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22 Signs You’re From New Jersey


1. You don’t go to the beach—you go to the shore.

2. You spent your prom weekend in Seaside…

3. ...and no, you didn’t meet Snooki there.

4. You don’t need to say the “New” – it’s just “Jersey.”

5. “You’re from New Jersey? Which exit?”

6. It’s not weird to eat a leftover sandwich for breakfast…

7. ...especially if it’s from Wawa.

8. That said, there are only subs. There are no “hoagies.”

9. Speaking of Wawa, you know that it is so much than just a convenience store.

10. You laugh at people who’ve had to pump their own gas their whole life…

11. …but when you go out of state, you have no idea how to do it yourself.

12. It horrifies you when you realize not everyone knows what pork roll and Taylor Ham are.

13. You always have to make at least one jughandle to get to your destination.

14. You know people who say New York pizza is the best have never been to New Jersey.

15. You cringe when someone says “Joisey.” We don’t talk like that.

16.  Diners are your preferred restaurants.

17. When asked where in Jersey you’re from, you just say North, South or Central…

18. …and when you meet someone from your region you become fast friends.

19. Making left turns is a nightmare.

20. You have eaten from a Grease Truck.

21. You have been to Six Flags more times than you can count.

22. No matter what anyone says, you will always be proud to be from Jersey.

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