s narrative doesn’t need to focus solely on your professional timeline. Use your cover letter to note how you’ve used your soft skills outside of the office as well. Maybe you’ve started a blog, a comic, a podcast or a popular stan account. These might seem like just hobbies, but you can seamlessly translate these examples into viable professional experience and use them to help market your soft skills.

    In your cover letter, include how these personal mediums have allowed you to expand and fine-tune your soft skill portfolio. To help direct you in your story-telling journey, consider answering the following questions in your cover letter (so you stay on topic and can concisely connect how your personal hobbies have amplified your soft skills and how they specific examples will make you a better employee).

    • What specific example best highlights a combination of your soft skills?
    • How did your experience using X soft skill help you develop a personal blog (or any other various example) outside of your work experiences?
    • How did your blog help your soft skills evolve?
    • How can you personal experiences writing and managing a blog, or volunteering in your local community, aid you in this prospective position?
    • Above else, why are these soft skills vital to this job description?
    • What makes your soft skills, and how you use them, unique to this position?
    • And how can your soft skills, personal narrative, and hobbies help the company?

    Whether you choose to talk about how your communication skills helped you land an important client at your summer internship or how your freelancing years have helped you develop a network of sources, it’s important that you focus on the part of your story that shorts how your soft skills are unique to you—as well as how they’ll amplify your prospective employer’s goals.

    After all, you’re not trying to sell that you fit the job description’s requirements—because a lot of people fit those same requirements. You’re trying to market your breadth of skills and how they can help your (hopefully) future company.

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    Just over a week ago, rumors began circulating about Gina Rodriguez possibly being engaged to actor Joe LoCicero after both posted some Instagram photos where she was seen showing off a beautiful diamond ring on that finger. The Jane the Virgin actress didn’t officially comment for a few days, but on Tuesday, she finally confirmed to PEOPLEthat the rumors were true—and that she’d actually been engaged for a whole month!

    When asked if she was engaged, she replied, “I am! He’s the best.” She added, “We’ve been engaged for like a month—I’ve kept it a secret for a while.”

    While the engagement might have been a secret, Rodriguez’s love for LoCicero certainly isn’t—she often refers to him as “my king” in her Instagram captions, which is too cute for me to handle. The two met on the set of Jane the Virgin in 2016, and have been dating ever since.


    When the paps catch that good love. #myKing

    A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

    Rodriguez did say, however, that she’d like to keep some parts of her life between her and LoCicero only.

    “I think there’s a huge blessing in the fact that people care,” she told PEOPLE. “That’s a beautiful thing, so that feels really good. But another part of me wants to keep a little something that’s just mine, ’cause there’s not too many things I have like that anymore.”

    That decision is totally valid and respectable—and it’s safe to say that Rodriguez is living her best life right now. Congrats again!

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    Becca and Garrett sat down for their first major press call the morning after The Bachelorette finale aired, and you’d think that most of the questions would be about the newly engaged couple. Nope––most of the press outlets were way more interested in Garrett’s controversial behavior on social media. Yikes. It doesn’t seem like that apology he posted in May did anything to prevent this sort of media blow-up.

    Garrett reminded everyone of the apology when asked whether he had considered reaching out to Parkland student David Hogg, who was included in one of the memes Garrett liked. “I just issued that apology on my Instagram,” Garrett said, “I stand by everything that I said on there and I’m just trying to grow and be a better person. I know I made some mistakes and I recognize those mistakes and I’m just trying to be better and move forward but I apologize and I’m sorry to anyone that I hurt or offended.”  Some of the outlets weren’t satisfied, and pressured Garrett for his opinion on Hogg. “I don’t believe David Hogg is a crisis actor,” Garrett clarified.

    So, how exactly is Garrett learning from this experience? “I’m starting to read the posts now, and going through them, where as before I would just sort of scroll through and double tap the images, so now I’m reading into things before I’m supporting them.” Next time you get annoyed at your boyfriend for liking a random pic of some other girl, remember that Garrett literally managed to like a bunch of extremely controversial posts and not even notice.  

    One of them even took a jab at the transgender community in the form of a meme about Cailtyn Jenner, which made one journalist ask Garrett about his views on transgender people. “You know, I’m just open-minded to everybody,” he said, “I grew up in a very open family that was welcoming of everyone and I still stand by that today that I’m open and accepting of everybody.”  

    Where does Becca fall into all of this? It’s no secret that the Season 14 Bachelorette is a little more liberal than her fiancé––her Twitter header is literally a picture of Joe Biden. When questioned about how some of his Instagram likes went against Becca’s beliefs, Garrett shut down the idea that Becca has “changed [his] ideas on some of [the topics included in the posts].” “It was more about going through and recognizing that my likes could potentially be offending or hurting people’s feelings,” he said, “Now I’m just paying attention to the things that I’m liking, and going from there.” It’s good that Garrett is becoming more conscientious about his behavior on social media now that he’s a public figure, but it’s also good that he accepts the fact that he and Becca have different political beliefs. It shouldn’t be a relationship requirement that one partner has to force the other to agree with them 100% of the time.

    Let’s take a step back––is it even fair to judge someone based on what they double tap while they’re killing time waiting in line for coffee? Becca doesn’t think so. And when it comes to Garrett being a good fiancé, her opinion is the only one that matters. “I think people just need to be open minded to everyone and when you use social media to create judgment of somebody, that’s just a small sampling,” she said. “In this specific case with Garrett, I got to know him aside from social media and truly as a person, and I can only hope that people do that not only for me and Garrett, but for everyone that they encounter as well.” IDK, guys, but I think we should trust Becca on this one. 

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    If I know a thing or two about style, it's that the trends are always changing, but one trend has really made an impact this summer: the clear bag. It seems like everywhere we look there's yet another see-through purse. If you somehow haven't seen these, clear bags range from straight up plastic shopping bags to this thicker, transparent material. They're the perfect opp to highlight your accessories within an accessory, and because the trend is still newer to those of us who aren't celebs or influencers, it feels fresh, rather than overdone.

    My take? I dig it. Clear bags feel fashion-forward and obviously edgy. I think it's definitely worth finding one, especially an affordable one (don't worry, we've got you covered), and giving the trend a shot for yourself. This feels like the sort of trend that won't last, so get to it before you miss out on the magic of see-through products. 

    Like, tell me you don't want to pick your most beautiful beauty products and find an adorable phone case and show them off in this cutie?

    The clear bag trend feels so casual and chill, and yet so Cool Girl-approved.


    A post shared by ʏᴀsᴜᴅᴀ®︎ (@ysdgram) on

    But the thing is that a lot of the clear bags I've seen seem kind of flimsy, and when you're working on a college budget, there is literally NO TIME for a bag that's going to fail you in the middle of the day. You're carrying way too much stuff to have to deal with that mess. 

    So I was pretty pumped to learn about Clearware Bags, which take the clear bag trend and fine-tune it for college women. 


    A post shared by ClearWare Bags (@clearwarebags) on

    Plus, fall semester is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: It’s almost time for football season! Whether you go to every game or only make it to a couple tailgates, football season is one of the most fun times of the school year. These days, most stadiums have strict bag policies that require clear bags, which can be challenge for girls – since, after all, you probably don’t have a clear bag. Plus there’s no way you can go without a bag – you’ve got a phone, wallet, ticket, keys, makeup for touch-ups, tampons, and likely no functional pockets (thanks, women’s clothing designers).

    Don’t worry, though – Clearware is here to save the day, and trust me, they have literally the most ~chic~ clear bags around.

    This brand makes cute and functional clear bags out of high-quality PVC that are perfect for game days. These bags are also awesome because they’re super sturdy and can be filled with ice to keep your drink – and LBR, yourself – cool at the tailgate! Plus, they’re totally customizable– there are options for leather straps, straps in your favorite or team colors, and monogramming. Perfect for an Insta post that's on trend, and yet totally your own. 

    That’s why @hercampusstyle is so excited to be partnering with Clearware for a giveaway! One lucky winner will get a Clearware bag of their very own this football season How to enter:

    1. Make sure you’re following both @hercampusstyle and @clearwarebags on Instagram.
    2. Like our giveaway post.
    3. Tag your tailgate buddy in the comments!

    The winner will be chosen at the end of the weekend and contacted via DM. Good luck!

    Digging this trend and how gorgeous, and yet functional, it is? Here are even more super-versatile summer pieces you kind of need in your wardrobe. We're obsessed with the fact that fashion is finally taking our actual needs into account instead of just, like, making things cute. Cute and with purpose? We're here for it. 

    Want more style inspo? Follow @HerCampusStyle on Instagram, and use #MyStyleEmpowers to join a community where college fashion is extra, & also nbd.

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    While eyebrow-shaming is nefarious and cruel, we’re fine with new brow products shaming old products. Don’t get us wrong, we still stan the precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil, but it's time to switch up brow routines everywhere with the Brow Contour Pro, innovated and engineered for our flat AF brows by Benefit Cosmetics.  

    As Popsugar reports, the Benefit Brow Contour Pro retails for $34 and it call help make those arches the center of attention. If your arches have been the center of attention since you were born, then you can use this brow product to help make them the extra queens they’re dying to be. Seeing as contouring your brows can be a complicated makeup-related algorithm (because you have to find your perfect brow shade and your perfect skin tone), Benefit Cosemetics has curated the 4-in-1 Contour Pro to match both your brow hairs and your complexion. 

    We get it. You still have questions, like what is brow contouring? Isn’t contouring just for your face? And do you really need to contour your eyebrows? Yes. Not necessarily. And no – but the act of contouring can be fun a brief self-care interlude in your busy schedule. Contouring is whatever you make of it, and you can contour whatever you like (or not at all). If the world of brow contour is still confusing, there are some tips to help you get started.


    1. With any brow look, outlining brow shape will give you a sense of direction and your brows purpose before you start to fill them in and contour. (You can start with the darkest shade, or use the lighter shade in the product. If you’re a brow newbie, then you might want to start with a lighter shade, seeing as you can always go back and redefine your outline in a darker hue later.)
    2. Use the lighter brow shade in the Contour Pro to fill in your brows. This can be messy, because you’re define the natural arch of your brows and the hairs later.
    3. Use the darkest shade to carve out any individual hairs in your brows. Plus, you can use this shade to re-outline your brows if you want to darken the shade of them.
    4. Take the lighter brow shade to correct any excessive dark strokes you might have made.
    5. If you want to define your brow or clean up a line that strayed from your original outline, use a concealer to clean up the edges of your brow. Blur any sharp lines of this light tone with a brush or your fingertips (yeah, we’re terrible people for blending or makeup with our fingers, and frankly we DGAF).
    6. If your brows are curly misshapen heathens like mine, you can use a clear grow gel to lay your brow hair in the direction that you want them to stay so your brow hairs stay in place throughout the day.

    While Allure notes that the Brow Contour Pro looks reminiscent of those 80s rainbow-colored ballpoint click pens—which are making a comeback in the office supply arena, btw, we wouldn’t blame Benefit for taking some inspo from those classic pens. After all, the Brow Contour Pro is a multifaceted product that combines a variety of brow shades for every brow-cation.  

    Even though we’d follow Rihanna to the ends of the earth, we might not follow Rihanna's skinny brows trend we love our bushy brows and we’re ready sculpt them like the Goddesses they are. Tbh, we’re excited to use Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Contour Pro (aka the makeup-inspired clicky pen), just to claim that we’re brow contouring experts on our resumes.  

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    We’ve all been there – the tissues, the endless rom-coms, tons of ice cream and, of course, stashing their phone when needed. Breakups are hard, but having someone by your side makes all the difference.

    As stated in the Best Friend Contract, section five subsection A, "in case of break up, loads of alcohol, Disney movies and ice cream are necessary." You’ll need a breakup survival emergency kit with the above-mentioned supplies as well as additional provisions. Those may include unflattering selfies of the ex, and daily reminders that he or she ain’t shit.

    Forget about the SO

    Think of your BFF’s ex as Voldemort—he or she shall not be named. Mentioning their name may bring back memories or feelings for your BFF. Pretending they don’t exist (or died in the battle of Hogwarts) is much more comforting than thinking about what their ex is up to now.

     “Don’t bring up her ex-SO and don’t let her fall into the trap of drunk-texting her ex,” Rachna Shah, a freshman at Dartmouth University, says. “Send her a bouquet of roses, take her out for dinner or to the mall, go to the club—just do something fun to remind her that she doesn’t need a SO to be happy!”

    Whether your BFF is fighting with her SO or they’ve broken up, friend dates are super necessary during any rough patches in relationships. Some girl time will give her a chance to say things she wouldn’t say to her SO or ex. Now, don’t try to shut your friend up if she mentions her ex either. Validating her feelings and listening to what she has to say is always important.

    Delete the old Instagram pictures

    Okay, it's official – your BFF is DONE with her ex. She’s certain they’re never getting back together and it’s time for phase two: deleting the evidence from social media. This step is a MUST if your BFF really wants them out of their life. It might be easier for your BFF if you’re the one to go through and delete all the pictures of them together – that way she won’t be reminded of the good times. Just don’t offer to do it without your BFF asking first; imposing your own inclinations isn’t what she needs right now.

    “It all depends on personal preference,” Jessica Morley, a student at University of South Wales, says. “If it was a really emotional time, then maybe it's best to just block instead of being reminded of that person, but, if you could be strong and be the better person, I would not block them because it looks like you care and one day it will get easier, and you will see [their] name and not think twice.”

    Dr. Betsy Guerra, a licensed psychotherapist in Miami, has helped clients from all backgrounds and types of psychological concerns, and she mainly deals with psychodynamic behaviors and cognitive-behavioral techniques. She says, “Those memories are part of your life, and even when deleted from a phone they remain in your heart. Healing comes from within. However, if you find yourself obsessing over pictures, [their] social media, or looking at your phone to see if [they've] written or called – then it may be appropriate to put boundaries on yourself by either deleting pictures or blocking him to ease your anxiety. On the other hand, keeping those pictures helps some women work on their willpower by training themselves to not look at them if it’s hurtful. It can also help revive memories of why you are broken up and reassure you of the decision.”

    Every breakup is different, and even if it’s a mutual split, every person can react differently. It’s imperative to know how your friend wants to deal with her feelings so you can be there for her in the best way possible. Maybe she doesn’t want to delete the old pictures, and that’s okay! Instead, you can be there by helping her avoid slipping back into a potentially toxic relationship.

    Dust off the old dating profile

    Phase three: help her set up a dating profile. You’ll need to have a random photoshoot for your BFF so she can post the pics on Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, etc. Instead of a bland profile description, your job as a BFF is to remind them how great they are and how they should present themselves on these sites—"I’m a boss ass Virgo with great tits and aspirations." That is, of course, if your friend is actually ready to open her profile.

    Dr. Guerra, however, suggests being cautious of opening a dating profile while trying to heal. “If you're ready to start dating, open the dating profile. If you're doing it to heal, beware!" she says. "All too often I see people live by the saying ‘un clavo saca a otro,’ When translated, it means ‘one nail can remove another nail,’ this refers to when you start dating someone to forget your ex, or fall in love with a new person to get over the old one. While this may feel good and end up being a blessing, it is quite possible that starting a new relationship without grieving the last one will only postpone pain and growth. We all have something to learn from breakups," she says. “Open the dating profile when you've reflected on all those questions (about the previous relationship) and are ready to choose right and engage in healthy relational interactions. Don't open it to ‘heal’. You heal by grieving and honoring the pain that losing a loved one entails.”

    Even if your friend isn’t quite ready for the dating scene, creating the profile and swiping through potential matches can help her feel better. She can start to see some of the other fish in the sea instead of only swiping through old relationship pictures.  

    Related: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Date Someone New

    The three L’s – listen, listen, LISTEN

    Nothing is worse than using your own experiences as a comparison to help someone else feel better. No, the one time your cat died does not compare to my great-grandma passing away. The same thing goes with breakups. A break-up from a two-month relationship is going to be totally different than one from a long-term relationship.

    Lola George, a junior from the University of North Texas, says, “Understand when your friend needs support versus advice. Sometimes they just want a listening ear and comfort or positivity, and sometimes they truly need advice for moving on or coping,” she says. “It's important to be empathetic and understand the proper time to comfort versus advice. Giving advice when they need comfort seems insensitive or like you're trying to ‘fix’ things, while only giving comfort when your friend needs advice will leave them complacent and slows down the process of recovering.”

    Lola has a good point—sometimes your friend doesn’t need you to try to fix things. Instead, all she needs is a good ear and a shoulder to cry on. Giving advice can come across as something negative, almost as if you’re telling them, "You messed up, here’s how you can fix it."

    Dr. Guerra also emphasizes the difference between advice and support. “When you give advice, you should be open to the other person deciding whether or not she wants to take it in and implement it. Support, however, is unconditional,” she says. “You are there for the person whether she agrees with your perspective or not. Your support is shaped by the recipient's needs, not your very own.”

    Chances are, your friend already knows her ex is garbage. Repeatedly telling her will probably make her feel worse. Letting her vent about all the bad things her ex put her through will give her a self-realization that she deserves better. In these cases, silence is golden.

    Related: 5 Things You Should Feel Comfortable Telling Your Best Friend

    No matter what, you should always be there for your BFF. Whether you’re ready with a plate of cookies to emotionally binge eat or with a bottle of her favorite wine, just being there for her in her time of need is the best thing you can do. Most importantly, be patient and try your best to get her mind off it.

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    It’s 2018, and we’re still fighting with dry skin, but thankfully Clinique has heard our cry to the beauty goddesses and blessed our feeds with a new gel moisturizer. Following the success of their Dramatically Different Hydrating Lotion+ (you know, the smooth yellow one that makes your face feel like butter?) and fans begging for even more innovative hydrating products, Clinque is introducing the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly – and if you couldn’t tell from the name, it’s unlike any of the basic face lotions filling your medicine cabinet. (We’re so ready for this jelly.)

    Unlike other moisturizers that leave skin feeling sticky or heavy, this 24-hour hydrating jelly is described to be “unbelievably lightweight” which liberates your clogged pores. Between work and school, we could all use one less thing weighing us down. Not to mention, the formula also coats and protects the skin against air pollutants. (Nice try, greenhouse gases.)

    While the hydrating jelly is a solution for dryness, it also works for dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin types. Plus, for only $28, why not take the risk to try something ~dramatically different~? This light-weight moisturizer is definitely on our summer faves list. You can buy it on Clinique’s website now – just wait for every other product on your shelfie to get jealous. 

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    My favorite favorite FAVORITE trend this summer has been the wicker and straw bag trend. I can’t even explain why, I just love them so much. So, as you can imagine, I was beyond excited to try them out for this week’s segment.

    I was sent a wicker basket bag and a round, straw bag by bujibaja and they are SO cute – I’m obsessed. They're pretty much the only way I want to carry my things around for the rest of my life. Especially considering the fact that I've seen pretty much every single one of my favorite style icons and Insta influencers carrying these around all season long, I just had to get my hands on one of these. Now that I've gotten into the swing of the trend, I'm excited to share what I've ~learned~ along the way about how to style these essential bags.

    The two bags are very similar, but I think there should be a slight difference in the way they’re styled.

    For the round, straw bag, I went with a more laid-back, boho vibe, and for the wicker basket bag, I went for a more put-together french girl look.

    The simplest way to style the little, round bag is just to throw on a dress and some espadrilles. This dress is linen and has a really simple silhouette, so it’s cute but still pretty casual. Plus, I like how much the navy blue made the bag pop.

    The second look I styled for this bag is a light, open-knit sweater and a green, utility-inspired skirt. This sweater is loose and boxy so it totally fits in the boho theme, while still being light enough to wear in the summer.

    For the wicker basket bag, I still wanted my outfit to have a very summery vibe, but because this bag is more structured than the other one, I felt like the outfit need a little more physical structure as well.

    For my first look, I chose a white, midi-length, collared dress with buttons that go down the front and REAL pockets. I found it earlier this summer at a vintage shop and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorite dresses. I paired it with a silk scarf tied around my ponytail and a gold, heart-shaped locket.

    The second outfit for this bag is a small step up in terms of style and effort. This has become one of my favorite outfits of late – I got the top this past Saturday and I’ve worn it at least four times since. The hair for this outfit stayed the same as the previous one because I just really love the silk scarf and ponytail combo. I also think having my hair up helps show off that the top is strapless, which I love.

    I loved getting to play around with this trend! I sincerely hope that wicker and straw bags are here to stay for a while because I am so not ready to let of of these beauties. As always, I’d love to see your takes on this trend, so make sure you tag @hercampusstyle on Instagram

    Want more style inspo? Follow @HerCampusStyle on Instagram, and use #MyStyleEmpowers to join a community where college fashion is extra, & also nbd.

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    This article has been syndicated from Obsessed With Everything, an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here.

    I made recent skincare changes that have shown a massive difference in my skin, but, TBH, I’m kind of scared because every time I get excited about skincare products or routines it totally jinxes me I break out the next day. That being said, I’ve been wanting to switch to an all-natural regimen for a while now – so I finally did it and my skin has never been better! Here's what went down:

    Why I went all natural 

    It wasn’t that my old store-bought skincare products weren’t working for me anymore, but that I’ve been doing too much research about dangerous chemicals in beauty products to ignore them in my skincare routine any longer. I care about the food that I put in my body and I try to eat clean and nourish my body as much as possible, so why shouldn’t I feel the same way about my skincare products that I’m applying to my largest organ every single day? It seemed silly and hypocritical to me.

    A couple months ago I made the switch to natural deodorant and it was a breeze, so I decided to look up simple & natural methods of washing + moisturizing my face, and every article on Pinterest was titled something like, “How I Achieved my Greatest Skin Ever” or “My Skin has Never Been Better Since Going All-Natural” so I was sold to at least trying out the all-natural method.

    The Routine

    Coconut oil to cleanse

    I’ve always used coconut oil to moisturize my face, but I recently learned you can actually use it to ~cleanse~ your skin too. People are super afraid to put oils on their face in fear that they’ll break out in pimples, but it’s actually the opposite! Using store-bought cleansers strips your face of its natural oils, causing your face to over-produce oil, which causes breakouts (the same way washing your hair every day causes your hair to be greasier). Oil dissolves oil, so cleansing the natural oils on your face with another oil takes away the bad bacteria (the ones that cause breakouts + blackheads), and leaves an appropriate amount of oil on your face for your skin to feel soft, moisturized, and clean without stripping away the protective (and essential) layers of natural oil.

    Since I started cleansing with coconut oil, I’ve noticed such a difference in the glow-level of my skin. My skin usually runs dull and dry, but it has been so dewy lately and it’s amazing. My skin feels so much more supple and alive now that it’s constantly moisturized.

    Method: Wet face + take a dollop of coconut oil and massage your face for like two minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

    Tea tree + Vitamin E oil to moisturize 

    After I cleanse with coconut oil, I apply a few drops of tea tree and vitamin E oil to my face! I chose tea tree oil because I knew I was getting rid of store-bought acne fighters and I definitely didn’t want to have a break-out. Tea Tree oil has natural antiseptic properties so it’s known for being amazing at fighting acne. I never have a huge pimple problem, but my skin does get super red sometimes, and I think the tea tree has done an amazing job at keeping my complexion clear and for the most part, free of redness!

    Method: After cleansing and drying my face, I apply a couple drops of tea tree oil to my face and then massage It in with my fingers. I apply it everywhere, but give a little TLC to my usual problem areas.

    Rose quartz face roller 

    The face roller has so many benefits, including de-puffing, smoothing skin, and preventing wrinkles. Since I’ve been using it daily, my complexion seems to be so much more even than before and it’s so easy + luxurious to use that this beauty tool is a no-brainer If you ask me.

    Method: While the tea tree oil is still fresh on my face, I like to use my cold face roller to massage my face and sink the oil further into my skin so I get alllll the benefits!

    Read the full post here.

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    Student loans are a constant weight on those who have accumulated them, causing many to hold off on making major life choices — because what even is having money? Some people have even gone so far as moving back in with their parents after college, because they cannot afford to live on their own while paying off student loans.

    But now it's becoming clear that the student debt crisis is also causing problems for young couples who would otherwise be starting their lives and families together. As Business Insider reports, student loan debt is causing about one in eight couples to divorce.

    When one or both partners bring so much debt into the marriage, it can cause strain on the relationship (obviously) and eventually lead couples to have constant arguments about their marriage, their lifestyles and their financial values.

    And, as CNBC notes, student loan debt is at an all-time high of $1.5 trillion — with three times as many borrowers owing more than $50K in debt for college costs. According to a recent survey performed by Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt for the class of 2017 was $39,400, a six percent jump from the previous year. 

    One of the main problems resulting from the arguments about loans, experts noted, is disagreement over who will take responsibility of the student loans after the divorce — does the couple continue to split it, or should each individual take responsibility for their own debt? And if someone's spouse helped pay down their partner's loans, should they be required to pay their partner back after divorcing?

    Currently, there are no laws dictating how student loans should be split up after divorce, which is why many recommend that couples consider getting a pre-nuptial agreement to outline how debt and other financial issues will be handled in the event of a divorce, CNBC also notes.

    All couples want to believe that their marriage will last, but the fact is, life (and student loans) happen, and in trying times like these, it's best to plan for the worst, and hope for the best

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    An Iowa town has been shaken by the disappearance of 20-year-old, Mollie Tibbetts. Since then the case has also reached people nationwide as the search for the University of Iowa student goes into its third week. Mollie Tibbetts was last seen on the evening of July 18th when she left her boyfriend’s brother's house, where she was dog-sitting, to go for a jog and it remains unclear whether she ever returned, as CBS News reports. Her final communication was around 10pm over Snapchat with her boyfriend of three years, Dalton Jack. Mollie’s family reported their daughter missing the next day when she failed to turn up to work.

    According to the Des Moines Register, “thirty to 40 investigators have worked on the case each day”, authorities have combed through buildings as well as open spaces in Brooklyn and her family even set up the Finding Mollie Tibbetts Facebook Group. In the age of technology, it is no surprise that the FBI is also turning to “digital clues” such as Mollie’s online history and cell phone, tells The Washington Post, in an attempt to find out what could have happened to her. Yet the whereabouts of the University of Iowa student remain unknown.

    While investigators did reportedly find a body on August 5, it was confirmed to be that of Sadie Alvarado, a 20-year-old from Muscatine, Iowa. 


    In an interview with CBS correspondent, Adriana Diaz, Mollie’s father, Robert Tibbetts stated that he believes that “someone went to the house that Mollie knew or that Mollie trusted and then she left with them willingly. Now they’re over their head and they don’t know what to do.”

    The reward fund for the missing student has grown to over $300,000. The fund includes 180 individual donors, according to the Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa, the group that runs the fund. 

    The case also sheds light on the many other missing person cases that have not gained as much attention as that of Mollie Tibbetts, CBS News reports.

    In fact, at the beginning of 2018 there were more than 88,000 active missing person cases in the US, 41,000 of which are under 21 years old. While many of these cases are overlooked, Mollie Tibbetts’ case has gained such attention due to the suddenness and randomness of her disappearance, an occurrence which is quite “rare” according to experts.  The special agent in charge with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for the Major Crime Unit, Richard Rahn, tells HLN that "[w]e've done everything that we can investigatively [sic] thus far, in hopes of trying to locate Mollie, and we'll continue to do so until we find her.” 

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