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21 Signs You're PMSing


The cramps, the headaches and the irritability are just a few of the reasons that make “that time of the month” the worst seven consecutive days of any girl’s life. We women were cursed (cursed, we tell you!) with the burden of bleeding, and the PMS that comes beforehand isn’t any easier or less annoying. Because we at Her Campus are all about female solidarity and shared experience, we know that PMSing is the worst, and we want the whole world to know, too. Here's what it's like to deal with the dreaded PMS.

1. Your abdomen feels like tiny trolls with jackhammers are taking a crack at your ovaries.

2. The idea of putting jeans on (or anything with a button, zipper, etc.) is laughable. Not gonna happen.

3. You open the freezer for ice and somehow end up with ice... cream.

4. You’re still hungry after the ice cream, so you eat some candy.

5. Okay, STILL ravenous. Time to break out the big guns.

6. But then you start to regret how much you ate.

7. Any person you encounter is immedately the most annoying person you've ever met. Ever. 

8. You're seriously considering skipping class because your cramps are so bad.

9. There’s a Costco-sized Advil bottle on your bedside table.

10. You're exhausted all the time. 

11. Car commercials are suddenly tear-inducing.

12. Time to break out the granny panties!!!

13. If the cramps weren't bad enough, your face is suddenly covered in horrendous blemishes.

14. Homework takes a backseat to The Notebook on repeat.

15. You go to the store for toothpaste and come home with Us Weekly, People and, like, 12 King Size Twix bars.

16. You find yourself uttering the most sacrilegious of all phrases: “I wish I was a dude.”

17. You feel as bloated as a beluga whale. 

18. Your aggression levels are just a little bit higher than normal. 

19. You're also way more dramatic than usual.  

20. You may not be pregnant, but that doesn't stop you from feeling like you are. 

21. Irrational 3 p.m. breakdowns have become the norm. 

Just push through. In a few days it’ll be over, and your jeans will magically button again. They always do. 

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